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Back at the level of the ignorant person, then the third party won't differentiate or know who's the scholar and who's the winner.

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Right? So, the Indian woman speaks and the scholar retaliates and responds in a way not befitting of the knowledge which Allah gave him. The third party who's watching this happening in front of women, this occurrence will not differentiate between the child and the adult.

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Thus ensure that your knowledge is seen and not kept hidden, your knowledge be seen and not kept hidden. Allah subhanho wa Taala says analysis of suitable for parties that

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they are hosts Joby to know your general work here. They are those who spend the night before they load, frustrating and standing. And then Allah says will levena up to then almost kind of like essays that they are those who make dry, they make dry, they in they

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stand in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. They ask

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for protection from the outside. So this is one of the qualities of the battle document or sentence of a lot we learn from this, the importance of

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the importance of tension.

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And if we look at ourselves, in our communities, and our relationship with the heck, we can classify ourselves in three categories. We can classify ourselves in three categories and we should ask ourselves which group of people do we fall under?

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The first group are those that spent the night in notion of us.

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The second group are those who spend the night in the disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the third group are those that need to spend the night in obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala nor do they spend the night in the disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala ask yourself, which group Do you focus on? He was when he entered Medina, the first advice he gave them there was to he said,

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Oh people have to

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feed the poor and the needy

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will sell out and spread the seller

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and maintain family relations was fun to be laying in the air and observe the night prayer while others are asleep.

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What is he after

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you do this you will enter agenda. We almost had the word tailor makers from the People of the Book of Allah subhanho wa Taala has gone to great lengths in teaching us the importance of Allah some kind of worker that says All

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right, give him glory to and at the bottom of the status and also kind of attire that says amin la leaf as Judy was a big one hola Isla.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says at during part of the night

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and give glory to Him for a long part of the night. And also

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those who stand at night can call he de la mina Lainey Maria gerawan

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says about them. They used to speak in detail in the night and also kind of work on essays and in the early part of the morning, they forget forgiveness

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about some kind of attire that sees their sides draw away from the beds. They call upon the Lord in fear and hope and they spend the Neverland out of what we have given them. So no soul knows what is hidden from them of what will refresh the eyes a reward for what they did.

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no children of either extending the night when others are

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To speak, and I know we might have divided this in the month of Ramadan. And I asked a lot to kind of who adapted to make the concept that we have continued with after the month of Ramadan for Allah subhanho wa Taala is not only worshipped in Ramallah to recommend not choose one month of the year to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala in a special way, rather than use that month in the year to launch themselves to become better worshipers during the remainder of the year.

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And even in your doubts

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Allah subhanho wa Taala trained Mohamed Salah

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if we look in the

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and this is from telco, we see that Allah Subhana Allah says, Yeah,

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call me Laila for de la misma, who was Miu Pani, Isla

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De Ville

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de la

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Oh, you was engulfed in a company

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who will

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stand up the night except

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look at the half of it a little less than half

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or a little more than half

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what is

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what does he say? In this tip,

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we are going to reveal to you a way to add a way to what you have to train yourself to ensure that you are able of handling this weight work.

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So the 100 was training. And this is a lesson for us and

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our job is to convert people Our job is to convey the message. But before we convey the message we have to train ourselves and training ourselves

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with the attitude was standing the knife and bending from Allah subhanho wa Taala universal kind of understanding. I am going to end with one more quality of Teddy Bear, man. And I think that it is something that we must listen to because it pertains to each and every one of us. We have five minutes.

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Okay, good. So let's talk about a very important and a very important quality of the Riba document. Allah Subhana. Allah says in Isaiah 67 just before we do this,

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ending off from the last ayah Allah says the man stand the night and then Allah subhana wa tada cites the me and I'm also kind of a dragon that doesn't mention all the certifications rather he tells us one because the most important and what Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us is that the true semblance of a rock man, they are those that ask Allah subhana wa COVID

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for more of the answer, rather than more of

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Allah sees the kind of way to Allah seeking protection from the helpline

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and we also need to get our dog in our door I want to do is set aside for the dunya and how much do I set aside for the visit that we asked for?

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talks to us about this

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Allah subhana wa tada doesn't place these people he says they are those that when they make

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the dunya and they never asked for that. Then Allah praises another group of people and says or mean.

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have some kind of words there that says that from the slaves. The praiseworthy ones are those who ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah with a two to one

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They ask Allah subhanho wa Taala two times with regards to Africa and asked

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me one time because

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this is one time for

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one thing

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This is one time for the joaquina robina, this is a second time.

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So, the ratio is two to one,

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I must have had a word that it is 67 says that the servants of man, they are those either end fabu if they spend less,

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they are not extravagant one a year or two, and they are not withholding and stingy or can be either.

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Rather, they are right in the middle, they are right in the middle. And this brings up the discussion about what because wealth is something we look at every one of us it is something beloved to every one of us. Right? And we find it difficult to part with this one.

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And some people might even feel that the existence on earth is directly proportional to the amount of wealth acquired.

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Thus, they work hard to acquire, and they vote and store.

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This is the nature of man. Wealth is a test. Well is a test in a world where this wealth and your children are testsuite.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us this wealth, and Allah subhanho wa Taala has taught us how to adopt ourselves. But yet, even though these instructions exist, we find we have a specific ideology regarding this one. And once we discuss this idea, I want to share with you first and foremost what Allah

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says about the stinky people, the ones who don't spend Allah subhana wa says yes.

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This is a command from Allah subhanho wa Taala oh you who believe expect

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and Allah subhana wa Adana warns us against turning away from the poor person. He said, from the orphan and the poor person, Allah subhana wa

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and with regards to those who overspend Allah subhana

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wa who work who was logo 1234 eat and drink and don't be, don't be excessively eating.

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Now who knew he was sleepy a lot does not love those that are excessive in this way.

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Love those who are excessively spending.

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So if you want a lot of love, you don't be excessive in your spending. And if you want our to love you spending the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala for our last panel where the fourth juicy phase was to Isla for your

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to one

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that means nothing

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commands yourself and myself to rush forward to his forgiveness and a Gemini which which has a width, which is greater than the skies and

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you want wealth a lot is offering you a agenda which is more expensive than this entire world as well as the skies. So Pamela, and who can put a price tag on this word?

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Allah says this gentleman is for whom

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he has been prepared for the awkward. Now who

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listened to our last panel with Allah says, Allah subhana wa paralyses that

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says they are those who spend at times of ease as well as times of difficulty.

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At times of difficulty, they'll keep one tense, at times of ease the keyboard of Allah has made easy for them. They never ever say charity fatigue.

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What does Allah say about them of love?

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Allah loves them they are the tools of good. So if you are excessive, Allah doesn't love you. And if you spend money, not stingy, Allah loves you,

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as well as a means of greatness and a means of display, depending on how we use it. Now I'm going to share with you something that's going to renovate our understandings about the wealth which we have in our clothes.

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My laptop to show you that we will be and

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we have decided that the wealth that we have and the time that we have is ours, we have this understanding. And this is prevalent in society. Because for example, this happened many times a person goes, maybe,

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as well, he might go give a speech somewhere, give a talk somewhere, and somebody will say at the end, we thank you for sacrificing your time. Right? We thank you for sacrificing your time, they use this word sacrifice.

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Now, sacrifice can only happen with something that you and I own.

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And the question we have to ask ourselves, who is the owner of our time and our wealth?

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That is the fundamental question we have to answer. Who owns our time and who owns our wealth? A lot of kind of what God says in

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11 bn Allah.

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Allah subhana wa paradises. Indeed, Allah has bought from the believers, the time as well as the wealth in exchange for gem that

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Allah took that which is cheaper,

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and gave us something which is more expensive, which is more expensive. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Allah, Allah, indeed the sinner of Allah subhana wa Jalla is expensive. Allah gave us something expensive in exchange for something cheap. When we read this ayah we understand that Allah owns the wealth and Allah owns the time and we own gender

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and we own gender.

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So now a question has to be asked, when we spend this time and we spend this well I we sacrifice.

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If I give you 1000 pounds and I said, your neighbor

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suffer, suffer professor. Allah bless you.

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He finds the brothers after he has 1000 pounds next week I will call you and I want you to give it to you on a

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journey. Junaid

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brothers after Can you please give our young brother June 8 2000 pounds. So brothers after performing week goes to Junaid and says little boy, here's 1000 pounds which I'm sacrificing.

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Can you say that he's not sacrificing anything

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with that understanding, understand, when you spend this wealth not sacrificing anything, if you spend it properly, you are investing it.

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And we all know about investing.

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We are investing it for our doesn't need your wealth. When you spend this well the way Allah told you to spend it a lot invested it for you and gave you a bigger chunk.

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That is wealth invested. And when you spend this wealth in the wrong way, then you sacrifice now comes the word sacrifice. What do you sacrifice?

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you sacrifice kin by spending the wealth which Allah owns in a way which he did not want to spend it. So Allah as well, and he owns this time, and he distributes it amongst us as He wills. So he gave some people more time.

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And again, some people this time did it for 20 years, and he gave some people more wealth, they had millions and he gave others less well they had found

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a lovely apartment manager and Allah has what he likes. So understand are servants of Allah. We are not sacrifices, we are investments. When someone sees thank you for sacrificing time say

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as he covers the panel without us protection from sacrificing time, because he might sacrifice time I'm sacrificing gender rather than technical investing. We also have a talent because investors are servants of Allah, I will end by telling you all that we will always be in depth to a panel where we will never ever be able to pay

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back for the gifts that God has given us. Even if we spend in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala you don't think a lot of words on the back. Right? We can look at it from the avenue of you spending the bulk of online he allows you to read one more breath away. So you still in depth. But we can also look at it from the avenue that you spent in the path of a lot. So he would say you indeed

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because he wanted you back in this. Now you needed to thank Allah for recording. So you sent a love recording. And when you thanked him for the audio, he wanted to I think so You said you stayed in there.

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So now to make up for it. You need to thank

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allow for allowing you to thank him for allowing you to spend in his path. So you did that and he rewarded you again. So you remain in debt again.

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We will always be indebted to Allah subhana wa. I understand that Allah doesn't need you to put your head on the ground for him to be correct. And understand that if you don't put your head on the ground

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we are in need of Allah subhana wa tada and Allah subhana wa tada is totally independent of us.

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you are poor, you are poor, you are in need of a muscle.

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You are dependent on

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me and Allah subhanho wa Taala is the process of all things that the most praise is independent. Allah says

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in God, if Omar wanted he would have wiped us all off the face of the earth

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in a moment and come with a mission that worship Allah subhana wa

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and Allah the owner of pride says

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we have a some kind of standing company that we started the quality from the swan and insha Allah, you have great people in your life.

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And you would love to continue teaching you the lessons of the event of Alzheimer's panaway talents because people have a lot of good character.

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To give out our mistakes and make us people will never ever lose hope in the mercy of Allah subhana wa tada ask Allah subhana wa Taala to lead our hearts upon health and to make us people who forgive others ready to forgive people who forgive rather than redeem. I asked Allah to grant us debt while he's pleased with us. Grant us a great wish the garden from the gardens of Jenna grant as she is out from the deal. Dr. Grant has our books of deeds in our right hands and grant us general comments on the Bible and he will send them to the sake of Allah and by online and now for the sake of Allah and I pray that this love is a means of us being together.

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And I thank you for listening to me and making me your ear you are going to invest as a company let your own investors nobody sacrifice time. It was time invested.

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is perfect and any mistakes are for myself and she upon an icy colossal category parents forgiveness

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investing your time with us today in Sharla, an aspiring helping us to aspire to be good and helping us to encourage others to aspire to be good.

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Apologize to the brothers