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AI: Summary © The Calum pm program will be held on social media, where participants will receive free access to support and free information. The speakers discuss the importance of practice during fasting, reciting in English, and giving back to others. They also address questions about the success of fundraising events online and suggest avoiding scams. The importance of finding balance between one's doing one's job and others is emphasized, and individuals should avoid getting too many out of the house during quarantine. The speakers also discuss rules for praying and the importance of avoiding interruptions during prayer.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah alihi wa sahbihi edge Marine, a Sarah monokuma Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu welcome back to another session of Ramadan FAQs, where we are answering your questions during the month of Ramadan. So hamdulillah we've been having the program every single day where folks are sending in their questions and we are, you know, trying our best to answer those questions in shot, lovey dilla So, um, as always, as we get started into the questions in sha Allah wanted to request you all to take note of a couple of things here at the beginning. And I'll remind you at the end as well, this weekend in sha Allah Bonilla, the 27th night

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of Ramadan, which will be basically be Saturday night, going into Sunday. That night, we're going to be having the annual Calum pm program, we're going to be having our annual Colombia

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and hamdulillah. That's it's a really beautiful program we have every single year. And so in sha Allah, it's going to be this weekend between two nights of Ramadan, and the whole program will be streamed and we provided online as always, you know, open available free accessible to anyone to everyone, the best place to probably tune into the program is on the LM YouTube channel. But if you go to lm live.com, which you'll be able to find there is you'll be able to schedule a calendar event you'll be able to schedule a reminder for yourself. So in sha Allah, the night of the program, as the program is starting up, you'll be notified that it is time for the program. So please make a

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note of that. We really look forward to having everyone there. Saturday night online sha Allah for the Illuminati on the 27th night program in sha Allah, okay. And as always go to support alum calm

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to support the work that Bella was doing in the programs that we continue to provide for people everywhere. So inshallah, please go to support Calm, calm and help us keep these programs going. Okay, so let's go ahead and jump into answering some questions. So as always, I'm going to start with the fasting related questions. Why? Because it's relevant to the month of Ramadan. Somebody asked the question, is it okay to cry during fasting? Yes, it is okay to cry while fasting, it will not affect the validity of your fasting, it will not affect you know, etc. I know, I don't know exactly why the person was asking. Maybe they're asking because, you know, are the tears maybe kind

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of like going into their mouth and whatnot. So

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ideally, you want to try to not swallow you know, a lot of your own tears, which, I don't know if that'd be difficult or easy to do. I wouldn't know because I've never cried quite that much. At least not while I was fasting. So um, but in any case, it does not affect the validity of your fast. Okay, somebody asked if traveling during Ramadan, and there's a time difference. When do you break your fast, you break your fast based off of sunset where you are at the time of sunset, right, wherever. If you're physically somewhere in the sun is setting your fast is over. Okay, very good. The next question that we have about fasting is if someone sleeps through the McRib oven, while

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fasting, does the fast break automatically? Or does this person need to formally break the fast after waking up? They need to formally break the fast when waking up. Why? Yes, fasting is still modern. But fasting is also a state in a condition. So lab with them in mineral if thought he will move the rocks, right the person should break that fast.

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using something that is not allowed while fasting. So drink some water, eat a date, so on and so forth. Right? So the person should do it. And again while sleeping

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per person kind of seeps through it, and they didn't really, you know, maybe they fell asleep. And, you know, they kind of sucked through it, that's understandable. But otherwise, a person should be careful to be diligent during that time and you don't want to fall asleep. You don't want to deliberately go sleep at times like this. Well, luckily tell them.

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So someone's asking a question online, saying they have multiple teachers who teach them to deem.

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What should I do if two of my teachers have taught me different rulings? Both are accepted in mainstream Islam? Both are valid opinions? How do I know what to follow? This is in regards to reciting for honoring the menses.

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That's a very good question. Look, at the end of the day, at some level, at some point, you have to practice your own discretion. Like even the fact that you have these two teachers, you practice your discretion in arriving at those teachers and taking knowledge from those teachers. So you have to practice your own discretion right Islam at the end of day lattice, it was everything was there. Oh, no. So bears the burden of another soul. So we all have to stand before Allah, we all have to answer to Allah. So if you're getting to set to set different answers from two trustworthy sources, and both are very broadly held positions in like you said, mainstream Islam, they're both valid

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positions. Then in that case, which one do you incline towards? Whichever one you inclined towards? Allah who tell me so Robin, Allah knows best. Okay. The next question that we have, we have a few questions here that are a little bit more Ramadan related. Okay, they are a little bit more generally Ramadan related. Someone's asking what does it mean to catch later? Okay. Is it a specific second? No, it's not. It's a whole night, and what it means to catch. I'm not really sure. But I think that you

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have suffered.

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The fate of you have suffered the consequences of a Muslim translation. Okay. A lot of times we use words in English that nobody else uses. Right? So it seems like that's what you have been affected by is Muslim translation. Okay, but were you not? It just simply means that you were able to worship on the night of Laila to other? Okay. Someone else is asking if we go by the moon? Does that mean that some years the lesson nights will only be Nine Nights? Yes, that is correct. Because you can only retrospectively know what the last 10 nights were. All right, you can only retrospectively know what the last 10 nights were right? In the sense of you find out at the end of the month, we're 29

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days or 30 days. Right? So that's when you would know Okay, 21st night, or 20th night, as opposed to 19th night, etc. So that's why you just start observing from the

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you know, you do not stop start observing from the 19th at night. No, you do not. Right. There's no need to do that. Okay, we have a fasting related question, should a woman make up her Miss fast for fasting to six days of chawan? That is completely her choice, right? Because now pay attention very closely.

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Making up the Miss fast of Ramadan is mandatory. But it's not mandatory on her to do it right away. She could do one a month, for the next 689 months, however many fast she missed. Okay. So it's, there's no deadline in that sense, at least not until the following Ramadan. So they're in that sort of hard deadline, but still, right. She has like 11 months, okay.

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But at the same and at the same time, the six fasts of chawan, they are not mandatory, they're recommended that the recommended they're very good. They're very virtuous or very beneficial, but they are not mandatory, right. And people always get kind of upset when, you know, when someone says, Well, they're not mandatory, but that's a fact that they're not mandatory. You can't change that. That's why fick is very important. And over here, we're addressing mostly fifth questions. Okay, they are not mandatory. So, which one should a woman do first? Whichever one she feels is more important. You know, maybe she understands what her life circumstances is, what her life

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circumstances are. If she's not confident that in the coming months, she's going to have the opportunity to make up her fast. Right now. She's got the time and the strength to do so then maybe just do makeup. You're fast right now because those are more more technically important.

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Okay, but if she's pretty comfortable that Yeah, I can keep some fast, you know, in the coming months and whatnot, but she was going to end in 30 days or 29 days. I'm going to start with one that is also completely okay and understandable. So it just really depends on the person. Some of us have question, how sick does one have to be to knock fast? Does it have to be something chronic? Or can an acute sickness be enough? Not too fast, such as a virus or flu or temperature? Okay?

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So if you are, if you just don't feel well, like even an acute sickness, like you said, flu or temperature, you can skip fasting that day, that you're not feeling well, the days you're not feeling well. And you'll just make up those days afterwards, after Ramadan. Okay? The chronic illness is relevant when someone is just not going to fast anymore at all. They're just going to pay $1 amount $10 a day in exchange for every fast, but they're not going to be fasting anymore. Right? So those are two different situations. All right. But if you have an acute sickness or an illness, you are you can be excused from fasting. You'll just have to make up those days after Ramadan is

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over and when you feel better, in sha Allah, Allah. Okay, the next question is, I struggled to read the Quran and I am not a fluent reciter.

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To help with my recitation, I sometimes listen to a favorite Adi on YouTube and recite alongside while following the text from the must have, is this an appropriate way of doing the bottom of the Quran? It is one of the acceptable ways to complete a reading of the Quran. Yes, it is. All right.

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What other options would you suggest for someone like me to do a hunting during Ramadan? Especially? I think that's a very good solution. Listening audio semi ifI has what? Right? You get the reward of listening to the Quran as well. But you're kind of combining like almost like reading and following along. I think that's a very beautiful solution. And I would recommend that you keep on doing that. All right. Um, someone's asking, will swallowing a medicine pill? will dry swallowing a medicine pill break once fast? Yes, it will. Because you have ingested something that goes to stomach so that will absolutely break your fast.

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The next question is,

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I was wondering how we should approach worship on the even nights of the lesson nights, I've been trying to share as many work responsibilities as possible. So I can sleep during the day and stay up all night. Because I know it's enough. But I haven't been able to get in as much daytime sleep as I hoped. And the lack of sleep is starting to give me constant lightheadedness and brain fog that I never felt while fasting the rest of the month. Alhamdulillah. Is there less reward if we take sleeping breaks at night? No, there's no less reward.

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I want to push myself to do as much as I can and not make excuses for myself. And I'm struggling to know when I'm just making an excuse for temporary comfort, rather than something being an actual limit. May Allah reward you. And I want to commend you for that attitude. And that mindset of you're not trying to make excuses for yourself. I talked about this quite often. This is one of the biggest issues that affects our community spiritually, is that when we are just constantly making excuses for ourselves. So that's great and fantastic to hear that you're not going you know, you're not falling into that trap. Number two, the second thing that I will mention here is quality over

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quantity. I don't want to discourage you from worshiping all night. But quality over quantity, if due to quantity, your quality is starting to suffer. We're like you said lightheadedness and brain fog. I'll give you an example. Something you know, in my younger years mistakes that I've made, where you're like pushing yourself to stay up so much, then you're sitting there and you're just knocked out like this. You're just sitting there dozed off. I mean, you're not really getting much out of that kind of an exercise. Right? You're not getting much out of that moment. So quality over quantity. So if you sleep for a little bit and then wake up and pray. There's nothing wrong with

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that totally valid. And honestly, a lot of times are really, really good idea. Okay, we have some questions in regards to zakaat sadaqa. So the money related matters. Someone's asking the question, can I give sacrifice in the name of a family member?

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Can I give sacrifice in the name of a family member? If I am in a better financial position then that family member? Yes, you may just you can't. All right. You can always financial, like good deeds like sadaqa charity

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You can always do it on someone, somebody else's behalf. All right. Okay, someone's asking how exactly does the giving of video work? Does it have to be done only once during the month of Ramadan, or can be done any time of the year? How is it calculated, so it should be done sooner rather than later, the calculation of it is, it's about $10 per day that you are not able to fast. And the sooner you do it, the better it is do it in the month of Ramadan, that is the best and most ideal.

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We're lucky to have them and you can pay it all at once, and you get almost kind of like, give it an advance like at the beginning of the month of Ramadan, you can go ahead and give, you know, all $300

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if you're somebody who has a terminal chronic kind of illness, and you won't be able to fast. The next question that we have is, if it's the time of year to pays a cut, could one split it across the lesson nights and have that count as a good deed? Or is it giving or is giving in these austinites meant for so that only No, it could absolutely be spread across that as well? Absolutely. It is not restricted only to simplify, you could end up giving your circuits and kind of compounding your reward in that sense, theoretically. All right. Um, someone asked another question here.

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I try and give small amounts of sulfur regularly, both during and outside the month of Ramadan.

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Unfortunately, I can only afford to give a small amount and I feel bad when I see others have done even in the hundreds of 1000s. I also have people tell me that fundraising events online are often not genuine. And are scams to get people's money. How can I be sure that the money I'm donating is being spent? Well? Should I even be bothered about looking into it or just have trust that I have done my part? So there are a lot of questions in there. Okay. But they're all very, very good questions. So let's try to answer them. Someone is saying First of all, I tried to give him a I try and give a small amount of Southern called regularly, both during and outside the month of Ramadan,

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claiming a lot of money at one hour in the palace. Our mother I just said you know the Lakota Anna narrates at the Prophet of Allah sallallahu Sallam said that the best of deeds are the ones that are done most consistently, even if they be very little. So that is fantastic. That is a good thing. Okay, someone saying I can only afford to give a small amount and I feel bad when I see others have donated in the hundreds of 1000s. Remember, it is the quality, not the quantity. I said that earlier in the q&a? Quality over quantity. Okay. And also foot the pinata will be shaky tomorrow, save yourself from the fire of hell even if it be with half of a date. Okay, so never underestimate the

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good not that.

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You should never ever underestimate any good that you are able to do. All right. The next question is, someone told me that fundraising events online are often not genuine, and are scams to get people's money? So could there be some that are not genuine? Could there be some that are scams? Absolutely. I mean, in the words of Kevin Garnett, anything is possible. All right. But at the same time, though, it is a very wildly sweepingly broad generalization to say that

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most of the time, often, right, that's what they are most of them, that's what they are, that is a very broad statement that has no basis that has no evidence that has no proof All right. So, rather,

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one we need to always find the balance between precociousness doing your due diligence being smart, but also not falling into paranoia not falling into paranoia, okay. So,

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the person saying should I be bothered about looking into it? I think so. To an extent Yes. You should know where you are giving your money where you are giving your donations, right. So I can mention to you there are organizations that we partner with helping hand Penny appeal. These are good organizations, Baten, man, these are good organizations, and you can give their right there you go. You have some verification though. Okay. Um, and if you are giving, that's for your succot, right, if you're giving like sadaqa and donations and extra charity for extra reward. I mean, if you are getting your knowledge from an institution like follow your learning your religion there, then

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the logic would dictate that you could trust them with

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Your contributions and your donations as well. Right? So, you know, it's just, it's just a matter of looking into things and knowing exactly where you're giving your money and not falling into this pattern of paranoia. Nothing good. Nothing helpful ever comes from paranoid kind of behavior. Well Lakota

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The next question is, who can I give Zakat to?

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And do I have to explicitly say that it is a cat, who you can give it to? There are eight categories. I've been mentioning this every day, if you go to phenom dot Institute slash Ramadan resources, you will find there

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the very, you know detailed, thorough, but I think time you know, very concise fit of zakaat seminar webinar, the record full recording of it that was taught by Mufti saying kabbani, one of our instructors here, hello. So if you go through that, it will take about an hour, an hour and a half of your time. But it's got this mandatory on you. That's something you need to do. Okay, so please take a look at that. But there are eight categories? And do I have to explicitly say that it is a god? No, you do not. I'll go ahead and tell you that right now No, you do not have to explicitly mentioned that it is a God. So if you have, let's say, a, you know, somebody in your community, you

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have a relative, a cousin or an uncle or someone that is eligible to receive the car needs financial assistance. So you decide to give it there. But for the sake of just you know, their dignity and your relationship, you don't want to be like here, here is a cut. You don't want to do that. You just basically say, I'm just going to drop off something. That would be totally okay. And completely fine and absolutely allowed. And it would count for years. It got Yes, it would. Okay. Let's see here.

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Someone's asking the question.

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That for women who choose to do it, oh, well, first is what are your best tips to get through each night. So you have a bit structured to get quality work done to not feel bad for getting rest.

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There's so many I mean, it just depends on works for you, I will tell you what, for me,

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after Sahrawi coming home, I usually am pretty kind of alert and awake, you know, going out and praying taraweeh and whatnot,

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I get very alert and awake. So I can't go to sleep right away. So I will use that time to reset

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and make a big deal. And then I'll get a little bit of rest. And then I'll wake up about an hour before fudger time. And even if I plan to have so who takes like 20 1520 minutes. So that gives me a good half an hour to again pray make do. All right. So that's kind of a structure that I haven't.

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I tried to keep that structure all throughout the month of Ramadan. I know that can be challenging for a lot of folks. But But luckily, that's just a humble recommendation. All right. For women who choose to do where to cuff at home, what are the rules they must observe? Are they allowed to leave their room, you are allowed to leave but you want to minimize, you want to minimize the time that you are outside of the room. Okay, and there are two opinions. There's the opinion of Geneva, there's the opinion of his two students to Sufi been the opinion of Abu hanifa is a little bit stricter. So you never want to be outside of your room for more than like 20 minutes at a time.

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And the position of his students has often been we use of audio we use of an email Mohammed Hassan Shivani, Rafi, Muhammad Lakota, Allah is that you could be outside of your room, as long as you were not outside of there for a significant portion of the day, like four or five hours continuously, then you have not violated your intercom. So those are two opinions. They're both valid, but just trying to minimize your time.

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We have another question here. We have some more questions about Salah about prayer. Okay. Can one offer no offer of prayer at any time of the date? For instance as a means of expressing gratitude? Generally speaking, yes. However, you do want to be careful with that there are three well generally there are about five times during the day that you that you're not supposed to pray. Number one, once you finish praying fudger until sunrise you do not pray during that time. Number two, you do not pray while the sun is rising. Number three you do not pray at the time of dizziness. Number four you do after you have finished also prayer you until sunset in that window. You do not

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Pray Salah You can read more I'm big Do I really we don't pray salah and number five you don't pray while the sun is setting. Okay. So outside of those brief moments, yes.

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Technically you could pray at any other time. All right. Zenith is the sun when it is at its highest point high noon. Okay?

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If I have years of prayers to make up, what should my intention be? So we talked about this yesterday as well, where the general rule is you make up for prayers that you missed, however, also talked about that if somebody has such an inordinate amount, I get 15,000 prayers to make up. What do you do? All right, well, how do you handle that

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kind of situation? All right. So in that particular scenario, I talked about how the first thing you want to do is stop missing prayers, you're not going to miss another prayer, get on top of your five time daily prayer, and then just try to, you know, make up one prayer a day, and then just have that as a schedule you're going to be on for the rest of your life. Just one extra prayer at something to that effect, that's a recommendation, I would have luck with that item. And Allah knows best. All right. Um,

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okay, someone's mentioning a very interesting scenario, the massage in my area, the machines in my area, do not make a non synchronous, synchronous Li. All right, um, which means like, they don't all do it at the same time. For example, there is one machine that makes that about 15 minutes earlier than the others. The thing is, I drank water during the first of them, is it possible that the machine really made a mistake? And that I don't have to follow them? If I think so. Would my fast, Toby valid? Look at the end of the day, if the other one. So I would advise you to From now on, kind of look into it a little bit. All right, what is the actual time of the beginning of February, so

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you can keep track of that time? All right. And that will give you a better idea, and you'll make less of these kinds of you know, you'll have less confusion in this way. Okay, number one, number two, but at the same time, a person's hearing another one. So as long as there was another add on after you drink water, you should be okay. Well, luckily, 10 out of Allah knows best, but that fast should be fine. Okay.

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Someone's asking if an odd night falls on Friday is a closer to being Laila to other than other nights there. No, there's nothing that says anything to that effect. Well, Lux, Allah, Allah, Allah knows rest. Can you raise a lot of janessa between those times, like around like 11am, there's a difference of opinion.

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Some of the scholars say you could write the habila the humbly scored shafia A scores. Yes, you could do janaza prayer during that time, the Hanafi school, the Maliki school says, Don't do it during that time. It's such a brief small amount of time that you can just do it before right after it. So it's not a huge deal. All right. Um, okay.

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Let's see here.

00:28:15--> 00:28:24

Some more questions. Can one offer no offer prayer at any we answered that if I have yours, we talked about that as well. Okay. Um,

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so we have a couple of questions here about do I. Okay, I have several non Muslim friends who I deeply care about, can I make do offer them? What kind of do i can i make for them? Absolutely. You should be making your offer them in the door it should make for them is that may Allah bring them to Islam? May Allah guide them? May Allah subhana wa Taala open their hearts to Islam, May Allah give them the light in the guidance of Islam, may Allah subhanaw taala make, you know, open their hearts to recognizing and worshiping Allah and recognizing the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So that is it that you should make and make it meaningfully and make it powerfully and you

00:29:09--> 00:29:11

know, man, like said your prayers.

00:29:12--> 00:29:59

Someone asked another question about da. There are many scholars online that do beautiful there is can I just listen to those and say, I mean, yeah, technically you could. Does it count? Why not? All right. I know I should make my own two eyes. He should. But I can't say things so eloquently, even in my own language. That is not a requirement of a good or valid da. It's not. In fact, there's a narration that says, getting him to be solution suggests. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam In fact, was not very keen on people making very, you know, of really trying to make all their drives rhyme and things like that. The profits a lot of sun was actually not

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A fan of that. All right. So if anything, you know, having a more simple, humble kind of dua is actually a good thing. All right, it's actually a good thing. It's not a problem at all. So don't be, you know, disheartened that Oh, I'm not very good making good. And my daughter's not very valid, etc, etc. Don't don't don't kind of do that. Don't get into your own head in that regard. But rather know that what makes a what makes a good doctor is your sincerity, your humility, your devotion, your dedication, your commitment, your insistence, in your own button. Tada. Oh, yeah. All right. So focus on, you know, just the connection that you have to align your door, and don't undermine but

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what I was going to say is that I tried and they said, Sometimes I read from your eyes I have pre written but then it doesn't feel heartfelt. That's why I recommend combining between all three things. Maybe you listen to some do I and you say I mean along with it. Then number two, you're reading from somewhere and making some noise, and then leave a little time to just kind of talk from your heart, combine everything together, inshallah, and that'll be very fulfilling, beating Allahu taala. Okay, so those are a couple of questions about Dora. I'm going to quickly try to see if I can answer

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some more of the questions that are coming in. If we missed many years of succoth payments, and have no way of knowing how much we needed to pay each year, how to make up for those years of Miss succot. That's a very, very good question.

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I know that this is not gonna seem very fulfilling, but basically you try to guesstimate.

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Just try, right? That's all we can do. We can just guesstimate All right.

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And you just try to kind of round you know, just just average out just guesstimate and then round up a little bit and just donate and inshallah Allah will accept you know, your sincerity. Someone's asking a question is video for Miss fast from previous years required in addition to making up the fast, fast that weren't made up before the next Ramadan? There's a difference of opinion. Okay. Some scholars say that if you do not make it up by the next Ramadan, you got to make those up and up Vidya. However, some scholars say that you do not have to add on the video. Again, both are totally valid positions. I

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will share my recommendation My recommendation is you just have to make them up. You do not have to make them up plus pay for the on top of them. Well, luckily Tell me so Robin, Allah knows best.

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Sometimes listening to other do others do is encouraging but we should raise our own. Okay. Very good point.

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Someone's asking you a question about life insurance policies. That's a very complex, complicated kind of thing. I'll ask you to kind of send in your question.

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You can email it to polymer as well info Academy institute.org. So that we can then either direct you to a resource that is a little bit more detailed, but in this particular session like this,

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answering a question about a life insurance policy is very challenging, because there's some follow up questions I would have in order to assess,

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you know, the, the nature of the policy and things like that. Alright, and, okay. I think that that answers,

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most of if not all of the questions that we had for today. I know that we had gotten some questions over here, trying to

00:33:58--> 00:34:00

scroll through and see if I can

00:34:01--> 00:34:36

answer them. After that. Are we Why do some people continue with one extra Raka? After the DA? I'm not really sure. I'm assuming maybe they're praying. They're Witter. What about tasting toothpaste? Does that break your fast not tasting it? swallowing it would actually break your fast? Um, should somebody memorize a few sutras versus trying to get through the entire Quran? Both are good, whatever floats your boat. All right, whatever keeps you more engaged. Do that. All right. Um,

00:34:39--> 00:34:59

and in Okay, we answered that question. And the person what's your person do if we'll do facilities are closed closed due to COVID? Then shall I get a little creative? Keep a bottle of water in your car. And make we'll do in the parking lot. All right. Okay.

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

And are there any factors that restrict do ha, technically Yes, there are. Somebody deliberately engaging in you know haraam,

00:35:11--> 00:35:15

like earning their livelihood deliberately through harav can restrict a person's

00:35:17--> 00:35:28

you know, deliberately severing relations with the family member can actually restrict a person's Oh, so you want to be careful about those kinds of things.

00:35:29--> 00:35:52

Okay, does Aqua love Hayden botica lofi gum thank you very much everyone for tuning in to the FAQs, the daily q&a sessions that we are having, we're going to continue to keep on having these throughout every single day for the rest of the month of Ramadan. And, inshallah, we're going to try to find a way to do this on a regular basis, even after Ramadan is over and sha Allah.

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As always, please, you know, continue to benefit from all the resources that lm is providing. Remember, this Saturday night, the 27th night, we're going to be having the Columbia beautiful program. So please tune in, right? If you go to Calum live.com you can sign up for the event so you'll get reminders. It'll be on your calendar and you won't miss it. And then lastly, please go to support column comm and support the work that we are doing. Keep the word going. May Allah subhanaw taala except from all of us, Zack We're located on Baraka law Pico was set mo Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh