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The Ultimate Guide To Misery #01

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Wael Ibrahim

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If you are a teenager who complains about walking down to the grocery store, or if you are in your mid 30s, you would choose the elevator over climbing up the stairs. Or if you are in your 40s and try your hardest to park your car closer to the entrance of the shopping center, then indeed you have checked some of the boxes have a miserable life that leads to relapses to pornography.

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Being inactive leads to low mood, which leads to battling thoughts within your brain. Ask clinical psychologists and they will tell you that those who are diagnosed with depression are often less fit than those who have chosen physical fitness as their lifestyle. And, oh, did I forget to tell you that pornography causes depression? Well, now you know.

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So what's the Ultimate Guide to misery and miserable relapses to pornography. Number one, just drive your car. Don't walk. Number two, keep paying for the gym membership, but never go there. Number three, purchase an expensive Fitbit watch, but don't walk at all. And lastly, don't bother about your heart pumping blood and activating all those boosting hormones in your brain, which are By the way, very essential for your recovery.