Wael Ibrahim – Taqwa all the way – Almost 10 days from Ramadan are gone

Wael Ibrahim
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. My view respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam almost 10 days of the blessed month of Ramadan are gone. And I hope and I pray that each and every one of you being treating the blessed month of Ramadan as a spiritual training camp for what is yet to come later on Sharla throughout the year, this is the main intent is to train you to discipline you to put you through some difficulties like hunger thirst heat for some people call it extreme cold in some other areas and you are commanded by Allah subhanaw taala to abstain from that which

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was Halal just yesterday just 10 days ago, water from dawn to sunset was okay food your favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner, everything that you used to do normally throughout the day throughout the week throughout the month and so on was absolutely permissible your spouses were permissible for you throughout these days and all of a sudden for one complete month Allah subhanaw taala had taken away all that which he made halal and told you why prohibited for you to eat and drink to intimate with your spouse from dawn to sunset for a complete warmer Why is that so so that when you exit the month of Ramadan, you will be able to manage abstaining from the Haram in an easier manner. If you

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were able to control your desires from that which was made halal already by Allah, how could you exit the month of Ramadan and start smoking again, or taking wheat or going hanging out with the wrong crowd and so on so forth. So I hope and I pray that you will maintain the spirit and if you mess up in the past 10 days, don't worry Allah subhanaw taala is giving us 30 days to make up for whatever mistake that we have done in the previous days or in the past few days. So don't give up on yourself. Don't lose hope in the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala you still have more than 20 days to Charlotta Allah come back if Nila but I'm here to speak about something else. Because as soon as

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Ramadan becomes a habitual practice, day in and day out, we lose track of the main intention. We lose track of the main objective, why we're fasting. So this is a reminder for you in sha Allah to Allah and I'm going to make a beautiful connection to bear in mind and to reflect over is the law so that we don't lose motivation and continue fasting with the same spirit that we have started the month with insha Allah Allah subhanaw taala told us the main objective of fasting is Taco Yeah, you are Lavina Emanuel quotevalet Calm Siyam will come Ikuti Bala Latina Amin publikum La La Quinta taco, or you who believe listen carefully. If you said I'm a believer, La ilaha IL Allah Muhammad

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Rasool Allah, this is for you my brothers, my sisters in Islam quotevalet Consider fasting was prescribed upon you, as it was prescribed for the people before you while your Allah why fasting was prescribed was, you know made obligatory Lal lecom To own so that you may attain and enhance Taqwa the concept of Taqwa bear with me. Allah subhanaw taala also told us on the Quran, Alif Lam Meem. Valley Kalki Taboola Buffy who then lil Moutoku in this book, this Quran this beautiful Revelation it was meant to be a guidance for those who are having Taqwa for the people of Taqwa. So Ramadan was meant for us to enhance Taqwa. And the Quran was meant to guide those who have Taqwa. Listen again.

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Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran was to learn Marvel ferrata mirror or become we're Gen net in our last summer where to all art or AI that little motorcade and haste, raise one another. All my brothers and sisters and slam towards forgiveness from your Lord and Jen, which it's with is the heavens and the earth combined or I that limitata in it was prepared for the people of Taqwa Allahu Akbar. So Ramadan was meant to help us attain Taqwa. The Quran was revealed to guide those people with taqwa and Jana itself which you and IE and forbidden the light Allah was prepared by Allah Subhana Allah Allah for Allah McCain for the people of tacos, who see how important that that

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concept is. So Ramadan is one of the gates that will lead you to Jannah through the guidance and the roadmap of the Quran. So can you see the connection now? So what is Taco in the first place for those who maybe have forgotten? My brothers, my sisters Islam Taqwa is a protection ALLAH SubhanA. Allah wanted you to create a shield between yourself and

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Anything else that may anger Allah Subhana Allah that is basically taco. Whether you are in secret or in public, you will always tend to do that which is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala This is Taco in the last area that I recited where Allah subhanaw taala said haste towards forgiveness from your Lord and Janna, which it's with the heavens and the earth or likklemel toppin Allah subhanaw taala started to list down some of the qualities of those Matei and Lavina young Fiona fissara, he ordered raw. The first on the list is those who spent out of the wealth out of the provision that Allah subhanaw taala had given them in time of difficulty and in time of ease, whether you really

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have a lot or you have a little bit, whether it's a bit tight for you or Allah subhanaw taala had given more than you can chew. In any case, those people who have Taqwa are those who will give because they believe that Allah subhanaw taala is Al Karim the most generous if you show generosity by giving those who are in need, do you think that Allah subhanaw taala will not give you more Wallah he promised that if you give you will multiply your provision by even 700 times or even more than that immeasurable amount of provision Allah subhanaw taala prepared for those who give Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran, methyl Lavina you will feel Organifi severely lacking Family Hub

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embedded savasana if you could listen bullet to hub Allah you live where you may share, wala OSA wanna leave the example of those who give for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala is like that seed which you planted in the ground. And that seed grew seven years. And in every year there's 100 grains and Allah multiply on the top of all of that to whoever he is pleased with. My brothers and sisters Islam learn to give and the month of Ramadan is your opportunity. The prophets Allah Allah Selim used to be the most generous of everyone, especially during the month of Ramadan, Latina and Filipina was so raw, he was the raw he will call the Nina life the second quality is, and those who

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are straining their anger, not those who control the emotion called anger, we can do that. We react naturally to situations and in many cases, we react angrily to some situation. So Allah subhanaw taala don't want you to control the emotions and to erase it completely from your life from your existence that can never happen. But rather, when you experience anger, you should react in a manner that is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala the Prophet SAW Selim got angry, and we can see in various stories in this era, where he became angry and he was described as angry but how was the anger of the process and look like he's faced with turned into red and a vein will appear on his forehead and

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he will remain quiet you will not explode and break stuff and hit people whether physically or with sharp language or or the like no, you will maintain cool and he described how to maintain your cool and how to restrain your anger by advising us that if we became angry standing we should sit down if we are still angry in the position of sitting we should lie down and if you're still angry, we should make we'll do and so on because shaitan is created from fire and nothing extinguishes fire except water. So make will do so that you can call yourself a little bit so if you are of those angry birds out there, this is the advice of Your Beloved Prophet Muhammad saucer don't erase anger

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from your life that can never happen but rather when you become angry, restrain it through these advice and act in a manner that is only pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala and the third quality while are fina Ness, and those who pardon people, those who pardon each other and overlook their mistakes and don't carry grudges in the hearts against people because of their mistakes and so on so forth. So may Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant us the right understanding. And then Allah ended the eye by saying what while longer your head boo l Masini. And Allah loves those who do SN or those who have the quality of Sn now this is your homework inshallah. So taqwa and SN are closely related, and

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these are the two qualities that we should work hard to achieve during the month of Ramadan. So after we exit, we will be having enough reserves to fight shaitan who is now right now is shackled. And Allah subhanaw taala promised that model to show our team the biggest shayateen or the biggest influence of shaitan is now locked up. So we are coming after Ramadan and they are coming to haunt you they will see the rewards that we have accumulated and Chaitanya will be running after you to destroy whatever you have established in Ramadan. So the more you work on your taqwa and sand during the blessed month of Ramadan, the more reserve of that toughness and will remain with you for a long

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time to come Chalong till we witnessed another Ramadan will lay down I may Allah grant us the right understanding. May Allah subhanaw taala make us among them autoclean among the worst in in me

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I mean, I mean, it would mean you just love how you run a Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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