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Everyone needs to come down. This has gone beyond a joke. It's actually embarrassing. My brothers and sisters, this is a test nothing more. And when a lot tests a lot tests for us to see where we really are, the test will expose how true we are to our faith and our values and our principles. And unfortunately, we're not doing too well. You look at people in the shopping centers, it is crazy. What are we doing? In a time like this, we are supposed to be turning to a law more than ever before. We are supposed to be showing the best side of our medicine, our patients and our qualities. This is the time my brothers and sisters forgiving for caring for preferring others over yourself

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and your own family. This is true Dean. These are the true values of Islam. Don't feed this virus fee Allah. Allah says in the Quran, and whosoever fees me then Allah will provide an exit out of any and every difficulty in life. Where is our trust in Allah? Where is our reliance in Allah? Allah says in the Quran, and whosoever relies on Allah, then Allah shall be sufficient for him.

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What happens when your provisions run out after a week? Who's going to look after you then? Our faith is in Allah, and Allah Rama comes down through up through charity. When the strong look after the week, when the rich looks out for the poll, not every man for himself, people are taking advantage business owners are exploiting the situation, increasing prices on one another. What does this show if you think that the virus is bad? What about these evil sicknesses that are in our hearts? Where is our compassion? So please, my brothers and sisters, now is the time for unity more than ever before. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says none of you will truly believe until

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you love for your brother, what you love for yourself. And now is the time to show that faith to prefer others over yourself. This is Dean, this is what brings the pleasure and the mercy of Allah not being selfish. We need to take all of us together collectively, we need to take this virus they say in English, take the bull by the horns. And we need to take this virus by the horns. And the only way we're going to deal with it is to turn back to a law only. Look how Allah is showing his greatness and his power through one virus. The world has been crippled.

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So now more than ever, we need to turn back to a law. If we feed a law like we feed this virus, Allahu Akbar the change, we need to turn back to allow my brothers and sisters Toba to make repentance is too far to seek forgiveness from Allah.

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We need to come back to our core values and principles, charity, preferring others over yourself. This is Dean. And lastly, it is a duty upon every single one of us. That we spread calmness, stability and harmony in our community. And Allah knows how much we need this now. So my brothers and my sisters, every single thing you share on your phone, you will be held responsible by Allah. People are sharing content, they don't know its authenticity. They don't know where it came from. We're just sharing for the sake of sharing, and we're increasing in the havoc and the chaos. No, in the best of times, were ordered by a lot to verify any information that we receive and share. Only

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imagine in a time like this. So pranks jokes, even if it's things that are unnecessary. Don't share it. Please, we need to wizened up what you may think is a joke in your in your house, in your bedroom or amongst your friends. It can cause havoc to others.

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And we didn't cause havoc.

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I ask Allah to bring much needed peace and stability and allow us to deal with this test in a manner that pleases Him and in a manner that it only brings the best out of us and not the worst. If you enjoyed this video and everything else that one path does and would like to see us produce more content, then please support us. Get it done.

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