Christian Pastor Admits Jesus wasn’t God

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Are you? Dave? Let me get. Let me get a question and just a pastor Jesse, Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, Jesse Lee Patterson, radio and TV show host tell me this when you mentioned God, I sincerely want to know, do you? Do you believe that Jesus is actually God the Father? Or do you believe he was sent by God? What is without a doubt, without a doubt, Jesus Christ is the Son of God. And God's nature, his spirit dwelled, and steered us in Him, in all of that he may get the work done on earth become the light of the world. And Christ made it clear that he wasn't God. He said, I'm just Son of God, I was set by God, I agree to worship that I've done that you should do, he will

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go to the Father and pray and seek His will. And so if God was God, he wouldn't go to himself to seek His own will, he would know His will. So he's clearly the Son of God, and not God. Can you tell me what when you say, Son of God, so we could just have a better understanding? Because, you know, the human mind understands, when you say, Son, you understand you can have a literal son, you can have an adopted son, or metaphorical. These are the three options. So what do you mean, and you're the right man for the job because you're a pastor. So just respectfully asking you these are the conversations that we're talking about us having to understand each other better. So what do you

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actually mean? That Jesus was the Son of God? Can you please elaborate on that? Yeah, I will. But are you saying people are so dobbed at when they hear that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? They don't understand what a Son Yes.

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Well, that's the

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these are the options so you can have a literal Son of God. So are you saying he was literally the begotten Son of God? Was he an adopted son? Or was he is this metaphorical? And the reason I'm asking is what let me and I'll tell you, after you, yeah, because the question doesn't make sense.

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No, I tell you, what it is trying to ask is this emotional question, but it doesn't make sense. Like for me, let me go know the difference between a son and a father. And this is, and this is, and this is, again, we love Jesus as a mighty messenger. If you say any disrespectful thing about Jesus as a Muslim, you can go straight to the hellfire. I just want you to know that. I mean, there's no playing around, you know, we get offended if you offend Jesus. So yeah, y'all won't offend white people in America. But listen, so we know that dogs have puppies. You know, cows have calves. Cats have kittens. So when you say God had a son, please elaborate. What do you mean?

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God sent His Son,

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Jesus Christ, through Mary,

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so that we the people, the people who were lost, they had no way back to the Father, because Adam believed in the woman, after she believed in the devil. And so the woman became the mascot. And the devil became the woman's God. And as a result, that was no way back to the Father to God. And every man, every human being born through the woman,

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die, and they are born of the devil. And so what Christ did, he needed a man to come that was not of the woman, but of the Father. And so he created his Son, Jesus Christ, put his spirit in him, and sent him to the woman, so that all who believe in the sun will believe in the Father. And that's why we're urging boys and girls, men and women to return to their earthly fathers, by not resenting them forgiving them for not protecting them from their mothers become mothers turned to children away from their fathers, and they recreate your children in their image, which is of the devil. And so when the kids return to their earthly fathers, they will return to God, they have to give their

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mothers for turning them away from their fathers, and recreating them in their image, and return to their earthly father forgive the Father for not protecting them, from the mother, because they didn't understand the spirit of the mother. And so when you love your earthly father, you can love God. But if you don't love your earthly father, you will never ever, ever love God, you would not know him. You're worried about him intellectually learned that way, but you won't know him. You will have a personal relationship with him. You're just to be an emotional intellectual, talking about God, when in reality, you're hypocrite and Pharisee because you don't know God and you keep other

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people away from him. Duck Seville, you want to just want to say, you know, I'm not sure whether Jesse if you know what we believe about Jesus. I don't think you may know it. So I can quickly ask you this question right? When he

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Saying that, you know, his son can be taken as either a literal way or a metaphorical way. I am assuming that you take Jesus to be a literal Son of God, do you?

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Jesus Christ was the Son of God, even when he lived on earth in the physical body.

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He was still the Son of God dwelling and Jesse Jesse answered the question, Jesse.

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Jesse. Yes or no? Yes, no, no, respectfully, Jesse, come on, you know how you come on me. We're buddies now. So we could do this. Come on. What do you mean?

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What do you mean by that? Sure, sure. So according to the Bible, according to the eastern Bible Dictionary, I read the Bible many times, by the way, just to let you know, according I read the Bible, many times, I'm just quoting you from the Bible dictionary, and also from the Bible. There are many, many places where the Bible mentions about a son of God in a metaphorical way. For example, according to the eastern Bible Dictionary, if you go under the labels, Son of God or sons of God, it says, Anyone who is a righteous person is called as a son of God. So for that reason, whether Jesse, if you look into the Old Testament, the book of Psalms, chapter number two, verse

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number seven, it says that David was the begotten Son of God, Jacob was the Son of God, even Adam is called is the Son of God in Luke chapter three, verse number 38. So since the word son is there, do you take them as literal or metaphorical? Well, because and you're right, all who have returned to the father's a sons and daughters of God, and a cry, and God is a Spirit. So spiritually, Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who lived here, monster for a while in the physical body. And so, I hope, hopefully that answer Yeah, he is the spiritual son of God. So not in a literal way. So I mean, Jesus is no different than David and Jacob, and Adam, because they are all sons of God. From a

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biblical point of view, any righteous person is called as a son of God, oh, boy of God, if they have not been born of God, they are not sons of God, they are sons and daughters of the devil. Right? So So the bottom line is, there are many, many sons of God in the Bible, and Jesus is no different. That's the point we are trying to get on. Who do you mean he is no different? Yeah, because he's just like David who is also called as the begotten Son of God. He's just like Jacob, who is also metaphorically Son of God, and like Adam, was also metaphorically as Son of God. See, God said, there are only two categories in this whole universe. One is the creator, anyone else? Anyone who is

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not a creator, is called as the creation. So Jesus is a creation of God in a metaphorical way. People may say, He's the Son of God, you see, the creation of God. See, there is a Creator and anything else, anything who is anyone who is not a creator, what is the name for that person? He is a creation, you with us, you and I, we are a creation we are not created. If Jesus is not God, that means he is not God. He is a creation of God. So in that sense, Jesus was a human. He was a prophet, the way that Jesus said that I'm a prophet of God many, many times in the Bible. So we say that God gave a message to Jesus, about inviting people to worship only one God, which is there in in the

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Quran, chapter three, verse number 51. Jesus is saying and this is God is quoting. So Jesus is saying, in Allah Hora beaver a book on Fabu has Sirata Mr. Payne, verily, Allah is my Lord and your Lord, worship Him alone and that is the straight path. But the amazing thing whether Jesse is exactly similar thing is mentioned in Mark chapter 12, verse number 28.

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A person comes to Jesus and he asked him a million are you doing a quote scriptures with no meaning? You guys know

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me intellectually. I know that you think you have meaning? I know that you think but you just quoted a Bible like any intellectual preacher of so called expert who do they learn look at the preachers and

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Catholic priests and all of their hypocrites. They quote the Bible but on the inside, the glass is dirty, is evil. They are dealing with the media. They are they are quoting the Bible with all that mess, but it won't leave the hearts of far away from God. And that's why the people suffer because the people listen to her. Never really seek and father from within. So

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Let us give the context of the passage which I am going to quote mark chapter 12. You sound like me, are you doing quote Bible, but you're not giving me any understanding at all. Does he sound like

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what you're saying? Does he sound like black preachers do all they do quote the Bible, you know? Hey, does he sound like a black preacher also sound like a black intellectual preacher?

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