Friday Jumuah Khutbah – October 23, 2020

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In the

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monastery new waters,

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whenever we learn to

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be anti arlena, my father

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or less

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he was, he was just

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another form, we'll see kimono See, we

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cannot call

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on Mr. Jean Miller.

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well, that's

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he was up

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in Canada.

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My brothers and sisters,

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we began with the topic of the names of

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last week, those who were attending my entire football team give you a little bit of an understanding of what we'll be doing in the next few weeks inshallah is that we will be going through the maze of losses.

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Hopefully, this becomes a series that we do that we get to link and connect with things that are happening around the world or things that are happening in our lives or our community, and leave them to the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so that we can understand a lot more, but we can also connect with our board our Creator, our Arab, Allah. So it doesn't, in any time that we go through anything ever throughout our lives Shalom,

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before continuing to ask if any of them

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just open up those doors shut up, this door is pushed back through so that the person in the gym are part of our conversations are open both of the doors on both sides.

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Today, we're going to be looking after the name of Rob,

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we mentioned last week.

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I could see

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his name you're taking today. Last week, we took a long weekend, we will take

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a lot of work on these three meanings all of us kind of want to add up. All of the other means can fall under them, as we learned last week. So this week, we are looking at

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the Lord. And when we think of lordship, we sometimes think of maybe a servant, or someone who is working in another person's

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house, they might not be a servant anymore. But maybe someone who is working in the house of another person, or working demand and another person or working in a business for professional retraining, that belongs to someone else we are going to look up to our employer, we are going to look up to the master we can say of course

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the master of all masters. But there's always going to be that level of you know a status that is

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upon certain people because nobody's enrolls when we talk about a robot from the angle of a wasp.

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This is mentioned in the end more than 500 times, so over 500 times as a loss of data referred to himself.

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And we see these examples in of course, in fact, Alhamdulillah heroes

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almost kind of mentality begins by praising himself of everything, the Lord of the worlds, we also see a loss of

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inner solidarity, what is the key

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and we'll take examples as well as what the correlation is per se, in the second part of this book. But

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having said that, a rub encompasses many of the names of cannabinoids add up to give you an idea and I won't explain what they mean today because we're going to learn them in the future. To give you an idea of the powder Holic almost always, by you. I mean it's a semi and many more of the things

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that fall under the Lordship of a Muslim

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Now I know a lot of this is very technical, but there's a reason why we need to understand that note of rubbish is the one who guides us, and is the one who provides for us.

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And Rob is the one who protects us, or what is the one who raises us a status for debases us in society. A rug is one word was handed over to us multiple times,

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helps people and takes things away from him. He has the ability to guide and he has the ability to misguide them, or to lead them astray. And that's an important aspect of our Deen that we need to understand. Because we always think that we are in control. But we know that none of us will know what the condition of our life will be, what the condition of our health will be, what the condition of our mind will be what the condition of our hearts will be. When we pass away from this world, someone might pass away in the hospital, another person might die in a car accident, another person might live 150 years and they never thought that they would leave that I have a friend of mine whose

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father is 16 years old. And he's still going strong, still standing solid, still making Institute on the ground without using a chair. I was kind of went out of his life to who he wants and takes like away. And so he is a rubber the Lord. And because Allah subhanho wa Taala is abrupt, whether we are guided, or whether someone is misguided. whether someone is a believer in a law, or whether someone is a non belief, someone who rejects a law, someone who even rejects all sorts of beings, all kinds of authorities who might even say I'm an atheist.

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Right, they might say that

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loss of habitat is

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a loss of habitat is the one who created

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and a lot. So agenda

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is the one who

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looks after

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they reject a rub, but a rubber gives them food to eat. They reject a loved one, but he provides a job for them to earn, they reject. But they can hear and they can see only with the power loss.

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And that is beauty of

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the beautiful aspect of this is more of a muscle kind of who is that it applies not only to the believers, but to the non believers. And that's one thing that you and I really need to try to understand. A lot of the time we were talking with non Muslims, or we're trying to explain Islam to the Muslims make this mistake of saying your God is so and so or you believe this

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but their God

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and our what we know is the same.

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They might think that they have a different God. And I think that they're supposed to worship something else you and I know that they have

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to worship

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been with

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him for a while and he Kenny

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sisters have also kind of went ahead and said yes, movement is gonna work out.

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If every single one of these human being, every single one of the creation, everything that is on earth manifests somehow

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in the heavens or in the skies as well as what is on earth

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is dependent upon a must have a woman

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we need and what does he say? Couldn't The young man who was in shock every single day, every minute, every microsecond, or millisecond or however small you want to dissect a minute and lots of Hannah Montana is looking after.

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He's looking after this world. He's the one who provided the time.

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pitcher in the air that you feel right now is warm, he could have brought snow today. But he brought warmth, also kind of went to either could have made our cars not start making here for too long. But it happens also wanted to add a touch that none of us was able to talk about today it is time for one, he

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could email me

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every single day, every single minute about it.

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And because of that a lot is deserving

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or was deserving of us worshiping in the ways that he wants submitting to a law submitting to a

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Why? In this word.

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Many will know that there's a term maybe in your own languages or in the Arabic language that we use. And we say are bi

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tarbiyah? Do you find the word rubbish in there. Of course, use that when you are with someone who is higher status a child with their parents, they are to look after them in a certain way to set them in a certain way.

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teaches them in a certain way and not to do so well. Don't disrespect our parents don't teach them steal or lie or or do anything wrong. Of course, we don't do that for anyone. But we're supposed to take it from the races. They ask us to do something we submit and we do it as long as it's not going against

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And so our more of a what I feel

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is deserving.

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And the Quraysh the mostly the non believers at the time.

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They believed in the law.

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But it was the Lordship of a law of love that he was there and he was their Lord. But they would still worship idols and not worship

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and the prophets on the

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end of this

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he says

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men are only only learn

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what babies learn Nina, Mohammed in some

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prophets have a long way to send them says

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you will taste the sweetness of a man who who taste the sweetness of

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the person who is pleased with their Lord, as being beautiful.

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I don't need to worship at a law is sufficient for me. When

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I am pleased to walk as being my Lord. well being is me Tina and with a sense of being my way of life, my belief my deem right path

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will be Mohammed bin Salman

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and Miss Mohammed

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has been a messenger

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are we please do that?

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We have to ask ourselves this question. If we want to be happy in life, we want to be successful. Like if you want to taste the fullness or the fruit of fruits and the sweet life, then be pleased

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with the way that I chose to live and be pleased with the sooner

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we move

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as philosopher to show mercy gamma is one of us in our family members and relatives as philosophy intended to protect us from all harm that is out there. That's the lesson

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to save us from the whispers of Shankar, asking us

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to practice the ability to love a law and to love and to love.

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To practice the sweetness enough to make us feel amongst those that are contented in this life and contented with what we perceive in the hereafter as the lowest hanging talent Have mercy and rent goes for a sinking hill or going through hardships rather than health and ease and to remove the difficulty from a problem and to practice reaching for forgiveness. You do have some requests from some brothers, the family brother Shaquille has, which is one of the brothers that was going through some of us.

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His family tested positive for COVID. We asked the loss of habitat and mercy upon our little brothers nice and saying that she's receiving

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chemotherapy and treatments for cancer. And she's old she just turned 13 years old. A couple of days ago we asked a lot of mercy upon her as well to graduate competing for forgiveness and we asked her

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to forgive every single one of us in our family members and to grant us the best of this lesson here after I'd been

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told about it inheritance

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While on the way out