Meeting Muhammad PBUH #26 – When He Listened To Your Qiyam

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AI: Summary © The importance of the Prophet's recitation in shaping Islam is highlighted, including his use of body language and his own experiences with the Prophet's recitation. The profit slice group experiences a rise in profit, while the other group struggles with similar struggles. They also discuss their experiences with the Prophet's recitation and their own struggles with similar recitation.
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There's something about a society of the M, and n all model the Allahu taala. And Homer, he said that it's the first thing that is taken away from the community in terms of worship a 200. belaid is the night prayer and refer soap, the raising of the voices in Fira and the raising of the voices in recitation. And this is something that you even read about in History panel with Scylla had Deena UV Rahim Allah, right that it's very famously narrated that he did not go forth towards Jerusalem until he walked at night and he saw all of the tents were alive with pm and the time of the Prophet slice alum. He wanted to make sure that all of the homes were alive with PM, including your house. Now

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obviously, as you're praying, you're thinking about who is greater than the profit slice and I'm watching you, you're praying to Allah, and you have the angels that are coming to you. But if you were there and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was listening to you, what would that do to you?

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First and foremost, you wanted to listen to his QA on honey, while the a lot of time on her She said, I used to sit on my roof. And I used to listen to the thought of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. But then the profit slice and then would go out and he would start to walk the streets and he would start to hear the recitation of his companions, sometimes without letting them know that he was there, so above Qatada or him Allah to Allah he narrates that the prophets lie some he went out one night, and he found Abu Bakr to study for the amount of time and who praying in a very low voice. And then the prophet SAW Allah harness the wind by the House of Allah will be alongside I

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know and of course, the voice of Omar will the Allah and who was loud so the next day when they met the Prophet sallallahu Sallam together, as was common Ursula slice, will Beckett and ALMA, the prophet slice on comments and on their good Ah, he said, Yeah, Beckett, he said, I passed by your house last night. And you were praying in such a low voice, his response to the Prophet slicin I'm Jada sutala, O Messenger of Allah, a smart two men, J. Two. He said, I made him here with whom I was holding that intimate conversation so Allah subhanho wa Taala could hear me Even if my voice was very low. Then the prophets of Allah Islam center Amaro de la tada and who Yeah, Omar, your voice

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was too loud as I passed by your house, he said Yasuda, la uchiko was not well, I'll throw the shade on he said he added to the law. I'll wake up those who are lazy. And I'll run out the shale clean. So it's just like what you would expect from a wicked and Allah will be Allah tada and Homer and the beautiful complimentary behavior and character that they both had. So the prophets lysozyme says to apobec it will the Allah tada and hope to raise his voice and the prophets lysozyme says to all model the law of God, I hope to lower his voice. And by the way, that's why when the Prophet slice alum was dying, and he appointed Rebecca to lead, he shouldn't have believed that Alma was better

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fit to lead because his voice was so loud with the Allahu anhu. And he would truly wipe out the shale theme with his cut all the time. I know. There's another incident where I shall be allowed to add on her mentions that she was late returning to the house after allotted a shot. So the profit slice and I'm asked her where were you? And she said to the profit slice on this is I saw the law and she said, I was listening to the recitation of one of your companions. And I've never heard a voice like that recitation. So the profit slice of them got up and I got up with him. And the profit slice of them said, Let's go listen to him together. So he said, Oh, the Allah, the Prophet slicin

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them are leaving the house to go and hear this particular cry at night. And when they went to the house that he saw the Allahu identified and the prophets lie, some heard his voice the Prophet slicin them said, this is Salah Moana Abbey for the freed slave of worker they thought and he said hamdulillah the Jonathan Amati Mithra. However, All praises be to Allah, who has put in my oma like this man. So how long would he say that about use of Allah who it was solemn, as he was passing by your house? This is such a beautiful testimony. You find other narrations, one of Musashi Well, the Allahu taala, and where the Prophet slicin I'm tells about Moosa, he said, if you would have seen me

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last night, I was listening to your recitation of the Quran, and I was standing outside your door and I was enjoying your recitation, and other Moosa says, Yasser Allah had I known I would have beautified my voice further in the profit slice and I'm said that you've been given Ms. Ma, you've been given a sweet voice, like the sweet voice of that would it his Salaam, the prophet David, and then my favorite narration of them all, because there's a drought involved, is the one where almost all the Allahu anhu says that I will Beckett and the Prophet slicin I'm we're walking at night, and we had finished some of our affairs so they were doing something else. And then they were walking

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back to their homes. And we passed by the House of Abdullah and Mysterio. There'll be a lot of time I'm the one who would take the water and fresh from the mouth of the Prophet slice Allah and the Prophet slice, I'm stopped. So we stopped with him. And we stood outside the house of Mr. Little the Allahu anhu. And we started to listen to his beautiful recitation. Remember, even Massoud was the one who made the Prophet slice and cry with his recitation of certain

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Next up, and he doesn't know that outside his door are the Prophet sly summonable Beckett and Alma. So then this little the Allahu anhu is reciting and the Prophet slicin is not moving. He's listening to the whole recitation of Ibn Masood, and then even Mr. Ruud goes into his record, and he goes into sujood and then even Masaru, little the Allahu tada and who starts to make your app and they know that even Massoud is starting to make dua and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says sell Torah go ahead and ask and you will be given go ahead and ask and you will be given and as I've been mystery there'll be a lot of time who's making your art he says Allah in the Luca man and I altered when or

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even a unfed one more alpha Katana Vika Mohammed in Salalah. Aeneas lmv, Allah ??? hold all I asked you for faith that is not taken away for blessings that do not expire and for the companionship of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the highest level of genitive for widows, and also Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, mean, and almost all the time and who says the next day, I was so excited to go to heaven Massoud and tell him Do you know that the prophets lie? Some said I mean to this day of yours when we were listening to you last night, and as I got to invest a little below I know he said about Beckett already beat you to it and all that all the alarm

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said Subhana Allah, there is no good deed except that apobec it'll be a lot of time who beats me to it? So

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