The Difference Between Islam & Eman

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I want to ask a very, very interesting question.

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The question that I want to ask is when you have a slam and he man and Sanne all together in one Hadith, how should you be understanding it? Now, I will explain that to you, because it's very, very interesting. Wherever they are mentioned together, they have different meanings. And wherever they are mentioned separately, they could be referring to the same thing. For example, if someone says, Can you explain what is Islam Eman? Islam and Eman And the response would be Islam is the five pillars of Islam and Eman the six pillars of human. So to believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Salah, zakka, soul and Hajj that's Islam. If you look at it carefully, it has to do with the actions

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more than anything else. So you could actually see all five, the first one you can see, when someone is uttering the Shahada. You can see someone pray you can see someone stay away from food you can see someone gives a care you can see someone go for Hajj, those are the pillars of Islam, Eman is within the heart alone, you cannot really see it, because a person can be hiding something, and you wouldn't know. So if they believe in Allah, and the books, and the angels and the Prophets, and the last day, and good and bad faith, etc, etc, all that is within the heart that is a man. When there are mentioned together in one statement or in one place, they are referring to two different things.

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One is referring to the actions and one is referring to the deeds of the heart. And when they're mentioned separately, like for example, if someone were to say, is this person, a Muslim, what their meaning is, both of them they have Islam and the man in them, is this person, a movement, they have Islam and the man in them, generally they would be referring to the same thing when they are mentioned separately.

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So the mohabbatein have said Vegeta Mara, if Taka, Taka each dama when the two of them are together, then they have different meanings. And when the two of them are mentioned separately, then they have the same meaning. It's a very, very interesting point. And I hope that you've understood exactly what I have said.