Dealing with Tragedy #7 The Year of Sorrow

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Sometimes you have one

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wrinkle in life, and that other times, your challenges come one after another.

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When they are compounded and they follow one another, you need a little relief, it becomes overwhelming for a suit Allah said Alana It was sort of one of those points in his life where the test from Allah were so intense and it was just one after the other

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is a year that many scholars of Sita refer to as Ahmed present the year of grief. In one year. He loses his wife or the other the Allahu Ana. And at that point, the prophets of Allah Allah He was Saddam, had not married anyone else. She was a mother of his children, his companion for 25 years, and she departed from this world. Number two of Bhutan him the support system for a suit allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Mecca, the person who was very similar to a fatherly figure in the Prophet's life, and also the Quraysh, because of his protection would not dare touch the Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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he departs as well.

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And then to make things even more difficult, many historians say it was in this very same year, that the incident and tragic story of life takes place. This is where you begin to wonder, man I'm crumbling, the weight is just way too much. My shoulders can't handle this. What's fascinating though, is that with all that shoulder, all the weight on the shoulders of sort of loss of a lot is sort of one after another after another. And you begin to ask when will ease come? When will I be relieved? Just know that the one that put you in that difficulty is the one that will take you out, take peace in knowing that as a Muslim, your response to every difficulty in life will be based

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around emaan sovereignty interocular rely on Salah patience, and ultimate faith. The non Muslim doesn't have that paradigm, the one who doesn't believe in God, the atheist doesn't have a god to believe in. Why would he be patient? Who should he rely on? Which God does he believe in? But for the Muslim, it's a whole different ballgame. We solve problems at multiple fronts in life. There's a political solution to things there's a activist solution to things but there's an economical solution to things but all of these solutions start with Emanuela that you are patient, that you believe in Allah a summer that you are patient, and the third that you have thought out Allah

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subhanaw taala that you are reliant on Allah azza wa jal So, as the Quran tells us in them I'll also use raw in the mahalo seduce route, every difficulty comes ease with every difficulty comes ease. And where are those difficulties lathered one upon the other, they layer down under a suit allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah subhanahu mcdata He blessed an abuse of Allahu alayhi wa sallam with a gift with an opening that was so private and so special that just as it seemed that the calamities had no end, when the blessing came, it was so grand, that it also felt like it was bottomless and had no end. And Allah subhanaw taala blessing to be so low on a was so what really

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stood out what manage the nine of ascension, where he witnessed the angels and the prophets and went to the heavens and converse with his Lord. And the ascension for the believer is their prayer. Ease will come. That's the promise of Allah. Not sort of min Allahu Futterman, it will come. Maybe not how you expect it. Maybe not how you envisioned it, maybe not when you demanded it. But it'll come how Allah subhanaw taala wills for it to come. In the meantime, be committed, strong and patient. Keep yourself connected to Allah. Don't let anyone tell you that your dua to Allah is a sign of you being a coward and that you have no action is not true.

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The Muslims first action is law and our courage comes from our dua. It comes from remembering ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. May Allah azza wa jal grant is still fear to be connected to him in moments of joy and also in moments of difficulty. He always be with us, protect us in our project until the Day of Judgment. Was that Allah on? I said, No, Mohammed said Imani kumara light over our cat