Haifaa Younis – Jannah Gems #01 – What Kept Her Going – Student of Jannah Institute

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their journey from school to work, including classes in Islamic courses and a twinkle event. They also talk about their personal journey, including their personal rise to fame and their love for the message of Allah. They mention their past struggles with drugs and mental health.
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what's What kept you going? Yeah, or this is from 2007, we started our classes, you continued, we had journey together, you joined us when I went to South Africa, of course in Makkah, and then all the classes, but I, the thing that really is, for me, is amazing since 2017, when we, when I came back from my studies and started the classes, every class, your name is there. And this is Islamic courses, Islamic Studies, you name it, there is test skier, there is fear. There is we talked about many things, and including the upcoming one that we're starting next week, What kept you going because a lot of people have this drive, they start you know, the New Year's resolution we all talk

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about. And then after a month or so, something happens and we doing a twinkle and then new things gets less and less What kept you going that you can share with everybody.

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And hamdulillah what keeps me going is I see the results in my life. I see the changes Allah.

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I see. Our last one Tyler touched by life with the knowledge of himself.

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So blessed, ready, tasted sweetness.

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You cannot quit.

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I want to know what Allah hospital No, I want to know the book Allah, I want to understand his message for my beloved.

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If you send me an email, text message, I will read it over and over to understand what you're sending to me because I love you. And I want to understand what you're saying. So for years in my life, I igni collected the message of the Quran and what Allah was saying to me what he was communicating to me, and so many of the Sahaba we, you know, lost their lives trying to protect it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it's such a such a blessings, the message we have, so the love I have for the message of Allah. And the changes that are making in my life is what's keeping me going

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