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AI: Summary © The segment discusses various stories and events occurring in the Middle East, including the loss of religion and the rise of the church of the Holy Acadia. The segment also touches on the origin of the statement that Islam is a culture of the poor and the origin of the statement that Islam is a culture of the poor. The segment ends with a recap of the laws and marriage of love.
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At that time nonetheless, so you need to get married at 20 year old Bismillah as per your needs and as per your abilities. Okay, so what's the story with regards to his marriage while he got married to hurry God along the line how we all learned in Sunday school or in your mcda, madrasa etc Masha Allah honey Jo was the one who proposed marriage to the restaurants that a lot of it was cinema soprano la the sisters. They get excited at that Mashallah way to go How do you juggle the love to that and her diet? She was doing it for the woman Mashallah. She proposed to go to school. So it was 11 the answer is yes. And that is the famous duration. So what was the story? Okay, so there are all

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sorts of a lot of Hollywood celebrities said that he was grazing animals for honey, just sister by the name of Hala, Khadija sister by the name of Hannah, all sorts of a lot he was sent him was grazing animals. And so she praised his honesty, she praised his work is working for her to her sister, honey job. And so honey Jody along the line has she was a businesswoman. And so she was looking for somebody honest to work with her work for her, etc. And so how do you love your loved one and her she offered her a lot while he was in this position. And so she hired him. And he was now working for her well, hamdulillah. And the norm of the business was that you take these caravans

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and you go out and you sell the goods. And then you come back and like a profit sharing type of arrangement, what type of arrangement they had, she sent one of her

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sermons by the name of me, Sarah, with Doris woods, that a lot of it was lm. And this means that he came back and he really praised the fruits of a lot while he was selling. And she noticed obviously, the profits were when I said good, as opposed to many others that she previously hired, that they would eat up the money or no business was bad, etc, etc come with all of the excuses, or lawsuits that a lot of it was some gave her had you. And he was honest, in that will hamdulillah note, honey jar the law of the land her she was previously married, not one time, but two times she was previously married twice, she had children. There's debate with regards to the number of children,

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some mentioned to some mention three, etc, etc. One of the children that she had a son by the name of Hindi side note, the name Hindi, can be a name used for a boy can be a name used for a girl. So the boy named Hindi, or the girl named Hindi, it applies both ways will hamdulillah and so she was married twice before she had children from her first marriage. No children from his second marriage second husband was rather well to do was rather rich and he passed away, didn't have any eggs, etc. And so she inherited a lot well handled enough. What was her age, majority of the rlms state that she was 14, that's the famous duration etc, that she was at the age of 40. We have another donation

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which states that she was 2828 Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best if we look at the number of children that she had from the lawsuits that a lot of money was sent to them. And so they had costume. They had Zainab they had, they had,

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they had fathima they had another son by the name of Abdullah, who passed away in infancy, etc. Similarly, with regards to pass him, he also passed away in infancy. So six children, they had some kind of law, it's not normal. We're not saying it's impossible, but it's not the norm. It's not the norm that a woman gets married at the age of 40. And she goes on to have six children. Right. And so that factor they are factoring that matter. Mineola has stated maybe she was 28 and not 40 especially since we do have an relation of 28. Nonetheless, whatever it was, either way, she was older endorsements that a lot of it was sillim. I the way she had previously been married twice on

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the left. So how do you draw the love the line how she is taken aback by the lawsuits that are filed even on this deep, underlying honesty, honesty, honesty, honesty span a lot. What a blessing marriage he said a lot while he was sitting had with Khadija that if we go with the duration of 14, then it was him only remarried.

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When he was around 50 years of age panel up so 25 years Rasul Allah while he was selling his with Khadija the law of the land, how he never married any other woman. It is prime of his youth, all sorts of a lot while he was and never married any other woman from 25 to 50. He is with Khadija would you love to learn how it was a blessed marriage. You will remember Khadija and the famous of Khadija upon him after they got married. He lived in the same house of Khadija he lived he moved into her de jazz house to Panama. And not only that, he his

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cousin Ali or the law of the land, because Ali's father Abu Talib

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He was going through some financial issues etc. So the lawsuits that a lot of it was set him had taken, Ali and Ali stayed in the house of Khadija being looked after by Khadija and the lawsuits that a lot of it was setting this panel up. I mean, think about this, that you get married to this woman and you move into her house you move into her home, after the lawsuits roll off, it was sent him was anointed as a prophet, and then he stopped doing the business etc. Jade who was providing for him, her journey along the line her from her wealth, etc. She was providing with regards to many matches while hamdulillah and not only that lawsuits are law fight he was selling them brings Ali or

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the law of the land to live with him there. In her day job you love the land has house and she accepted all of that will hamdulillah chronologically, she was no doubt, no doubt she was a blessed woman. She was the first Muslim, the first Muslim, the first reliever in the Rasul Allah Hardy, he was the lead. And I shall be along with that and how she would say that I was never jealous with regards to marriage and wives and all of these mentors, like I was with regards to Khadija and I never saw her I never met her. She wasn't around when I was very well off. It was set up imagine a shot on the along the line Hi, saying that I was most jealous of Khadija. And Khadija was not a co

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wife at the time supine a lot, but also was that a lot of it was said him would mention her. If something was locked in you would send these gifts, gifts and food etc. to the Friends of Khadija or the love of the Lionheart, etc panela yet, so how do you juggle your love Dylan hat after she was taken aback by the character and the manners of the lawsuits roll off. It was a lump. She sent a proposal to the lawsuits A lot of it was sent in via her friend via her friend. Her name is stated as new face a new face saturated and so in the face that comes to the lawsuits that a lot of it was lm or Mohammed, I mean you now your age, etc 25 I mean, why don't you get married? So the lawsuits

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that a lot of it was sort of said, you know, things are not not dead ready, etc. So she said that what if for example, there's a woman that she is beautiful, and she's wealthy, and she comes off good family, etc. And so the lawsuits that Alison said I mean, you you know somebody like that I mean, there's some somebody like that interested or whatever. And she says yes, deja howdy God Allah tala. And how do you not only is she wealthy, not only is she beautiful? She is also technically you know, his, his his his boss, Jade, she is technically his employer, soprano laundry, and look here, look at how proactive Howdy, Gerald, you love the line? How was

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she saw the good quality

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body went up

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with regards to this matter here. And,

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and she proposed and she got married to those sorts of alarms and he was saying

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maybe we know people, maybe you have a relative, you have a family member, etc. You know, she wanted to propose to a certain individual, but she didn't she didn't and a lot the you know, the, the boat sailed away. right the ship sailed away a lot from Stein J. And so Khadija was proactive later on in history, I think it was nsmt Malik his daughter said something said like a bad word with regards to setting woman who had come to law schools that a lot of it was set up and proposed to him. And so this girl said I want to like loose woman what a bad woman she's got no hi no shame, etc. So I said to her that No, no, rather, she was smart. She was intelligent. She knew what she wanted. And she

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went for it. Imagine if there was a lottery some accepted a proposal. And then she became one of the mothers of the believers trading small risks to take Jade and great advantage to be gained if for example he accepts. So finally he would sell them all off. It was accepted this proposal well, hamdulillah and thus they were they were married. And we also find that Omar El Chapo broke the law of the land when his daughter hafsa when her husband had passed away, Omar had come to Australia, not on the longtail and he asked with mine, you know what?

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Why don't you get married to my daughter husband's passed away, etc. Why don't you marry her. And similarly, he went to Abu Bakar of Yolanda and he offered his daughter in marriage to Abu Bakar are the law of the land, showing that Omar was proactive with regards to the matter. Sometimes the brother, he's got a daughter, she's 18 2025 she's 30, etc. But he's quiet about the matter.

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He doesn't approach anyone doesn't speak to anyone. He's not proactive with regards to the matter often time wish to train and many times his daughters they they're frustrated with him. They're frustrated that I mean speak to somebody do something do something, don't just sit there a lot from stranger yet.

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So that was the law of the land also in the normal course and so he made the end that he offered his daughter in marriage to Moosa and he sent out it says that he knew you know, Mashallah you are good guy you are strong guy, etc. I offer one of my daughters in marriage too. And Busan he said I'm accepted well hamdulillah so most I have to remember that story. Musa have those two girls with the water and stuff like this year and what did he gain in return? Mashallah he found shelter he got a job he got a wife will hamdulillah all sorts of Allah while he was sending was honest. And what did he gain he gained marriage of honey jar of your lock that honesty is the best policy Yeah. Abdullah

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Yeah, I met a lot. And we also learned from that to be proactive while hamdulillah they went on and they had Mashallah costume that's why our suits are a lot of it was sent is called I will pass him they had a daughter by the name of Xena they wrote a song called Optima and they also had a son by the name of Abdullah Abdullah so awesome and then many mentioned after him was was Abdullah Abdullah is given the nicknames of boy here and play give the go ahead and play him in total from Khadija, our students that allamani Western had six children, two sons, Kasim Abdullah, and four daughters will hamdulillah every one of them they passed away during the life of Doris was that a lot of it

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was Selim except Fatima, a lot of sign I should do nasty Bella and lamb as well. I'm selfish. The people who go through the greatest trials and tribulations and difficulties or hope, the carpenters,

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IT professionals, the Messiah, the Imams know the MBA, the MBA, and then those who are close to those who are closest and closest to them. Then those who are closest and closest to them, meeting in piety and righteousness, etc, etc.

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We said that our show was like jealous with regards to her DJ even though they never met. We covered the age of Khadija of your love the land was sold those foods that a lot of it was that it was honest, we'll have to change it.

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And this marriage of 25 years 25 years they were married so kind of laundry

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when there are sources a lot while he was still him last Khadija it was extremely difficult upon him extremely difficult upon him. Remember that year what did the historians call that year

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wasn't the year of sadness, the your of sadness, the year that honey Joe passed away a long time. So imagine that close relationship that they had and a lot that same year he loves Khadija his pillar internal pillar of support within the home etc. And then he also lost his uncle Abu Talib, that external pillar of support that's it was called and he was in the year of sadness last time. So he Abdullah I met a lot this is the last one for a long while he was a DJ he was at the age of 25. And her DJ had gifted the Rasul Allah while he was sanlam, asleep by the name of z Blue haritha z Blue harita. And later on, as they didn't know haritha was set free by euroschool salop it was selling

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them and there's a story of love that we must cover here that is easy to hide effect. It was captured by some people and eventually was sold in slavery. He was an Arab

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and so now he's a slave in Mecca and will Karima Ross wants to the law while he was selling them is now his master and then setting Free Will hamdulillah excellent.

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Saves father and uncle they get word that z is in macabre. And so they eventually come there to Makkah and they find they are shot what you imagined the Father has found his long lost son. The uncle has found his long lost nephew. They want to take him back to their tribe to the people, his mother's missing him etc etc. So panela

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xid if you had he thought of the alloc dialer and

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he chose to remain with Doris woods that a lot of it was

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his father his uncle had come and they offered Rasul Allah hottie with them to pay whatever it might be, etc. to seek zetes freedom prasun so what is some said no, we don't we don't need any of that. It's up to date. Zaid wants to go Allah Baraka Tila he can leave and Zaid wants to remain behind he can remain behind. Imagine that Superman a lot. What type of personality our students that a lot of it was in a must have been. Remember, this is all before he was even a prophet.

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Important. This is before him even being in a beat. I mean, obviously if he was a lawsuit if he wasn't a beat at the time, they would say, No, no, I can't come with you. rather stay with the lawsuit of Allah, I need to learn from the lawsuit of Allah, my agenda, etc, etc. But right now there are students and a lot of what he was saying is not AB he's not airseoul diet. And so imagine his characters Pamela, even before Prophethood how magnetic his character must have been that they chose to remain

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as a hardy, like a servant to the gospel. So a lot of it was not asleep as a servant to the Rasul Allah what he was selling, instead of going with his father and his uncle. Alongside that there is a story of love Subhana Allah J. There the his testimony with regards to the lack in the character of all sorts of Allah while he was selling a lot jandola Yeah, I met Allah.

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We know that

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later on z that he was very, very close companion to those sorts of Allah while he was sitting. He accompanies that was supposed to Allah and he was sent to what if, and we even have some deletions from our issue about the law of the land that maybe he was he was alive, maybe the response that a lot but he wasn't sure that would have put him in charge. Maybe he would have been the first Caliph. After the lawsuits roll off it was sent him some kind of lottery and so that was the highlight of your logline. So two love stories of your long tail and the lawsuits that allow Hollywood sell them and the second one, the love of these tools while he was selling and his seventh zebra haritha is

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freed slave zebra haritha of your lock the line. Excellent yarn, lock let's move on to the last one for a long while he was sentenced 25 married to Khadija Fast Forward 10 years is now at the age of 3535 years of age and

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the foundations of recovery will weaken with a flood remember mica al mukalla it's in a valley you find out till today so kind of laundry that it is a heavy downpour etc you find that the roads of Makkah are flooded and flooded to Panama Jade why because drainage is almost non existent. Right you find many pictures of people swimming around the Kaaba look them up on Google people swimming around the cannabis Panama tree and so on.

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So the foundations of the camera were weak the structure was weak and so the police decided that we need to we need to rebuild rebuild the cover and so what we what we will do is we will double the height of the gap because at that time it was almost on the height of any average man so they said no no we're gonna double the height of the cabinet and the cabinet at that time was rectangular in shape but because it is said that the Quraysh didn't have enough of halaal funds in the rebuilding of the cover so that's the ability in the in the cube shaped or the square shape that we are familiar with. They also raise the door and they added that like stop the that if what they put like

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a roof Derrick water gathers etc and then water can be drained out when handling that so this was the plan to rebuild the cabinet but in the rebuilding etc The had a small dispute what's the dispute about it's about the Blackstone remember it was a white stone It was a white stone at one time it was now it's a black stone and so each one no I'm we're gonna be our tribe we're gonna put the black stone in its place. No, no, we so this dispute and eventually one of them said Well, okay, the next person who enters the mystery enters the harem, he will decide the matter and who appeared, who appeared me. I mean our students for a while while he was selling when they saw the results of the

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law while he was selling they said Ah, this is I mean you know, it's good. They were all happy with him and they said he will decide the matter he will decide the matter will have Leila

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now that's the image they have somebody swimming on on the garbus panel last panel luxury and so

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I mean we'll decide and on suits robot what he was and look at his wisdoms panel luxury that he said okay, we have this like material here that it has put the Blackstone upon it. And all of the different tribes, you hold different areas of this fabric and then we will lift it up and then the results of the law what he was saying he's the one who placed the Blackstone into its into its position, and everyone was pleased everyone was happy. We'll have the left side note your amygdala, your amygdala.

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If you look at the caskets that the black stone is encased within, not everything inside there is the black stone, right? So somebody might punch somebody and hit somebody and push somebody etc, etc. Don't do that, obviously. Right. And then he eventually gets to the Blackstone. And then he puts his head in there and he kisses he might miss the Blackstone. He put his hand

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And inside there and he might miss the black stone or that we have that which of which remains of the black stone are eight small stones, eight small stones, and they are like encased in like some sort of resin or cement or something like that. So 1238 small stones there. That those are the original fragments that we have of the black stone will have to the left. So not everything inside is the black stone. And you can google up easily later and you will find the images will have the left. So yarn della amakhala, those sorts that allow us to them sorted out this problem here with his wisdom, my shot a lot of bark a lot important. This incident here raised the prestige of the

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Rasul Allah it was amongst the people of McCallum karma. Remember, the year our students that a lot of money was sent him was born, the year of the elephant in this room is the prestige of Makkah Al Baqarah because the elephants were destroyed a lost kind of way to lessen the birds and the birds destroyed with their stones destroyed the army of abraha. So maca

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was highly regarded amongst the people. It was raised in its prestige and the people of Mecca Qureshi especially, they were also raised in prestige because of that incident, they excellent Fast Forward 35 years from that time. Now there are also a lot of money was sitting amongst the people with this decision of his and he placing the Blackstone day in its place, etc. He has now risen in prestige Al Hamdulillah also whose family is looking after the Kaaba law students that Allah while he was telling me his family, they are the ones who are in charge of the Kaaba, excellent Masha Allah and you can see the eight stones there on hamdulillah with regards to the Blackstone, Masha

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lots of Arcola

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yarn delay, I met a lot let's move on with the letter Allah.

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And this is like maybe a sign now the rebuilding of the Kaaba, etc. Maybe there's some symbolism here that the religion of Ibrahim alayhis salaam is by his is like being renewed or revived j.

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j, it excellent well, humble enough.

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Also around this around this time here, with the Ross Woods robot, he was seldom reaches the age of 14. So five years later, he is now at the age of 40. Also, Fatima was born around five years before Prophethood Fatima was born five years before Prophethood.

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When there are suits for a long while he was and reaches the age of 14, just before him receiving revelation. There was also on the wider international scene, something which was important that was occurring.

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There was a new Emperor in in Constantinople no longer Rome, not wrong. Rather, the Roman Emperor, his capital was in Constantinople, the eastern Byzantine Empire. Do you

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heraclius heraclius was his name in the year 610. According to the Common Era, the Common Era 610 the same year that are all sorts of a lot of it was didn't begins receiving revelation. Via 610 Heraclitus is crowned the new bison tiny Emperor in Constantinople trade heraclius Jeremy What do you know about heraclius heraclius is the one who later on the results of a lot of it was sent him was sent a letter to heraclius inviting him to Islam j and then heraclius in the famous Hadith in Sahih al Bukhari he asked Are there any like traders and the Arabs around etc and then he's told that yes, and there's a caravan and stuff like this to meet some with Him and who does he speak

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with? He speaks to Abu Sofia, I also feel was an enemy to the Roswell swap, it was kind of up to that moment there j it was Sophia and then answers and he answers honestly and he says that you know what, this is what I made it this one is come with etc, etc. And so there's a long conversation between heraclius and Abu sufian of your law of the land we know he eventually embraced Islam hamdulillah embrace Islam, Abu sufian As for heraclius, we do have some donations etc, etc. Take them with a huge pinch of salt.

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With regards to this.

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If you go to Turkey, you will find in Istanbul the message of Mohammed Al Faqih Mohammed and fighting the Conqueror, the conqueror of Constantinople, Ajay, so he is Masjid the rest of the Mohammed fit. It is built upon the Church of the Holy Apostles, the Church of the Holy Apostles and the Church of the Holy apostates. That's where heraclius was buried.

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Jade Subhana, WA Jade

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achieve achieve achieve and so imagine today

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Upon the grave site of heraclius stands the great mystery of Mohammed Al Fatiha was humbled in that with regards to that hotkeys, and then he had rebelled against the previous Emperor focus, he had him beheaded and had his genitalia removed a lot

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about this had axios he was good in that, I mean good for the bison times in that the bison tine Empire and the Persian Empire, the sassanid Empire, they were at war with one another. And up till this moment here, the Persians they had the upper hand, they were going through the golden period three, and so they had the upper hand the Persians had the upper hand Jade, up till this moment now heraclius takes over, and he eventually, he regains all the lost territories of the Byzantines, he restored the lost territories of the binders and tines. And he also restored the True Cross to Jerusalem to the Church of the Holy sepal sapanca.

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The in Jerusalem, so this Holy Holy Cross,

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the True Cross, rather, it was supposedly taken by the by, by by the Persians and heraclius eventually got it back in his battles with the with the Persians. So he's the new guy in charge trade and something achieve about him is that he got married to his niece. Now, even amongst the Christians, this was something which was taboo, he got married to his niece, a lot more than his sister's, his sister's daughter, and the study has mentioned that the offspring, they were sickly and they were disabled, etc, etc. A lot of Stein, Jerry always said that, there was that letter, which was sent to him later on in history, and B and nine after he dropped the lawsuit. So a lot of

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you have sent out many, many letters to different rulers, etc. And so panela this heraclius he was still in charge, and he was the ruler of the bison times, after the lawsuits that a lot of money was sent and passed away. When the Muslims were victorious in the Battle of your book.

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Lighting of your walk during the rule of Omar el hapa. With the Muslims, they brought the Byzantine Empire to its knees to Pamela J. That famous battle of your walk with Muslims will be a great victory against the Byzantines, who's in charge of divisive times. heraclius heraclius soprano la Jade, Aloha, I'm Stein jandola. Yeah, I met a lot we move on to LA So this year, the 610 of the Common Era, what was the great event which occurred, not heraclius taking over berada our suits that a lot of it was selling, receiving receiving revelation. Excellent. So our students are law Hollywood enemies at the age of 40. Hashtag

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barbarina sign up for a little bit azione and ashwani, medical lakia Natalia voila,

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he drew Oh, I mentioned in the novel or an actor, Isabella should the hyperbola center that when you reach your full maturity, and you reach 40 years of age, right, so all of the MBA, they were anointed when they were the age of 40. And that's the results of the law, it was the same. And so there's something special with regards to the age 40 if the lady with lakita, Allah, excellent. Now all of us wants that a lot of it was cillum, maybe six months to a year before this. Receiving of Revelation, he would like solitude, he would like to be alone solitude, he would go to the mountain of now it's called shabba doo, right, the Cave of hero, he would go there, and he would like

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meditate and you would ponder Jade, so he liked this solitude. And

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this German. Mashallah, as you can see there, it's a 620 meters above sea level, 620 meters above sea level. And you find that people they go up this power takes them maybe two, three hours to go up from the foot of the mountain up there and come back to three hours, right? Imagine the restaurants that allow you instead of walking all the way from assisted walking all the way from the harem, walking all the way from the harem coming there, and then going up and then coming back down. I mean, that's not an easy matter. Not easy at all. Not easy at all. And further to that ponder over the following. Remember when it was somebody see that evolution was shivering, your sibling was in a

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state of shock. He came down the mountain came down the mountain, so it's probably maybe let's say, go with minimum maybe an hour, let's say 45 minutes, etc. Okay, 45 minutes, and then walking all the way to Makkah, maybe give that another hour, etc. Minimum, you're talking about one and a half hours, two hours, three hours, and also throw out what he was saying reaches Khadija and those sorts of qualities and he's still trembling, he still shivering Subhanallah he said shivering last

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And alongside

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It was only after he was dating the company of honey jar of your love to learn how maybe 10 minutes 15 minutes and then he come down there one and a half hours or two hours the walk was still trembling and still shivering and he was still in the state of shock but then being in the company of Khadija, the law of the land her for 10 1520 minutes, Masha, Allah and hamdulillah all sorts of a lot while he was sitting, he has calmed down. And why this solitude, all sorts of aloha it was lifted on Yeah, he was leaving the matters of the dunya he wants to contemplate he wants to ponder etc. Remember, that people who are engrossed in the dunya they are the least who are spiritual, they

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are the least spiritual people who are engrossed in dunya underneath.

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And you find similarly that, for example, as somebody mentioned that farmers are rarely atheists, very rarely would you find a farmer who is an atheist, very, very, very difficult to find something like that, right? They are with nature, they can't they hope for rain, see the rain coming down, etc. They are closely connected to nature etc, trade by default, but though I was

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highly engrossed in the dunya, and then obviously they are the least of spiritual people along Stein also said a lot while he was selling them

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in the cave there. And this incident of the first revelation is narrated by Sharon the law of the land had a shot on the along the line ha, she was

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she was not even born at this time, Dre. She was not even born at this time.

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We've got a source that a lot of us have received revelation, she was not even born super analog. But How come she's the one who needs this honey, this shows us that there are some sort of law what he was saying when he was married, when he was married to each other on the law of the land, half in the night time etc. They along with one another, but also ceremony Sam is telling me these stories is telling her about his past and what happened and how the revelation started etc etc. Jade quassia a lot and so that she is able to relate this to us and pass down this information to us. So she narrates that it was the night of Lynette we'll call her it was the 27th of Ramadan 27th of Ramadan.

00:32:27--> 00:32:51

And while he was sitting in the cave, now was the electricity there no no electricity, imagine the darkness of the cave, some kind of law maybe got all sorts of alarm it was it was awake, maybe had fallen asleep etc. And then he is approached by this by this being Jade first time in his life he's is seeing an angel alongside an injury. Imagine how frightening imagine how shocked or all sorts of a lot while he was in the midst of being some kind of luxury.

00:32:55--> 00:33:02

Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam is approached by the angel gibreel and the angel Gabriel says to me Cora, Cora.

00:33:04--> 00:33:08

My Anna Bukhari rasulillah. When he was in him, he was unlimited.

00:33:09--> 00:33:55

He didn't know how to write he couldn't read etc. So minor Bukhari I cannot read. And so the second time jabril and jewelry holds that all sorts of money with some clothes, and like some donations mentioned, like girls who throw off it with some thought that he might suffocate to handle it for a second time and you've got the third time and then Miss mirrabooka lady holla, the first five verses holopainen insane. I mean, I love it. Wa Ekrem Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, read in the name of your Lord who created the created men from across, read and your Lord is most honorable, who taught to write with the pen, with the pen taught men what he knew not giant side

00:33:55--> 00:34:35

note side note. This revelation here is talking about what reading this revelation is talking about the pin, all sorts of alarm it was and couldn't read. Russell's robot while he was them couldn't write. This is insha Allah a proof that this revelation is not from Mohammed Salah white he was selling this revelation yet didn't originate from the mind of Mohammed Salah white he was selling them around the distance from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Why What proof how that had the results of the law while he was that made up this revelation here. He wouldn't begin with something that he is not part and parcel of that he is not in that category of people. He is not from the people of the

00:34:35--> 00:35:00

pen. He is not from the people of reading chariot, so he wouldn't had he made it up, right? This is from wascana huzzah Allah Jamil. And so there are all sorts of Allah while he was somebody sees this revelation here, and thus began the 23 year journey of this quarter and coming down to Panama. ikura was the first derivative

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

For this story, the story which will last 23 years, and a lot of a lot of it was an imposter or a man she was crying and nobody visited. And he said, Yes, we also said all sorts of alleles and passed away. He said, I'm not sad about that metadata, I'm crying because the link that we had with him was to kind of hotel or something would happen, Revelation would come down, etc, etc. that has come to an end now, a long time, a long time. So we are underway yet and with a lot. The first revelation was when last year picked up a book, when last Did you read anything? So right now?

00:35:37--> 00:35:41

Promise to repeat after me, I promise.

00:35:42--> 00:35:43

I will

00:35:45--> 00:36:28

read a book before the end of January. Excellent. Right. You will read a book before the end of January. Well, hamdulillah we're not talking about the Nobel Prize. And we're not talking about the Nobel for an excellent mushara Lodge. I mean, and so he was telling me he receives this revelation, and we find that some of them are they pull out a fight either a benefit that in fact that gibreel has a lot while he was in a tight three times that should a I'll call the he said that is the approved like you cannot hit your head. You cannot hit the kid when you are teaching them or you cannot hit them more than three times right. rasulillah Lisa was how close three times beyond that,

00:36:28--> 00:37:00

you know, you cannot reprimand or do anything of the sort. And Allah Subhana Allah knows best. Also our students a lot when he was in I was shocked, promised a lot while you were selling them was perturbed. He went to honey Giardia longtan and high in the state of shock. This is another proof that he was an honest and truthful man and a true prophet Dre was not some grandiose type of you know, reaction. This was a human reaction to this matter. This was a human reaction to this matters handler

00:37:02--> 00:37:22

and honey God love the Lana Has she believed in that awesome sort of love it was done even before he believed in himself. How then when he told her what happened, she said, Allah will not forsake you, Allah will not forsake you. You look after the poor and you stand up for the downtrodden and you stand up for those who are oppressed, etc. You look after your guests, so Allah will not forsake you subhana wa Jade, and look at the things that she

00:37:23--> 00:37:36

mentioned that she mentioned those qualities that there are suits that allow it was said and had, even before Prophet would. Do we have those qualities, even after Islam

00:37:38--> 00:38:26

or sorcerer Allah for us and had these qualities even before revelation? We have an evolution Mashallah right after evolution and revolution has come expressing the recommendation with regards to these matters here. have we taken them on board? Most of us not most of us not? How do we stand up for justice? Do we look after our kith and kin? Are we honorable to our guests, etc. Question mark question marks panelizer along Stein and ajeeb that the ikura revelation came to an illiterate nation. The ikara revelation came to an illiterate nation generally couldn't read, couldn't write. Very few from amongst them knew how to read and knew how to write some kind of law, but within a

00:38:26--> 00:39:14

space of what maybe 100 years Mashallah 100 150 200 years, Mashallah the Muslims were the leading intellectuals, they were the leading ones in the different fields of sciences, etc, etc. The Muslim Golden Age during the ambassade period, the golden age of learning and study, etc, etc span of luxury. And so this is called coming to an electric nation that the Arabs took them at some time. This script writing down Arabic was not a developed script, they didn't have those dots and all of these things here and science, this emerged much much later on Jade. This also proves and shows us that the mo the ammunition of this oma it is it is knowledge, the ammunition of this oh man it is it

00:39:14--> 00:39:33

is knowledge panel up. And we already mentioned this is another proof that there are all sorts of a lot what he was saying was honest, he was a true prophet, not a fake, and that this is from Allah because it begins with a Quran and he talks about the pain, which are all sorts of a lot of what he was saying was not any of those to analog trade.

00:39:34--> 00:39:53

Soon after, howdy, Jerome Yolanda Lana, she had visited her cousin but the name of it but no phone or she had taken the rasulillah while he was selling to him. And when he heard about this matter here, he said that what you saw was this great now moose moose, the keeper of secrets that have previously come to masala

00:39:54--> 00:40:00

and your people will keep you out and I wish I was younger, we help you and assist you, etc. So it's always I'm shocked. What do you mean?

00:40:00--> 00:40:13

People will kick me out. They call me I mean, they call me I mean, when we kick me out, etc, nobody's come with what you will be coming with, except that they will go through tough times a long time. your amygdala, your amygdala.

00:40:18--> 00:40:53

The fact that what have I said to the results of the law while he was saying that your people will kick you out? ponder over this. Your people will kick you out. Rasul Allah when you said that that was a bit far fetched. Why? Because they love him, because he's so good in the economy. I mean, everybody likes him in all of these things. Here. He comes from this prestigious family was in charge of the Kaaba, and it was his great, it was his great grandfather, the one who really found the Zamzam in all of these matters. It's his great grandfather, the one who said to Abraham, that I'm worried about my camels, and I'm worried about the house and Allah will predict his house etc.

00:40:53--> 00:41:37

So, he comes from this very prestigious is rapidly, but what if I say to people will keep you out? The shows us that in the part of that one, your o'clock and all of this here, even if it is perfect, you will still go through trials and tribulations, or suits to the larger sums of lock in manners and all of this, they could testify with regards to all of that, but still in the part of that hour, you will go through tough times how they called him from Mohammed. Now they started to call him with a man with a mom, the displaced one. The disliked one the displaced one a lot more Stan. Stan, jandola Yeah, I met a lot with regards to what he said that his his sister was this woman by the

00:41:37--> 00:42:19

name of booty Ella, who had previously proposed to Abdullah the father of daughters musala when he was seven, it is said that one of our system but the name of patina, she was the one who proposed to undo law, the father of the lawsuit for a lot while he was still him, but he did not accept that that proposal, or we also learned from this year that he was saying was in solitude and pondering and contemplating the importance of having your own Meantime, as we might call it mean time, whether it's in the month of Ramadan, in the caf, whether it's the time of the hygiene, when we are asleep, etc. you and Allah subhanho wa Taala whether it's the time between the event and the karma, you sit

00:42:19--> 00:42:27

there quietly put your phone aside and just sit and ponder just some time for you, too. You know, rebalance yourself, like he is

00:42:29--> 00:42:30


00:42:33--> 00:42:59

and so yeah, Abdullah Yeah, I met a lot, we will end off here Bismillahi Tyler, Jr. So that covers the matter of the revelation. So we'll handle it up. We covered the marriage of lawsuits and a lot of it was going to have to do local and have recovered the rebuilding of the Kaaba Mashallah water Baraka law. And then we touched upon heraclius, a little bit of information with regards to heraclius. And then we went on to the first revelation also take notes upon a lot.

00:43:00--> 00:43:22

Something that's not really too common. But for example, it's happened in New e Sham, the early historians, early historians, the fairly famous books of Sierra that we have the earliest of them, even though he's have mentioned that there are all sorts of believers in this first revelation here, that it occurred in a dream

00:43:23--> 00:43:56

that it occurred, and he doesn't even mention the narration that we went through, which are issued on the law of the land, hundreds that are so subtle, it assembles in the key, and then he was approached by the angels you believe that he was awake during the duration of it shall be along the line, but even his heart mentions he doesn't touch upon this duration, but he mentioned something else. He mentioned that also so long what he was saying was asleep. And then he was approached by the energy grid. And that's this occurred in his in his in a dream. This occurred in a dream and also mentions that

00:43:57--> 00:44:04

his family was with him, meaning that howdy Jeremy along the land, he was also with the Russian Civil War when he was tell him that she was not in Makkah when they

00:44:05--> 00:44:15

they in the cable way up but she was with the Rasul Allah while he was selling at that time, and maybe not necessarily a witness to the revelation. She was not but she was with him.

00:44:17--> 00:44:55

In that area, well LaHood Allah Allah also in movies have mentions that it was then Heidi Jaya who went to Wanaka, Eben nofal and spoke to him and stuff like this. And not that she took the Rasul Allah while he was sent him to one alpha Bravo solos and Mitch was later on for the two different meetings with what I hear Khadija went to work on herself and she spoke etc, etc. And then later on the lawsuits that a lot of it was and meets up with what I know also kind of what Allah knows best until we meet again Yeah, Angela Yeah, I met a lot we have here is the letter Allah, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us hate and mark in this world and in the hereafter. We ask Allah to record

00:44:55--> 00:44:59

our sitting in our skills of good deeds human eye and several men who will ever know eliminate Allah Have you called me

00:45:00--> 00:45:31

Send him on that day when nobodies rather than having family will be able to avail them except the one who comes to allow the heart which is sound, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to keep us safe and keep us healthy. We asked the last panel what Allah does friends and family and acquaintances who have passed away due to the pandemic, the COVID pandemic rascals panelboards alegebra grant the agenda to fulfill those had Hello sir Allahu wa sallam. roboticle antihero. pseudogene Amina Mohammed, Allah Allah He was Safi huge marine as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh