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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone just going live on the other pages give me a second inshallah we'll be with you

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just give us a second in the light Allah we will start shortly with the lab Zachman law hi for your patience

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sometimes technology don't helps Paola

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almost there almost there in Sharla Zachman Lohana for coming on time may Allah bless you all we'll be with you shortly we in the late Isla

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right we are live on wire Abraham page live Dean connect Institute Karachi connect Institute.

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Recording isn't okay we are recording from that everything is good Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. He saw Allah Allah Allah salam ala ambition is somebody or silly Amedeo Hello la caja 10 milli Sani of pol Kali Subhanak Allah Milena in Loma lantana in Mecca anti chemo the respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam Welcome to the 25th of Ramadan here in my part of the world Australia Perth some people perhaps they are on the 24th But anyway, this is 25th episode of our program hamdulillah lifestyle which will be converted into a book when the love at the end of Ramadan the book will be written and

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hopefully we can publish it quickly in sha Allah after just a couple of time for your support. Quickly before we get started those who are live on any of these pages kindly start sharing the video with others so that we can show our talent benefit from one and all I mean are blurry.

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So today Inshallah, the lifestyle that we want to emphasize is courage as sheduled our Toba shujaa means courage, bravery, and tulameen string firmness upon what you believe upon your values and principles. And this is something very interesting because Allah subhanaw taala it's the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem in a very popular narration he said a moment ago Cohen, the strong believer, the strong believer high reward Ilahi middle movement of Bife he is far better and more beloved to Allah subhanaw taala than the weak believer, what do you call them higher, although in each of them there is goodness. So Al Hamdulillah we learned from this hadith number one is that all the

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believers whether they are in their firmness, in their strength, in their power, or in their weakness, there is something good that will always come out of them. And then Allah Allah's Messenger continue by saying what a Salah and I am found, be keen to do that which is beneficial to you. So always remember to do that which is beneficial to you what Stein biller and always seek help and assistance from Allah subhanaw taala while Tao just and Don't be weak, Allahu Akbar, Don't be weak, we have been given an hungry lad the best way of life ever the best lifestyle ever. So don't ever be weak and don't, don't feel that you need to fulfill the agenda of others or to appease and

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please others we have been given our lifestyle and we should be proud of it. And we should do our very best inshallah to Allah to achieve it or to practice it in our daily activities. And don't ever say that if I had taken that step or that step, it would have resulted in such and such but rather say, God Allah who wanna share a file, Allah subhanaw taala determined, whatever he had will, and Allah subhanaw taala you know, do what He wills because the word if opens the door for shaitan the point that I wanted to stress in this hadith is that number one, a lot will Kuwait hydro hub will alignment and movement of life. Then the strong believer, the courageous and brave believer is far

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better and more beloved to Allah than the weak one. This is number one, number two

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The Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa Salam is telling us in the same Hadith Do not ever be weak.

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So it means that really since Allah subhanaw taala favors the believers who are strong and firm and very courageous in their approaches. Therefore, the ultimate conclusion is, do not weaken yourself. Don't be weak by adopting other lifestyles or other way of lives that has not been revealed in the Quran, or by or through the teaching of the Prophet Homosassa. That's why the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim in another nation, he said, look up Donald G head galima. To add Lin in this will turn in jail, the best form of jihad, Allahu Akbar, look at this. Look at the wordings, the best forms. The best types of jihad is a word that you alter, in front of a tyrant leader, a person in authority, a

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person authority is trying to impose injustice upon the people and the best among anyone. amongst you, my brothers and sisters, Islam, who wanted to practice real yet is to speak the words of truth and justice in front of a tyrant and injustice, leader. Courage basically.

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Courage basically is a requirement is not really an optional thing for you, my brothers and sisters Islam, yes, we were created with different capacities and different, you know, abilities. But one of the capacity that we need to expand and need to stretch is actually courage. It means firmness upon what you believe whether people like it or not.

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That's why Allah says in the Quran, Allah Levy, our Salah Rasulullah, who will hold our dinner party, Leo's hero who Aladeen equally well I will carry her Catherine while I will carry her record, that it is Allah subhanaw taala would send these messenger with the religion of truth, right beluga and guidance Leo zero who Allah de Nicola so that he may make Islam super prevalent and supersedes any other way of life or any other lifestyle.

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Even if the disbelievers hated it, even if they disliked it, we don't we don't care. We will keep saying and preaching and talking about our beloved religion with anyone with courage with firmness with the being strong in our approach inshallah and not rude I'm not I'm not trying to emphasize here anything regarding rude this this is not part of our deen, but rather strength and firmness. Okay.

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What else we need to highlight here very important Subhanallah the being courageous helps you to stand firm in the face of challenges. So, when you develop firmness upon what you believe along the journey of life, when you face challenges, you will also face them with the same attitude with courage. So what challenges and these are the things that you want to ask yourself today my brothers and sisters in Islam? What challenges are you facing today that require firmness require courage require some kind of facing your enemies are facing your realities, some people will resort to gaming and other inappropriate images online why because they cannot face really the realities they

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cannot face their problems. And when you when you develop the courage in your heart and try to speak your heart out without fearing what people may judge you with and so on. Then in sha Allah, Allah when you face challenges in this dunya you will be also able to face them with the same courage, calamities and failures are part of our continuous growth and development. So remember this so when when Allah subhanaw taala test you with calamity. So one is challenges of, of you know life problems, but sometimes they're these challenges are really severe,

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are very, very severe to deal with, you know, the death or the passing of our loved ones. These are severe calamities, sometimes maybe illnesses that makes us feel very vulnerable and very weak and very scared and fearful. All these challenges my brothers and sisters in Islam require courage but courage will not be developed without faith without Amen. That's why the Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, ma Saba means minimal see, but in fill all the all FGM physical l fi Kitab in Kabul in Kabul and Nebra. That whatever calamity whatever calamity or disaster that strike upon the earth, or among yourselves calamity that you have faced yourself, except that it is

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In a book is written prior to it's happening prior to it's actually, you know, a cover before it actually happened in your in your life Allah had written it. So unless you have faith in Allah subhanaw taala in his cover, you will not be able to face those calamities with courage, may Allah subhanaw taala grant us the right understanding. So, in order for you also to be courageous, you need to develop another quality gold patience or Sabri Subhanallah all these all these contribute our lifestyle as believers. And that's why this program hamdulillah the beauty of it is that it's not just about 30 episodes. These are the 30 characteristics or concepts that we have selected for

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Ramadan for this Ramadan, but actually the lifestyle could go forever, like the concepts and the teachings within Islam within the Quran and the teaching of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem could go forever. So courage, courage will not will not be developed without patience

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without another quality to wait a little bit longer to pray and to be patient and a patient in order for Allah subhanaw taala to respond to your die that also require courage, you know, so if not in this dunya remember, if Allah does not give you what you want in this dunya then the next inshallah will be our, our destination our meeting place in Allah sobre la acid in them either come with agenda, be patient or family of Yasser For indeed, our appointing place is Jana. You see the family of Yasser were killed the father and the mother of Yasser were killed Subhan Allah of him.

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Sorry, yes, the father and Somalia is wife, and Ahmad was the son, but both parents were killed brutally. And they were among the earlier you know, martyrs in Islam. And Allah the Prophet SAW Selim passed by their bodies and say sobre la SAP patient or family of yourself, or indeed our appointing place is Janna and that require courage, being patient, record being patient upon the heart, you know, the harshness of this dunya the calamities the problems that we face require really a good heart that's faithful and patients. That's why the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah says how amazing the affairs of the believers is, when they are when they are stricken with calamities, they

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are patient, and it is good for them. And when they are rewarded with goodness with good news, when Allah subhanaw taala is giving them some goodness in this dunya they are grateful and it is good for them. And this is not possible except for the believers Allahu Akbar. So these types of qualities our life revolves around or between patients and gratefulness, patience and gratefulness. May Allah subhanaw taala grant is the right understanding the Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa sallam in another narration. If not best was saying, I'll be alone or that I was writing behind the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam one day when he said son, I will teach you a statement.

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I will teach you a few words be mindful of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah will protect you f of f of Allah your fork. Therefore the love that you do to Jack Be mindful of Allah subhanaw taala and you will be you will find him in front of you, meaning Allah will be guiding you in every way that you may take.

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Either CELTA firstly law or either standard for Stein Biller, if you ask for anything, ask Allah alone. And if you sought after help, seek help from Allah alone. subhanaw taala wa Lem and know the following. This is the chunk of the our conversation today Whalum that if the entire creation were to gather together to do something to benefit you, they would never get any benefits, they will never benefit you with anything except that which has been already written for you. And if the entire creation were to gather to harm you they will never harm you with anything other than what Allah has already given or written for you.

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Subhanallah this hadith alone my brothers and sisters and Stan should teach us to be courageous in the face of challenges because nothing will harm you to learn you'll see banner in America tab Allah Allah, Allah says in the Quran, nothing will ever harm us except that which Allah subhanaw taala had written for us so why should we worry? Why should we face these challenges with a courageous heart? Now the following few points is something for you to develop inshallah so courage when we say courage, what does that mean? It means that we shouldn't agree with everything.

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because we have to, we have to abide by the rules revealed by Allah and practice by His Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim and the early generation

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so it is okay to say no to anything that disagree with your values and principles. That's why the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in another narration he said do not let yourself be Yes min Imam. The word use is imagine if the people are good, then we will be good. If the people are bad, we will just follow the traits is like just monkey see monkey do. Allahu Akbar. Whatever the people are doing, the majority wins in a lie who are in a garage on who said that the majority wins.

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What can you do about the ASHA Quran? Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran that very few people among my servants among my people are grateful. Very few. We will you be among the few now or will you go with the majority are ungrateful. May Allah protect us all?

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May Allah Subhana Allah protect us all courage means to encourage others to do righteousness. Allah says Allah says in the Quran, what are our unwanted burial Taqwa Allah, Allah, Allah in one help one another to achieve better and Taqwa righteousness, piety, God consciousness, and don't ever help one another to achieve anyway other Billa sin

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and aggression and transgression. Don't ever cooperate in this in this and that require courage because many times we don't want to do the right thing. We don't want to participate in Halal activities because we are worrying what people will talk about us and what people will say about us. My cousin will look at me as if I am an extremist sister Why because I'm waiting acaba hijab, my brother would say that, Oh, I'm too much you know, I'm too much Muslim. So that practicing Islam and encouraging others to practice Islam requires a courageous heart that does not worry about judgment, judgment and what people may say what about us courage means that we shouldn't

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participate in any activities, that is

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that is of doubtful nature nature so anything that is of doubtful nature like once you think about it is a tunnel is haram you're not sure it's vague. The Prophet Muhammad Salah Allah says hello obey him while haram obey in what way now a man with a shabby had fed attorney boo or sugar head Halal is obvious haram to is obvious. So avoid that which is doubtful that require courage because we people will say like, Come on, man. It's a song. It's just music. It's just this it's just that belittling the sense and because you don't want to be the different one.

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Rather the unique one you don't want to be there you need the strangers panel although the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salah promised good news to those who are strangers, those who will face challenges, who will face people who are mostly corrupted.

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And they will be among those few people who will say no, in your house bla bla bla and I feel Allah No, no, I will not. I will not follow the majority in this industry. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us the right understanding I mean, our blind me.

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Courage means means to change evil, to change the evil doing to the best of your ability. The Prophet Muhammad Salah Sam said that Monroe Amin C'mon Koran fell you a Euro biotic, whosoever amongst you have seen an evil action, let him change it with his hand. And he doesn't mean necessarily the physical hand, but rather with your authority, if you have one, if you are in a state of power or authority, and you have seen some evil doing, go and change it, you have the ability, you have the capacity, right from a lumea slaughter family setting. And whosoever is unable to do it with his hand at least with his tongue speak the truth. Tell the people what the what

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you're doing is wrong. That's courage. Woman lumea startup founder can't be who you are the often the man and also whoever is not able or capable or you know, not not sure how to do to the stump, at least hated, hated that act in your heart. And this is the weakest form of email.

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Which means what authority and speaking and preaching and talking about the truth to anyone, whether they like it or not, is the strongest form of email.

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Courage means to feed no one but Allah subhanaw taala Fela duction nurse production network shown you all the store will be at therminal Kalyan Allah in the Quran, don't feel people fear me Robert. Allah is telling us to fear him instead.

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And don't ever exchange Allah I asked for a miserable small price.

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Don't appease and please people for miserable benefit my brothers and sisters instead we need Janna May Allah Subhana Allah protect us all I mean Albula me now how to become truthful Inshallah, how to become truthfulness, somebody's calling let me shut down that how to become sorry how to become courageous number one speak the truth. Don't fear to speak the truth

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whether people like it or not. Number two, follow the guidance of Islam which is the ultimate guidance given by Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran and through the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem there is no guidance other than the guidance of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. However, as Dr. Hadith Kitagawa the most truthful of all speeches is the speech of Allah in the Quran. Well, higher will heavy heavy Mohammed Salah Salem and the best of all guidance is the guidance of the Prophet Homosassa. When you do that, and people question you, and you stick to following that guidance, you are a courageous brave man, because now we are strangers in this dunya

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my brothers and sisters Listen, the Prophet saw Sam said Islam will start strange and it will go back to that stage before the end of time. We are living in that time where people are looking upon Muslims as strangers weird people. Why you do that system? Don't you feel hot covering yourself like this? Is this beer? Does it make you feel itchy while you're waiting that long gun look like Osama bin Laden and people are mocking us left and right we are looked at as strangers

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but we will not give up our belief we will not give up our Islam. May Allah protect us on number three, our cool, full trust in Allah subhanaw taala will help you develop more courage in your heart and go back to the episodes the previous episodes. I believe we have spoken about our code if I'm not mistaken, maybe it's coming in the future episodes in sha Allah, Allah Allah number four and the final on my list in sha Allah, Allah will not ever feared making attempts to change.

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Even if you failed,

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stand back up on your feet.

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And try again and do your best to change your, your, your your bad habits to the better. People will look at you and mock you and, you know, say a few things that maybe will hurt you. And that's okay. Because life itself is not meant to be agenda. Life is not meant to be a place of comfort, or the harlequin and in Santa Fe cabin. We created humankind in a state of continuous toil and struggle. So that's okay. It's part of the package. People will mock you. It's actually it's an accumulation of your good deeds. When people mock you and make fun of you, you are you're actually accumulating good deeds in the state of your good account. So hamdulillah there is no problem. But whenever you fail,

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stand back up on your feet and continue making attempts to change for the better. This is courage my brothers and sisters and this is Islam. When the Prophet sallallahu sallam was given a choice to leave this do not choice he was giving a proposal we will give you money whatever money you want women whatever. You know what how many women you want no problem we will make you the king of Arabia in a time where there was no kingship known to the Arab world, what the Prophet Muhammad SAW said Wallah he if they put the sun on my right and the moon on my left for me to leave this Deen to never happen unless Allah subhanaw taala find a way out of my you know for my success in this dunya until

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I preach until I convey the message of Allah subhanaw taala I will never leave that the that required courageous heart Mohamed Salah Allah so to speak in front of those leaders who could have easily killed him and his uncle and whoever will come their way to be in their place in Mecca at the time. But Mohamed Salah Salem fear no one but Allah because he knew that he Allah is on his side. May Allah grant us a courageous heart I mean our blood I mean stay tuned my brothers and sisters and Sam the book titled lifestyle is in the process now of being written and edited. May Allah subhana wa Taala

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make it easy and make it beneficial to one and all insha Allah to Allah we will see you tomorrow with another episode just Abdullah Highland don't forget to share the video with others if you are aligned with us on these pages while Ibrahim Facebook Live Dean in Pakistan connect Institute Karachi connect Institute global and inshallah Tao don't forget also to visit the YouTube YouTube channel there were Academy so that you can subscribe and benefit from the library there Zack law Hi Ron as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh