Yahya Ibrahim – Was my Ramadan Accepted

Yahya Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The Muslim man wants to stay in ain't no place and start a new job. His experiences with Islam have impacted his life, including his desire to simplify his life and achieve a mark on his parents' shoulder. The importance of achieving success in Islam is not the end of one's life, but rather the result of hard work and commitment. The three positive signs that Islam's messages may be met with enthusiasm and enthusiasm include being scared of small acts, being happy with one or two people, and celebrating success. The segment also discusses the importance of showing love and generosity during busy days, highlighting the need for everyone to join the culture of the United States.
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In Al Hamdulillah Ahmed who want to stay in who want to start Pharaoh

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when our the villa here in Cerulean fusina Women say your RTR Melina, Mejia Hilda who

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will follow her the Allah wa shall do Allah Allah, Allah Who Cherie color or shade Wanda Mohammed and Abdullah he was Zulu sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa send him to Sleeman Kathira Yeah, are you Halloween? I'm an otaku. La Hapa to party, wala temotu Mattoon Illa and to musli moon? Yeah Johan NASA Topo Rebecca Mala the Halacha coming naps in Wahida wahala come in has Jaha Webb FM in Houma region and Kathy you're on when he said What up hola hola de Tessa Luna be here one or harm in Allah. How can i Li como FIBA Yeah, are you i Lavina I'm an otaku. Hola Hola. Kulu colon sadita Use la ama hola como la fille de Nova con woman, Utah ala Rasulillah who forgot Faza 1000 Alima My

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bad. Always we begin with the praise of Allah we send our prayers of peace upon our nmbu Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. We testify that none is worthy of worship, but Allah azza wa jal, and then our Nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is is worshipping slave and final messenger. I always remind myself in you have Taqwa Allah. And I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah grants you an eye, a greater love of Him, fear of him Subhana who went to Allah, and a greater hope and His mercy in what we endure in this life and in the days to come in the next. I pray that Allah Subhana Allah, Allah continues to favor us and protect us and to brighten our lives with the guidance of the Quran

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and the tradition in the way of our NABI Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is the first Joomla after the blessed month of Ramadan 1443 2022 We pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah makes us of those whose Ramadan was accepted, whose deeds were given consideration on account of our sincerity and our endeavor, and seeking to please Him, Subhan Allah to Allah, that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah forgives us, our lapses, our mistakes, our errors of judgment, in what we've said, and what we've seen and what we've done,

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that Allah subhana went to Allah with his generosity receives our good deeds, makes us from those who are favored Allahumma. I mean, there's only one way to know if your month of Ramadan, and what you've done in it, is a value to you. Now, I want you to understand that as a Muslim, we are not people who look at the result. We are people who are more concerned with how we get there.

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There are many Sahaba, who never lived long enough to see the victory of Islam with the prophets I send them. In fact, some of the greatest Sahaba the likes of Hamza, the uncle of the prophets, Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, his life was cut short, during the Battle of where he was defending the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Islam that you and I call our way of life. There were many like Musa big Nomade and others who never saw the return of Islam to Mecca. They never saw the spread of Islam, our Nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never saw the spread of Islam, past the frontiers of his homeland. He never saw Islam enter into physically in his life into Jerusalem, or

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into Damascus, or into Persia, or into Egypt, or into Africa. He never saw some Allahu alayhi wa sallam in his life, that the result would reach that you and I in Perth, miles 1000s of kilometers away from Mecca would be those who are saying, hey, Allah Sada, hey, Alan fella, and still making mention of his words, the outcome, the result is never really what's important for you and I and that's in everything in your life.

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It's in everything in your life, if you work hard, to try to achieve a great result to try to achieve a great mark to try to complete the Quran to try to have a lot of savings to try to be wealthy to try that whatever it is. If you keep working and doing your best, that is what Allah wants of you, not whether you achieved it at the end or not.

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How do we simplify this? The prophets I seldom said, Man him man, the one who intends the one who thinks I'm gonna do something good. With a good intention. You came today and he said, You know, I want to do something good. I'm gonna get like a EAD card for my mom, and you brought with you like, $5 I forgot to get her something and eat chips. Yeah, he is doing these eight cards that for charity, you're gonna get her her favorite chocolate bar, I'm gonna write her a lovely note on the card, and I'm gonna take it home and part of my eat money, I'm gonna give it to my mom, you brought $5 with you.

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And as you look in your bank, for whatever reason, you went to the canteen, you lost it, the $5 are gone, and it's not there. And you come now and you're gonna go home and your heart you were set, you were intending you wanted to do good. Allah gives you the reward of good. And Allah will put in your mom's love for you. As if you have given that card even though it hasn't been received.

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But it also works in the opposite way.

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That if you intend to do wrong,

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and you have in your heart, malice and anger

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and you come to a point where you're saying, when I come to school, I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna, I'm gonna say this, I'm gonna upset this person, I'm gonna, you know, I'm gonna disarm, I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do whatever. And as you come, for whatever reason Allah changes your heart. Somebody intervenes and stops you from doing what you've been thinking about doing since the beginning of the morning. Do you know what happens is that because the the exiting result that the sinful result didn't occur, Allah still does not hold you accountable. For the good you intend, you get the reward as if you did it. And for the wrong you intend if it never happened, even if it wasn't by your

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doing, somebody intervened, you never got to do the wrong. Allah doesn't hold you accountable for it. And I want that to be the mentality that you have with us. As we move out of the month of Ramadan. I want you to be on the lookout for good opportunities. I want you to be on the good out for carrying on the good deeds you were doing in Ramadan, and encouraging your family and your friends and your brothers and your sisters, to continue doing some of the good deep things that you learned in Ramadan. So I'm going to teach you today from the words of the Buddha man, three ways that you know that Allah is pleased with you three signs, three things, you can see it in yourself,

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and you can see it in others. And I'm also going to warn you about three signs that Allah is angry with you. And his punishment is Intamin. imminent. So you and I as Muslims, we believe that the punishment of Allah is real. There are things that happen in our life that are not coincidence, that everything fie Kitab, it's written. And sometimes it's because of Makassar. But it can it because what you've done with your hand that Allah gives you the difficulties that you find yourself in. So let's begin with the three difficult signs. First things that I want you to be be afraid of, if you see them in your life today, especially after Ramadan. First,

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you did not intend to do something wrong. It wasn't in your mind. You didn't plan it. You didn't come to school thinking this is what I'm going to do. And Subhan Allah for whatever reason you find yourself doing something that is condemned evil and sinful. It wasn't in your heart, it wasn't in your plan. It's not from your normal behavior. All of a sudden, you were walking in the straight path and you find yourself in left field. And you're almost as if you say subhanallah How did I get here, Allah opened for you. Allah allowed the shaytaan to open a door for you, that leads you away from Allah and you walked in it.

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And that's because Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has put you out of His mercy for a moment. Landerholm Yoji rune, perhaps they will wake up. If you find yourself surprised, by getting in trouble by saying something that's unlike you, by having somebody who's your friend, no, no longer wanting to associate with you. If there's an imbalance that occurs, you got to look clearly as to why Allah has caused that to manifest in your life. Number two,

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something you intend to do that's good.

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And you're set and you planned it, and you're ready to do it. And for whatever reason, you never finish it. You get the reward of your intention, but you don't get the multiple reward of the action. You might be here and you might be saying in sha Allah today you don't Quran class. I'm going to sit on my I'm going to do

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I think gonna read and I'm gonna finish like a quarter Jews Subhanallah you get to Quran class and you're just daydream you don't know why

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you're not sure you wanted good. But May Allah protect you and I from it, Allah prevented you from it. Yes, I want you to hear that again.

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Allah yah hoo banal, murky wakatobi Allah can be the deterrence and the prevention and the barrier between you doing good even though your heart might say I think I want to do this good. But Allah knows that inside you is in that genuineness. May Allah protect us Yarra. The third sign I want you to be scared of

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is that you do something good.

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And something that's meant to be pleasing to Allah. But it doesn't give you joy.

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You're sitting in Quran class, and you're with your teacher, and you've read a page or two or five. And at the end of it, it was like you were reading anything, I was like a newspaper, your heart had no joy that you did an activity badda as you're sitting with me here, you're in a moment where the angels are around us, where the vicar of Allah this is an hour that the router might say, it's an hour, obviously Java an hour we're doing is answered. And as you're sitting here, your mind is somewhere else. You have no connection. When you are doing something good, that pleases you with Allah, that you're saying that hamdulillah Allah has given me a place to pray to read Quran teachers

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who care.

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You just assume it's like any other class like any other moment, that there's nothing that you're seeking, but the entertainment value, and when it's lacking, your heart is not present.

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Those three signs you didn't want to do wrong but you find yourself in trouble you find yourself doing it. You want it to do good but you never completed you have a bad track record of doing good even though you have a good mind and heart seeking Allah number three, you want to do good you did good. But there's nothing in your heart of celebrating your delight with Allah's blessing upon you after the jinn. Setsuna saraha I'll continue with three positive signs may Allah show them in you and I at the end of the month of Ramadan Aquila, holy * that was selfish Allah Allah Allah

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Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah

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three ways three signs in my heart, in your heart in our behavior that show us that we are favored. We are from those who Allah describes in the Quran or the Allahu Anhu Allah is pleased with them. What they'll do is that you become pleased with Allah.

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The first time

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you didn't intend to do anything good, but Subhanallah Allah opens to you a door for good deeds and you walk through it. You're standing in the canteen mashallah, you got your eat money, you got your 10 bucks and you bought mashallah one of SR Llinas delicious turkey sandwiches $5 on sale today, Mashallah.

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You bought that thing? You got $5 left. You see one of your friends there. He's standing he hasn't had lunch hadn't had recess. They forgot it at home. He liked it. And you just without even asking. See the aftermath of a Muslim? Is it you don't even ask you just provide. And if they didn't want it, they'll have it later. So you see them you know, they're hungry, you know that. So you just bought the second one.

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You caring to say this is for you.

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Pamela, you didn't think of that in the morning. You didn't come planning I'm gonna treat my friend. But you gave this act of incredible love and generosity. Allah opened your heart to do something you never planned on doing for no other reason than because Allah loves you. And when Allah loves you, he puts love in your heart for other people. And when you find in your heart there is lacking of love to others. Then you know that the love of Allah is not with you. Second sign

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you were thinking of wrong. Saying doing being eating, drinking, talking watching something wrong.

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And for whatever reason, Allah stops you.

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Your battery dies, you misplace your phone.

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You didn't meet after school?

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Disk discord with disconnected Wi Fi had a hang up whatever it is. You are going to do something that Allah subhanaw taala says no, you've had a good Ramadan. You're here

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Wake up wake up Hadiya wake up gonna give you another chance not gonna let you slip you just a day or two or five out of Ramadan you can do better.

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So Allah stops you. A friend says a no let's go out and let's go to the masjid or do you want to go to men's unit Brahim tonight?

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Pick you up. Something happens that Allah saves you from your own self saves you from your own heart's desire of what's out on one of the draft of the prophets lie Selim is Allahu Marina and fusina Oh Allah help us against our own souls against the wrong that we've not even trade on. Help me against, help us against what our soul may want that isn't pleasing to you. And third, and finally,

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of the ways that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala shows love for you is that when you've done an activity, bada you celebrate it. That's why after Ramadan, we have Eid right? You're meant to did you know if you don't enjoy yourself underneath, if you don't wear nice clothes, if you don't celebrate it, you don't have picnics like we have here at our school. If you're not giving any cards to each other, spending money on each other, showing appreciation to each other making dua for each other. It's a sign of Allah's Anger against you. And Allah subhanaw taala says, we'll be fugly Allah, let them rejoice when Allah has given them happiness will be automatically Furby daddy Kefalonia Proko that

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is where you should have happiness. These are the days that we celebrate Alhamdulillah we fasted and we prayed and we were charitable and gave us that car. And now Oh ALLAH continue to make us happy. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make you of those who see good signs in your life that you're Ramadan has been accepted that you continue to do good and you celebrate and you feel good after reading Quran, you finish the Quran and Ramadan and you've restarted it. You're halfway again through Surah Al Baqarah you're almost into Ali Imran because you continued with what was in Ramadan outside Ramadan. You begin fasting the six days of Chawan Subhanallah yesterday went to sister so realities

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coffee room, you know the cooking room. I could smell the coffee from my room I was starving for coffee and I forgot what Allah I totally forgot I was fasting yesterday and I went and mashallah the elevens they made me a cup of coffee and I was walking with it. It was too hot that's why I didn't put it to my lips Allah save me Mashallah. I was halfway through the day nearly 12 o'clock, carrying this cup of coffee, imagining how delicious it will be. And as I come upstairs, I see brother name

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and he reminded me that I was fast I said, well, here you go, brother now. He had two coffees that day Mashallah. Allah, Allah protected my good deed. Allah protect your good deed if you have good intentions.

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Do good. Celebrate good, celebrate your Eman, celebrate your Ibadah celebrate your connection with Allah and continue the prophets. I said lemon said and I end with it. The one who fasts six more days, just six more days in this month of Chawan.

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After they were fasting in Ramadan, whatever they fasted in Ramadan, it's like they get the reward of fasting all year because Ramadan is 30 days times 10 reward for every day that's 306 more days times 10s the reward that 60 360 days is one year of fasting. May Allah write it for you and I may Allah allow you to complete it. May Allah bless you with good I ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to protect our school, our parents and our teachers. Allah subhanho wa Taala protect our staff and our students lead our board and management to that which is pleasing to Him and deter us and stop us from that which is haram and unethical. I pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah protects us and

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assists us and guide us and makes you from those who are future leaders and Imams for our community. How that was on your eyelid, Habibi, Mohammed, make your salah upon the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam in Allah Who am Allah Kota, who you subdue and Allah NaVi.

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Johan leadin, Ave Solu Allah he was suddenly Muhtar sliema Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Abdic of Rasulullah Mohammed Salah

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