Wael Ibrahim – Yes! Coffee is the best

Wael Ibrahim
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Yes, my brothers and sisters in Islam the truth is, I do love drinking coffee and I drink it a lot. And my wife will always say, hey, it's not good for your health, you know, quit it. And in fact, I quit it for a long time at one point when I was going through my back challenge and she said, It's not good for bones. Coffee is not good for your bones, you know. And as a good husband, you know, I followed my wife and I listened to her. And it during this time, myself and my different chef Ibrahim mink were planning to debate each other with a coffee is healthy or not. At that time, I was going to prove to him that coffee is bad for you. But now associate I can't debate you anymore

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because I'm back to coffee. full force. Now I don't know why I'm recording this video. But a student of mine stopped me while I was grabbing my coffee and said shaking you should be doing better. Like I was. What do you mean? Is that shit? You are the shake? Like I didn't understand? What does he mean? Like should should? Should I eat banana or something? I'm not sure. What did he mean? But coffee is halal? Isn't it like if anyone has any verdict Other than that, please let me know. I will do my best to quit. But we are the people in the field of our Messiah, those who give footballs and Islamic reminders they are just regular human beings who enjoy enjoy the life within limitations.

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And in my opinion, this is part of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala because we when we enjoyed the provisions Allah had given us we thank him for it who said hamdulillah and the process Al Hamdulillah temblor Amazon, like just praising Allah subhanaw taala for the blessings that He bestowed on us fills the scale of our good deeds so let us fill our scale and also fill out our stomach with some nice coffee inshallah Zagreb law here so iGraph Allah

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