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The speakers discuss the importance of respecting parents and being good to others during Islam, emphasizing the need for manners and prioritizing caring for others. They stress the need for prioritizing caring for others and creating a sense of belonging in our culture. Additionally, they highlight the importance of setting boundaries and respecting others' privacy.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah moraine Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam. Ala Rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will not be shortly sadly you are silly embryo Hello Lapa. tamilisai Annie yufka who Kohli Suba Hannukah la law in Mallanna in Lonavala, Montana in Naka Antara Lima Hakeem, my dear respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam everywhere May Allah subhanaw taala bless you reward you for your dedication to attend this humble work of ours in sha Allah lifestyle, a program with the intention of bringing back maybe forgotten concepts, maybe we know them by heart yet they are unfortunately sometimes seldom, you know, practiced. So may Allah subhanaw taala make

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us on those people who hear the words and follow them to the best of our ability, not any words but the words of the Quran and the words of our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam today inshallah Tada I wanted to start by highlighting a beautiful narration of the prophets, Allah Allah Salam is it's beautiful in its description, but it's very scary in its content. So in sha Allah, Allah, let's unpack this narration the Prophet sallallahu sallam was given giving a warning, he said that he was talking to the Mujahideen, the monitoring sorry, the people who migrated from Mecca to Medina, the early generation of the Muslims, he told him that there are five things with

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which he you will be tested so he's predicting things to happen for them or hygiene or for the Muslims in general. In the future, five things

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he said that you will be tested with them and I seek refuge with Allah subhanaw taala lest you live to see them. So in studying the more hygiene is telling the people of Mecca that I'm afraid that you will live until you see those things which means what those things have not been experienced at that time of the narration. Now, what are these five things Number one, he said and I want you to focus on number one, because this is the basically the subject of today's discussion in sha Allah Tala. He said number one, whenever immorality, shameful activities, Ill manners appears among a people to such an extent that they start practicing it or committing them openly. plagues and diseases that we

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that were never known to them before will strike them were never known to even their predecessors, the people who live before them will spread among them. So immorality leads to diseases and plagues. Number Number two, he said those who cheat in weights and measures

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will be stricken with famine, severe calamities and the oppression of the rulers. So those who cheat in giving the rights of others whether it is in weight, you're selling something and it requires certain weight and measure or in other things like being an oppressor being someone who takes the rights of others in general, what would happen calamity, severe calamity and oppression of the rulers will be the fate. Number three, if people withhold there is a cap. There's your wealth that Allah has blessed you with. If you do not give peoples the rights from your own Zakah reigns will be withheld from the sky for such people, and we're, we're not for the sake of animals. We're not the

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say, We're it not for the sake of the animals, no rain would fall on them at all. Subhan Allah so Allah will send rains just for the benefits of his other creation, not for those who withhold the wealth and there's a cap and not give it give them to the rightful

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owners and the rightful people. Number four, if anyone breaks the covenant that promises the promises with Allah subhanaw taala or with His Messenger, what is the covenant between you and Allah? What is the covenant between you and Muhammad wa salam, it is La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, there is no God worthy of worship with all what it contain of meaning.

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That's not the topic now with Leila and Allah is not just a word to be mentioned. It's not just a belief in one God note there is a broader meaning to Lila there is a broader meaning and expectation to

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hammer those all along. So that's the covenant that we made with Allah Subhan Allah we altered the shahada that we are ready to follow that Deen that we are ready to obey Allah Subhana Allah and His messenger, what will happen to those who break their promises with Allah and His messenger, Allah will enable the enemies to overpower them

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and to take some of what is in their hands. Does this ring a bell my brothers and sisters I want you to reflect over this amazing Hadith number five unless the leaders

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rule according to the book of Allah subhanaw taala. So among amongst us, there are people who will rule over us. So Allah strata in the process, I'm saying unless these rulers ruled by what Allah subhanaw taala had revealed in his book in the Quran, and seek all good from that which Allah subhanaw taala have revealed, Allah will cause them to fight one another, Allah will cause them to fight one another, my brothers and sisters in Islam, why brought this hadith to attention?

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Because the first part of it is related is related to manners, o'clock, which is something very essential in SAM, which is actually one of the lifestyle of being Muslims. So if you do not abide by what Allah subhanaw taala had revealed, if you do not perfect your manners, the way Allah subhanaw taala intends, then immorality will spread. And if immorality spreads in a lie or in a lie Rajang plagues and diseases that were never known to the people before us will become our fate. Does that sound familiar? Have you heard of COVID? Have you heard of SARS? Have you heard of all these diseases? such diseases were not known to the people before us. But let us go further and discuss

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UCLA and the importance of law.

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I want you to listen to this idea and reflect almost 5000 Yeah.

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Are you Hello Medina no Lima, taboo load and fine Oh, boy who believe so Allah is addressing the believers here, not everyone, Allah is addressing you and I those who said La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah, we know you're Latina, em and all you who have already believe, why do you say something? Limiter coluna. Why do you say something that you do not act upon? Why do you say something that you don't do? Allah subhanaw taala is addressing the believers here telling them that caribou Rama Katana and Allah and the odo, Violetta followed, indeed, it is a grave sin. It is something very heavy in the scale of bad deeds, to say something that you do not act upon. So Allah

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is telling us here indirectly, my brothers and sisters now is just because you are a believer. It's just because you're a believer, you have no right to say something that you don't actually do unfulfilled. You must fulfill your words and your promises and never break them. So just because you said Leila doesn't mean that you now can say and do whatever you want to do, you have to stick to what you said you have to fulfill your promises. You have to never lie no matter what except in three cases which can be discussed later. In sha Allah. So Allah is telling us in the Quran, that Be careful when you say something that you actually don't do. It's a grave sin in the sight of Allah

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because Islam is not only about praying five times a day, Islam is not only about giving zakat, Islam is not only about fasting the month of Ramadan, Islam is not only about the Hajj, these are the pillars, these are the foundations, the more you strengthen your foundations, the more you ensure that the House of Islam will remain strong and firm until inshallah to Allah you meet Allah subhanaw taala for top Allah who must apart from fear Allah subhanaw taala my brothers and sisters in Islam, to the best of your ability was now and listen attentively to the commands of Allah subhanaw taala What are to and obey whatever you have listened to my brothers and sisters from the

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Quran, and through the teaching of the Prophet SAW Selim who are unfit to hire on the unforeseeable and spend and spend all that which is good

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for your own benefit for your own goodness. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us the right understanding manners is something that even though we talk about it a lot the West speaks about it a lot, but it is less discussed when it comes to Islamic upbringing, you know, to bring up a nation who is well mannered inshallah so this is something very, very essential and you will be surprised to know that it is absolutely essential to a point that you

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If you're lacking in hellfire well as a biller might be the fact Hellfire might be the fate. I will talk about this in a while inshallah. But first Allah's PowerPanel describe our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW seldom in the Quran with the quality of manners, he did not mention anything to highlight as as much as he did when he spoke about the processor and his manners he said what were in kallada hold okay now the and you Muhammad, you stand on the top of all moral characters you are on the top of any, you know, ethics, that is heard of any ethics any matter this third off, you are on the top, you have no match when it comes to manners. This is basically what Allah subhanaw taala

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says in the Quran. But why Allah subhanaw taala is telling this about the process. I'm in the Quran, because you and I, my brothers and sisters Islam we need to follow the Prophet SAW Selim in his footsteps. We need to follow his guidelines in every aspect of his life. That's why Allah subhana wa says in the Quran, look at the cannula. configural soli Azwan Hassan, indeed, certainly there has been in the Messenger of Allah in the life of the Messenger of Allah, an example a pattern for you to follow. His life was made for you and I my brothers and sisters, you can't imagine this. He's lived his entire life from A to Z from the view he was born. To the day he met his Lord Mohamed

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Salah Salem was meant his entire life was meant for you and I to fall.

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Simple. That's what Allah says in the Quran, that in his example, belies for you a pattern of life to follow Subhanallah we, for those for those whose hope is in Allah and in the last day, so if you if your hope is to meet Allah subhanaw taala with pure heart if your hope is to enter jannah inshallah, in peace without any judgment without any reckoning, then Mohammed is the key Salah Salem, Mohammed Salah Salem is the key

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to this salvation to Jana, to paradise in short lockdown. That's why the process alone among his first and early generations, he stressed the fact that he was sent to perfect manners, he said, A nama boys to Leotta minimum Academy of law, I have not been sent except to perfect manners. Now, we know

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we know that all the prophets of Allah, they came for one reason and that is to call the people who have forgotten about Allah to call them back to worship no one but Allah subhanaw taala and to stay away from worshipping idols and stones and gods made of their own hands. This is the main mission. That's what Allah says in the Quran, Allah Kaga bath, fecal matter and Russell and Anna Moodle. Ah, how do you tell me about trouble? Oh, that we have said in every nation and messenger, telling the people telling the people worship Allah alone and stay away from tahu stay away from any deity other than Allah subhanaw taala This is the main mission of all the messengers of all the prophets,

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including Mohammed Salah Salem, however, Muhammad Sallallahu sallam was given an extra mission of mission to fulfill and that is perfecting our manners in nema. Most certainly our sin to fulfill to perfect manners.

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So now we need to tick the boxes.

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We need to evaluate our manners. We need to ask ourselves if our behaviors are a match are in harmony with what Allah intends with what Allah revealed or not. We need to ask ourselves if our behaviors and manners are in line in harmony with what the prophets Allah Allah Salah brought to us or not this something very important, look at how important it is look at this narration for example, and then came to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and he told him that I know of a lady who perform a lot of solo and she fast optionally a lot and she gave charity a lot. However, she harms her neighbors with her tongue. She harms her neighbors with her tongue so that's the only

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thing she does other than that you worship Allah repeatedly. Masala Tabata cola. Her worship is perfect. She fast you give charity she pray a lot, a lot excessively. You know what the Prophet SAW Selim said, Learn how you will have you hear him now. There is no goodness in such a lady. She is in hellfire.

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She is in her fire. Her destiny will be held far ahead of Allah. This lady with with all our prayers with all our charity with all our fasting, she is in hellfire. Why? Because she harms her neighbor with their tongue. Maybe she bag bites the neighbors, maybe she gossips about the neighbors, and so on and so forth. So my brothers and sisters in STEM, it is such an essential issue that could lead you to hellfire oil as a biller. That's why I said in the beginning, Hellfire will not now joking this something can lead you to have fun. And that's why good behaviors should be the lifestyle of a million.

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We also know the story of the prostitute who was walking by and she was very thirsty. So she found a well, so she actually descends into the bottom of the well. She fills her shoe with water and she points to her own thirst. And when she came up, she saw a dog who was there was thirsty, and his tongue was dangling around, and she realized that the dog was very thirsty show so she descended but once again to be well she fills her shoe with Wallace she came up once again she quench the thirst for dawn. And because of this act of mercy in our heart for an animal for a dog, Allah The Prophet said what Allah subhanaw taala admitted her to join

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a prostitute now we are not of course encouraging the act. We are not encouraging the Zina or Hezbollah. This is an incident just to show you that an act of mercy a well mannered behavior act in your heart could lead you to Jannah. Despite your sinful activities, Allahu Akbar, may Allah protect us all. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam one day was sitting with their companions, and he told them at a drone Emanuel mirthless Dino who is the bankrupt

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so the company said the bankrupt is the one who doesn't have money, doesn't have bank account doesn't have their homes or dinars, those currencies back in the days. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam corrected their understanding of who the bankrupt is and he told him no, the bankrupt is a person who will come on the Day of Judgment again, with a lot of prayers, a lot of charities a lot of fasting days Ramadan after Ramadan Hodge after Hajj, but he will come having insulted such and such having slandered such and such back by this bad bite that slandered something, and consumed the wealth of such and such and shared the blood of such and such. So on the Day of Judgment, those

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people who are wrong but that individual, they will come and take his good deeds. Everyone will take his good deeds those who may have wronged on the Day of Judgment. This is very scary. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, you will find nothing in the scale of your good account. Why? Because those people who are you who you have insulted and beg bitten and slandered and gossip will come and take all your good deeds, on the day of judgment until you are left with nothing they will happen they will give you they will add to your scale of bad deeds so they will give you their own sins now. They will take from their own sins and give you in the reliable

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until you're left with nothing and then you will be admitted to hellfire. Salah Zeca soul had year after year doing all these activities, but your tongue does not stop talking about others. Your behaviors is so bad to a point that Allah will take all your good deeds and give it to those people whom you have insulted and wrong. Good manners my brothers and sisters understand is a trademark another trademark, another lifestyle style for the believers.

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And subhanAllah we may wonder, rather but you know the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam emphasized on the five pillars emphasized on worship. Yes, the Prophet SAW Samson booni al Islam on a humps, Islam was established upon five pillars of Islam was built upon five pillars. So the five pillars is one thing and Islam is another thing. The pillars are meant to strengthen the house of Islam. The pillars are not meant to be just the pillars and live within the pillars and do nothing else. Remember, the pillars are meant to strengthen other aspects of our beautiful religion. Otherwise, what is the point of respecting parents? If everything revolves around the five pillars of Islam and

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nothing else, then why should we respect our parents? What what is that why they emphasize why the process and will emphasize on the importance of respecting and being good to neighbors while removing harmful objects from the past.

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It is important in Islam. Why speaking a good word is sadaqa in Islam Subhanallah the look at look at the value of this beautiful religion. The pillars are the foundations, if they are weak, everything else is weak. If they are strong, everything else follows. That's why some people say that spinalis are our acts of worship is is not as important as manners, no, they are equally important. Manners and worship, worship and manners goes hand in hand you cannot you cannot live with one and neglect the other Subhan Allah Avi, let us let us see some examples. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, put Luma who here la Camino Tita Do you are claiming Salah in Salah Titan

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fascia, you want to go over to Luma Ohia Elaine Cameleon kita recite what has been revealed to you from the Quran the book of Allah subhanaw taala where our claim is Salah and establish solid worship. In US salata 10. Now the fascia yarmulke established oil. Why? Because salah prevents you from shameful activities. So the connection is that when you pray five times a day, the chances for you to fall into error is very minor. And here, it's not like go and pray five times and then you will be magically Well, no, our claim is Salah, established the prayer performed the prayer exactly the same way how the process has been performed to the best of your ability, only then the chances

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for you to fall into error is very minor Subhanallah so an act of ABA is equivalent to an act of manners, Pamela, again, this again, does occur that we pay why do we pay the cat second I lost interest in the Quran. Boothman Anwar in Sabah cotton to Tahoe home what was the key in Bihar was only Allah him in Masataka second level wolves me and Ali that take a portion of the wealth of Muhammad wa salam sadaqa from their wealth, so that you can purify them with it, and to cleanse them with it. Because when you pay the cow when you pay sadaqa when you do this act of worship, what happens in your heart, you become more merciful to others you become you learn generosity and giving

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Subhanallah and activate other serving a specific act of behavior of a manner fasting Ramadan, you know and fasting in other on other days why fasting is so essential. Yeah, you have Latina, co t bar, a common car mukana co t bar leadin I mean, cobbly con for you who believe fasting was prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for the people before you while you're Allah, La Lakhan that Takumin so that you may attain Taqwa. Now, I will not go into what is Taco because we have discussed that in the first or the second episode of the program. If you didn't watch it already, go back to the YouTube the AWARE Academy YouTube channel to watch the previous episodes inshallah Tada

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and subscribe to the channel. But again, first thing is an act of another serving one serving a behavior or God consciousness to be aware that Allah is over watching you whether you are alone or in public, Allahu Akbar, how about Hajj? And how do you Ashura Malou math Allah strengthes in the Quran, Hajj is known to be performed within the specific months for a man followed off he Hiner and had so whoever whosoever was blessed to go for Hajj, follow Rafa wala for Su one Walla je data for Hajj. So when Allah subhanaw taala Cho choose you to perform Hajj. So remember, there is no wrongdoing inherent. There is no facade there is no disobedience, there is no even debate, some

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dispute. When you are on hand, you see an act of worship, and an act of men and almost everything. You think of any act that Allah subhanho wa Taala talked about.

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Excuse me regarding acts of worship, you will see that he's talking about a specific minimum. And what is what is the evidence on this, I want you to go and reach Surah to be known.

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Chapter number 23 The first few ayat Allah subhanaw taala is talking about the criteria or the characteristics of a successful believer when Allah Subhana Allah has called the F law helped me noon and Lavina home fee, Salah team Harsha own well Lavina Hemani love we are doing successful are those believers who concentrate and

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focus in the Salah. And at the same time those who stay away from vain talk from a conversation at negative conversation, backbiting Leung Subhanallah Avi one act of worship one behavior go read so often we don't do yourself a favor today as a homework and shall I never give you homework online but this is

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a quiz for all of you go and check Serato you know, and come back to the video and list down the comments. The the act of worship that Allah subhanaw taala is talking about and also the manner that Allah subhanaw taala is highlighting to also perfect after perfecting an act of Allah. May Allah subhana wa Taala grant us you know the understanding of our deen so why loneliness Alene Allah subhanaw taala is talking about those people who neglect the Salah, Alladhina Oman Salah team so, those who are not paying attention to the Salah, those who pray maybe you know not on time or the combined the prayers unnecessarily those who neglect the salah while Ladino Homura own and those who

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show off behavior Subhanallah Why am now in a noun and the prevent people or the prevent themselves from giving even something insignificant in South Africa insignificant assistant to people look at this solid I know that the in the process I've said salah is the backbone of this deen the main pillar of the entire religion Subhan Allah

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opposite is that at the same time it is as you know, helping people with little with any little thing is equivalent to the salah according to this iron. Yanni Allah subhanaw taala put it in the same Surah

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that water do speak Allah is warning those who neglect this Allah and warning those who prevent themselves from offering in significant assistance at the same time. Which means what the wait is the same manners and I bet that my brothers and sisters and Sam go hand in hand. So this is part of our lifestyle. I hope and I pray that Allah will assist us to perfect our manners. I mean, I mean I mean does that Allah hi to those who are watching on wildbrain Stage live Dean's page connect Institute Karachi and connect us to global pages on Facebook as well as those who will watch later on YouTube channel and also on the Instagram page does that lie on May Allah bless you kindly don't

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forget to subscribe to the AWARE Academy YouTube channel this is a request from myself. If you have not done already please do so and we'll see tomorrow inshallah with another concept another lifestyle for the believers as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi over again