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AI: Summary © The first place of worship in the Bible is the Kaaba, where the Bible references the use of stone bricks and the stone stone bricks used to build cabs. The Mahdi's name is used as a symbol of Islam, and the Mahdi's birthday is recognized as the basis for the return of the "monster" to the culture. The importance of praying in the night sky during the time of the Mahdi's birthday is discussed, along with the use of the Mahdi's name and the word "monster" to describe the Mahdi's community.
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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ALA and we hear most of our bad, my dear viewers everywhere Welcome to another episode in the series of history of Hajj.

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We already learned that Allah Almighty have mentioned in the Quran in surah Al Imran Chapter of the Quran and number 96 that the very first place of worship that established on Earth was the Kaaba in Mk. In which he said in our lab at all the awning nurse Isla lezzy be back Cata MOBA Rocco who then

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then in the following I said, fee to buy tuna to call me either or he

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in it in a nutshell Haram are clear signs, such as Muhammad Ibrahim,

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what is Nakama Ibrahim? In Arabic literally the word MCI means standing place. Mocambo Ibrahim, then it means the place on which Ibrahim alayhi salam stood upon one day. What is it exactly? What is Muhammad Ibrahim? How does it look like? Well, the scholars have different opinions, even though most of these views are very weak. And there is only one valid view but I'd like to share with you what they discussed. Some said Mocambo Ibrahim means the entire haram because he stood everywhere in a national haram especially while building the cabin. And other said Mocambo Ibrahim refers to the places of the monastic minimums deliver an artifact. But the right view is the view of those who

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said Narkom Ibrahim, which Allah Almighty refer to in this area, and number 197 of surah Allah Imran and also anumber 125 of Surah Al Baqarah second chapter of the Quran is the place upon which Ibrahim Ali Salam stood up while building the Kaaba. It's a stone

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It is a stone which is like a cube. The height of this stone is 50 centimeters similarly every side of it. What is it exactly what is it made of? This stone brothers and sisters, when Allah Almighty recorded in Surah Al Baqarah in anumber 127 how Ibrahim and Ismail used to build a cab I said what is the Alfa Ibrahim will cover it I mean al Beatty what is Rob Bennett? Cobb Bellman

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Rob Benatar, Cobb Bellman in NACA.

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That's me, Charlie. Remember, when Ibrahim and his son is male, both were using the foundations of the cab. In fact, one of them was building and the other was handing the bricks to him. Prophet Abraham is the upon him, who's building

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the cab. He used to put the brakes on top of each other, as we discussed earlier. and Ismail Ali Salam was in charge of collecting the bricks and the stones from all around the valley. And then when the building was getting higher, Rahim Ali Salam couldn't reach a higher level. So his son is now brought in this cube, this stone, which is of a very special nature, it is harder to drill. It is like a floppy nature or kind of soft. So that that's why when Abraham Alehissalaam stood upon it, on top of it, while building the cab, and moving it from one corner to another from building one site to another, eventually left, you know, the marks of his feet against it, because of its soft

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nature, the surface of this kind of rock was soft, so it left the footprint against that. That's why Mocambo Ibrahim is that stone, which have the remaining footprint of Abraham and Sarah both his feet against that.

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The Americans have also recognized the very special nature of Maqam Ibrahim, because he had maintained some of the Heritage I believe now best me I love you please with him also say that Mocambo Ibrahim is also the stone upon which Ibrahim Ali Salam claimed in order to call as then to call upon mankind to come to perform pilgrimage when Allah Almighty said what as the thing Nursey Bill had call upon mankind to come and perform Hajj. So Ibrahim Ali salaam complied by standing on

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In this stone, which is also known as Muhammad Ibrahim, when he finished building the cab, the stone was adjacent to the wall of the cab, particularly close to the door of the cab.

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Then what happened?

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When I fall Allah is Allah Allah Allah Selim conquer NACA, and he came to perform Hajj He was passing by the MACOM, the stone

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O'Meara Mahabharata, Allah who was walking along with him. So he pointed to it, and he said, Well, I'm or this is maqam, Ibrahim. He said, Oh, Prophet of Allah, shall we not pray here?

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So by the end of the day, and before sunset, Allah Almighty revealed the following I am number 125 of Surah Al Baqarah, the second chapter of the Quran, in which Allah Almighty said, What is John L beta MSR battling, see what what does he do my poor me, Ibrahima moves,

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which means and when we made the house, a pilgrimage for men for people and a place of security and upwind for yourselves a place of prayer on the standing place of Abraham. So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam recommended praying the Sunnah of tawaf behind Maqam Ibrahim, which was as I mentioned earlier, adjustment to the cab. Jabir ibn Abdullah may Allah be pleased with him in the Lindsey Hadith describing what he said, after Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam performed his toe off.

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He came behind Maqam Ibrahim and he kept it between himself in the cab and he pray to rock as they are known and so not all of it is recommended for every person who have performed off with a powerful to do Ottawa for ombre, Ottawa forehead, or even voluntary tawaf around the clock, even during the times which is disliked to offer in our FL. It is recommended to pray the store cards which are known as sunnah to power were behind Maqam Ibrahim, so you will keep Maqam Ibrahim as your sutra or in front of you.

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But nowadays, we see Muhammad Ibrahim distant from the Kaaba, why?

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Historians have two different views in this regard in the new reference of Hadith. One view says that when the messenger of Allah peace be upon him, was commended in the eye our tuxedomoon Maqam Ibrahim mo salah, then he started praying the Sunnah there, behind the camera, Ibrahim and the Companions followed him. It was kind of obstructing and slowing down that off people who are revolving and circumambulating around the cab. So he ordered the harder than accommo Ibrahim to be moved away further from the cab. So the distance between Mocambo Ibrahim and Acaba was approximately 10 meters.

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Then, during the Khilafah for Omarama kebab, Radi Allahu, and

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there was a very powerful pouring in the surge, the water flushed the stone away from its place. Honorable Cotabato, the Allahu Ahad was very disturbed, because he did not give exactly the same place in which the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam stablished Muhammad Ibrahim, but luckily one of the Metcons people at this time said Yeah, I mean, I mean, I have kept that in mind. And as a matter of fact, I measured it with a rope and I have the robot home. So he brought it and he measured the same distance. And as I said, it was approximately 10 meters. So the place that in the same place and he was very pleased with that.

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Then the other view it says no fasulo Allah is Allah Allah Allah Selim did not move it from its place. Rather, it was Roma, retinol Hapa Brodey, Allahu Han, who suggested that, after he became the Khalifa, and the number of Muslims are on the rise, and due to the large volume of the hijab and more tamarine, he suggested that we shall move the MACOM from its place further away from the Kaaba, in order to give room for people who are performing power.

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As a matter of fact, in modern age, during the era of Kings ruled the Saudi King. There was some views was suggested that the MACOM should be moved even further away from the Kaaba, because it was simply obstructing the paths of people who are performing tawaf.

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And once you've made the decision, one of the very prominent scholars sent a letter to him requesting him not to do so, because it will be an innovation. And he listed a lot of evidences. And before executing the order, he again assembled the scholars, and they discussed what this prominent scholar suggested, and they all agreed. So he asked him, What should we do because before that, there was like a big umbrella on top of the McCobb. And people used to go and pray there and it was really really obstructing the path of those are performing tawaf. So, he suggested that all of that should be reduced, and we should just keep it in like a showcase protected so that people will not

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get to touch it, and people will not get to hang around it so much, in addition to explaining to people that it is a stone and it is not recommended to touch any stone, other than that black stone corner. And obviously, a rock Nordea man, he applauded that, and they build this little showcase on top of it, which had been remodeled several times. And now it is made so beautiful, and is not taking much of space. But also would like to alert those who are performing tawaf because the number now not only on the rise, sometimes you have hundreds of 1000s of people are performing tawaf in different levels of the horror in the ground floor. Sometimes it is packed. When people make a point

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to pray in this area, it becomes very difficult for them to keep focusing on their prayer, and for people who are performing tawaf. That's why we recommend in order to give ease for others, you can skip praying in this place and pray anywhere else in the Haram. Even if you leave the ground fraud completely, in order to make it easy and possible for those who are performing power to complete the tower. The

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Mocambo Ibrahim alayhi salam had been taken care of by many car lifts, and the first one to put like, you know, a building or a protection on top of it was the abassi Cardiff on the year 160 After the migration of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, then he is after years and leaders of the leaders started taking care of Nakama Ibrahim and many other places in the Kaaba in order to take care of it. So brothers and sisters, Muhammad Ibrahim as Allah Almighty stated in

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in the ayah in the Quran, was tacky to me makan Ibrahima masala. It is recommended to pray the Sunnah particularly so not to throw off after performing every tawaf behind Maqam Ibrahim but if there is no room, you better pray the to rock as anywhere else in sha Allah. In the future episodes we'll learn some more about LM et al the unit which are not mighty referred to in a national haram. Until then I leave you in in the care of Allah, all of our we had our stuff for Allah, Allah como SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, wa Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh