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The importance of religion in modern times is highlighted, with a focus on studying and embracing the man principle. The need for people to learn their religion and use it to make their own lives is emphasized, as it can lead to division and negative community behavior. The importance of finding the truth and not accept the idea of partnership between force and truth is emphasized, as well as finding one's own path and building a new reality on the face of their memory. The segment also touches on the success of various people in their industries and the importance of finding one's own path in Islam.

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Big brothers and sisters.

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It's really a

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great honor for me. Actually, I always feel honored when I talk about Ibrahim Ali Salaam and his family, you know when we read the Quran, you know he is mentioned the Quran with such great respect. So, whenever I read in the Quran,

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the way I feabhra Hema Islam life Rahima Islam, it really moves my heart so much. And I think this was missing for Amasa that we do not have the Spirit at the Legion. So Inshallah, I'll make my effort to explain to you why Ibrahim is so important the religion but for our purposes, I'll just emphasize two things. One thing is when the religion

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does not have thinking when people don't think and they practice religion, it becomes a culture.

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You know, in a culture, you don't need to think

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in Indian culture, Pakistani culture, Arab culture, you know, spend so many people have culture if people ask if you ask people reasoning, they don't have reasoning, they don't even think really, some people eat with the right hand some people do with the left hand, some people have this happened in breakfast something else some people have certain growth. So many cultures and people follow the culture and when they move from one place to another place, they change the culture like you know, we have been India In India. Now, we came here many times we have changed to people keep changing the culture to when a religion has no thinking it becomes a culture and when it because

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culture becomes a dead simple culture has no culture has no life, culture, just pure hybrid thing religion actually because I live with the thinking. So it is very important to study Rahim Islam, Ebrahim al Islam is the one who brings a life to the religion without Ibrahim, a religion, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, or our did. He is a person who builds a life that wife Quran, kissy face it for Abraham Misato first one, one important Brahimi is that by following right understanding Him, you bring the life to your religion, you're no more follower of the culture, you become follower of the religion. The problem the word is not that the tension between reason or between the religion that's

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not the problem. The problem is the word never has been there has been no tension between religion and between mind that the problem in the world actually is it there is a tension between the culture and between the reason the tension between the culture and between the nature of the people, that is the power of religion, to what Ibrahim brought that what actually your nature said

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that what your reason said, Eva, his religion, reason and nature, all of them are in agreement in coherence, to first important grammar Islamism. That you know you bring life when you study him, you bring life to the religion. Second thing is people all over the world. They are divided

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in so many cultures, religions, Jews, Christians, Muslims, that among Muslims, you have got so many peoples Sunni and Shia have already noticed. Them also need you have got, you know, Salafi Deobandi Barelvi then so many muda Hanafi Maliki Shafi humbly that within those community, there's so many differences it keeps going on never ends. When you study Brahim, Arizona, what happens if you become knighted? Because he mentioned the Quran, not as imam of Hanafi people, or Maleki of Shafi or humbly or Salafi or Sunni or Barelvi or Muslims or nirmohi The Marisol in the Quran as imam of all mankind Eema Lim NASCI mama and whatever Ibrahim got it all within us.

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You know when the house that Abraham built acaba did not for one committee leanness had he established god no head before Ibrahim, even a hydra Kurata worry lie on an assay all the people when he brought him cost Quran our visit brings us all the people, not one people, two people. So even our hips actually important. We have to learn that why Khurana keeps repeating and calling people to follow him all the time keeps coming to first importance when you follow him. Your religion gets a life. It is no more a culture for certain Makani Brahim Yahudi Ronnie Abraham what not you are not a Christian. Do you think really? Why Khan used to measure something like that

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anyway? Because if he brought him back before he was a Christian, certainly he can be a Christian to white Quran to say you know you are not a Christian in Iran came before the medieval era when Islam had the sun is hot is hot sun is yaku Yakuza family is called buddies, right? And they are the choose when Messiah Islam can they become Jews? But before before you go before Jacoba Islam there's no Judaism to why Quran has to say

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What not to do?

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Before I saw this lamp did local sanity to Viva la he meant to say but he was not a Christian. Did you think about that? Why Quran has to say so strongly that era he did not a Jew and Ibrahim not a Christian? Why Quran needs to reject that why Quran needs to refuse something like that. It is so obvious everybody knows the blind can't be June because he was before them. Even I can't be Christian because he was before them. What the reason is the reason is it. When people take a line in the time of the decline, people want to use it the name of the ancestors, either having the same way of life, they have to get justification to do the whatever they do, if you ask them they say

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that's what he did before Abraham. When you ask Christian, why do something like that? They say if we follow Abraham that what Abraham did

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73 Muslims, when you ask a Hanafy person, why are you doing this? He said that what the Prophet did there was Sahaba did if you ask a Shafi, he will say same thing. If you Ask

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Brady, he will say that the Prophet did that all the companies there What did everybody keep asking they refer to, to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and to the companies because they're bigger names, though. We knew really the profit and companies were not Deobandi. They were not really. They were not Sanofi, they will not actually matter they were not like that because these things happen after after them. But every community uses the name of the profit and companies why? Because that how the support for their ideas to the keep using the Quran said don't do this this thing. Do not drag Ibrahim and to justify your way of life he behind what not to do. He was not a Christian Muhammad

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Salah Salem was not a Deobandi or Barelvi of Hanafi or molecule Shafi door to bring his name DSTS you have done after him the profit of automatic Deobandi, he was not able to be he was not a sous chef Shafi he was not 100 Even not a selfie, you brought this after him. So the first thing to understand it even ah he soon very Brahim cos culture goes

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no more any culture in a humid culture even him on the right did not follow any culture macabre hemo Yahudi, yoga rasanya you made a culture you named Judaism you made Christianity you made our mother happy school. Even I did not have any school a mother to first English study Ibrahim, they're basically what happens you get the religion. The culture goes away from your mind. You start thinking fresh thinking to your mother this first reason why I would emphasize to study Rahima Islam and that why the Quran he said bring him to make very clear that you need to think you need to understand don't follow this blindly. Second thing is people divided so many communities I've

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mentioned when even if the name come then Demeter finishes Iran does not have any interest in a collect down or though the matters about which Muslim differ

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none of them have been taught by Brian

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when you pray or the difference in the prayer or the difference in the every defense you collect from Muslim community tell me did even if any of them

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did Muhammad says 30 of them know all the differences that never go back to Brian and Muhammad they came after to when you go back to your iman Muhammad Salah center your differences finishing you become united unity in the video to two reasons we need to study Brahim Meisner, and all the prophets. The first one is to bring a life to the religion.

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Not to treat religion, I the culture. You know most many Muslims actually, when they fight, they don't fight for allele, they fight for the culture. You think they fight for them, they don't fight for land messenger. They fight for a culture which they call Islam. Because we don't believe in Islam. We believe in our culture, most effective happening the word Muslims actually are so excited. It is their culture, not the religion. Second thing is division. Era hence the name is or the division to the two important thing for why we need to give community Brahim or Islam and that's why whenever a new messenger came up to me, they always have to call people back to Brahimi. So

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everybody Musa Ali salaam, Tao Suleiman he said Islam Maria Melissa the prefer masala ism or the messengers there were has been to call people come by to Brahim, every messenger every prophet has been coming connectable to Iran, because when you can be brought to Brahim then you get these two things you get the religion pure earlier and you get a unity of the mankind. These two aspects are very important in this world, whenever actually I study by my side comparing with it, people actually mentioned you know so many great people in the history of mankind

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in all the time.

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For example, you know, people mentioned in the paper

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Pull up the power you can see in this wallet we have been so many kingdoms and empires and dynasties and the Roman Empire and Persian Empire and novelists and Ottoman Empire and so many parts and the cape report in a British Empire and the American empire now, you know, he says people had so much power and dynasties and people are proud of their you know, British used to say that you know, the sun never set in our empire. Now certainly it sets it but in the past they used to say it never searched movers Rudy No, such a great part of it basically whole India, Afghanistan, even a shot. But But birth in America to model the richest people on the face of that those time, Ottoman Empire

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was, you know, in Africa, in Asia and Europe, in all three continents, and under the same roman empire and very, very big and huge. To people talk about that. They're proud of that. Whenever I see this, really, and then I compare to Brahim or Islam. They look like children nothing. These people are proud of something. You know, very tiny. This earth some in a subpart artifact very tiny period of time. Eva heaves away is a very different really, even I'm even not thinking about this earth, even the stars, the moon, the sun, Avraham makes very clear the offeree Anything which comes and goes disappeared, I don't love them.

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Even I've so beyond all these people you love this. You will love to become emperor and King. You love to be no rule. You know, Europe and America and awesome. I don't think I'm not going to test. Even if you get me to Sun and Moon, I don't care. He goes beyond that is love, but I feel like the Cabal actually in this. In our time, the only two people I really think they understood Ibrahim is not properly one is color more often good for it. Maybe if you don't know him, and the second one f bar the poet. These two people keep coming. Bernie Rahim Allah Islam, the Kabbalah said you know on the tongue, Abraham Islam, salivary Zeba czar to be hung taco Hi, hook Murrah ag bar P Bhutanese.

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Azari you even answers you have proud of these things. I don't care about them. Even my daughter the only one load he the only load barky whatever you see there like I just have my father butanna As my father has orders, and even I'm broke all of them is much older than they are in my eyes no more than Ida's kingdom of nobles. In empire of British people, Roman Emperor all these imparts to in my eye, they are more No more than I just made by my father. And I came and smash them and finish all of them. They have not important my eye in my eye. The important one is for the one who created this universe, the only one master, I don't believe any other master.

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Then you can think really that people, philosophers, people are proud of philosophers, Greek philosophers, they know how to store tail and plateau and so many philosophers, great discipline in Islam, Yo Gotti Messina and Farah, we are the big people, intellectuals, their achievements are killed so much impressed by them. They come and dead is expected Brahim that what we have achieved, you know so much investment. Even I must have said no. What you have done really, you never have been able to find the truth. All your findings and thinking and your philosophy did not do more than mixie between truth and falsehood. You mix between both of them. You never have been able to make

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very clear what is truth and what falsehood? You never have been curious. You never had any career. You always have an extremist. You never learned really what truth is you have been thinking you have been using the mind, but your mind never helped you to find the truth. The Kabbalah says again to understand Islam Suba ASAN your mistake Hi Gibreel ne Jo, aka Vuillaume whoa, whoa didn't occur taboo. But we'll do it for Sunday how to lash Rica, she recorded me on a help about Nakata boo. On the morning of eternity. When Allah made the word or the morning of eternity Gibreel came to me and said to me, a heart, which is celeb of the Mind of My Heart, which is the liver the mind, never

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accept it. Make the heart master now the mind. Mind should serve the heart. Any heart which is a slave of the mind. Don't accept it. But we'll do a person have luxury falsehood loves partnership.

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Falsehood had no problem with partnership had lash. But truth. Never accept partnership. Never Never shortcut me on a robotic nakaka would never accept partnership between falsehood and truth.

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You can see all philosophers they're very happy to make partnership between force and truth. You will have said no. Your research is incomplete. Your study is incomplete is not complete. You did not

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properly, you really failed, what you did you made so much effort, but at the end that there is a mix between truth and falsehood.

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Then you see scientist there's no live the philosophy we are scientists we study things as they are, you know, we have observation, the infer from our observation in a we are more practical people. We are scientists, we are the people who invented you know, so many things. We went deep in the sky in the stars we study in the ocean and the sea we we know what inside it we went we measure all the Arctic, we have done something differently, you know, more practical you can see the Rahim Allah Islam, you know, says to these people know, whatever you study, it is not even just half my journey, or your research they are not even it's more dusty. In my journey. Perrey has charted nearly farm

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salmon Zilla Musa Marty Sitara just eager they are wrong.

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The destination of Muslim is far far beyond all the stars and moon and sun. In all the stars are just just in my path. When I do journey, I don't care about them. You people are just in finding this thing. And that is more thing. You die date I finish. I don't care about them. My research is not just about it. I'm not limited to this, this earth or this planet or this stuff. I keep moving my journey never ends. I keep traveling. I keep moving. So he says for a surfer nearly farmed salmon Musa maki the month the dispensation of Muslim is far far beyond the you know, the blue sky. This guide you know, behind me, Sitara DiskDigger they're wrong karma to her. I am a leader of a karma

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which leaves all the stars behind like a dust the dust in my path they are nothing not important.

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And then I said Maka funny McKee funny adult Tara about Tierra Kodaka three pay homage to Java to her Hannah but they are all c'est la la una chica Tierra during the Sabbath Brahimi marriage. He said to all Muslims, don't be interested in this world. Hi, maka funny, this world is going to perish finish mucky funny those who live here they're going to die. The place will not stay and the people who occupy the place they are not going to stay nothing in this world eternal whatever you tested are going to finish and who woke on the face of that they're going to finish as well. There are bacteria you are not for this you know diminishing one you belong to a wonder which never

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finishing self Tara a bacteria eternity is your to block to eternity Hodaka reef by Rama to Java to you are the last message of your Lord you are eternal. You are not to be connected to these things which are going to finish hey now but they are Lucia Da Da Hai Hoon he got Tara during this Brahimi marriage. You belong to Brahim you don't belong to this world you will have to Brahim your father Rahim was not interested in this world. You are not to love this world. You are a builder of a new world a new order a new world you were to describe this order build a new world because your father the builder, he was not destroyed. He's my idol. But he built capa you are going to smash what

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people like and you're going to build a new reality on the face of that you see whatever I did, you smashed it. Then he built this taba that what he was he was to make very clear what people like is measured him and then it built a new reality on the face of that memory jogger to

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the Sufi computer I'm Ultra spiritual people that have you have done distinct this MATCOM put where became and became up dad and both, you know so many Matamata and we have done in all those things. Even if you know looks at them very low and said no. They're no more calm in my journey that no station. You people love a station that you become up there and put on this and that I'm not about that. I never liked something like that. If this is very smart in my journey, I keep moving. I never accept to stay. You like to stop you like you like a station. I don't like stations. I never in my journey. I keep moving. And I as far as I can reach. I never stay anywhere to Hannover, this okay,

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Mansfield Naka? Abood Leila Byham Nashi. Whoa. To Muhammad Naka abou you are Trevor on the path of the love of Allah. Never accept to get down. Never accept to have a stop, never stop. You are trading under the formula. Leila we have now Shiho to Muhammad Naka abou people love light and I like the name of DOMA in our people. When somebody loves Elena, if they get Leila, they finish. They stop there. He said no. If you get learner don't accept her. Keep moving. Don't accept any mom. Don't accept any beloved

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Keep moving. I have Julie OB Baraka Hoda. Yei Tondo Tez Sahil Tujia Tahoe to sa Hinderaker abou Orsha my life. You know, even if people give you the cost, don't accept keep moving your waste should never never end it all the time. Keep moving to examine. Hi, then McCombs. Mr. Hijazi, who's our bar resource shops it was Trevor don't stop anywhere don't take any state keep moving if the offering Egypt don't take Egypt is the key we don't accept a job if they give you punish your romantic partner personally but don't take it if they give your own money part don't accept it keep moving leave this behind.

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When people say okay even under not accept this thing we have got for her had been in Abu Hanifa Mani Shafi on Humber you know great people you know such a great research laws and you know, Hadith and collection and Buhari and again you know get amazing metadata Buhari and our Hanifa you know, find out the laws and all those things

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first by distancing even actually know you people what you have done really nothing nothing important cuz I'm the one you know, you thought follow this whole thing. Even your profit hybrid commodity follow me. You follow up Oh, honey fun Mulligan Shafiul proud of them. Leave Abu Hanifa Marcus even your Prophet a messenger Muhammad Salah some he hadn't come on to follow me for answer to Mao Athena ileka, unlit military Rahima Hanifa. Oprah Muhammad, did we reveal to you that you must have followed Rahim? Even Mohammed had been commanded to follow you asked me to to look at Abu Hanifa American Shafi I'ma turn apart I hate when people have to come at it even profits for me.

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They said butanna Ranga buco Torker militant goon Hajah not to run your hip RP in Iran enough honey, everybody has been commanded to be to follow my ninja and the lead our the millet our mother has all the schooling, leave them make them be lost in mind. Mila butanna Ranga buco Torker mean let me break all the I just have the colors race following madhhab school and just get my Mila be lost in my villa, the toorani the hibachi Iranian Afghani door to be toorani door to the Persian door DEF CON just become in the middle of Ibrahim Ali Salaam. This really divine he does not have station does not have staff does not accept is more thinking people become impressed by scientists. They

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became impressed by Congress. They became impressed by Aristotle and farabi and Christina, they become impressed by Abu Hanifa American Shafi. They became prey by Harare and Razi and Sufi than him not to be and this and that, naughty Brian. He the way the Much, much beyond that. If people have spent all their life the Carter rich there it is such a different thing. Even though his life really needs to study. He the Deep Mind, he the mind of thinking. He the more intellectual that Erin tested on the face of his thinking the much deeper than any thinking people become attached with this whole thing. He goes even beyond that. He never stops anywhere. Porosity but he thinking Karateka Nuri

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Ibrahima Mallacoota samma Watty Well, urban, you study a small thing, even though he made the one his research is what Bourassa Mallacoota sama Awatea wherever we may ever have to do research, or the kingdom of the heaven and earth not wanting all the things in the heavens that Abraham studied them even I know the depth of the stars and the moon he knows the depth of the to the beyond that he knows depth of every single ticket Veronica nutivaara he met Mallacoota Santa Avati what are they so this really went that way I really when I read it I mean really nothing actually I barely basically mix makes me in a so much in love with Rahima Islam and that was no luck and then when you sit in my

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tissue when you say I'm so excited to Don't blame me recently because you come from some something else. Like one of the reports said Sir only Ricardo Lata honey walau psychology Bala Salima Masaki to look at the gave me a drink

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and when I drank the drink, they said to me don't sing.

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This drink is so powerful if they have given the same trinket to the mountains of Solomon Suleimani mountain you know no one's done it they've given that drink to mount so a man the mountains would have he started singing to soap opera Dugan who said don't think after taking this drink who can stop singing everybody was singing 20 Rahimullah but no doubt really amazing theory then your prayer because sometimes you're fasting because something else every single thing gets a life really is so powerful. It's so deep. You cannot imagine that what he could learn Inshallah, because he knows

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You keep reading the Quran all the time Mila Mila but you never think what a MILA means. Why? Komatsu to follow Mila by so many all the time Quran kissing No don't do this don't do don't be Christian Don't be a follower be follow Mila Iran even Mohammed Salah listen or asset to Mombasa thermowell Hanaa alayka on it, Bailey, they revealed to Prophet Muhammad you must follow me live right? And we don't know what will ever tell me really? If Allah commands you to follow me like rhyme and you don't know what I mean like you can follow him

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did we ever made effort to nobody will let me do really why is this so important? Why even the Prophet Muhammad needs to follow it

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why are the prophets have been coming to follow it? Why the Prophet Muhammad Abraham so much he got a son he named Ibrahim

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why there was so much love for him why he has so much respect for Ibrahim why the Quran direct orders fortified right why they ran its quality but imam for all the people why Allah set in Quran what are the lie What are hemophilia Allah medical? You know Holly Holly Musa friend you know like who is a no friend this one you want for it your friend they have no friend other than Allah met you but I have such a pure friend unless your friend Dr. Khalid Ibrahim by Abraham used to be hurried what in medieval had to be

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why it's so important that what we need to study we need to learn so inshallah in do Today I'll teach you those things in deeper but first thing the booth just in a few things in about his you know biography which actually you know, which helped yourself to understand better Realty that I want to facade really to teach you the midlife era why Mila feabhra is so important the Quran

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barely even him and Islam had mentioned upon many times, but with the name 70 times his name has come to Quran 70 270

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Number Musa al Islami, the only prophet whose name has come more than you're a Muslim, but after Musa Islam, Parana machete Brahim more than anybody else, even Mohammed Salah from his name actually has come for Quran you know, Muhammad and Muhammad are together four times. But if Rahim Allah Islam has been mentioned by name in the Quran 70 times, and also you know, more than in his story, there is so many different so many.

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We don't know exactly when he was born, but more likely people say calculation he was 2000 years before Christ before Asha Islam nearly 2000 years before

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that to some calculation is the name of his father his mother does today. Though Judah delivered they did the change in other to become his uncle. Why? Because I used to make idols, sell the ideas, worship die just to do the don't want to be indigeneity somebody who's either worshiper to this No, he was not his father Ivanka to the chin to Quran Quran it's way to correct the Quran one first time even if the father mentioned the Quran, Quran even mentioned the name to Quran said why the car that you were ah he moody or be Zara. Remember whenever I said to his father other other decade was Alia.

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So that's very clear in the Quran, that name of the Father for each other and then know her people's genealogy could be anything new is now somewhat unbeliever. His wife was unbeliever. Luther is not why for the unbeliever. So this keep happening to cmte vertebra Hema Islam is further about

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other ideas, but the name has been mentioned in Bible and very language so many differently, but certainly in the Bible that you read now, that not only is the translation, the don't think this is how Nima spelled it, you know, that time, or the word Christian people like right, but others name of Jews, not the most authentic one. It also corrupt. The original name was another language, they have changed them to basically more likely or a bigger name as there is more likely nearer to his original name. What you read other books that not here anyway, is the name has been spelled and it's pronounced differently in different scriptures, not awesome, but it is the same person.

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Even if Islam was in the land of Babel in Iraq, that where he was born, and

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his people used to worship I just star moon and sun. So that Parana mission what actually worthy when he was brought up, when he bring for the child. What happened to him? Because his father worship idols, he the mother, same thing, the old family, and all the way around there, nobody worship Allah. In this whole people never nobody was seen and nobody even knew no Allah given no talk, what Allah How was Ibrahim able to be different from the people that were Quran masuk teach us in a diverse administer. While Dana Ibrahima rushed the home in a public they gave Ibrahim rushed from very beginning what are the two personality

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Dealing with

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an opposing, suffer, seen FAHA rushed and suffer. Brustein Arabic language means that when a people's nature,

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senses and a reason or three are in agreement and they are in coherence, they don't, if they have any no tension Mincy your, your sensor, they listen to your nature and your reasoning. Basically listen to your nature. If you are like that, then you get to children from very beginning if they're raised like that, the more likely will be on the right path. When they understand that nature. They use their senses to help them nature, and they use their reasoning in that way. That what