Wael Ibrahim – How NOT to contact your favourite scholar

Wael Ibrahim
AI: Summary © The speaker gives advice on avoiding trouble and avoiding trouble again in relationships. They stress the importance of not sending random messages or talking about personal interests, and advise people to be precise when sharing information. They also advise against contacting someone not in love with them or having a personal connection to them, and to avoid asking personal questions. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being a person who is doing work for others and not just trying to be a successful person.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he SallAllahu Sallam my brothers and sisters, Sam. So this is something new for me 10 points that you should not use or 10 approaches that you should not use when you get in touch with your favorites color. I know that we all have our favorites, and that's absolutely fine, no problem. But this is how not to approach them. This is how not to contact your favorite chair or your favorite speaker and this is from experience. And I hope and I pray that those who are listening, do not feel offended in any way or shape. That's not my intention. If you don't get that it means you don't

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understand my sense of humor or my sense viewer does not match your standards. So forgive me for this. But if you're a speaker, a scholar a che, you will relate definitely to those 10 points. So here's number one, number one, do not ever send a random message

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like a Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh shave and stop there and let the chef guess. What is it that you really need? Okay, I will respond verbally. I don't have to tie back. Walaikum Salam Rahmatullah. I don't have to do that. I can see why they come salam after Why would I care to verbally or secretly my heart, and that's it move on with your life. So don't just send random messages or Hello.

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And then And then three dots or whatever else? Hi, hi, many, many high end hellos and salaams do not just send random messages. Number two, don't ever be demanding. So I can change I sent you yesterday, a message you didn't get. I didn't get a reply. Please respond because it's very, very urgent. Hello. Hello, again. Hi. So I'm going to say did you think my message I'm very disappointed, do not be demanding because guess what, those machines are human beings, they have got other things to do in life as well. Sometimes they receive hundreds, if not 1000s of messages per day, from all walks of life from different people across the globe. So sometimes your messages will be missed.

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Sometimes, we will not have the time to even get to them or read them. Because we have other things to do. Number three,

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this is very, very important. Don't send essays. Don't Don't talk about your history. In 1949 My father left town and came here and and you sent a very long email.

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Believe me this is very difficult for any busy shake to get through. Be precise, go straight to the point. ask you a question if you have any. But don't extend your email or your message to a point that when I look at this at the length, I said I don't have time for this. Skip next you see, so be absolutely precise. Number four, don't ever ask personal questions. Hey Shay, where are you from? I heard that you have a problem with your hands. I heard that you're coming to town from this the you know my father's Gujrati you know my mother is this but don't get into the I heard that you have two wives three wives four wives seven nine. And don't you know don't bother you are in love with that

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chair or with that speaker because simply because he's saying Allah said so. And the messenger of Allah said so you love him because of the deen So focus on that and don't let your intention you know be swapped to something else may Allah protect us all number five, don't contact once caller asking him about another scholar. So she can you please pass my number to Dr. So and so can you please share, help me get in touch with some you know, shake so and so believe me, we could do that. But sometimes you don't know if that shape or that color would be happy if I pass his number or email you don't know people's personal preferences. So if you want to reach to that chair, make sure

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to reach to that chair only. Don't request from one scholar to pass a message to another because most likely that will not happen. Number six, don't leave your whatsapp number or your email address in you know on social media for that check to contact you because most likely again, it's difficult for those busy people to leave everything at hand and just send you a message and I'm Hi, I saw your message on WhatsApp and or on social media and I'm saying hi back. Don't expect this to happen and you don't have to leave your personal details for anyone to view on the internet number seven.

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Don't start your message by saying you are the only one who can help me with this problem. I don't I can't I can't stop actually contain myself from laughing. No, that's wrong, wrong statement. He might be one of those few who can get in touch and assist you

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Ever problems that you're going through, but he's not the only one, she's not the only one. Allah is the One who will get you out of your trouble First of all, but don't start because we don't take that seriously. When I receive a message of that, of that tone, I don't take it as a weighty message, I would immediately knew that this is a fan who loves that speaker that's called so much so is now going beyond the limit, saying that you are the only one so I will not accept any advice from anybody, right? I will anyone will tell me something good. I will not take because you are the only one and don't start like this don't. As I mentioned earlier, go straight into the point if you have

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a question or lie if we if we see one line question, it's so straight and precise, most likely you will attend on it. Number eight, do not exaggerate. So this is relevant to the previous point. Do not exaggerate in describing your favorite childhood favorite favorite scholar, you're not doing him any favor. What we expect is a dua in our absence. When when we are not around we are expecting you to raise your hands Yeah, Allah bless the changeless that's color for his knowledge for his effort for his time. That's what we really need, bless them and the family members and so on so forth. That's what we actually need. But don't exaggerate in describing those human beings we are just like

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anyone else may Allah Subhana Allah protect us all, but do not go beyond the limits in describing your favorite chain because that does not do any good to him. In fact, it could, it could, you know, it could it could lead such a person to like that hype and, and lead him to do the work for the sake of being praised and appreciated rather than for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala so Don't exaggerate. We're not celebrities, we're not you know, big shots and the like we are just human beings who are doing the work of Allah to the best of our ability and may Allah accept from one and all Amina blood Amin, point number nine if you are an organizer, this is very important. If you are

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an organizer and you wanted to conduct a workshop, a course a conference, do not wait for the sheriff to be invited by somebody else. So that you can reach out to them and say hey, since you are in town, why don't you come to my Masjid? Why don't you come to my Islamic center don't do that. You have to understand in the background, the current organizer who you know took took a lot of effort on his part to organize an event had spent money for air air tickets, hotel accommodations and so on so forth and have his specific schedule for these numbers of days with each of the speaker to go here to go there. They have already done the planning and the spend a lot of time and money and

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effort to get an event well organized of that class and so on so forth. And you're coming here because the ship is already in town you wanted to invite him you know within organization, your organization or Islamic center don't do that be sensible, you may prepare an another proposal for that particular shape. Yes, you may meet him during his visit and pass that proposal that we wanted to invite you for an event next month or next week or you know, take take the responsibility yourself to organize an event inviting your favorite chair, but don't seize those opportunities to sneak in and disrupt the schedule already been organized by other Islamic centers or other

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organizations may Allah protect us all number 10 And the final point in my video on my favorite Do not ever propose to your favorite chair. Don't ever send an email say like listen, I wanted to complete half of my deal completed elsewhere says that these machines are married happily mostly from the law. Most of them are happily married they have their families and such messages could reach to the wives do their wives and destroy the peace that they already have. Don't ever do that. And if if there is an opportunity for you to many any of your favorite shade, that's that's the only any would be a loss other. But don't ever send these things via emails and messages of that class.

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Just just try to reach out to their fate, your favorite scholars to learn the deen of Allah from them and move on. But don't ever send a proposal I saw you in a dream and I saw this sister, brother, please let us grow up in sha Allah and let us really focus on gaining knowledge through the knowledgeable people the scholars of the deen and do not try to let shaitan use those methodologies to destroy your intention. So let us be clear about why we love those colors. Let us be very clear, let us rectify our intentions to be purely for the sake of Allah and not for any thing else. Again, if you're offended, it means you don't get my sense of humor. That's your problem. But I also

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apologize if you feel any offence

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But if you didn't tell him to lie, hope that you can spread the message inshallah Now those were my 10 points if you think that there are more than that, please drop them in the comments whether on YouTube or Instagram or Facebook, wherever you saw this, just drop those points now maybe you can compile them and make another video for everyone. Sharla does that go along? Hi, Iran. I love you all for the sake of Allah as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi overcut

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