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And in banana Quran it is the written fee Do you believe the tolerable moshed Mala Mia footmen who happen Oh Jack Minho, so we get a cue from this verse edited to believe we need to go the great length and we need to traverse the planet, dependable murshid to find a mentor to find inspiration to find guidance, man and Mia footmen who have gone Oh Jasmine who provided it does not come at the cost of compromising on your fundamentals. And that's of course a qualifying statement because sometimes brother Abraham, you would know a person might attend a halacha and then he or she feels inspired, motivated and then they just want to like abandon mission and you know what? Tell the

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spouse or the better half or the employment listen as of tomorrow I'm no more and off I go. So no, that's not the teachings of Islam or Buddha. What is the Hadith Gaffar, Wilma, Eastman and Eudaimonia good. It is sufficient to render a person a sinner if he is negligent with regards to his dependents.