Abu Abdissalam – Makkah Live – Last Night Of Ramadan

Abu Abdissalam
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the sadness of the past few weeks, including the loss of people and the importance of living life in a positive way. They emphasize the need to ask oneself what legacy they are leaving and pray for others. The conversation shifts to the upcoming night of ante, where people are hoping to celebrate and create a legacy. The speaker encourages people to pray and receive war rewards, pray for their relatives, and support their neighbors. They end with a reminder to avoid giving things in charity.
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Also limos and limo Allah mongoid Allah mean, either early he was on th main Isetta, Molly Kumar de robotica. To my dear brothers and sisters in Islam. I'm your brother Marcus, and I'm speaking to live from the

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city of Makkah, you can see behind the roof of the Haram

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in Makkah, as panela. Can you believe it? This is literally the last night of taraweeh in this blesseds city of Makkah, so last night of Ramadan, last night of Ramadan. And

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it's quite sad actually, because it just feels like the other day

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just feels like sell themselves.

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So it just it feels really sad that already

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on the last night and like the other day, where we were just wondering, has the moon been cited? Has the moon been cited? Has Ramadan, be gone? Is there taraweeh tonight, like it just feels like it's just the other day. And yet the entire month has just gone to slide this in,

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literally like seconds or, like minutes like days.

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And is a huge lesson for that. The lesson the biggest lesson is that this is how life is life itself.

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Life itself goes just like that, when you come into this world.

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And, you know, you come into this world, and everybody's excited the new baby has been born. And then before long, you're leaving this world and people are crying and burying you. And that's, you know, we see this time and time and again, time and time again. It just feels like you know think about last Ramadan. I remember even when Ramadan began this year, my family you know and I were discussing the fact that

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you know how quickly Ramadan has come back. It was only it was a whole year since last Ramadan when we had to pray taraweeh at home.

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And you know, we were praying for our home and that was you know,

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it just felt like just a couple of months ago, even though a whole year has gone by. And then now Tonight, we're sitting here on the haraam on the roof of the harem. And again, we're thinking the same thing, though. Ramadan just began and just, you know, some of us might be saying, oh, the samosa is ready for if thought, okay, it just feels like just the other day.

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And again, same thing with the last 10. Like, I remember, the first night of Ramadan, trying to book a permit trying to come to the Haram for the Torah, always have the first, first of the last 10 of Ramadan,

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for clear, and we're booking because over here, we have to book the permit to be able to come because obviously as you can see, there were social distancing, you can see lots of like, everybody's praying separately, and he would pray behind the Imam, but

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everyone separate, not next to each other.

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So it just felt like the other day when the 21st night came. So this is a huge lesson for all of us, that our lives are just gonna are going by just like this year of the year of the is passing by us. And we need to ask ourselves, what legacy am I leaving? What are what am I leaving? How much you know, how much effort Have I made for this dunya and how much effort Have I made for the afternoon? You know, what have I done what good deeds sankaracharya the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he talked about all the actions of, of a person being, you know, stopped stopped when a person dies, except for the things that are sort of kajaria like, you know, have you contributed towards a Masjid

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where people will pray and then when you're in your grave, people are still praying in that mosque, in that Masjid. And they and they're and for every person that prays that you've donated, you have contributed,

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maybe you're getting reward or you will be getting reward, inshallah, if your knee is correct, while you're in your grave. So you can't pray anymore but other people they're praying in the masjid that you helped to build and inshallah you're getting the rule reward for that. May you know creating a well for example, right? You help contribute towards the well, and people are still drinking from the after your six for under in your grave. You're still getting rewarded for that. Maybe you buy some Korans, most Huff's. Okay and you give it to people, maybe you gave Dawa to someone you're calling people

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To start, they became Muslim. Or maybe you encourage someone to pray. And then they started praying and then you die, you're six for under that person has continued to pray, and you're getting the war reward for that. So these are the different things we need to start thinking. Okay, we're here right now today. The question is What have we done for when we are in our grapes, and I'm going to tell you something that every like right now is the last night of Ramadan here in Macau.

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And there are billions of people that are wishing that they could be in our position right now. You know, they wish they could come back and just give a little bit of charity You know, one more summer because the reward for these things are so huge one summer one fast one, you know, one pound $1 one three out of charity is huge in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. So these people this that they are in their graves that wishing that they could they're wishing that they could be in your position or in my position today. And yet we are alive We are breathing. So now the question comes What are we gonna do about it tonight? So my brothers and sisters

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let's do two things. Number one, let's try and make a resolution to at least tonight we're going to do something something different something extra something a bit more than normal. That may be maybe that might be the difference between Jana and not for us. It is the last night of Ramadan, let's try and leave some kind of legacy give whatever you can in charity to whatever charity you know, think wisely what when I give charity, what will be done with it when I'm dead. I think about these things, spread out your charity give a little bit here to this charity, that charity, you know, humanitarian, there's lots of places around the world you know that people can benefit from that our

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type charities are so much that we can do okay guys. So let's try and do that tonight inshallah, leave a note in the comments to give some ideas of Southern Nigeria that we can do tonight and also beyond tonight, you know, so that we can you know, hopefully leave some kind of legacy because the day that we will go you know, some some of us may not be here next Ramadan we may never ever see another Ramadan ever know that. And therefore, let's really take advantage of this final night. So let me know in the comments what you advise other people to do in Sharla.

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So this was just a little short reminder.

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And ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept our Salas, our SATA cart, our charities, our you know, our prayers, our fasting our eyes and all of our actions and ask a lot of panatela to open this harm once again properly for everybody. So that we can all come without any permits and without wearing these masks. May Allah subhanaw taala get rid of this Bella this Coronavirus And may Allah subhanaw taala.

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Free the people of Palestine today.

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You know they're going through a lot of hardship struggle we need to really do something about it something anything that is in our control, and the least we can do is of course make up against these oppressing people that are killing innocent people. So that's the first thing we can do. At least we can make the other beyond that, you know, we should try and support what, however we can,

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financially etc. And especially with our brothers and sisters.

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I'm your brother. I'm speaking to you live from the blessed city of Makkah.

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And in sha Allah See you soon. I said armonico likey wabarakatuh accountable now I have no idea how to sell it.

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