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So last and the last Where did we stop at which page

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from him saying they have turned away from the book and the center will reject about they play their trade in oceans of darkness I think we did

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yep, that's fine

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Mr. manleigh go ahead and read who's reading today

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sorry I want to read again

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for anyone

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if no one else does it then yes I will but I want to give this to everyone else

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they have turned away from the book and Sunnah making mockery of those who follow them and looking down on them. They refuse to submit to to the revelation making do with what knowledge they have, and whatnot they refuse to refuse to submit to that revelations

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in my in Arabic one, to the to Revelations, and who I am, and don't reason it could be some copies of the book, Revelation and why, but the two Revelations is much better because that's referred to or Quran and Sunnah.

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And this is came in the Athol

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phonetic narration candidate virions in the vicinity. And in the visa Salam campaign Zuber Quran, that inhibition Salah means to receive debris with revelations of the Sunnah, the same way he used to receive it, receive the Quran from Jabril as well. And Allah Subhana Allah says, Fill in Allah in Urbana and we will explain it to you it in our referring to our Quran

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Ania Mohammed we will explain a Quran to you what explains our Quran

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a sin. So that means that explanations and a sunnah is something came from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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and that's why the word ain is commonly used by Mr. Bobby Metatron when you're out and we're here in and many of them use the word Elohim just the two revelations from Quran and the Sunnah are in the visa lottery. So in neutral Quran for me,

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I was given a Quran and what similar to

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your score

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making do with what knowledge they have and what knowledge the increase of which only leads to more evil and arrogance. You will always see the mocking those who follow the clear input of Revelation. But Allah Who yester has it will be him where we are with the one Theodosia and him Yama Hoon

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Allah is mocking them and drawing them on as they wander blindly in their excessive insolence.

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Allah's marking them because of their mark. Marking is an attribute to Allah's panel data only. If it comes in as a basically as an action against us or MK plotting against us so plot that's why we don't call almost like a plotter or marker or we say Allah marking key the general like that. No, we say Hey Mark, those who mark the religion and last dollar plot against those who plot against their religion or the profitable or their deen or the sooner

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they ply their trade in oceans of darkness traversing vessels of doubts, uncertainty and suspicion plagues them as they sail through waves of illusion. Strong winds play havoc with their boats and lead them to their destruction

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will our economy the inner struggle Bala double Hoda, Amara labia had the Java docomomo Go and Dawn 13 Those are people who have sought guidance for misguidance their trade has brought no profit and they are not guided

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The fire of faith alight lights for them.

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For me, it's very interesting how they start out but

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they basically sold guidance for misguidance

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which it shows you that ALLAH SubhanA data is fair. He provided them the guidance

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they did not purchase the Miss guidance with desire

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with the guidance, which shows you they didn't care for it. They didn't appreciate it. Okay.

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Also it shows you how much they care about the misguidance the search and the purchase it

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persists it

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because usually when you buy something, it has more value than what you spend on it.

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Obviously if you buy a house, the house is more important to you than the money that you pay for a car

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hauler they're they care for this dollar so much for this misguidance

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which shows you that this is as a result of the heart going astray for them as well as Global Hawk I'm Allahu Allah Ruby, they're hard to seal, because it's so corrupt from inside

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protect us

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the fire of faith are lights with them, and in its light, they perceive guidance and misguidance then that fire is extinguished and is left as red hot ashes with that fire they are punished and in that darkness do they wander blindly.

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The fire of faith the fire of

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the fire fades are lights for them and in its light they perceive guidance and misguidance then that fire is extinguished and is left as red hot ashes with that fire they are punished and in that darkness do they wander blindly?

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Mud methylome chemical Illa the stoker Donado Bulama elbow how Allahu they have a lot of you know the hem whatever configured automatic Allah you will see your own

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their example is that of of people who like to fire a when and then when it has lit up all around them. Allah removes their light and leaves them in darkness unable to see

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I mean the way he translated the pagans words I don't even I don't like it. But let me tell you what I am saying you judge yourself if you like that translation

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he said then that fire is extinguished and it's left

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without light

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without light

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a fire without light that they will basically suffer from it is smoke from it's burning you know from the heat that coming out of it but they will not benefit from the lights that provides

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how light because the light the fire bring you burn and bring lights and they use the fire not for to warm them up.

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Like you guys in England cold? No.

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Right now we that's not the purpose, the purpose the did the fire for the purpose of light to remove the darkness. So what happened? They did not remove the darkness.

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But they act to the darkness is what

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the burning.

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And that's exactly the example of those who will go seek what the philosopher says these deviant sects, like the methods of animal kingdom. The multicolor mean, you know from the Jamia to the Mozilla to the maturity year to the Ashara always people regardless of their levels, how far they are from angsana those all of them what they did, they were seeking lights in this animal column this philosopher call, you know argument that they came up with

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seeking guidance and what the left the left operand

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was soon. But that fire that you're seeking guidance through it. What happened? Allah took that light away. This philosopher called argument, this animal can then be involved themselves and what it did, it did not provide them the light. But in a stood, it kept them in darkness, and it burned them from insights. And it could lead them to be burned a Hellfire as well. So that's why when you look at Al Kalam how they said, somebody likes to join me, and Laura zali and Amedee and Abby Hadid and all these big names.

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Razi when you see how they were regretting

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the time and

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live their life, how they spend it, and something that is useless, not beneficial when it comes to animal canal.

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And some of them said, I put the cover over my head the whole night, trying to see how can I prove that God does exist? And God and the world is not this universe is not, you know, Kadeem, any is not been ever there. At one point it was made and created. And every time I come up with the proof for it, I find something else to contradict. And the whole night goes like that I'm so confused.

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When that was added into the philosophy, and students said Sheikh Mohammed, enter inside the Belize beast, and he couldn't get out of it.

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And some of them said, Hi, yah, yah Bahara

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I entered the ocean, which is an ocean of darknesses this animal kingdom and philosophy.

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I warn you from entering it.

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These aren't like to the extent that one of them would say, I die today upon the Amida the belief of Agia isn't a Sabu

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the old woman who lives a nice abode

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like like today if the modern day said I will die in the same believe that the old woman of Lahore, Lahore or

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for example, Cairo, you know, the aunties there, whatever they believe in a simple Billy

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by the way, what is so interesting

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I was gonna say funny, but it's not funny, sad.

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Some people today said, this is a praise. He said we should die upon the update of the Auntie's of nicer boy, you know, like that. The old that the lame person having me this is was not said as a form of praise. It shows you how downgraded and how he downgraded himself.

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Can Allah Corporal highest Lavina and I'm gonna let you know that animal

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impossible to be the same. Those who have knowledge of Allah and those who have nothing up just the basics.

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Yes, I just need Cebu. The lane person is a million times better. Then

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projected Islam. We should have Islam, Islam at that age all these titles if he's upon al Qaeda

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More hit.

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Why? Heilmann Alfa Mulholland

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a person upon to hate is better than 1000 person who doesn't know that.

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It was said or shut up don't delay the update that in what happened to the array area. People will not correct acleda are like what are like leafs that you basically throw it in the wind. Don't take it everywhere.

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Anyway, so going back to the point, that's the whole that's what a Mashima Allah was kind of mentioning during this paragraph in the previous paragraph, and that's an example was giving them the Quran that he used to apply to his modern days.

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Confusion where people who went astray and this can be all

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So today use to those who seek guidance from other than the Quran looking into, you know,

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communist socialist, liberal, capitalist ideologies to replace the guidance of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam. So

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keep that in mind as we go ahead.

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The hearing of their hearts is burdened by a heavy load, and as such they are unable to hear the call to faith. Their eyes, the eyes of their spiritual sight are covered with a blinding wrapper such that they cannot see the realities of the Quran and their tongues are mute to the truth such that they are unable to speak it to mumble Munna

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own aren't you guys surprised?

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And I just sometimes do that I say to myself

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how come

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it's so simple it's so clear.

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Right? Have you ever thought sometimes even it makes you doubt yourself?

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How come people look so smart like this? Study so many things and they don't get it

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there's something wrong with me know when I was handed a Zumba class

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you cannot see the truth

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and you can see this clearly, you know, physicist and Masha Allah quantum physics speaks about and space and all this like signs blah blah blah. Then he tell you his 80s

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You can see that there is a creative or lore

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or what is the not worship account

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I was listening to endgame recently

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making his a big part of his argument about human hierarchies and stuff like that

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based on an based on one lobster world

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you know, the lobster bunch, how they have hierarchies and, you know, and why one of the

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is this hamlet so smart, Danny, but that's how humans are decided by looking at lobsters, humans behavior

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and your specialist

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but because all the psychologists have had a common

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most of them that it is so fundamentally problematic, which is they always make an analogy between humans and animals.

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So they look at animal kingdoms, then they make the analogy into the human kingdom.

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And they think it is

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why because reality they believe that we came from that animal kingdom

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and if we share in our ant ancestors grew to the animal kingdom that means it is animal kingdom and humans are their DNA is something similar

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and that's why we know for sure that that's not true as Muslims

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there is no connection between the animal kingdoms and most human being this on one creation created from mud and create from playing and these did not were not created from that same

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thing that is like make an analogy between the jinn behavior and human behavior or angels behavior and human being there's two different creation completely

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are like for example Can you imagine I'm going to make an analogy between clients behaviors and human behavior nobody in some mindless and why because you know there are no connection between them

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I can go to more clear example of one that you know when you look at like believing that God is three but one believing in so many things that he's you're amazed by how can a human being smart person will accept that millions of you will accept that.

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But again, some Bookman and more stringent that someone so close to Islam so close to the prophets of Allah is Allah here that

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I'm directly from the process I'm seeing the miracles of the province of Salem, yet is not believer.

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when you see that what you say

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Alhamdulillah and that he had done and don't be arrogant.

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That should make you be humble down to earth. Grateful, thankful to Allah subhanaw taala for this guidance

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because I'm 100% sure I don't deserve it.

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Not as smart as many other people

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have many mistakes and problems.

00:20:38--> 00:20:41

Many reason for me not to be included in the sky.

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but never going to be equal to the netmask to the blessings of your diet.

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deaf, dumb, blind, they will not return. The reign of revelation pours down upon them. It contains life for the hearts and souls. But all they can hear a bit is abundance is a thunder strikes of its threats, promises and ordinances. They thrust their fingers in their ears and draw their governments over them trying to run in earnest and desperately seeking their footprints, so as to retreat, however, they are summoned in public, and their secrets are made plain for all who can see and two parables are propounded for them each parable unveiling one of the two parties amongst them those who debate and those who blindly follow

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Okay, so you've been minute summer II, the fee here the law Merton more that don't worry about college Aluna or saw the outcome of the journey him the other day in Minnesota, Minnesota he held other remotes, well lovable you don't be the caffeine

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or that of a storm cloud in the sky, full of darkness, thunder and lightning. They put their fingers in their ears against the thunderclaps fearful of death

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ALLAH encompasses the disbelievers

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their spiritual sight is too weak to bear what rain could what what the rain contains

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the lightning of its radiant proofs and the brightness of its meanings. The ears are unable to accept the thunder strikes, service promises orders and prohibitions as they as they come to a halt in their confusion. Their their faculty of hearing brings them no benefit and their sight is unable to guide them

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Yeah, yeah go do it by yourself or other sort of them go lemme Ebola, Ebola, Huma Shafi what either but either Obama or the human

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will OSHA Allah who the hyper parameter him whatever saw the hamburger can be the herb Robesonian what are the him to have?

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Leather have over so many him whatever saw the hem in Allah Allah Galicia including the lightning all but takes away their sight. Whenever they have light they walk there in but whenever darkness covers them they hoped if Allah wished he could take away the hearing and sight. Allah has power over over all things.

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Tama one of the things that this sign of hypocrites, they wouldn't be here the signs and the Quran and the guidance of the Quran sunnah. It sounds like when you hear this thunder and lightning it just you hit a something so scary terrifying.

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You don't see the guidance in it. Okay

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yes, as promised some people like that all of the hit from the prawn or from the sun or whenever he tell them dynasties. Oh, this religion is just so restrictive just about not losing my freedom is the fear it's like as of just a war against them

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as the last one to untie him or her or or people

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it just for them that's there's no mercy there's no love there is no guidance, nothing.

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Just terrifying and frustrating and anger. That's all will be. That's the result of them. Exploring and reading the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah is.

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they have characteristic signs by which they can be known, explained in the book and the Sunnah, and clear for all those who are enriched with faith to see they are people by ALLAH given to ostentation, and this is the worst station that man can reach. They are people prone to laziness and lack

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sittin fulfilling the orders of the All Merciful and because of this they find sincerity that and some

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hold on hold on hold on

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yes go ahead

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yeah we're either on either solitaire almost Casa Allah Euro una Euro NASA Walla Walla yet Kowloon Allah in LA kalila when they get up to play when they get up to pray they get up lazily showing off to people and only remembering Allah a little.

00:25:47--> 00:25:56

Even the point that he's trying to say here what the one of the character traits is that they are they show up real and sincere insincerity.

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Okay, and because they are insincere, they are lazy.

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Because if you're sincere, you will be motivated. You pray for Allah excited, but I'm just praying for them. Frankly, my motto, my parents, for society. I'm doing this because of the society I'm doing this because of people not because I really believe that. So whenever you believe in a god excited you will be so into it.

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And from this, you understand the least you are in the Salah, that shows a level of insincerity in your Salah, this uncertainty, that connection, that plus that you have with Allah subhanho data is weakening.

00:26:41--> 00:26:42

And you should work on it.

00:26:43--> 00:26:45

So one of the clear

00:26:46--> 00:26:50

signs is react, they show up.

00:26:51--> 00:26:55

They want people just don't do it for Allah. They don't care about the office.

00:26:57--> 00:27:01

Why would they if they don't believe in us, they don't believe in the deal.

00:27:06--> 00:27:24

And one of the signs of hypocrisy that can be exists in some believers, when they start doing things not for the sake of Allah for the sake of PR for the sake of fame for the sake of duniya just worldly word. It's all what they care about.

00:27:26--> 00:27:27

That's a sign up for bikers

00:27:30--> 00:27:33

and we should not be like them in any shape or form

00:27:38--> 00:27:39

so he said

00:27:45--> 00:27:53

that's why it's sincerity became so heavy on them. So burden on them to do

00:27:55--> 00:28:00

because they never really practice. Now we'll stop here shall look on because I have a meeting.

00:28:03--> 00:28:05

945 So

00:28:07--> 00:28:09

they are like a sheep.

00:28:12--> 00:28:13

That's the second

00:28:15--> 00:28:20

main description, which is skimming sha Allah will read in sha Allah and excluded.

00:28:22--> 00:28:23

Thank you very much.

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Somebody has a question or a comment in the two minutes.

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Go ahead. Otherwise, we'll call it one of the danger

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is that good luck, everybody. A cinematic Welcome to live our chatroom.