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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of religion and how it is different from other people's actions. They share a quote from Muhammad sallam where he talks about piety and Hadith, and how people should be careful about what they say during prayer. The speaker also talks about people who are focused on their beliefs and do not give up, and how they will inherit the highest level of prayer.
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What does it mean to be religious?

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religiosity is different things to different people. Instead, let's focus on what Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, he was asked about what piety is and righteousness and look what his response was. He said Albert roux has done Hello, he says righteousness and piety is good character, and Mohammed salatu wa sallam throughout his prophet to it, he tried to emphasize the understanding and numerous Hadith. I'll share one with you. He said, Well, la de la Yo, man, I swear by Allah, He is not a true and complete believer, and that will grab everybody's attention when the Prophet emphasized by saying, well, like, the Sahaba, do your show a lot. He said, it's the man whom

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his neighbors do not feel safe to words, ie this man harms his neighbors. Yet, you can think of many examples such as putting your garbage outside your house, that will make the place thinking you would not cut your grass when everybody else did cut their grass that ruins the image of the neighborhood that harms them. You come after Tara with prayer, discussing with your friends in a very loud voice that disrupts the peace in the neighborhood, that sense of harm. That's not a true believer. And the Prophet makes a clear belief. It consists of you having good character, and we'll end with a set of verses which a lot talks and defines who is a true believer? He said, we know and

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indeed the believers are successful, who are the a lot, pay attention. They're the ones who are very focused, of course, sure. And a very submissive and humble in their prayers. They're the ones who watch what they say. They don't indulge in ill speech and vain type of talk. No, they're the ones who safeguard their private parts. they fulfill their desires, but in halaal, permissible way, they're the ones who basically pay off their obligatory charity. They're very focused managed with the creator and the creation as you can see that we're going one to one to appreciate that. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, they're the ones who are very committed to their prayers. And they're

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the ones who safeguard their promises. They don't break it. They don't reach you know, covenants, they're the ones who will never embarrass you in disgrace in front of people like that. So we appreciate that then Allah ends by saying Allah echo human body tone. There are the inheritors. Yeah, Allah, what the will they inherit? He said, allele in a tonal fair dose, they will inherit the first dose the highest level in Jenna, may Allah make you among those who aren't inherit that place. I mean,

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