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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The success of Deen and finding meaning in life is crucial to finding meaning. The Prophet's words are often used to imply a sense of pleasure and loss, and the importance of setting goals high enough to achieve one's goals is emphasized. The use of fear and the holy spirit are also discussed, as well as setting standards to avoid discouragement and achieving success.
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Dr. Altaf Hussain has to leave.

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But um, I wanted to first and foremost thank him for life. That was a beautiful discussion. So parallels.

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You know what we've been talking about entire time about finding meaning in your life and doing something that's not shallow. And I just wanted to really say to all of all, to you, Doctor out of light hebraica Philae love you for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala

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you're one of the most underappreciated activists in this country. There's no doubt about it. And you've done so much for the community. So I want everyone to make dua for Dr. Altaf, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless his efforts, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless his time, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to join him with the NBA and the Shahada, and so on, we ask Allah Subhana hood to add that for every moment that he spent with us and for every moment he'll spend with our brothers and sisters in New York. We asked last panel data to replace it with a moment in gender for those a woman I mean, everyone say I mean, this is like, so radical effect, please keep this in your there

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as you travel. And so

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what is my topic?

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All right. So we now have the last a lot of Sam ananassa de la while he was talking to Manuela, you know, a lot of times as you might have been sitting here and reflecting on mazhab of Nomad, and listening to this, this powerful story and an honesty, you know, the beauty of this Deen is that somehow Allah with every orator with every different diet, with every different Sheriff with whatever it is, they could talk about the same thing over and over and over again, you could listen to a tough scene of the same idea over and over and over again, you could listen to the seat of the Prophet sallallahu, it was done by a bunch of different speakers. And every one of them will lie has

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its different Hello, it has different sweetness has different tastes, and has a different benefit. And to be honest with you, I never benefited from a talk on wasabi, no matter the way that I just did. And I'm being very honest about that. $100 bill, I mean, but you know, that's really what our Deen is all about. And when we look at the life of the allowance, I know I want to share with you a comment that was made when I when I spoke about ornamental kebab. And actually for those of you that will be taking the cognitive class that I'll be doing here, I believe in a month and a half, two months, we actually look at the tusky of armor mill Cotabato de la Han who would some depth

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but I remember a comment that was made about our criminal photography a lot of time someone came to me after I gave a photo about Omar and said, you know, he's too harsh. You know, why does he always talk about Hellfire? Why is he always so rough? How come every time you read about Armando cataldo the Allah I know he's asking the profits on a lot harder to sell me also like give me permission to cut the hypocrites head off. You know, why, why do we read about the dog out of the stick of follow the line? Why is he so rough?

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And I said because Allah Subhana hoods Allah already had a double Beckett or the Allahu anhu in this ummah. So a lot complimented double bucket with Oman. And that's true. Listen to us always on once he's looking for I will record an Alma and also last I send them by the way, it was always I have a bucket and Amara did this, I have a bucket and Omar saw this, I believe this and one time it also last night, Sam said and I believe this and I will back in an hour also believe this. So So last time was always with these two companions of his and also lost my son said that he would enter into gender with holding their hands. And that is supposed to lead the way that they are buried. You

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know, just look at the beauty of the way that the prophets lie. Selim is buried with his companions, you know, Subhan Allah, but in particular ones just looking at their different personalities. And that's really what I want to focus on.

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But also the loss is an ancestor will back up all the Aloha know that if I was to leave the world to abubaker,

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then perhaps the hypocrites and the disbelievers would all be free to go. And if I was to leave it to Oman, and they'd all be killed. Now the Hadith has some weakness in it, by the way, but somehow that shows you there's some some truth in it. When I was in LA, so I said, I'm looking at these two companions. And when we look at these two companions, we see different personalities. In fact, when we look at all of the Sahaba and you know the beauty of that, masala Salalah alayhi wa sallam, when he said to follow his Sunnah, he said follow my son. And the Sunnah of hula Rashid in the center of the whole of her

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you know, some Hannah law, whatever personality you have, whatever circumstances have

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Whatever economic situation you have, you will find a Sahabi that had a similar situation that you can relate to. If a person is an orphan, they have a precedent. If a person grew up wealthy, they have a precedent. If a person, you know was married at a young age, they have a precedent, if a person is a widow, they have a precedence. If a person, you know has issues with their parents, they have a precedent in the Sahaba of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Whatever it is, you can find something in the Sahaba of the Prophet slicin. And you can find inspiration and draw on their stories. And the thing that we learn about them as you know what, each and every single one of them

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struggled, each and every single one of them had to go through a certain journey. But they were masters in diagnosing their own situations and their own personalities and how to bring themselves close to a loss of manhood sad. I'll give you this example. In our communities, actually, I'll ask this question. How many of you are driven more towards Allah subhanho wa Taala by the verses of Jenna, rather than the verses of Hellfire, raise your hand?

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How many of you

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are driven more towards Allah subhanaw taala by the verses about Hellfire than the verses of Gemini? Raise your hand?

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5050 right. Some people if you ask them what their favorite suit on the planet, they'll say superwash man.

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Some people will say it's sort of a manavi horn. Right? People are different. People have different personalities, people have different journeys towards Allah Subhana Allah, people have different ways of diagnosing themselves, right of being scholars of their own souls, how to bring themselves closer to Allah subhanaw taala and purify that knifes that Allah Subhana Allah has given to them, because each and every single one of us is unique in that regard. Are they familiar man? Are they allowed to and he says that also hobbyist always asked us who was allowed to sell them about the good things, right? They always asked him about gender. They always used to ask him about the good

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things. But he said, I used to always ask the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam about *, and about the bad things so that I could avoid those things. That was his personality. That's what drove him. And perhaps that is why he was the one who does loss. I said, I'm interested with the names of the hypocrites because they feared it so much he could never be amongst them. That was his personality. Now the life of Ahmedabad and Kabbalah. The allowance is far too vast to cover in a session or in a talk. In fact, it's far too vast to cover in a conference in a class. The seat of our middle class allowed it was one of the most fascinating CME and it's so fascinating and the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam just tells us about the intuition that this man had. You know, Sula, Sai Selim says that there were people in the Oman before you the nations before you that were Mohammed death doing Mohammed dethrone Mohammed Hassan, which means literally they were spoken to. He said if there is anyone in my own mind like that, it's all about opinion how powerful the Allahu tadagra was spoken to, and what and even how Java him Allah He explains that as as little sola sola Haris, and I'm astonished that some people from amongst Bani Israel that weren't necessarily prophets, but they were inspired by the melodica they had intuition that just always agreed with the

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truth and Omar of the Allah I knew had such a strong intuition that the revelation would agree with

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a lot of time I know sometimes even when he disagreed with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the for an iron for iron would be revealed which would agree with the opinion of oma while the A lot of times like with the captives of others or like with praying janaza on Abdullah and obey even salute the rebel the Quran, Allah agreed with Ahmad his opinion about the law of tide I know you know how amazing that is. Why? Because he was so sincere in trying to change himself for the better he was so sincere and trying to attain the pleasure of Allah subhanho to Allah and Allah guides a person who is striving when levena Jaya delphina Lana Dr. Nam sabudana. Those who are striving in our cause we

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will guide them to our super to our paths in the plural The only time Allah refers to his Sabine in the plural sense Allah always in the Quran reveals to the path of a Lhasa beat Allah as one lumens nor darkness upon darkness. One light slid off one was stuck in one slot, one path one way, but here's the only time a lot alive refers to the ways of safe on a Subaru safe. One can delude you in many ways. Say fun gets you with different ways

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Depending on your personality, right, some of you like chocolate, some of you like candy, you know, whatever it is, he's gonna get you with your way. And this time Allah subhanaw taala refers to his way as simple as Pat's on the scholars and scribed paths that are all part of the one path. But the paths of goodness the path of sadaqa the path of for sure the path of Allah subhanaw taala brings you to the various Wassall the various vehicles that bring you towards him that bring you and keep you firm on the subject of Allah subhanaw taala on the path of Allah subhanaw taala and when you are sincere and let me you know, I remember listening to I believe the brother, Imam, Fatah Rashid, I

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think and he was talking about, you know, his way to Allah subhanaw taala. his, his convert story. And many times we you know, to me the the Convert stories are so powerful. When you read the stories of people that, you know, I love to just sit with people that reverted to Islam. Just tell me your story. It's so powerful, so powerful. And I remember he was telling the story, and he was saying that as I was getting saved from a situation I made a promise to a loss. pantalla I was already thinking of the loopholes to that promise, right? You word your when you're making Toba. You word your Toba in a way that you can still it's like we we've gotten so used to dealing with insurance

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companies and stuff like that, and contracts that we even word our Toba to have loopholes in them. Right? It's like you when you make Toba to a loss of Hannah Montana and a covenant with Allah subhanaw taala do there's no fine print. Allah knows what you're saying. And Allah knows what's in your heart. You can't have big print to a loss of penalty and then have the conditions at the bottom. But when we make Toba it's like some kind of lies I was telling there's a sister that was not on relationship. This this story happens many times brother and sister relationship and I want to get married. My parents aren't letting us get married after we established a relationship two

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three years ago and now we're telling our parents about it and now we're mad at them because they don't want to let us get married. Okay, fine. And you're acting like an angel the entire time and telling me about how vicious Your parents are because they don't want to let you marry someone from another race which I agree we should end racism and marriage but you're not exactly an angel yourself. You kind of contributed to this problem two, you know

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once pal I'm sorry, well said you know for the first for the most part we'll work on that inshallah to Allah. But for now, you need to make Toba separate from each other. Make sincere Toba to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah because you transgress the bounds of Allah subhanaw taala and then inshallah Allah, we can talk about the other stuff if it's a good fit, and we can try to work on your parents. Now, but I really, really really want him. You know, yeah, I feel bad and stuff and a lot but I can't live without him. That's not that that's not a sincere Toba tool will eat Allah Toba

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turned back to Allah with a sincere repentance, right? Oh Allah, I messed up and I know I messed up. And I'm willing to do anything to have that black spot taken off of my heart, whatever it has to be. Now with all Marina Cotabato de la Thailand,

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we have a men and I said that every Sahabi had a different diagnosis. Everyone needs to be dealt with a different way. I'm one of the lower it was a roughneck. Simple as that oh my god. Aloha. No, didn't listen to sweet talk. If you know I'm only allowed to and I knew was a straightforward person. No beating around the bush. You want to correct the Amato the allowance and I knew you grab him by his shirt. You grab him by his beard. You talk some sense into him. That's what the prophets will allow it to send them did when he saw the law. I know come to his house. He pulled the allowance out I know down. And when Omar was on his knees, he was making direct eye contact with the

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province I sent him who was not a short man by the way. That's how big our model was.

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You know the guy that would sit on on an animal and his feet would touch the ground sit on a donkey his feet touch the ground. Is that big? When are you going to stop this Aloma? Are you waiting for Allah subhanaw taala to strike you with something? What are you going to stop? What are you going to turn your life around?

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And Amaro the Allah Allah turned his life around? And you know what? Omar knew that he was a roughneck. And that's why Ahmad dealt with himself roughly.

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as rough as he was with other people. He was always much rougher with himself. And in fact, when he was in a position of authority when he was the halifa, he was much more lenient than some of the most lenient personalities that assumed leadership in this oma much. He was a very lenient Khalifa, very lenient with people made excuses for people, but for himself, there were no excuses. This was a man Well, the

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I know that used to sit with himself and used to put his his hand next to the fire and say, Can you handle it?

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Then how would the fire of * be? This was a man that used to stand up and cry at night at the verses of Hellfire at the verses of Hellfire because he was rough and he needed to be dealt with in a rough way. So he dealt with himself that way to a point that he developed to black marks under his eyes.

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from crying so much, he knew what he had to do. This was a man who knowing his arrogance, knowing his ego before Islam, knowing his great pride, would humble himself, even to the little children of the oma would humble himself to the slaves would humble himself to the people of to the people who are not Muslim in the oma would always humble himself that a woman could call out to Omar and say to Allah, I remember you when you were elated. When you were a little old man, when you were a little boy, playing around fear of loss of Hannah Montana, and he would break down into tears. Before Islami probably would have smacked her across the face. That was his personality. He was a

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roughneck. But he knew how to deal with himself. And that's, that's the reality of the Sahaba. They knew how to deal with themselves. They knew when they needed to hear some genda. And they knew when they needed to hear some help.

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Right. Sometimes telling people about Jelena too much is counterproductive. Because they get to relax, they get to calm. Sometimes you need to be shaken up to, you know, our Dean is a balanced and comprehensive Dean. If you find somebody that's struggling on the side of the street, if you find someone that's a bum in this world, you don't go to them and tell them don't worry, welfare is gonna get better. A democrats in office, hopefully something will get better for you, you know, you're part of the 47% and hamdulillah. things will work out in your benefit, don't worry, don't worry, you don't tell them that. If you love them, you tell them get up and work, nobody's gonna do it for you.

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Stop being a bum. Because sometimes you need to be shaken up. And and it bothers me that, you know, not at this conference, by the way, why I'm gonna do this. But some conferences, when you go to a conference organization will tell you, we want to make our youth feel good. We want to, you know, I remember there was I don't want to say the name of the country because I don't want to be in trouble when when Hurricane Katrina took place. All the ambassadors from the Muslim world came to give their checks

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for the Katrina victims, even though their own people are in poverty, but it was gestures, right, all these immediate and things and I was always a representative of the Muslim community. And one time, one of the Amir's of a country called me because I was going to recite put on before the meeting, he said,

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read something sweet and nice. Like, the entire Quran is sweet and nice. What are you talking about? Right? It's like, yeah, you know, like something like sweet man, you know, something like that. And then I went, and I read sort of off.

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He was, it was looking at me, and he wanted to kill me. And I was like, I will never step foot in your tree after this sign. I know exactly what's gonna happen if I get enough issues when I travel.

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But somehow, that's the attitude that we have right? Now. Let's just talk about gender. Let's just talk about let's just sit around and sing Kumbaya without music, you know. So that is still Hello. And let's all feel good about ourselves. I know, you read about almost all the allow, I know. He dealt with himself in the way that he needed to be dealt with. And that's the that, you know what, let's face it. A lot of us sometimes need a heavy hitting speech the way that that? You know, Dr. Aalto, you know, I'm sitting here complaining about my traveling and stuff like that. He made me feel like garbage just now. But that's good. Come to the law here. Because I look at masamune

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tomato, the alarm and I'm like, dude, you're a joke. You think you're tired? Because you get on a plane and and you know you're traveling. You're a joke. Look at Massaro the Aloha animal. We need to be dealt with that way. We need to talk to ourselves that way. And somehow there's a very powerful statement that I once heard. It's a quotation. It's not a headache. It's not a code of a sell off. But it's it says set your goals high enough to where they inspire you, but low enough to where you won't be discouraged. Set your goals high enough to where they're inspiring, where you know, you're aiming high. You know, it's like a lot of times I had a lot of Catholic friends New Orleans growing

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up and for lunch, like what are you going to give up? I'm going to give up a hamburger. I'm not going to eat hamburgers for lunch. All right, set your goals high enough to where you're striving to where they inspire you to where you're aiming high. You're aiming in accordance with your potential and your capacity, but low enough to where you're not deflated and discouraged. That's what you do as a Muslim, all muddled the Allahu anhu as much as he feared hellfire.

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He didn't just say okay, well, I'm giving up, you know, I'm not gonna do anything. No. That fear of failure motivated him to succeed motivated him to be the best human being that walk the face of the earth. After a pullback and all the time I know that wasn't a prophet to be the person that the province is on homesteading, oh Canada and IBM. And by the way, there has to be a profit after me. It would have been almost all the allowed Tyler I know that fear that he had of hypocrisy, he feared his past. Yes, he did fear his past. He did a lot of wrong in his past. He feared it, but he used it as motivation. He didn't deflate himself as a result and not do anything. And Subhana Allah, look at

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this man. You really want to see the sincerity of a person you see it at the time of death. When he asks Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, oh, Allah asked you for a low to feasability better than

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to die in your cause in the city of your profit and loss and have sort of the alarm system, you know, how are you going to do that? You know, Medina's the fortress, people die when they go out traveling. How are you going to do that? You know, how are you going to die FISA vitilox at a loss to make it happen, he's sincere with that, and some How to Look, look at what happens to him. He is stabbed in the masjid of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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while leading Salah,

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and then buried next to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And you know what this, the request of this man was as he's dying. He didn't want people to know that he was stabbed because he wanted them to keep praying.

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This was a person that before Islam, was trying to stop the people from praying

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was trying to stop this message from growing and spread Islam. So all you know, all over the world and didn't want the people to stop praying. And you know what else he said? He asked, he said, by the way, who killed me?

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Who was the one who stabbed me? They said it was a little more juicy. It was the the fire were super Zoroastrian.

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And he said, hamdulillah The one who killed me wasn't from the home of Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He was working to divide the Ummah before Islam. Now his concern is I want the oma to stay together and hamdulillah the guy didn't kill me that killed me wasn't was wasn't a Muslim, because it was a Muslim, it would have led to widespread, fitna. Think about that. Right? So find your calling, know your personality, and learn how to work on yourself and set your own goals and your own standards. And you know, what, be rough on yourself when you have to be rough on yourself. All the allow animals teskey is not pretty, but it's necessary. And that's what I teskey it has to be

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not pretty but necessary sometimes. And hamdulillah we can we can we can get together and we can talk about gender, and we can talk about how and hamdulillah you know, we say that in Allah and Rasulullah seisen and said, Whoever it says it, then how to I'm a lot harder Hinata lo forbid him from the Hellfire hamdulillah we're good, we're good, we're good. But all model of the Allahu anhu keeps on going to her and saying are they fair? Am I one of the hypocrites that also lost my son I mentioned my name to you. How much more reassurance Do you need a last minute out amaze you from the RCM oberstein agenda, the 10 promise paradise from the people that witnessed budget and all of the

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battles with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also lost lies and I'm told you that you would answer Jana hand in hand with him.

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But the Allahu anhu was always afraid he wasn't doing enough. And many times I'm telling you, you know what the biggest problem that we have even amongst youth that work for Islam, I'm not talking about the non, the non Muslim going youth. I'm done. Don't worry.

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I'm just crumpling up these papers. I'm not even reading them. Dr. Walters didn't care.

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You know what the biggest problem is? I'm not even talking about what the youth that don't come to the Muslim, don't attend organizations. You know, don't attend conferences and stuff like that. I'm talking about the youth that are active today.

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satisfaction with mediocrity. Don't be satisfied with being mediocre. Don't pat yourself on the back because you did something. motivate yourself set higher goals for yourself. Right. And that's, that's really the main thing that I take from the test gear, abominable mahatama, the allowance? I asked Allah subhanaw taala. With that being said, to bless our brothers and sisters for their efforts, because we let everyone be hard on themselves. But men dioscuri NASS, lash karela. Whoever doesn't think people doesn't think Allah Subhana Allah. So we show gratitude to others, but we hold ourselves to higher standards. So hold yourself to a higher standard, work on yourself, be rough on

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yourself to motivate yourself. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless them for all of the incredible work that they're doing. I hope everyone will become a part of this organization in sha Allah and will further

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You know, and if it's not why I'm whatever youth group is active in your area, but further this cause of getting the youth involved in not being satisfied with mediocrity, not being satisfied with just enough but actually willing to make real sacrifices for this oma and actually willing to question themselves and be hard on themselves to try to achieve a higher goal is aquilo heighten was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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