Umm Jamaal ud-Din – Virtues of Last 10 Days of Ramadan

Umm Jamaal ud-Din
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu welcome everyone to today's live event. I am Lena, a member of super sisters of Pakistan and with us today is Shere Khan Jamal is Dean Zack allow hire and share how for being with us and joining us today

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it's truly an honor to have you and founder in the

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home Jamal has been studied in

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I'm so sorry chef. They couldn't hear you. Okay

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How are you? It's my fault I'm so sorry. That's okay. No worries inshallah.

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Jamal has been studied for an Arabic and is read in Saudi Arabia and there are two which you're seeing her license of teaching degrees after that she does her bachelor's in Arabic national law in Australia and her bachelor's and also in Medina International University myself lahoma vivatic fan

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How did you feel yourself are going to all of this unhandled advice been a very long journey and handling

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I heard some of your videos and I was truly moved because

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we are born Muslims and we take it for granted to be honest.

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I love with America and your daughter and your

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mommy Noriko Shiki

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played an integral part in doing our and helping Muslims around the world and personally, the more I read about you, the more excited I was and where I was looking forward to this day and learning from you inshallah. So inshallah Shekhar will be telling us about the virtues of the last 10 days off from a bond to help recharge us and make us really spiritually ready for these last 10 days because we really need it. I feel like this year we've been a bit on the low.

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We haven't reached that higher frame of mind.

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And just a reminder for everyone that Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam cannage days from Aloha and he was finishing our Ramadan knowledge that has to be used to devote himself to worship and that is what we need to do as well. And so Allah on to you a chef, I will give you the mic and go ahead, start

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in on how to

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study no one associate who wanted to go lay

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when I was a biller, him in shooty and fusino mean say tr Melina Mejia de la Hoefler more biloela when they you little fella heavy Allah, what a shadow Allah Isla her any non law who was the hula shady kana, what a shadow and Mohammed Abdullah who was rules or law while he was sending them,

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we ask Allahu taala to have mercy on all of us in sha Allah, we ask Allah to Allah to make us from the successful in this month, my dear sisters, it's an honor for me to be here. It's my first time I've ever spoken to my dear sisters in Pakistan, so May Allah reward you embrace all of you. And I ask a lot of data to make everything easy in all of your fears. So Panama, a lot of money in Europe. So as we noticed, Pamela, just like a blink of an eye, already, two thirds of these precious days and nights of Ramadan have passed away. And so panelists, we've already, you know, we can't believe it, but already we reached the last 10 nights of this month. And I know that like the last couple of

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years have been, you know, very trialing for many of us, you know, with COVID and you know, having locked downs and trying to balance our lives between all of that with you know, kids and

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having people at home and you know, financial worries is there's been a lot of trials for a lot of people and we asked the Lord to had mercy on all the souls that you know, a lot of time has taken you know, through through all of these trials we've been going through

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in MLM Have mercy on and make it you know, a mainstream old to enter genital for both. And even the trials of ob going through, I asked a little tighter to make it a means for us to enter genetic footballs in Sharla. Because as we know, nothing's ever wasted with a loss of pantalla My dear sisters.

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But what I want to say

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today is that, you know,

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because of all these trials we've been going through, because we're living in unprecedented times, you know, that can have an effect on you been able to focus in this month the way that you would have liked, right. So you may be feeling a little bit deflated right now you might be thinking like, this is not how I would have liked to have spent more on a bond. This is not what I would have done.

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wanted to get my Ramadan so far, right? But what I want to say here is that the good news is that from the Marvel law from the mercy of Allahu taala, that he saved the best part of this month until the last. So even if you haven't done so well, up until now in this month, but Allahu taala, from his mercy and from his, you know, extreme like, Look,

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you know, for me, it's kindness and gentleness is that Subhanallah he saved the best of this month into the last, which is the last 10 nights. And only a level Tyler knows how much you know, Yanni borrow cats and what have met, you know, mercy and forgiveness that, you know, is contained within these last 10 nights. Okay, so, you know, we have to realize, first of all that, to understand that the magnitude of These Nights the virtues of These Nights, we have to realize that a level Tyler has chosen and favored there's no lights over any other night, other nights of the year. Okay, these are the best nights of the year. And that's why it's a panel on nobody knows the true virtue of these

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last 10 nights, except that they would would would really strive to do their best in these nights and they would not want to waste even a moment in these nights right?

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Because the reason is because this besides the virtue of These Nights, is that you know, amongst these nights we know that there is a night that if a believer stands and prays to Allah hi Tyler in this night and worships or level Tyler in this night out of Cincy amen and hoping for the Mo Farah and the rough ma you know the the forgiveness and the mercy of Allah tala and this night, then Allah who to Allah will forgive her previous sins as related in one study from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam men former Ramadan men men are Mullaitivu other men and yT serban who fear Allah who Metapod them I mean then be who ever stood in the night have led to other the night of other with

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Cincy. Amen and hoping for the reward from Allah Hi, Tyler Allahu taala would forgive their previous sins panela to these from the enormous virtue of this night.

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Now, just to also understand that from the virtues of the you know, I've led to other the knot of powder.

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The element said, Why is it? Why is it called powder? They said, because it's a night of honor, it's a night of honor that, you know, this night has such a huge status of a law. And also the one the one who stands in this not whoever worships Allah in this night, they receive they receive honor with Allah zweden right. So it's through worshiping Allah this night that a person Yanni achieves honor with a level to Allah.

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And the other thing they mentioned as well is that it's called an order because this is a night of decrease right the night off a la Kadar

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on this night, a level two Anna reveals to malayaka whatever is written in a low end map for the preserved tablet,

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from those things that are going to be you know, that he has destined to be happening in the coming year, Yanni, who's going to,

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you know, whose soul is a lot going to take in this coming email protect us and protect our families, you know, who, who is going to be which soul is gonna be born in this coming year.

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Which you what risk is is what is, you know, a particular soul gonna, you know, receive in this coming year. So, all of these types, the all of these matters that are contained in a low Himmat forth, they are revealed to them alayka in this night,

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and it's due to the Yani immense virtue of this night also, that Allahu Allah sent down verses of the Quran in relation to this night

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from them you know that sort of further as you know, but there's also insert a Doohan. altana mentions how Allah tala sent down the Quran in this night, right.

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But you know, Allah hotel says after the Bismillah he will manual him Hani. Will Gita Beatle movie in

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now houfy Laila Tim Walker

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visiting, see how you fall Polo and marine hockey team.

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Me name Deena in

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moves ceiling

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Hello Dallas's in these verses after this Miller who Walkman Rahim hammy while kita bill moonbeam by the clay book in Enza now movie later team Laila team mobile aka verily we sent them the Quran in a blessed night in a corner room very in very we are work Gani WARNING This book was sent as a warning right

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and in this night Allah who Tyler and yeah he This is a night that a little taller your reveals the decrees to the Mullah tikka, right. So in these verses a lot of data tells us that this is a night which is mu Baraka. Right?

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And the other thing we know about this night Also, my dear sisters, is that from the blessings of this night

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is that when you do a bad day in this night, any I bet that in this night, it's hieromonk l Fischer. Right, it's better than it's better than worshipping a level Tyler, then 1000 months of worship, right? So, and as you know, if we work that out, it's that equals more than 83 years and four months of worship.

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And this is also a huge

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general, this is from the, you know, we know a lot of data from these beautiful names is Al Karim, that he is the most generous upon Allah. And this is from the generosity of a level to Allah to is believing servants, because we all know that not every believer leads a long life, right? believers have different lifespans, but from the mercy of a level Tyler for his believing servants is that Subhanallah he gave us Knights like little quarter. And you know, the 10 days ago hija,

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which are times when, if a person worships a level to either, you know, the deeds you do in these times is Yanni

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it's greatly, greatly. What's the word?

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multiplied, multiplied, panela multiplied so, so much more than the normal times, right. So this is from the general there was a loss of pantalla that you could worship on level two, either in this night, and it's like, longer than if you had lived for at three years and four months of worship,

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from the other blessings also, from this night, as we know, all the virtues of this night of ladle cutter the night of Qatar, is that tenez Edwin mela he can walk Whoo hoo Fie her be it Nairobi him min Cooley and that in this night, yummy the the angels and Malaika and you realize to them, they descend to the earth? And it's also mentioned how the lamentable level to Anna and sukeena and these things are also descending in this night.

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Now as for when is it when is this night? Right? Which How do we know which one which night it is, from these 10 nights? This is something a lot of data kept hidden from us. But the prophet civil law what he said and he told us that it's, you should seek it in in the in the odd nights, right, you should seek in the odd nights. And most likely, it's the 27th night, most likely because the only quite a few of the companions, like obey even gab, they used to swear that it's the night of the 27. And, you know, he would say for example, I you know, he used to say that, you know, I watched it, you know, for 20 years, I watched to see the sun coming up in the morning, and each time I would sit

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and watch the sun for 20 years, I found the sun coming up without race. And so therefore he was absolutely certain that the night of

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an audit is the night of the 27th due to him watching the sun every morning after the night of the 27th

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but how do you know on the night whether it's the other or not? There are a few signs the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam told us about like for example you know he described that it's a night that is you know calm it's a it's a pleasant nights it's it's neither very hot or very cold.

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So how would you know when when during that night accident I learned that they said for example, that on this night you feel there's some sort of brightness about the night, okay, the night seems luminous all lit up. Okay? Another thing that they said that the the heart of the movement, the heart of the believer will feel a sense of, you know, sukeena a sense of, you know, peace and tranquility coming into their heart that that you didn't feel in other nights if you feel something different in that night, right.

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And also, that you you find it easy to stay awake and worship like you feel

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A sense of, you know, enthusiasm towards wanting to worship and energy, right. And you feel some sort of sweetness in, in, you're a birder in that night. So if you find that in one of these nights and be the Allahu taala it's a sign that this is the night of level codder in sha Allah. And we should also ask a lot of talent to help us, you know, guide us guide our hearts and guide us to finding this night is something we should make up for from now, you know, ask a local Tyler to make you find that little corner and to be successful in this night inshallah.

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Alright, I just want to talk a little bit about what to do in these nights.

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Okay, so what do you doing these nights? So, first of all, when you come to these nights, these nights

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are time for you to really stop in your life and really reflect upon yourself write, reflect upon your life reflect upon

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how you're going in your life. What direction are you taking in this life? Think about your past, what kind of, you know, sins have you fallen into in the past? What sort of, you know, things you've been doing wrong in your life? Right. So it's a real time to just really

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be honest with yourself, have an honest, look at yourself, the state of your heart, the state of your Eman? You know, if you feel that there's some diseases that have come into your heart, you know, you feel like you're not going the right way in your life.

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Things that you're not doing, you know that a lot of talents told you, we need to do these things, but you're not doing it. Things like that, right? So it's about self reflection, like being really honest with yourself, because, you know, it's just as if we're not doing that from now, before we know it, we're gonna be leaving this life and standing before Allah to Allah on the Day of Resurrection. And he's gonna be questioning us about everything, and we didn't miss life, right? So that's why it's very important that we, we call our souls to account before Allah who calls us to account. Okay? So that's one of the most important things we do in these nights. Because if you're

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not doing it, now, you're never going to do it. When are you going to do it, we're all busy all year, right? So that's why I really encourage you to take time out during these nights in particular, to to do what I'm saying. And think about things you need to do to improve yourself, change yourself, not keep going on this way that you're going. Okay?

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The other thing you want to do as well in this night is, you know, as much as possible, try to sort of cut yourself off from the junior things and from the things that you know, are distracting you in your life, right? So, for example, you don't want to be too much on social media, you don't be too much on, like watching television, especially if it's the odd nights, you definitely don't want to be you know, spending your time on social media and, you know, wasting our time, you know, we don't have time to waste like, think about how much time have already wasted from our lives. Right? And if you look at the prophets of Allah, what his center what he was his attitude, when these Knights came

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to him, like Arusha Wadi Allahu on her, she tells us that, you know, either the holiday rush, whenever these 10 Knights would come to the Messenger of Allah, how shuddha meet Zara like that he would, you know, tighten his waist belt, what I hear Layla Hall and he that he would, you know, stay awake all the night, what he called the arena when he would, you know, wake up his family. Okay, this was his attitude, he didn't want to miss a moment from this night, right. And we know that also he would go and perform our decaf in the masjid as well. Right, he would sort of secluded himself off in the masjid, away from, you know, his family from you know, all of the normal Junior things

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like work and trade and all those things. He would you know, um, you know, seclude himself in the masjid, just so he could focus on his relationship with Allah hota Allah as much as he could, right and just, you know, striving in worship. So that's why, you know, I know we're home and I know, you know, we've got our kids and all of those things, but you know, sure, they're going to go to bed, put your kids to bed, and then, you know, just really take that time to have that quiet time, you know, alone with you and Alyssa pantalla go to a certain room in your house, we can just sit alone, if it's your bedroom, or wherever, you know, make a little prayer corner for yourself and just, you

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know, just sit there and just really try to have that time alone with the loss of pantalla. And you know what to do in these nights. I'm going to come to that in a minute. But like, in particular, you want to be doing lots of extra prayers in these nights. You want to be you know, reciting Quran, you know, fitting the night with reciting the Quran, doing lots of dhikr of Allah to Allah, you know, making a lot of dough. Especially for things that the elf you know, like, yes, you can make some art for

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You're doing your things, but what I encourage you to do the most is make up for your area, you know, ask Allah, your law, you know, make my graves wide. When I die, you know, you're alive fill my grave with light when I die and feel my loved ones raves with with light, you know, have mercy on all my loved ones and, you know, your love protect me from the fire, y'all are saved me and my family, from the fire makers from the people of john that make us from the people who are going to enter gentlemen for ghosts, right? These are the type of dog we should be asking a lot of Tyler in this night, not just, you know, asking for like, I want more money, or I you know these things. Of

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course, there's nothing wrong with asking for Allah to bless your risk and things like that. But, you know, put your main focus on asking for forgiveness. And, you know, especially tober, thinking about your sins you've done, as I said before, and then asking the Lord to forgive you, you know, think about all those sins, because before we know, we're going to be meant we're going to be meeting with Allah, right. And if we didn't ask forgiveness for those sins, then we're gonna find it in our, we're gonna find it in our books, when we meet with a loss of contact, you know, in our social threat. So in order to avoid that, that, that embarrassment of meaning a lot, and finding

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these, these scenes in our books, we want to ask Allah to forgive us before we, you know, before that happens, okay?

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Besides that, sort of, as well, you know, do subtle cotton this night, like, so pantalon now, we have got the ability to, you know, turn our phone on and just click some buttons and we can give some other costs or panela. In the past, it was harder for us, we have to maybe go outside

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to give stuff to someone.

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But now Subhanallah we don't need to do that anymore. You know, we can just go online and do transfer, right? The main thing that you You're the main thing you want to be doing in these nights is just really showing how much you want Jana, right? showing a level Tyler, how much you want Jana, and how much you want him to save you from the fire men protect us from it, your enemy. So, okay, how do you get yourself in the right mental state? Well Alhamdulillah inshallah you're attending this talk, I'm hoping that the latter half of this talk is going to help you to get in the right mental state. But besides that, if you look at what the sellers used to do, like they used to do

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some things that would you know, mentally prepare them for you know, these nights and to really, because we mentioned it, prepare yourself, it helps you to do better, right? It kind of

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makes you really feel that there's something special happening that you need to really, you know, put your effort into these nights right so something that they used to do

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it's reported that they would take Listen, okay, don't take water especially if it was the night they thought was level powder. The night they thought was the night of

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the nights of powder. Right? They would um you know take listen and you know, put some the best perfume on the best clothes to make himself feel something special about this night. Okay, maybe putting on some incense

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you know, putting some you know, burn some incense in your house. So you feel it's something different in that night. Okay, so when you do things like that, it helps you to feel there's something special about this night You know, I have to really focus on you know, worshipping a lot of pantalla in this night.

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One thing I want to mention too, is try to get some sleep during the day. Like if you're going to have a choice between staying up at night and you know, sleeping in the day, go for sleeping in the day like have a little sleep even if one thing I do suggest sometimes is try to have a sit before Margaret. or sit after McRib. Sorry, have a little sick after Magog when you have your thought, have a little sleep, put an alarm on, maybe sit for about an hour, and then wake up and then you know you'll have energy inshallah, to to stay awake during during these nights and Sharla

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besides that, very important is you know, to have that sincere intention, you know, you want to do well. You want you know you want that forgiveness from Allah Subhana Allah you know that in every night from these nights, there are people who Allah saves from the fire. And you want to be from those people. You don't want Ramadan to leave, except that you're from the people who Allah forgave in this month, right? And we don't know how many more on the bonds we have left. So we have to strive as much as we can, in whatever way we able to do right. So as long as you have the right intention, then Allah Hill Tyler will guide your heart and He will give you tofield can sha Allah.

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Allahu taala says not for and when they don't mean biLlahi Yeah, the Alba, whoever truly believes in Allah Subhana Allah, Allah guides their heart. So as long as you really have that intention, Allah will guide your heart and keep you focused on your goal.

00:24:57 --> 00:25:00

Besides that, you know, you'd have some goals.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:05

for yourself how you want to spend this these nights, I sort of have gone through that a little bit

00:25:07 --> 00:25:51

like some examples so the way I would suggest your routine to be like so you pray and a sharp, okay, and pray your rocketing sooner and then you can start your total via start your total week prison, you know total because some people ask me how do you print out a week? It's really easy. You just pray two rakaat by two rocker, right? So and if you know some like I'm sure most of you I think most of you will know some put on. So recite some put on in each each workout from taraweeh you can recite aloud. And the other thing is you're allowed to hold the most half full taraweeh so most of you I know hamdulillah in Pakistan, most sisters I've ever known like 100 from Pakistan, they're

00:25:51 --> 00:26:32

very good at reading Quran, Mashallah. So, you know, hold the most half and recite as much as you can from the Quran. And besides that, you know, reciting the Quran, so you could pray for example, for record of taraweeh and then you could sit for a while and do your Quran, revising Quran, reciting Quran, you know, revise your memorization, and then take some time to do decode, get your victory, you know, get your book out and just some insights into and from your drop book. And then do some more did you do some more press do some more press and then finish off your night with

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for example, especially the last part of the night, you know, do a lot of is still far You know, suffered a loss for the law and saying some arts that you know, are from and is still far off example. You look at the drop of Eunice la solenn let you know how you learn and sapan Okay, Nicole tumino volley mean you know and repeat that over and over again like make yourself really feel broken in front of Allah to Allah right. And calling upon a little data by his Beautiful Names y'all Allah yo Rahim, yo for your family, your man your family, right? So really call upon Allah subhanaw taala Like I said before, you know,

00:27:14 --> 00:27:22

reflecting on your life reflecting on your sins, thinking about the hardness of your heart. Why are you crying to Allah in these nights? You know, why are you you know,

00:27:24 --> 00:27:40

why are you feeling blocked? Why aren't you feeling that sweetness and why aren't you feeling close to Allah, you know, so sometimes hardness comes in our hearts, sisters, and the way to crack the hardness is is just, you know, it's panela breaking yourself down and like repeat those.

00:27:41 --> 00:28:29

repeat those to us over and over again, even you can say the draw of Adam alayhis salaam or bene in volume and Susannah we're in limbo feeling with ohana. Then a coonan. Amina ha sitting right. What did he say? He said, y'all Allah in volumn. And Susana, we have oppressed ourselves. We're in Lambeau Field, Lana watoto. Hannah, if you don't forgive us, and if you don't have mercy upon us, learner coonan nominal hostility we will surely be from the losers, right? If Allah does not forgive us, if a lot of them have mercy upon us, we are going to be the losers, my dear sisters, we are not going to enter Jannah except by the mercy of Allah, right. So that's how if you think like that,

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this is what's going to help you to feel broken before Allah. Because it's only by Allah, we're going to enter Jannah right, not by what we do, we can wear the best na WE CAN WEAR THE BEST hijab we can, we can pray, we can do all of these things, right? But ultimately, none of us is going to enter Jannah except by the mercy of Allah hota Allah. So this is what we have to beg Allah in these nights to make us from those who are going to, you know, enter genda and save us from the file. And you know, you really got to think about your life. Do you sisters, like how many of us have got missed fasts? We have not fasted for our lives. How many of us have missed prayers we haven't made

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up for or you know, we haven't paid our care. Or we didn't go for Hajj, we had the money we had the maharam but we didn't go for Hajj that in the past supine Allah so there's a lot of things we've done wrong in our lives. We have a lot of you know, we have a lot of targets to make. Okay, and I just want to also mention the very importantly, besides all those doors, I just mentioned, the very important to add to say in these nights, right?

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Which is the drop that the profits that allow them to Arusha Okay, so this is the drop. You want to you want to repeat this drop a lot in these nights, especially like when you when you pray, and you do such, okay, I say this to us over and over again until you feel like if you can make yourself cry from saying this to us. Okay, like a llama.

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inika are foun to hibel Alpha for foreign, right Allahumma in the GAO foon to hibel, alpha for Fulani your Allah,

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in the castle, you are the most pardoning to Hebrew, if you love a love, you love to pardon for our for our knee. So therefore, pardon me, right? Because Allah loves to pardon. Right? He is adore Webb, who loves us to, you know, turn back to him and he loves. He is an AR fool who loves to pardon his elbow for who loves to forgive, right? That's from his fat that's from his beautiful names and attributes. So therefore, if he loves to pardon, it's upon us to ask him to, you know, to, we asked him for his pardon. We asked him to wipe away our sins, and to forgive us. And he's the only one who can do that. He's the only one who can forgive us, my dear sisters, that's what we have to really

00:31:05 --> 00:31:09

show him how much we want his forgiveness in these nights, right.

00:31:10 --> 00:31:47

So that's what I basically want to mention to you. And one more thing I will add before I finish to is that even if you're menstruating because I have this question all the time. And if you're on Facebook, if you're on Instagram, I have my page, and I've just been put up today about I've just put up today about what to do if you're menstruating because everybody asks you this question, what if I can't pray? What if I can't fast? What am I going to do in these 10 days right? So even if you menstruating My dear sisters, if you take the opinion that you can recite the Quran, of course without touching it directly, but you know reciting the Quran without touching it. Your dream Raja,

00:31:48 --> 00:31:49

revising your hips

00:31:52 --> 00:32:00

and making a lot of dialogue, get your draft book out, recite all the doors, do a vicar, you know, do as much Vicar as you can in these nights.

00:32:02 --> 00:32:18

And tober like I said, especially Toba, especially, especially early still far, you know, asking for forgiveness, and repenting to Allah Subhana Allah and giving charity as well, like charity, anything that you're able to do in these nights, try your best to do that inshallah.

00:32:20 --> 00:33:00

So in conclusion, my dear sisters, how to be successful if you want to be successful in these nights, the most important thing is to have any hulless, right, have an ethos and show a lot that you really want his forgiveness in whatever way you're able to do, right. So whatever you're able to do. Everyone's got different circumstances, not all of us have got maybe we're sick, maybe we're looking after a young baby or something like that. We're not able to spend the night worshiping like other people, but we can still do the kind of Allah Subhana Allah, we can still see there in a law where the hula should ecola level moleculer who will have wahala Coalition for you, we can still say

00:33:00 --> 00:33:48

Subhan, Allah Subhana Allah, He will be handy he right? We can say hundreds and 1000s of times. It's something easy for all of us, right? The most important thing I said, Have any class and strive with whatever you can to show a level Tyler, how much you want the Jenna and how much you want him to save you from the fire. So I asked Allahu Allah to make us all from those who he gives us the trophy, the success to to find level other in these nights to find the night of a father and to make us from those who get his mouth You know, his forgiveness in these nights and that he makes us from those who have you saved from the fire us and our families and loved ones and we ask a local diner

00:33:48 --> 00:34:26

to lift the trials from our own mouth your ally lift a child from our Alma and enable us all to turn back to return back to the massage dude and you know to to return back especially to you know, hygiene or ombre and you know visiting Mecca and Medina once more and we ask a level Tyler to forgive us forgive all our loved ones and unite us all in Gentle, gentle footballs. Just as he unites us. He's had a lot on the internet. Reading Allahu taala. Also Pennock Allah who will be handig mesh who will let you know how you there and Nestor felucca on a tallboy Lake

00:34:27 --> 00:34:28

back Am

00:34:30 --> 00:34:33

I I feel like I'm ready.

00:34:36 --> 00:34:59

I was also in Iraq, if I can can confess I just I was so upset the whole 20 days. It didn't go the way I wanted to. I was sleeping a little too much. And I'm so inshallah looking forward to the last lesson days. I hope that we can really understand

00:35:00 --> 00:35:10

How? Let's go this is how amazing and out of this world it's like America and we can't see it maybe but we have to believe it.

00:35:11 --> 00:35:34

That's right. I really love the way you you went about your points you told us what to do, how to mentally prepare and what type of routine we should have. I have a little book with me I hope everyone made some notes because it's very important to remind yourself make some sticky notes and put them all over the house and just chunky reminding yourself and show

00:35:36 --> 00:35:39

does that come all Caitanya feathers? I had one question.

00:35:40 --> 00:36:25

I will serve some woman here do as in their houses, so they basically locked themselves in their one room. And they they call it ethical. So I wanted to know if that's, you know, permissible, that's okay. We should be doing it. So, so actually, conditions of attic calf is actually it should be in the masjid. Okay, and down there are some narrations from the Sahaba of what from memory I think it's even our best he spoke about this as well but no, we look we can definitely we can. You know there's nothing wrong with secluding yourself in your house if you'd like to do that and and having a prayer corner, but you cannot consider it as like a cat like an earthy cat should be in the

00:36:25 --> 00:36:56

masjid. And we know in the time of the prophets of Allah what was said in the you know, the wives of the prophets of Allah has said that they actually used to go for I think half in the masjid. They didn't spend it in their houses, okay, they used to actually get their tents and they used to you know, go to the masjid and take their tents like they put a little tent in, in the masjid. SubhanAllah and, and do it Catherine Shall I ask a little time that we all get the chance to do that like if you go to Mecca and Medina it's a lot easier to do something like that.

00:36:57 --> 00:37:05

But inshallah that's you know, but you have the intention Don't forget a lot of Donna rewards us according to our into our intentions.

00:37:08 --> 00:37:18

Okay, everyone who was here if you have any more questions for sure. Please leave them now to see if I can reply them

00:37:21 --> 00:37:23

looks like everyone's good

00:37:24 --> 00:37:25

that's okay.

00:37:27 --> 00:37:30

back Hello Peyton. It's really nice

00:37:31 --> 00:37:33

to have you uh you're our first ever get the super

00:37:35 --> 00:37:37

humbling we're really looking forward to it

00:37:39 --> 00:37:40

it's really an honor

00:37:43 --> 00:37:44

man Allah

00:37:50 --> 00:37:55

Allah make us those who take quick action after gaining knowledge and trauma and acceptance

00:37:56 --> 00:37:59

and lastly, I want to thank you so much

00:38:02 --> 00:38:11

for coming and sharing your time and sharing your knowledge and really uplifting us listening to you is made my art

00:38:12 --> 00:38:24

work okay. Well I was just honored to come and we asked a lot to you know increase our reward for gathering he especially penalized for me it's the night of the 21st tonight

00:38:27 --> 00:38:28

for all of us and

00:38:31 --> 00:38:32

guidance and forgiveness

00:38:34 --> 00:38:37

we can any last words and then inshallah

00:38:42 --> 00:38:50

So shall I be successful inshallah, make dua for all of us inshallah, and be the

00:38:51 --> 00:38:52


00:38:54 --> 00:39:19

Okay, before we go everyone I would like to remind you to persisters effect centers are just a new you know, new organization. Our new is Fatima Ashraf and we would really love it if you would help us nation by sharing our videos and just really spreading spreading the word inshallah that would mean a lot because that's a low paying for attending

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