Yahya Ibrahim – Tafsir Surat al-Muminoon #03 of 4

Yahya Ibrahim
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start in sha Allah we will be having a beautiful recitation by March 14 inshallah so I'll just let him continue on to our side

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a lot about a couple of men

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such an amazing Association.

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Thank you so much. And Charla will be starting our session now with ammonia have Rahim before I just throw a pass over. If I can just ask everyone in general we'll be posting the social media links of my views

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in the description down but also if you can please just, you know just follow us to see the things that we have coming up soon in the last 10 days until and without further ado a possibility

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for that nice introduction that beautiful beautiful Corolla I look forward actually to hearing now with your brother umodel. Habib is online the Hydra Joseph May Allah subhanho wa Taala reward all of us for the time that we spend in the study of the whole on 100 levels salat wa salam ala rasulillah salam Allah, how do you sell them? We're bad. So we're about to begin my shot love. The third edition or the third week of studying sort of noon, which is a surah, as we said is from the early mechon revelations to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And for those who haven't, you know, listened to a previously please go to the Matthew, Facebook links and their social media links. And

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you can kind of catch the first two episodes or on my Facebook page in sha Allah, it's being simultaneously broadcast there as well. I do want it to be something and Yanni thermal elfa is that there is a general overwhelming benefit that can be attained from that be even illa heeta Allah. So May Allah Subhana Allah allow us a greater insight into the workings of the Quran, so that we can extract that which we need for the betterment of our

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own life. So our study of solothurn mommy noon not really a Tafseer but a study of it is to take from it what we can activate in our life. And the last time we met we kind of spoke up to about verse number 15 Thoma iNec combat the Vedic meu tune after Allah Subhana Allah lemontree tanaji rajim chronicled the creation of men, initially from the elements of the earth we spoke about being from the elements of the earth, then Allah Subhana, Allah says also, and Allah uses a past tense film mahanakhon then you became as such well occurred, hello, funnel insane from the previous I created you. And then I've maintained this creation, I am aware of every creation of mine that comes

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into existence. Now that's a very significant statement, because in this area, I am number 15 thumb that the neck and back there daddy kalama you tune that just like I knew everything about your life, when your Inception was when you entered the world when the soul was breathed into the raw Him into your mother's womb, when you became a living being inside her. And when you were born into this world, I also know the day that you will surely die. And this is a definitive statement from Allah subhanho wa Taala filma in necom, bad that daddy kalama you tune. Indeed, after you've lived your life after all of the creation, you experience, you are destined to die. Now that's something

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really, from a philosophical perspective, I want you to kind of think about that. Allah is telling you, I created you for the moment of your return to me. And therefore I want you to counteract whatever atheist narratives and Neo atheist narratives there are, where they tried to tell you know, the purpose of life is life itself for you. And I know the purpose of life is not just the finite, not just the temporal, but we believe in the existence that goes beyond. And therefore it is not about the fear of losing out now that is as significant and as scarce in its motivation for us. The scarcity that motivates us. Isn't that life is too short, is that life may end before I am ready

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life may end before I've accomplished my mission of securing a happiness that extends into the next life film met in necom yo melki Amity to batroun. So Allah speaks about our birth, our origin, our life, our eventual death, and then Allah makes the focus of this surah the focus of the people of Quraysh the Pope, the focus of those who don't want to acknowledge it, filming in nachum yo Malka Yamato bathroom and then on the Day of Judgment, you will be resurrected, just like you can't escape taxes and death as the CO kill statement says, nobody can escape death. More than that you cannot escape Subhan Allah, the standing on the Day of Judgment, even if you try to deny it, even if your

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mind will hold you from accepting that ultimate reality. Allah who met in Mecca and they'll help well well I took a hard look at the drug the Prophet I tell him over law you are the truth and reality that is manifest and your promises true what is the promise through my inner comio middle to mighty tuba as soon I will bring you back to life. The people of Christ they did not leave the leave in a bath. And the people of Christendom and the Judeo Christian doctrine, do not believe in the resurrection as you and I believe. We are very unique in that we believe in a physical realm the resurrection, that the body that was created it will be recreated with Alec Allah He BSE and women

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that he Kala Lybia said it's very easy for Allah. Domaine necl me I'm gonna teach you right through in your body and your soul return to being one once again.

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Then Allah says, to explain to you therefore the necessity of living a good life. Allah says I didn't just leave you here unguided I didn't leave you here without an approach without a way of leading you to back towards me if you have gone to excess one or the Hakuna fo kakum said battered women connect and it'll help you hopefully in Japan Allah Allah says indeed I created above you seven Fermin seven levels seven heavens for a lack of better words, a lack of better translation. Thought Ah, is not a word that's easily translated and you can go through as many translations as you want. Whether they say seven layers, whether they say seven stockings, whether they say seven

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Fermin, seven plates, whatever you want to use. It is from those words that are unique to the Arabic language.

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set by ta fr

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womac una and they'll help you hopefully. But the emphasis in the area is not in the creation of the seven heavens or the seven levels, is that Allah uses that to indicate the mind of His Majesty so that you don't deny he can bring you back to resurrection, look to the cosmos around you look to the first of those levels, this first layering of it, that you can't even peer out of it, you and I we can try to calculate for the other universes is that are blending within us. So Pamela, if you read about, you know, MC ri, or, you know, the 11th dimension and You read about some of these astrophysical calculations where they're calculating that there's a universe that is passing through

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our universe that is going through where we are at this very moment. And just as you are sitting here, there is another reality, another experience that is passing right through you with different laws of nature, to them or to that existence and ferment and reality and realm that is beyond you. And that concurs with the item of the angels, the item of the jinn and the LM of the unseen of Allah webmap couldn't and it'll Hulk. Look at how Allah says, and with my creation, our creation, lava avahi I have never and will never be unmindful of my creation, Subhan Allah, this is an idea that you do two things.

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It should instill fear, and it should instill hope. Fear in the sense that Allah is not often Allah is not unaware that you think you may have gotten away you think you have gone far you think you have made it you think there's no repercussion? There's no wrath there's no vengeance there's no there's nothing has happened. I haven't prayed. I haven't fasted. I haven't been a good person. I've been watching I've been talking I've been doing I've been coming I've been going and life seems copacetic everything seems good. The prophets I send them warns about lafleur Womack could not and it'll help a Rafi lead. Allah is not unaware, but his creation become unaware. I leave nebuta live

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he has this beautiful statement attributed to Ali not to the prophets. I tell him, he said and now Sunni, mankind are slumbering asleep. were either mad to when they pass away. And they enter into the trueness of the realm that comes beyond comes in the next life. They become aware they become aware it studies how do they like woke up? So panela how many people live a life of a zombie how many people live in animalistic life where they're walking and talking and eating and drinking yet coluna waitemata una cama that cool and am I law says they eat and they drink and they floor frolic the way animals floor when now it will mess the one level. But eventually Hellfire awaits that kind

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of diluted that you know that that convoluted lifestyle where you have no purpose. It's just I wake up to repeat what I did the day before and it's just about fulfilling things that I'm trying to fill in my void when they're called nanohole. So Allah is not unaware Allah is not unmindful. But you can also look at it from the terms of hope. Not just in fear, but in hope that whatever condition you find yourself in Allah is not unaware. The struggle you're in right now. Holding on as if you're biting down on to the root of a tree is the Prophet said that the day of gentlemen will not come until a believer while it's like they're biting down with their molar teeth holding on for dear life

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in their faith. You're holding on for your email not to depart from you may Allah Subhana Allah allow us to hold on to Allah Rudel were to withhold the strongest handhold and Allah is not unaware. Allah knows your condition knows the job you gave up for his sake knows the how long relationship you ended for his for your belief in your obedience to Him. Allah knows your submission to him as as an act of surrender to the Almighty, where you stood before him as the King of kings and you are the one who was poor before him. Were you made to Allah Ackerman? How can you be the judge of all judges and you were the one about to be condemned and asking him for mercy. Allah knows and Allah will not

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ever disregard you when that could not and it'll help roughly

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when Amina sama Don't you see that even the sips of water that you drink is from my blessing. When Zenda Mina summer EMA and discovery for eska now who fill out I send down the rain from the skies in a perfect measure Subhan Allah

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That water cycle that you and I study that, you know that thing that science now kind of educates us about. You know, Allah subhanho wa Taala says it's a perfect sickle, you know, lack of pseudo filata don't cause corruption and imbalance in the earth. So Allah Subhana Allah says be further, according to a divinely ordained measure, I have made it the way it should be for eska now who fell out of I let it soak into the earth in the regions that I wanted to wait in that another happy he called the rune. And if you are unworthy of it, if you remain in rebellion, I am surely able to take that sip of water away that rain from you away. To Pamela, it is a part of our belief as Muslims, we believe

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in a metaphysical understanding of the world, that the spiritual consequences of our lifestyle affect our income effects. The rain that descends affect, the lifestyles that we engage in, has a dramatic effect, not just on our spiritual state, but our physical and material state. Now fondue and Allah uses the word quickdraw. Not just I'm able, but nobody has the power beyond Allah. For Adam Shatner Lacombe, Heejun net, however, I have used this water to produce for you gardens before you roam the earth before you came to it. You know, before Adam came to this earth before you and I were born into this earth, this earth was made habitable for us. So Pamela I always you know, you

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know, my mind comes back to this idea. Whenever I read about the Mars missions, or people trying to you know, see where they can find a place that can you know, habitate you know, be a habitat for human beings. And then you read this if and chat now leko I began and produced for you, these gardens mean, Nuffield, it

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was a big lack of Fair Work you who can see your two women had that Cologne, I made you these gardens of palm trees and grape vines and abundant fruits and blessings from which you may eat Where should your attend to hold you mean to reciting that? And that blessing all of tree that grows in that you know its origin is from tourists, a now the mountain of Sinai Tembo to be doing well, civil renewal, actually providing oil and a condiment that is healthy and beneficial to those who eat it when they're confused and the army laborer. And don't you take a lesson from your cattle? Don't you see the structures that are found in their societies in their organization as animals don't you see

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in their very physicality and the milk you draw out of their utters? No speaker me Matthew boltonia. I bring to you something to drink from it inside. Well, they're comfy hermandad if you're okay, Fira and Enid are many blessings Subhan Allah, many of sisters subsidence societies in the world they worship the cow. Even now you know some have a lot I was watching this, you know video about some of the people in India. You venerate the cow?

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Oh, wha Taraji. They venerate the cow. And you know, that's something that you found in Ancient Egyptians and in many of these primitive societies who disconnected themselves from monotheism, because the cow was so beneficial. And Allah says, Well, let confy have an afro kathira woman had that Quaalude and, and that you may consume it as well, while I lay her while full Quito, maroon,

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and upon these beasts of burden and upon the ships, that I gave you the knowledge to design you have been carried, and so Han Allah, Allah then begins the story of Noah, which is the story of salvation. So I want you to frame sort of meaning in this context. Allah begins by giving a list of criteria for you and I to judge ourselves by the presentation at the beginning of the surah. Early on in the history of Islam, to the believers, and early on to the non believers to kind of measure where they are in their own life, the presentation of these qualities of belief and being a believer, so that one can compare themselves to these qualities and know where they stand as it

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pertains in their relationship with Allah, God Almighty and society that they live in. Then Allah juxtaposes that with the outcome of those who do not meet that level. If you are not from those f Lal movement, only those who are successful and levina houfy Sala team has your own one Latina one Latina, one Latina, all of those traits. If you are not from them, we'll look at those who chose a lot

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In opposition to that path. So the parts of the surah in the very first, you know, 20 verses, a lot of firms that success belongs to the believers, clarifies their attributes, presents evidence of why they are believers, because he's the one who created them. He's the one who sustains them. He's the one who's in control of the rain. Allah subhanho wa Taala gives the evidence of faith so that your conscience and my conscience is clear, and that we know where we target our worship and our submission to him. Then in these coming verses, in verse number 22, and 23 onward, when we begin the story of New Haven, 23 to 52, Allah begins to speak about those who battled against the reality of

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faith and their messengers of Allah, and what their end was. So a presentation of what true belief is in the representation of the men of God and the women of God, the followers in the of the messengers, peace be upon all of the MBR those who advocated and clarified for people and taught them how to submit to Allah how to surrender, that the single reality and experience of life is to be in obedience to the command and the Word of God. That that does not change over time. So Allah is going to give us the portrayals of a number of prophets, all of them, come back to that central theme. All of them are going to say that very same word, where they say fuck on a ko Mira boodle la

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ma la Camila, Hannover euro. Every one of the provinces is going to repeat this set statement. He says Newark says to his people, all my people in our boodle LA, give your service over to God worship in love and adoration Allah alone, arugula have Matt lecom you have none other that's worthy of it mean Ilaha you know, other deity that you can claim that is worthy except him? flf tahune? Will you not fear him? Will you not be conscious of your relationship with him? It's a rhetorical question. And Subhan Allah, this surah therefore is premised, that this presentation is put forward. And the same divine instruction is reiterated generation after generation human experience after

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human experience. Whether you are in an advanced technological state such as today, or in the primitive time of new Holly, his Salaam, it all flows back to the same message spoken in different languages by different people of different ethnicities of different colors and ethnic regions. But all of it is one. It is one that there is only one Allah subhanho wa Taala that you are to worship. So have Allah, it's a powerful message. And that message is one that you and I is meant to encapsulate and understand from the reading of this selection. flr tahune. So in the beginning, Allah says he is not lawful, he is not unaware. And then he or Allah says, Don't you fear him? Don't

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ever assume he's not present. He's not watching. He's not aware. I'm always mindful of my creation flf tahune and therefore this area and that area are linked together to as if Allah saying I will never be unmindful of you be ignorant of your condition and your place be unaware of what you're doing right or wrong it be. So fear me flf tahune the word taqwa is a powerful word for us as Muslims, the Word template implies many many things. But the simplest definition here and daml evitar it Allah Allah no remine Allah tala g with however Allah is that you live a life of service to God of worship to God, because you've understood the light he revealed to his prophet Mohammed's

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iclm hoping for a reward in the lifestyle that you've chosen to live upon righteousness. Were here enter through camassia Allah, it also means that you leave off seeming, leave off sinful behavior because of the light that you have understood the Quran and the Sunnah. Tasha acaba luck fearing that there will be a retribution and a punishment from Allah Almighty Subhana who what Allah May Allah protect us from his punishment Allah Ameen. so tough wa hoonah tough what is in the heart, the prophets I seldom would say this, Jeremiah and others. Tough why is that you live your life with an awareness of the limitations that you seek not to cross accidentally

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make every effort not to cross it intentionally. for higher level maillet the people responded to knew who said worship god alone survey Malone for high lead men or Latina. Kapha. Roman called me he had my hair that they said the people who disbelieved from his people, they said Matt had that in lab bash or Miss lucam. You read on your top, but they said, this is a man who's just like you. He's a human who walks like you eats like you sleeps like you. He wants to be superior than you. He's not telling you all this stuff, because he's hopeful that you are going to be better by it. He's trying to make himself ascend and be on top of you, man, I commend Allah Subhana Allah to Allah new says

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worship the one true God, they take it and broadcast it to people. He's not calling to God, he's calling to himself. And that becomes one of the fundamental key factors that you find for you and I as Muslims today.

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That whenever we see to honor Allah, it is for Allah sake. And it should never be with us in the middle sandwiched in between that men shut up and you meet a woman chat affiliate for my job, and your job is not to convert people's hearts. It is to provide information and it's Allah who opens hearts and leaves others closed and sealed because of what he knows of those hearts and their inequity, injustice and sin.

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All of the nations they would say may have that elaborate shadow Miss local, who is he's just a man like you. And Subhana light in the sutras that will come and solothurn for con wahala the in LA or June Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah robina What is it? Why can't the angels come directly to us? Mally Heather Rosalie aculeata, I'm OMG fill as well. Who is this messenger who eats like we eat and walks around in the markets buying and selling like we do. Miss local mureed or fog Bella la coupe. He's just trying to make himself better than you. So as a caller to Allah never allow that suspicion to enter into the hearts of people because you've

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reinforced it in them, where you are drawing your attention to a celebrated status. You want to be held in all by others. That is the fatal fatal ailment of the learned amongst the oma of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam aka Sadhguru for Deen and wanting to be the reference point was sure hora and to be one who is made infamous or famous. Either way, positive or negative, has never been an outcome that has resulted in people being steadfast upon the truth. May Allah make us of them. A lot of Allah Allah who just wants it seem like he's better than you. Why no sha Allah who lends lm Allah he can. And if God was really God, he would bring down the angels mass me and Abby had that he

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had that in a welline we never heard of this history from our forefathers. Nobody came with a message like this before. No idea Salaam is one of the earliest messengers of God, to his people, some of their odermatt say he is the first messenger of Allah that the others add them in Idris that they were mbf but not Russell, but knew who was also given a mandate and a teaching from Allah. In Hola, Illa Raja lumby Hey Gina, when they say that he just calling to himself, you need now to discredit him. And so Pamela one of the things we face as Muslims is that people try to discredit the truth by smearing The one who brought it so they would try to shut down Mohammed's I sell them

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not because what he's saying can be debated and can be analyzed on its own, but it's just easier to attack his person and to lay claim against them to say he's ruining families and he's leading us from the relationships that we had with our forefathers or that he is bewitched or bewildered. Or that he's lost his sanity. In our in our Roger loom de Gina. They say about no as they will say about you, Mohamed, he is simply insane photogra bus will be he had that him so bear with him for a while. You know, you know wait for him concerning him for a while we will expose him when the time is right. And the people of knew they wanted to you know him to complete the ship and say look, it's

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not raining. You're a fool for having spent this time. Honda rugby Robbie, it will certainly be back at the booth and this will be the area that we end with Karla Robin Suni. He said, Oh, my lord helped me.

00:29:42 --> 00:29:59

NUS sadly, is falsely sometimes translated as victory. It's not victory. NUS is support pneus his help and aid from Allah and Sorrell now a little formal caffeine. It's not over la bring the defeat of the unbelievers to us. On sadhana means

00:30:00 --> 00:30:14

Support us against those who have rebelled against you, support us by calling them to the truth support us by allowing them to have financial independence. support us by allowing us to learn more so that we're more secure with our E man and now we're your feet

00:30:15 --> 00:30:23

on Sodor me be back as abode. Oh Allah help me support me, because they have denied me Subhana Allah.

00:30:24 --> 00:30:29

When the doorways in the earth are closed, the heavens are always open.

00:30:31 --> 00:30:52

This is one of the powered powerful drives that I want you to memorize, right? I want it to be a part and parcel of your life and that's why I end with this. Now. This is a drop that is made up of five words that is easily memorize but these five words with when said with the right intention, saved new alayhis salam,

00:30:53 --> 00:31:00

Allah, Allah He said Robbie, Robin Sony the mecca debold

00:31:01 --> 00:31:47

How often do you ask Allah to give you not panela? Like how did you ask Allah for support today? Did you say Allah hohman sadhana lm and then Oh Allah support us against those who waged against us battles. Did you say Allah Hama, you know, God, Oh Allah grant us not on sadhana Allah unfortunate. Allah allow us to have support and help us against the inequities of our own own desires and our own soul. This is a draw, I want you to get accustomed to make or have been sorely overlooked. Give me help, or Allah support me. Oh Allah give me victory. The Mecca the boon because those who speak against me are not being truthful. Yeah, Allah. That Oh, hey, now he understand fully.

00:31:48 --> 00:32:13

Allah enters his door for support by saying work on your own serhan Allah Hyuna la misma get to work. The greatest way of Allah giving you support is not doing for you what you can do for yourself. Allah support is not that Allah, Allah does for you. What you could do for yourself know is that Allah allows you the opportunity to do it.

00:32:15 --> 00:32:53

And to be able to help others through it, call them Sunni be Macedon, Pharaoh, hyena, la II. So I reveal to him and this night in full, build the ship. We will continue with this area the evening late early next week. The take home message from the surah is that you have to work hard, you have to work smart and you have to be committed to the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala without fail, you have to be asking Allah for his help. Also lilyana wa Sallim wa barik let's say you know, heavy we know whenever you know, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Salah Bonnie.

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So if there are any questions in sha Allah, I'm happy to take them, I know that you've asked and put out a request for questions in sha Allah, I'll do my best to take them also from my social streams as well, you're welcome to send something through.

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As amazing to see your mail are with you.

00:33:23 --> 00:33:28

I'll just go yet. So some people have sent me some questions, and I will just go through them inshallah.

00:33:29 --> 00:33:35

So the first question I have here is, would non Muslims be allowed to enter Jannah.

00:33:37 --> 00:34:23

So the Orthodox position that we have as Muslims, and it's very clear for us to have, and then I will, so I'll give a short statement about it. And then I'll clarify it. Nobody who hears of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Wow. All and understood the message that he was sent with, has hoefer agenda if they did not submit to His path sallalahu it was no one who is aware of rasulillah so I sell them and understands his message to a point where Allah knows that they've understood the message that was delivered, except that they have lost hope in being from the people of Germany. This is the Orthodox position to give a little bit of tough seal and seal is that human beings will

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be in three states on the Day of Judgment, three different categories. The first are those who heard the truth, acknowledged it, understood it and accepted it and practice that they are the people of Islam and Eman. They are the people of gender. The polar opposite end are the people who heard the truth acknowledge that they received it, understood it and then rebelled against it, pushed it away under their desires. cafaro they hid it under their desires and their vanity and their excess. And they said I live the way I want to live. Nobody's gonna tell me what I want to do.

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And they are the people of Cuf. They're the people who have worshiped other than God or have given up on the worship of Allah. They are the people of jahannam because they receive the message and recanted. The third group is the one in between and they are referred to classically by their own lemma. As Alan mesh mushy the people under the Divine Will and decree of Allah subhana wa, to Allah, that Allah subhanho wa Taala knows what was right in their life and what was not, what were the limits of their knowledge and what was not. So So Pamela, one of my neighbors, I'm sure living on my street and here I am lecturing to those of you in the UK and around the world. I'm sure that five

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610 doors down the road, there's probably a neighbor, who's a non Muslim who doesn't know anything about Islam and Muslims, he might see me and my wife, who's a visible Muslim with our, with our hijab, and he may not have approached us we have not approached that person, law who I love. That person does not have any message of Islam except maybe what he's seen about 911 which isn't what I metallized what he's read about in, you know, in a in a magazine, or far right article or something of that nature, it is not something sufficient for him to have acknowledged who is Allah doesn't know what is tawheed the prophets I seldom said to me, I will matter the room we lay here and Allah,

00:36:29 --> 00:37:06

Allah usually COVID law, that they don't worship other than Allah and worship Allah alone. If they accepted, then Salah there's a progression, right? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us about this. There are people that live near me, although I'm in the moment I teach abroad, and I teach locally who don't know about Islam, on the day of judgment, they will be in the middle group, that if Allah wills to punish them, he will have what he knows of their heart and their deeds and their circumstances. And if Allah subhanho wa Taala, and his generous wisdom and in his, in his mind allows them to be punished or to be set free, that is in the knowledge of Allah, some earlier

00:37:06 --> 00:37:46

Matt, including a Sharia law, and as she mentioned, that they will be tested on the Day of Judgment, a messenger will be sent to them those who believe will be have been those who would have believed in the dunya and they will be given salvation, those who disbelieve will be punished in the punishment of hellfire. So there are three camps of people it is possible that somebody right now who doesn't believe in that ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah but they believe in one God, they believe that there is righteousness to be performed in the world. They pray in their heart by saying God helped me and guide me but they don't know they've never received a Quran or heard before and

00:37:46 --> 00:38:06

are no Mohammed's I said, but in their heart they have faith in God, then yes, it is possible that from them are those who will be expiated for their sins on account of their morality and justice and goodness, and living an upright life that will lead them to a place in jetnet one why would Allah Allah

00:38:11 --> 00:38:12

embrace their answer

00:38:14 --> 00:38:27

another question that I have is, someone is asking, What is the best way to spend the last 10 nights whether it's through individualized bed or like following their bed? Like what's your best advice for that?

00:38:28 --> 00:39:14

So in these last 10 nights, you want to be exaggerating excessive in your worship of Allah from that which is mundane and the normal activities you do. So if you normally pray Torah, we pray again when you come home, right pray again, even if it's two or if you normally read one Jews of the Quran, read a juice and a half Two Jews push yourself do something more than others. That's the habit of the prophets. I seldom the Prophet would do it i t calf in the last 10 nights but not in any other night and not in any other night in the year. Why? Because he m m amplified his a bad in this month. So you want to also be strategic and you want to be unconventional in your acts of worship, or be

00:39:14 --> 00:39:57

unconventional in your act of worship by doing things you normally have not done to panela make it a challenge to complete the whole and you might never have done it in previous Ramadan's make it a challenge to read Surah Al Baqarah each and every day, you know, read it concluded, make it a challenge to memorize something from the Quran. So challenge yourself you need a strategic plan. But you also need to be one who is adaptive to the circumstances and the opportunities that are offered Subhanallah I'm involved at the moment with an online Charity Campaign and I'm sorry to you know, to kind of share that with you. But I believe it is good for you and good for me that Allah subhanaw

00:39:57 --> 00:39:59

taala accepted, you know in charity

00:40:00 --> 00:40:41

I'm not able to travel and go to camps and you know, but I am able to tell people, hey, there's 100 orphans. Each and every day in these last 10 days I list 100 orphans by name by location. And by age, I made it a condition for the people that are my charity partners. I want to know who this orphan is, I want to I if I want to see a picture of them, I can ask, I want to identify them. They don't I don't want them to be avoided. So they said, okay, Chef will make you a poster every day a new 100 orphans, you get them sponsored. And I said in sha Allah, I'll do my best. Right. You know, on my social media stream, you'll see a link for it. You'll see Yeah, you know, for the fundraising,

00:40:42 --> 00:41:29

shelter someone do something. It's not something you do, who in our world looks after an orphan today. They are marginal in our society. Subhan Allah Allah He literally before I logged on with you and I may dry up before coming. Literally before speaking with you. I put up on my social media two videos that I just received from Yemen. One were was for a food distribution for 225 disabled women in Yemen these are you know they are they are in no man's land. Nobody looks after Yemenis let alone disabled women in Yemen. So that became a priority for me. I said these are people I want you to help. So Pamela delivered food packages for them. It brought me so much joy. So Pamela, in the same

00:41:29 --> 00:42:05

day, in the same time in Yemen, 300 children orphans, they were given food and clothing for the rest of the month and their eat clothing ma Allah subhana wa tada excepted from all those who donated through that appeal. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy out. So do something unconventional sponsor in orphan yahi. You know, find something that that is different to what you've done in the past. May Allah make it a source of blessing, push, push, push, this is the time 910 days by Allah subhanaw taala accepted from us Allah Hammami

00:42:09 --> 00:42:13

while you were talking, I actually donated to the page I just thought I would.

00:42:15 --> 00:42:40

Well, I it's a blessing. So proud Allah, Allah, Allah, may Allah returned it upon you and everyone who has donated many, many fold in your health in your family and your parents and your studies. But Allah subhanho wa Taala, returned it upon you in your heart in your Eman, Bella subhanho wa Taala open to you doors that would have been closed as a consequence of not having given this charity, where Allah subhanaw taala brighten your days because of it. Allah humma me.

00:42:41 --> 00:42:43

Thank you so much for that beautiful.

00:42:44 --> 00:43:11

I have a another question here from there actually, they're actually both late. So I'm going to mention them both. Someone asked, What is the best way to give out to non Muslims. And someone said that their wife is she is not Muslim, and they're trying their best to convert to Islam. But she respects the culture and religion and everything. But, you know, he's been trying for years and

00:43:12 --> 00:43:57

lucky, he has managed to reach the next stage. So I guess the question is like, what's the best way to give that to the Muslims who are close to you? I think there's two things that people who are familiar with Islam and familiar with Muslims want to see for Muslims. This is just from my experience in speaking with with many Subhan Allah. One is that they want transparency. They want what you actually believe, to be something that you actually tell them about, like, don't shift away from a tough question. Don't you know if you don't know, don't try to blag through it and just you know, all it could mean then. If you don't know just say you don't know. And be transparent with the

00:43:57 --> 00:44:41

whole and don't make your answer for your answer because we're not people answer from ourselves, make your answer the Word of God Allah said, and if you're not familiar with that, become more familiar with that. Research the answers ask those facade to Allah Vickery. Gautama Taleban as those who know if you don't know, I asked you so definitely you ask, right. So the first thing transparency, let the Koran speak for itself. Don't try to be the news reporter of the whole and the Quran is beautiful on its own, and gift people that hold on give give them a good translation of it. One of the better ones is the clear put on by our Canadian brother, Canadian Egyptian brother, Dr.

00:44:41 --> 00:44:59

hubub. The clear Quran is a beautiful translation that is easily accessible and that could be a benefit in sha Allah. So transparency, what is Islam don't hide it Don't you know? We Yes, we wear hijab. Yes. We, we we fast and we do. Yes. We have these things in our

00:45:00 --> 00:45:01

Faith. Number two

00:45:03 --> 00:45:09

is allow them an opportunity to grow without judgment.

00:45:10 --> 00:45:50

A person can be Muslim and still eat bacon until they're able to break free. A person can be Muslim, while they're still drinking until they're able to break free. A person can be Muslim by saying La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah and, you know, still be living and he, you know, as sinful lifestyle with a girlfriend and so on. That doesn't change the fact that they believe in Allah, but they are still struggling to get to that place. So don't close it in on somebody who's becoming newly acquainted with Islam with just rules and regulations, because that's not how Islam works. We'll live with the other.

00:45:56 --> 00:46:09

Okay, I think we'll end with one question. And then after that, we'll all just ask yourself if we can just recite verses for the last one live. But someone's asking. It's just in your

00:46:10 --> 00:46:47

video, we can see some get some decorations. So someone's just asking, Is this allowed? during the month of November like are we allowed to like do decorations and yeah, absolutely. So Pamela those are gifts for my nephews nieces. We went out shopping, it's the weekend, you know, I might not have enough time in the week day. So we're we're early birds, we get our eat gifts, sorted out quickly. We pack them we, you know, wrap them up, and it'll be a big extravaganza. That's just a little part of it there. So hopefully, by the end of the week, you won't be able to see the fireplace in shot law.

00:46:48 --> 00:47:35

And why wouldn't it be allowed? Like a thing? unpack that question. Why wouldn't it be allowed that led to hairdo to have it as soon as you give people gift right? Number two, it's a it's in particular for the days of read the prophets I sell and told us to bring merriment and rejoicing to other what better way than to give gifts. Number three, who outside the days of Ramadan and he doesn't like to receive a gift on normal conditions. Especially now that it's in a you know, it's in a auspicious moment. Why wouldn't we want to receive gifts? So it's it's it's a gift for those who It's first time fasting Subhan Allah May Allah allow her to complete it. You know, my daughter, it's

00:47:35 --> 00:48:12

her first time making a headphone holder and independent I'm not reading with her it's her first heathman the horrid Mashallah Why wouldn't I get her a gift? You know? Why do you have to symbolize everything? Why do you have to look at yourself through other people's eyes? Yeah, so Christian people that give credit a gift and Christmas this isn't Christmas for us. This is he and he does a day where we give gifts and we enjoy food and you know what you're for you shouldn't come to the masala unless you've had a nice meal before you come to the masala for a prayer to you know show that you're not fasting anymore and dress in Nice. Your finest clothing the Prophet dressed in his

00:48:12 --> 00:48:25

finest, newest clothing on the day of read. That's where we get that tradition. It's from the Navy is a law I sell them. So don't don't please don't be hyper conservative. Don't be more conservative than Rasul Allah is Allah, the Prophet used to give gifts to the Kufa.

00:48:27 --> 00:49:04

Can you believe that? Like the prophets, I send them he sent silk that had arrived him really expensive Persian silk igreen Green, you know, you know, a gown of pure silk. And he sent a terminal hotdog rhodiola I don't remember got scared. And he brought it back. I said, you also love men aren't allowed to wear the Why are you giving this to me? He said no, no, no, Your Honor. I want you to send it to your brother who remains in Jay Haley. Yeah, send it to him in Mecca. Perhaps his heart will open to the truth. And so panda lions brother comes into Islam. Right? Give gift man.

00:49:06 --> 00:49:07

Blah, come on.

00:49:12 --> 00:49:36

Okay, I think hamdulillah we had a very amazing and informative session today because I prepared so much for answering questions. And thank you so much for the amazing TextView we left the link for sure. Everything's fundraiser on in the chat. So please check out on please donate, how much you can and also our socials as well as also repost it again.

00:49:39 --> 00:49:43

But yeah, I think in total without further ado, I'll just, we'll just end until

00:49:44 --> 00:50:00

I mean, I asked Allah Subhana Allah to accept all of our data in the final 10 days of Ramadan to accept our a bad and our deeds. We ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to increase us in our Eman to increase our with Tilak call upon him where you're feeling uncertainty in him. We

00:50:00 --> 00:50:39

ask Allah subhana wa Taala. To increase us in our taqwa and in our built in righteous deeds. We pray that Allah subhana wa Taala makes us from a Serbia food. We then wash in in mineral macduffie in mineral meclizine mean earlier when we ask Allah subhana wa tada to increase us in beneficial knowledge that we practice what we know and that we're able to radiate it and teach it and broadcast it to others. We pray that Allah subhana wa Taala protects us from the sicknesses of the heart of evil and arrogance and pride and showing off and we ask Allah Subhana Allah not to let us rejoice at the downfall of others or let others have power over us. We pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala

00:50:39 --> 00:51:20

invites us again to his house, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to return us to Hajj and Umrah and to take those who have not been before and to allow us to assist him in that journey. We pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala grants us his shade on the Day of Judgment under his Irish, when none can be shaded except with him. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to shield us and increase us and protect us and love and mercy with Baraka to put it between us and our homes and our spouses and our families and our parents. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to allow us to improve our behavior with each other and to reward us with righteous families and righteous offspring. We pray that Allah subhana wa tada

00:51:21 --> 00:51:51

brings us all together in genital for those with our never you Mohammed Salalah It was after having received his beneficial and cleansing shefa and intercession on the day of judgment when no one will have a veil except with the permission of Allah subhana wa Taala also Lillah wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Habiba whenever he anonymous stofer Mohammed Abdullah Ali Abdullah Saleh were tempted to sleep with Santa Monica warahmatullahi over

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