Ismail Kamdar – Ramadan – Month of Forgiveness

Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is seen as a means of forgiveness, but forgiveness is also a means of achieving mercy goals. Visits to practicing forgiveness are essential, and individuals should pray five times a day, attend regularly, and avoid major violations. The importance of fasting during the month of Guinea is emphasized, and forgiveness is seen as a commitment to bringing people closer to Allah. The need for forgiveness in the context of COVID-19 deeds is also emphasized.
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step one let me know via Docker lolly

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ensuring and fusina for me see Dr. Molina Miyagi his

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father we flew to LA he saw a lot while he was

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on sama Ramadan and you know what he said? Well

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Omar woman camara, Madonna Ivana, what is

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the mommy zombie, woman calm I needed to call the man What is our hope you know that

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we are at the doors of the month of forgiveness.

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We are literally just a few days away from the one time of the year

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in which Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us so many opportunities to have our sins forgiven, that the prophets of the love body he was undone on a very rare occasion of actually

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seeing our meat recurse again, someone they he stated that once the profits of the loved one he was he was attending the member.

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And he said amin three times.

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And when the Sahaba asked him why, what what is he saying? Amit? We said jubran he was speaking to up against certain people. And I said I mean two doors. And the first type of person that he mentioned was one other Raka Shahada was your friend

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that the person who witnesses the month of Ramadan without being forgiven, and so they entered the house.

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Normally, when you come to the Hadees, of Rasulullah, sallAllahu wasallam is always optimistic. It is always funny note of encouragement. It's very rare to hear the proper logs I'm seeing that are mean that a certain type of person goes to jail. So what what is the case here? Why did you say this is because in Ramadan, Allah has given us so many opportunities to have our sins forgiven, that if somebody had to go through Ramadan, without essence being forgiven, they truly must have no Immaculate Heart whatsoever. They have must have like no relationship with Allah whatsoever. Because this is the time for our sins to be forgiven.

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Allah subhanaw taala knows that we are since He created us as soon as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that if we did not sin and regret and repent aloud, would remove us from this earth and replace it with the creation that sins and repents so he can accept the repentance. Allah subhanho wa Taala is most forgiving, and the one who accepts repentance.

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And the only way for these names and attributes to manifest themselves is if there is a creation in existence that sins and seeks forgiveness for the essence. Because if nobody says, Then who if they want to hear? How do we see this attribute of forgiveness. And so Allah Shiva handler knows that we are weak, and he knows that we are sinful. And so he has created in our religion, many, many ways to have our sins forgiven. And most of these ways, many of these ways all come together in the month of Ramadan. And today, inshallah, we'll go through some of the pieces related to how our sins can be forgiven in the month of Ramadan. So we can practice these things and inshallah earn the forgiveness

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of Allah during this time. But before I do that, just a reminder of a certain Huggies that circulated at this time. There's actually been a lot of us at this time of the year we circulated it stating that the first 10 days of Ramadan or mercy in the next 10 days are forgiveness, right? This this is not authentic. And it's lack of authenticity. kung fu is one in between them the Raiders, but the other in the wording as well. Because how do you separate mercy from forgiveness? What do we mean by 10 days of mercy? 10 days of forgiveness?

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Isn't forgiveness part of Allah's mercy? How do you separate in Islam, Allah's mercy and forgiveness is not two separate things. Throughout the Quran. In many places, Allah declares to himself as

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Forgiving and Merciful. It's a couple of goes together. Allah's names come in pairs. And one of those ups is all over him Forgiving and Merciful, because his mercy and forgiveness work together, that he forgives us out of mercy tools. So these are not separate concepts. The entire month of Ramadan is the month of mercy. The entire month of Ramadan is the month of forgiveness.

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It's not that in the first 10 days, you don't seek forgiveness and the second thing is you seek forgiveness. No the entire month we seek forgiveness right so that this is not authentic treat all 29 to 30 days as days of mercy and forgiveness right 3d and how you want like this don't divide up in that way as that is not authentic. So how do we earn a love forgiveness?

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We'll begin with the Hadees that applies both in and out of Ramadan and before it already long gone through the law he saw the love for honey he was seldom a select the Hans will Juma is a Jew out Ramadan. Ramadan woke up the right mulvane Amina

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the prophets voice of CD on the radio Baba Corina revealed that the five daily salah and one jumar to the next, and one Ramadan to the next. All of these serve as a compiler as a means of wiping out whatever minuses were committed in between as long as we avoid the major sins. So in this Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam mentioned three things, three things that if we are steadfast that one day all of our minuses are overdue. What are those three things? The five daily sala jumar and passing the month of Ramadan? If we are steadfast with these three things, we pray five times a day, we attend the Jamaat every week, and we take the month of Ramadan seriously and do whatever is

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expected from us in the month of Ramadan. These serve as forgiveness for our minuses, right the condition mentioned in the Hadees is as long as you are going to be to service. Now that brings up the question, what is a major sin? What is the minuses? And there is a lot of discussion amongst the older man on this topic. To keep it simple. The major sins are those sins for which there is an actual known punishment.

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I know said that, before, I've heard you say that if you do this, this is the punishment. Right? So for example, murder is you know, stealing, drinking, alcohol, gambling, these are major things. These are the kabyle these are the things that if you are doing these things, then the soda and the vaccine does not cause automatic forgiveness. You have to make dopamine is one of the minuses. The minuses are everything else. Right looking at what you're not supposed to look at the slips of the tongue when you say things you're not supposed to say, listening to something you're not supposed to listen to, right, these daily mistakes that every single human being makes. These are the minuses.

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And it is impossible to go through life without committing align yourself. Therefore Allah has said these things. If you pray five times a day, your mind his sins are forgiven. If you attend Juma regularly, your minor sins are forgiven. If you pass the month of Ramadan, your mind his sins are forgiven. But when a major is meant to be forgiven, we have to make Dover

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continuing on the topic of Ramadan.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned three things to do in Ramadan that caused our sins to be forgiven. And these are sometimes listed as simply a decent and sometimes they're collected together as one dimension. So we will read that degeneration rate is rated again as one The reason I'm having read on wall color was largely similar when he was sat down with my former Ramananda Ivana what he said about

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zombie war my father Ramadan, a man what he said about

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zombie woman comma Lila toccata Emanuel what is about moving on.

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In this Hadees, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned three things that cause our sins to be forgiven in the month of Ramadan. He says, You ever fast the days of Ramadan, with the mind and sincerity, they then your sins will be forgiven. And you said whoever prays the nights of Ramadan would emerge and sincerity, these sins will be forgiven. And whoever spends the night of labor either in Nevada, his sins will be forgiven. Three things that should be our main priorities in order the three things that cause our sins to be forgiven.

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Fasting, the night prayer, which we know is the lobby or the hygiene, and leader to coordinate if we observe these three things, the condition being the man or what the server would imagine a lot, not just ritually or culturally doing it with EMR while the server sincerely hoping for a lovely one, meaning you're doing this for Allah not for any other reason, if we do this for these 29 days, or would we rather

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zombie, all of these sins are forgiven? Again, the smaller say that these are referring to the minuses. Why? Because they use one of these to explain the right the other hand, he says from one on

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My dad to the other is the forgiveness of everything in between as long as you're going to be Jesus, so they use that Hadees to explain this Hadees right to me when he says everything is forgiven is referring to the minuses. Why? Because major sins require though, and we'll get to that.

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In other narration, probably not continuing on the topic of the rug, and it's important to mention this one because in this narration, I will read clears up one of the misconceptions we have about government.

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anatomy, Cory Rogen and Paula Garner Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the lovely movie Dr. Muhammad Amin.

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Kala Kama Ramadan Ivanova de Silva COVID mother goddess.

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Amina says that the prophets of Allah Islam used to encourage people to pray at night in Ramadan without making it obligatory upon them. And you should encourage them by saying whoever prays the nights of Ramadan would demand sincerely seek Allah's reward, his sins will be forgiven. Now, why is this version of the Hadees important? Because again, there is this misconception in our community that Dharavi is compulsory. And if you don't pray a certain number of records, you are sinful. And this is not what the prophet SAW is upon us. You know, the Sahaba believe this is something which was later Muslims developed but not from the early teachings of Islam. Rather, the proper Islamism

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said that I do not want you to be an obligation upon. So why do we break the rod, we don't break the rally because it's an obligation, we create the rally because it's a means of our sins to be forgiven. It's a part of sad, it's a part of striving our best to do our best in the month of Ramadan, then we want to ensure that by the end of Ramadan, all of our sins are forgiven. And one of the ways to do that is to spend the nights of Ramadan, inshallah, right to spend the nights of Ramadan. And so that is one of the ways to have our sins forgiven. So it's important that we understand that this is something that is an extra act of yoga, it's not like an obligation. I know

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why I say this is because a lot of times in our community, we have young people who are not praying five times a day, but people try to force them to only pray that the hobby as if they're always more important, and if it is, and unfortunately, youngsters end up hanging out outside in the masjid. And if you're not taking the fight daily, so that scene is not going to take the district as easy as well. So my advice is, if a young person is not praying five times a day, our main priority dealing with them is building in them the love of Allah, building in them a love of this religion, and helping them to establish the habit of praying five times a day, that's most important. inshallah,

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once somebody is in the habit of praying five times a day, can you build upon that with extra solar like deep turabi, but to jump from non praying budget to bring the Ravi without praying the BI daily Salah This is a mixture of priorities, right? Because the five daily Salah are more important. So we need to, we need to develop a gradual approach when dealing with the right instead of expecting perfection from people. We meet people where they are, we look for what's the next level. So if somebody is not praying fudger we try to get them to prefetch. Right? If somebody is praying five times a day, but they're not praying in the masjid, we try to encourage them to pray the masjid, we

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meet somebody where they are happy, help them get to the next level, we don't expect everybody to be doing everything that we should not and not feel any everything that is, you know, the best. Yes, we want that for everyone. But we don't expect it from others. from ourselves, we push ourselves to do the most possible, and we push ourselves to be the best we can. But when dealing with others, especially those who are struggling with a model, and those who aren't even doing any good deals, then we have to start at their level and build them up. Right. So when it comes to these issues, again, each person's case is different. We deal with people on a case by case basis. The point is to

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bring people closer to Allah not to have such high expectations of them, that they end up not doing anything. So that's why I bring that point up. So the three things that cause our sins to be forgiven is number one capacity. And that's self evident. This is something that we all understand that the month of Ramadan, our main priority is to fast. This is the fourth pillar of Islam. It is something that is foreign. There's no difference of opinion about it. It is from the fundamental science of religion.

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And someone who does not pass in Ramadan without an excuse is promoting ecological and eco community, one of the major cities, right to knock fast in Ramadan, without a legitimate excuse is a major sin. It's not a minor. It's a major sin. It's it's, it's it's such a major sin that to make up for it. You have to fast 60 consecutive days. That's what your major sin it's a huge community. And unfortunately, this is becoming a problem in our community that many young people don't want to fast.

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So we have to remind people that this is from the pillar

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of Islam so fasting is most important let's make sure that unless we have a legitimate excuse like how to traveling or something like that, then we are fasting and taking the bus seriously. Number two praying at night and again everybody is at different levels some people are still getting used to bring the Salah some people can only manage for records or manage aids or can manage 20 some items many more than Mashallah some productions pre 20 Records behind the bar go home wake up an hour before serving every another general Mashallah that's the level that everyone's at a different level. But the point is that if you are trying your best, imagine what is inshallah

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so let us try and help each other to spend the nights of Ramadan inshallah and number three is Lila to Allah and inshallah a few these times we'll have a Juma footbox entirely about what to do in it. But the link between father and Allah forgiving us know, it's a very costly way. When I shot Roger Lowe and he asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam What do I should I mean?

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What is the dog that he told me? The translation of it is, Oh Allah, most forgiving. You love to forgive so forgive me. Right Oh Allah Most pardoning you love to partner to notice that you are we are we are told to meet or near to coddle is to do with forgiveness, and hitc to ever Spain's late Okada in a Bada, his sins will be forgiven. And what is the divider we are told to do to ask for forgiveness. So the link is very, very clear. This is entitled forgiveness. So make sure we take the entire month of Ramadan seriously. And we focus on the goal of having our sins forgiven. Because none of us are sinners, and none of us are perfect, and none of us can see if any sins that need to

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be forgiven. Rather, each and every one of us need to take this seriously knowing that this is the best time of the year to have our sins forgiven. They all want to give us all of our sins except with deeds. They allow us to reach the month of Ramadan and benefit from it. So behind Robin is at the mercy was Salam

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this study known as the federal government, we know we had to walk or lean on my brother in

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law. But have you heard the mahamadou sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was shot on a morning circle how

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our COVID-19 de la

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vida por la, la

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la la,

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la, la La young, Jamil.

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As we approach the mother forgiveness, she bought me whisper into the hearts of some of us and say that you are not worthy of forgiveness. She can't be come to us and say during this year you committed this sin you committed dapsone you are a hypocrite. You are a sinner You are a two phase. This Ramadan is not for you. Forgiveness is not for you. This is from the Watchtower assumption.

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And because he will not be able to influence us in Ramadan. He tries to put these thoughts into our heart before Ramadan. So we enter it in a state of hopelessness and we don't take advantage of this mind. And we don't utilize this man to seek His forgiveness.

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When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam first started preaching the message of Islam in Africa. Some of the Arabs came to me and said that our whole life we've been worshipping idols, we've been committing sin. We've killed people. How is he gonna forgive us?

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And so the question was revealed in Surah

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verse 43, which is known as the verse of hope, in which Allah Subhana Allah told the prophets a lot is up to tell them cool Yeah, you are

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saying, Oh my beloved servants who have sinned against themselves who have harmed themselves to sin, lead up to Medina never lose hope in Allah. Never lose hope in Allah as mercy in the law a young Pharaoh's Beluga Jamia, Allah forgives horses, in the overwhelm of he is most forgiving, Most Merciful. Notice throughout the verse that Allah McPhee Rob is late.

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And this verse is for everyone. This verse is for everyone, no matter what we have done in our lives, no matter what it is, if we spell this Ramadan sincerely worshipping Allah and making Toba for our sins, it can be forgiven.

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And you know that these will be mentioned in the first goodbye we do with the minuses so someone asked me about matrices. Because for many of us, we have committed major sins.

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Me say for major sins to be accepted we need to make the world and what a better time for nobody now. We are entering a minute of forgiveness. The motto probably the best time to make dough but so how do we make Dover? How do we prepare for

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He says, number one is a recent CLE regretted any major sins we have committed in our life we sincerely regretted number two is the promise on what never to do it again and we make a commitment never to do it again. Number three is that we seek a large forgiveness. Number four, if you have heard anybody through the major sin, we seek that person's forgiveness to. And number five, we make a commitment and we follow through their promise to never do it again. Now, number five, if you mistakenly fall back into the future, it doesn't nullify your Nova but you'd have to make no bargain for the new ages. Right? But that's part of the purification of the soul that whatever major sins we

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have done, can we make a commitment to you? So when around Madonna Chronos any of us who have committed major sins or have happened to major sins This is the time to talk about this is a type of oxygen level forgiveness. This is a time for quitting to not do it. And to make sure that the entire month of Ramadan we don't do it, so it becomes a habit not to do it and inshallah we can wrap it up again. So it is possible for Ramadan to be Manta forgiveness, not just for our minuses, but for our majors as well. And the way for that to happen is that we spend this month in total we spend as much repenting to Allah for anything major.

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So we ask Allah to forgive us for our sins the major and the minor all of our sins altogether.

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To luminar drain was the view but our job isn't see it No. No we need in our in our more even our convenience of me now.

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I love him I'm feeling

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probably another two officer in the scene our floating

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about the water

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You walk into one hour have the anthem Allah Allah

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Subhana Allah is at the mercy former Santa Monica Selena will have to be like

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