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Slamon also de la vida de la Sahil Manuela, Allah subhanaw taala accept everything you have done done thus far in Ramadan and beyond my last pants I forgive us all for our shortcomings and May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to sustain a prophetic lifestyle and especially a prophetic thrust as we go into these last 10 nights of Ramadan in LA tada we have a very special program today in sha Allah to Allah and we're going to be running for the next few hours. So I'm going to ask you right off the bat, please do share this link in sha Allah to Allah wherever you're interacting with us from if it's YouTube, Facebook, wherever it is, please do make sure that you get your family and

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friends tuned in right now in sha Allah Tada. Of course we want to start with the recital of the word of Allah subhana wa tada hamdulillah Blimey, we have with us here, a local to us here in Valley Ranch half of Adam munchie who leads us who is a student of shift worker shortly and teaches many of our kids here in the Valley Ranch community, of course, leads us here and so lots of total we have about a half an atom

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Zach along we'll fight on half of the Adam, las panatela bless you and increase you. I lost a penalty how to reward you with the best of this life and the next. So I come on I'm sorry to catch up once again to everyone. Welcome back to the webathon if you are tuning in right now, I'm having a lot of blood. I mean, last year, we were able to do this webathon right as we got into the last 10 nights, but this year, we're particularly building on the theme that we have started with and lived with throughout this entire Ramadan and that is the theme of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And I want to walk you back and shut up a bit as to where this comes from and where this

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mission comes from. If you have been following Europeans work for the last several years, then you would have noticed that there has been an emphasis on the proofs of the prophethood of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. That was one of the initial works that we have undertaken under Sheikh Mohammed mission. Now we wish him did not have but I mean, has now been complete. We have also leaned on the tips that we gained from the prophets license.

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The guidance that we gained from the profit slice on how to nurture conviction in our own homes. So we just finished the series of $100. But I mean, on prophetic parenting, which Ebrahim Hindi, and this has been a year in which the name of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was brought up multiple times. And of course with our brothers and sisters in France in particular, who have struggled to overcome the the attempted humiliation of the Muslim community there, and the attempted disgracing of the name of the Prophet sallallahu his son, but as Allah Subhana Allah says in the shining, aka who will ever top that those who seek to disgrace the most beloved of Allah's creation,

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the most honored of Allah's creation, only disgraced themselves. Now for our selves, the way that we continue to live with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is to hold him with reverence in our hearts, to shape our entire lives after his life's on the law, it was so long, to learn more about him, to learn more from him, to affirm our belief in him, and to continue to affirm the belief that we have in everything that he has given us a lot of it was sentiment ultimately, to continue our pursuit of the companionship of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam internetu for those May Allah subhanaw taala grant that to all of us, Allah, I mean, you can say, I mean, even if you're watching

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from your homes and chocolates out it, it counts so just say I mean, when you hear it, you say Salawat on the Prophet sallallahu wasallam every time you hear his name, stay engaged with all of the drives with all of the data that you will hear over the next few hours inshallah Tada. Now, how do we bring the profit slice I'm into our lives, this series of meeting Mohammed, Salah horniness, and I'm focused on the Shema of the Prophet sallallahu. It was some his blessed description, but it was told in a story like format as if we were in Medina, living with our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam getting to know him out of his Salatu was Salam getting closer to him. And that's just the

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beginning and inshallah to Allah. The last 10 episodes, by the way, are about the worship of the Prophet, slice alum and particularly seeing the effects of that as we get into the 10 nights in which we seek to push ourselves to the greatest place of worship. But we plan to go further and sha Allah Tada. It's not just the Shema and it's taking the Shema reading the Sierra of the Prophet slice of the life of the Prophet slice them in the context of his blessed description, and then applying his sunan in our lives, applying his lifestyle and our own lifestyles in it tada in the best of ways, Allah subhana wa tada praises the Prophet slice and him throughout the Quran. He

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praises his a flop he praises His attributes and his characteristics. He praises his mission. He praises his very sending well not also not a law of the land. I mean, we have not sent you except as a mercy to the world and he's a mercy to the world from Allahu wa sallam, not just because of the mercy that we gained through his intercession, or the mercy that we gained through the guidance that Allah subhanaw taala has done through him. He is a mercy to the world's because he teaches us how to access the greatest portion of Allah's mercy as well in this life and in the next, and for those who are in pursuit of Allah. And in pursuit of the last day you have in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam Oh swattin Hassan, you have an amazing example. Now all of us know that we fall short. We fall short when we try to follow the profit slice on in his worship. We fall short when we try to follow the profit slice on him in our social lives. We fall short when we try to follow the Prophet sly seminar family lives. We always fall short because he sets the standard of perfection sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in every way. Every speaker that you're going to hear from today, inshallah, tada that's going to reflect upon what the prophets likes a means to them and how we sustain a prophetic lifestyle is also you know, going to admit that they themselves are seeking to strive to the

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standard that they're going to be talking to you about, we're all imperfect, and we are all trying to attain as much as we can have the perfect example of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. But at the end of the day, beyond the 90 to Allah, this is a time of striving. And when we talk about bringing into our lives, lifelong habits and shot lots out of that can transform us, that means affirming our creed, reforming our character, affirming our creed means isn't it it tada we come out of Ramadan, with a greater belief than ever a certainty that he is a pseudo loss on the lahardee he was seldom, he is the Prophet of Allah, that everything that he told us is true some Allahu wa sallam. The

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proofs of prophethood are well established in our thoughts well established in our hearts. And so we affirm our creed, but we reformed our character, in accordance with the character of the profit slice alum, and we can strive every Ramadan in our lives, and we will not reach his character sallallahu it was something but every time we strive, we will attain a greater reward.

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from Allah subhana wa tada in the last so long as we are sincere in our striving, and we will in that process been lucky to attain a greater rank in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala hence a greater degree in paradise hence in Allahu Tana, a greater positioning with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and generative for DOS Alhamdulillah novel but I mean this defines our mission. And by the way, we are just getting started you are going to see in sha Allah tada more and more contents that comes out about the prophets little lights on them over the next year in particular, you're going to see more about affirming that belief more about reformed reforming our character within it Tada. And

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I hope and shot let's honor more about how we are trying to trace everything that we do, no matter what subject we are addressing, back to the prophetic guidance from the messenger Salallahu it he was setting up. And in that process your brothers and sisters, I want to talk to you a bit about yaqeen and a bit about what we are seeking to do in sha Allah, some of you have just been introduced to our work and handed it out a bit. I mean, some of you have been a part of this European community. For the last almost five years, some of you have been tuning into Quran 3430 with Abdullah duru, and whoever of our blessed guests has joined us on a nightly basis, some of you are

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just coming across our YouTube channel. And by the way, we're almost at 500,000 subscribers. So if you're on YouTube, please press subscribe and shout lots out and continue to spread the word there. You've been interacting with your pain in various ways. But what I'd like to share with you today in Charlottetown, is that the work that you are seeing has so much behind it that you might not have been able to appreciate and Hamlet in our brand. I mean, yes, we have about 16 million video views and hamdulillah for that, but every comment that has come in has been even more meaningful than that. And every person that has worked behind the scenes of Europeans, over 60 staff members that

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have worked to put together this work so that you can benefit from it, each one of them puts in their heart and soul so that we can deliver this in different ways. And so please do make do out for the entire team. It is a team of seven departments that handle a lot of it, I mean departments within those departments. And it is a team of over 60 people that strive to do their best that are spending their time on Milan to make sure that you have the best in Milan possible but in the 90 Tada and that are dedicated to this work, please make your app for all of them. Insha Allah. The other thing, though, is that you might not know about the breadth of Europeans work, that could mean

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that you're not aware of the video series that come out throughout the year of different scholars and speakers, and what I mean so that you can benefit from it. Or maybe you're not aware of the curriculum work, the over 500 communities and hamdallah that we have partnered with to give free curriculum to whether it's been Islamic schools or mesogens, or mshs, wherever it may be, or maybe the engineering backends and the app technology or maybe you know the effort of our creative and marketing team to both take this content and package it in the most intelligent and impactful way possible. And then to make sure that when we are drowning out the negative results and the things

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that come up about our Deen from those that seek to disgrace our Prophet sallallahu wasallam and only disgraced themselves and from those who seek to hinder the blessing of Islam, but only in the process end up being a means for its growth, we drowned them out have that in our blood, I mean as much as we can, and we make sure that the positive message of Islam is being seen by the world and inshallah Tada, we take that to the next level. So whether it's the breadth of the work or the behind the scenes, please do familiarize yourself with all of your team's work in Charlottetown. You know, when you're making your app for people, you'd love to leave as the profit slice I'm taught us

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to pray for people behind the scenes. I want you to go on European's team website every once in a while and just take a person and make your app for them without telling them and shout let's pray for them as well. But dear brothers and sisters, I also want you to understand you are a part of this team. Every single one of you is a part of this team. So pauwela was last year when COVID hit that we did not know what was going to happen to you again, we didn't know what was going to happen to the nonprofit organizations. We didn't know what was going to happen to the massage. We didn't know how many people were going to tune into our content. We didn't know the impact the potential

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impact that we were to have. And we didn't know what the response was going to be like from the community. It's slum ablon. Every Muslim nonprofit looks to the community for support and Ramadan. But last year, you came through Subhana Allah, it wasn't large donations. It was the amount of people that donated that came through to where we not only were able to maintain, but we were able to grow and that it all but I mean, and we hope you're seeing the results of that growth. Here we are now and we're still growing in China. And we need your support in sha Allah. We will never charge for anything that we do all of the resources, whether it is the making of those resources or

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the packaging of those resources or the delivering of those resources, the

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curriculum side the partnership side all of that we will never charge for any of it bitman nahi tada and this is your work that isn't in it Tada, this is your, this is your organization inshallah time, I want you to realize that as you are investing in this organization, you have a piece of the reward of every piece of content that comes out of your pain bitten Allahu taala. Hence, every single person that's impacted by it, perhaps the same way that you have been that drove you to donate in the first place, but not at all. So our goal today in sha Allah to honor is that we have 1000 people sign up for our last two nights donation. Last year, we surpassed that goal 100 labrada mean, and I

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anticipate in Charlottetown, that we will surpass that goal again in the nighttime hopefully very soon within the webathon. So if you go to the link below, wherever you're tuning in from, or you go to our website, you can sign up to automate your donations over the next 10 nights with the nahi Tana and we pray that Allah subhana wa tada will accept every single one of those nights donations from you. And we pray that it will be a means as well, wherever later than other false that that is one of your charities and chocolates on that is accepted. As these last 10 nights come around your brothers and sisters. We're not just asking you to support up and support your relief organizations,

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support your local Masjid support your local Islamic schools, support the Muslims that are doing important advocacy work support, the organizations that are working for our incarcerated Muslim brothers and sisters support as many good efforts as you can see the night on as we're getting into these last two nights, because these are 10 nights of reward in the law. And we are merely asking you to make you have been a part of that and shot lots on a part of that portfolio of good deeds that you put forth before Allah subhanho wa Taala. So done, why the authority he's the one who guides to good is like the one who does it and shouts out as we continue with the program right now.

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Please sign up with whatever amount that you can and shot what's gonna be one of those 1000 donors that joins us today in sha Allah, and make sure that you are sharing it with your family and friends, sharing the link in sha Allah however, you're interacting with us on WhatsApp through your text message through your text messages, whatever it may be been in the nighttime. And with that in sha Allah, every speaker today is going to talk about the prophets I saw them in some way. And a particular way that we can sustain his lifestyle it his thoughts with Salaam, hopefully in our lives in sha Allah Tada, beyond Ramadan, and our first speaker and him did it out of blind. I mean, as

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someone that is not unfamiliar to those that have been following your Kane's work, however, her title might be a little unfamiliar. So I'm going to say doctor with emphasis, doctor to snake oil peak and hamdulillah alameen, who was one of the first fellows at your pain, who has been a part of the team, really since the very beginning and they did not have it I mean, who has a lot of people blessing elders that have been making it for her to finish her PhD and hamdulillah she finished her PhD She's also the director of expanded learning at European and hamdulillah and if you don't know what expanded learning is, it's basically a broader term that covers curriculum. So all of the

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curriculum that gets made at you have been that is done digested in different ways and distributed in different ways. That comes from her department handed it out of it I mean, and inshallah to Allah please do give a welcome to Dr. Dr. Underlying bold, capitalize the art as well as the DEA just because insha Allah Allah and make dua for her that Allah subhana wa tada elevate her continue to elevate her in this life and in the next as well. Allah I mean, Dr. tasneem fp welcome to the webinar.

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Sam sound like I'm excited to be here with you guys. And it feels a bit different this year, have the lamp happy to say that.

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Sorry for everyone again, so exciting to be with you be here with you all today and talk about one of the most important things, most important aspects of the life of the process. And among Of course, so many to me personally, and I love talking about this because it has so much value to me and it's proven so so much so beneficial, that I hope that inshallah all of you can walk away with the same degree of benefit. And that is the fact that the prophet SAW most of them when he was asked,

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oh, we are astudillo what are the best of actions he said at one point, the best of actions are those that are consistent, even if they are small. And a lot of times we think about this okay, you know, small consistent actions. I got it, I do it. No, I mean really embodying and living small but consistent actions will change your life. And in you see the way that it's changed the process and how it shaped the life of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Someone came to shove a little on her a woman came to action and she asked, you know, Kiva Kenny I'm okay Kiva Kenya I'm an obese with alojado said to them, you know, how are they? How was the good deeds, the actions of the past? I set

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it up. Hey, Kenny, a hostile shame. I mean, a man. I mean, a yam you know, you know, in certain days would he specify

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certain actions over others with you really emphasize certain things and just really go hard on prayer all night. This just tell me that secret, you know, what would the promises in them do really, really hard, uncertain night. So I can embody that I can live that that sooner, and really try to find that secret. So if I, if I do my part on those few days, and I'll be good for the rest of the year, and I shall on a response that, you know, again, I'm going to ridhima his actions weren't like that he weren't, he didn't specify certain, you know, big actions certain times beyond what was what he prescribed for us as Muslims, but rather, his actions were deema. And they were

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consistent. And he made such a beautiful word to describe the consistency of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Because when he what deema is, is that, that beautiful, consistent rain, you know, when you get rainy days, day after day, but it's the kind of just light and beautiful and airy and continues to provide sustenance day in and day out. That was how I chalon had to scribe the actions of the profit and loss alum. And because of that you're able when you have those small but consistent actions, you're really able to persevere in the long run. And that the process of themselves Yeah, even this one a minute armory Metro to your point that people listen up, do what

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you can handle the process that I was telling you this he never, he never at any point came out and said, You know, this is life, you buckled down and you need to be praying online know the process that I'm constantly give advice and lived a life in which he consistently was connected with almost padala in so many different ways. And he says that, that Allah Melillo hepatoma lu Allah, that is not going to be wary of your the deeds that only you will end up wearing yourself out. If you go if you if you're too hard on yourself, what's gonna happen, we all know this, we've all experienced it, whether it's with our religious good deeds, or with you know, our work or school or relationships.

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Sometimes we get so excited. And this happens. And I think this is particularly relevant because this happens after Ramadan a lot. We're so excited, we're fired up, we just read, you know, a lot of us have read the most, and we read all year. And so what do we tell ourselves, I'm going to make moving forward, I'm going to pray every single night today we have something similar to what we have in my home. And you know, I'm going to start fasting this many days, I'm going to read off cutsem of Quran every single month, I'm going to a we have all these great ambitions, keep the energy, keep the passion, but be realistic and choose every single action that you want to take away. If it's if

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you want to keep keep that relationship with Docker and keep it It's beautiful. It's incredible. Just tone it down. If you're if you're reading a juice every single day, if you're reading 20 pages, tell yourself, I'm going to be five pages, I'm not kidding, I'm going to be five pages, I'm going to be two pages every single day. Once that becomes a habit one month, two months, three months in, then always push yourself. You never want to be static. You want to push yourself, but be realistic. follow the advice follow the practice of the process and Lem when he embodied the small but consistent actions. That's the most beautiful to most pantalla because you're consistently day in

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and day out showing you how much you care and love and worship and value. That relationship was fantana. And that is something that is the most beautiful in his eyes. So when you're making it when you're thinking about the last 10 nights, yes, push yourself go hard. This is a time that you really want to energize yourself. But when you're thinking about the long run those small but consistent actions, do not do not devalue them. Because that is something that whether we're talking about specific books that acts of worship, or you're talking about even your lifestyle, this is something I incorporate in my lifestyle. How did you finish your PhD? What literally just small but consistent

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actions Pan Am I always every time I think about that I say I'm almost on the LSAT Mohamed like he gave us the key to everything, he gave us the key to this world, he gives the key to the athlete on to the next world. And that's something we really want to take advantage of. And you know, and to conclude just briefly, the person walked into actual on how there was a woman with her. And it turns out she's like, Who is this? Who's this lady? Now she's like, Oh, this lady, you know, this is so and so she's the lady that everyone knows she doesn't sleep at night she just preys on light. And I should say, you know, like, there's always that person with that reputation. Or that person doesn't

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sleep, Masha Allah, they are praying day in and day out. That's this lady. What is the call center respond behind a comb look, okay, this is not something we want to praise, necessarily. Because, again, what happens is that when someone does this, it takes a toll on your body takes a toll on your soul and your relationship. It was pantalla and then you feel the burnout, and that burnout lasts much longer. And so really be realistic. Do the actions that you can handle and think about the long one think about how months into it, you'll be so you'll be so surprised. It'll start off reading two pages, two eyes of plan a day. And I promise you it'll end if you're consistent and you

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push yourself every once in a while. Once you're ready to move to that next step before you know what you'll have memorized. And I know one too many experiences one too many stories that make this all true

00:45:00--> 00:45:08

Of course, there's nothing more true or more more valuable in following than the prophets will send them and the precedent that he said with small but consistent actions.

00:45:10--> 00:45:15

Does that come along? Hi, Ron, Dr. tasneem. A question for you that comes up.

00:45:16--> 00:45:39

Ramadan is not really a time to be balanced, right? There's nothing balanced about staying up the entire night. There's nothing balanced about fasting, especially in Texas, if a lot of times past eight o'clock there's nothing balanced about that. Right? So how do you measure the drive to push yourself as much as possible in Milan, while still have habits in the nighttime that transcend them alone?

00:45:40--> 00:46:17

That's a great question. So number one, you know what you've been like before animals on when you were setting your goals for Ramadan, and you know, what your your day to day looks like afterwards. And so be realistic in terms of what you've been able to push yourself, when you're reading 10 pages pulled out a day, and you felt that that has taken a toll in terms of your time and your effort. And it's a beautiful effort to expand. But But really, one rule that we were just talking about with the upline team is have a 10% rule, if you were able to pray eight hours every single night, do a 10% just pray to the gods pray, you know, recite the amount of pages at a 10% level, even if that ends

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up being just two lines, read if you're reading 10 pages every day, read one page, it really depends on your experiences. Ramadan is an opportunity for us to really push ourselves and and have an opportunity to start with a clean slate. And when you're moving forward, think about all of the actions that you were able to able to do all those actions that you want to make habits. And think of a 10% rule if you can push yourself a little more, perhaps 20%. But really start small and there's always room to grow big

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Mark along again. I think somehow there's even the prophetic guidance about Shawwal in particular, it's sort of you're making break it right after it on Milan, right. And the fact that we're pushed too fast six days, which is about a fourth of you know, the month, the fast the fact that we have that I think should be a precedent for everything else that we do in Charlotte's on it right that just as you're maintaining some of the habit of fasting, not completely ditching it. You want to keep everything else right.

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Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So start off with that. Grab a group of friends that's together the six days from show one and work together to identify those schools that you want to work on and really have that group the same group that you know, you might have been connected with over to Milan to hold yourselves accountable in the coming months inshallah.

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barakallahu conductors name one more thing, what's your favorite thing about cooking?

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My favorite thing about the Athene is honestly the fact that when people come to me now and I've been in sort of the realm of the senate studies for quite some time now it has made my life so easy because I can just send them a link to a video to an infographic a paper depending on that person there's always some form of a you know of engagement that I know will work with them. So for a younger audience, I can send them this cool animation for people who are more serious and want to learn more I can send them this detailed paper we have so many different ways of really getting the same points across to cater to so many different audiences comes into

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our last question, your favorite department not named expanded learning

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Oh, this is really tough and it's going to cause some sick not sure how much But no, no, you love all the departments just you

00:48:25--> 00:48:49

know sign up on my blog outside of expand learning learning my I think I admire the creative department the most you I can't even tell you how amazingly incredible and talented I mean everyone in the apenas but the creative team they'll take this like condensed 40 page paper and then make this beautiful picture out of I'm like how did you even do that? That's talent right there. So I really admire the work that creative does along with of course everyone

00:48:50--> 00:48:54

so research you heard it just name things creative is better than you

00:48:55--> 00:48:55

Zack can

00:48:56--> 00:49:11

handle a lot of Blimey and there was no wrong answer to that and May Allah bless you for the time that you give to expanded learning and May Allah bless all of the departments that are doing the work that they're doing does that from Lafayette for joining us? I don't bother me so I would like

00:49:12--> 00:49:51

to so a reminder to everyone in Charlottetown to please do sign up at the link below. We are looking for 1000 donors in the 90 data throughout the next few hours inshallah and share the link with everyone that you know inshallah share the webinar, share the link make sure that you're one of those signups no matter what amount that it isn't shout out to Adam it was printed Bless you. And we're going to continue to move along. The next guest is someone that is very dear to my heart. I wish he would always be with us like I wish we could have him every night on put on 3430 I wish we could have him for pretty much anything that we do because it hamdulillah personally I benefit every

00:49:51--> 00:50:00

time he speaks and he gives insights on things that I have not thought about. In fact the the Ramadan halftime show that

00:50:00--> 00:50:34

We had done here at vrsc. I mentioned the point that I learned from Shia Hasson last year that she has ever just said, Well, that's a beautiful point that I've never spoken about. And that was who sent the dog. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, then you have to go back and listen to it. Or I'll just tell you right now, just I don't want to leave you hanging, I don't want you to leave the webathon and go look for it. Sheikh Hassan was reflecting on the Hadith of the woman who gave water to a thirsty dog. And he said, you know, wasn't it Allah subhanaw taala that sent that dog to grant her an opportunity at salvation. And we never even think about the fact that that was

00:50:34--> 00:51:06

all part of the design in the planning of Allah subhanho wa Tada. So we have Dr. Hassan and 100. Inna, who's a senior fellow at yuping, who has been a recent regular hamdulillah in many different ways, who has really brought life to many of our programs. And he did a lot of that. I mean, and who recently wrote a paper actually on embracing uncertainty in the time of a pandemic. So we love Him, we respect him, we're blessed to have him to Pablo, Chef Victor has done 100 lamps, that was remarkable machines, even 100 watt,

00:51:08--> 00:51:54

green robot, I have to say that we see people that we are and the way she Homer sees everybody tells a lot about his heart. It is by the light of our own hearts. It's our own heart that sees things. So the second law here and ask Allah subhana wa gyla to make us better, and veil any faults that people can see in Java in this life and in the Hereafter. I would like to start that whenever, five minutes or six minutes, we want to speak about Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam I've always I'm very happy and I'm also very anxious because everything about him is amazing. And that's exactly what our show the yellow line here. That when people asked one time, tell us about something something most amazing

00:51:54--> 00:51:55

about the prophet SAW.

00:51:56--> 00:52:12

Her response was actually tears she started crying. And she said What can I tell you? Everything about him is amazing. Everything. And that's exactly how it but in those five, six minutes, I would like to share something we learned from Amazon

00:52:13--> 00:52:57

that I think can help us finish Ramadan good. And not only that, stay with us as a trade. He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once was sitting with the companions teaching the see the way he teaches he asked them a question. Hello, looking. I haven't heard Omar, shouldn't I tell you about who Hellfire will be forbidden to touch? This is the person that will not be touched at all by any any type of punishment or torture. And of course the companions are very excited, but they are also low. Who is he? Is he one that you don't praise fast, and he Samaniego Selim describes a characteristics that I think we are desperately in need of today. He Salalah alayhi wa sallam said to her rather

00:52:57--> 00:53:10

more articulatory aim, lay in and said Hellfire will never touch a person who's approachable, lenient, easygoing.

00:53:11--> 00:53:12

Am I an easygoing person?

00:53:14--> 00:53:56

Am I a demanding person? See, sometimes people can be very generous, I can be very kind. I can work a lot and bring you know the best of things to my household and the best of things to my kids, but then I'm so demanding on them. What the prophets Allah wa sallam is teaching us here is that when we interact with giving one of the things that people want from us more than more than our generosity is we slept as human beings we have fought you make mistakes, by itself if I slip right now, are you going to be lenient with me? How will you treat me when I make a mistake? Are you going to make things easy for me? That's what he saw Allah Allah wa sallam was emphasizing in this and in this

00:53:56--> 00:54:25

month. So Pamela we see that in Allah Himself. This is a characteristic that he saw Allah Allah embodying and why we look on the month of Ramadan and sometimes we look at what we're doing in the month of Ramadan and it's great as thing, Masha Allah, you know, reading the four n to create things that have you ever thought, What is Allah doing for us in this month, to enable us to do those things? Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran,

00:54:26--> 00:55:00

you read the law who will commonly use when you need to live will be commerce, Allah wants to make things easy for you. He does not want to make things harder for you. See, that's from Allah Himself. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam indeed embodied. He makes things easy for us. When you look to Ramadan, fasting, one month and a year, all your sins are forgiven. One lightweight at a time. If you fast or stand and pray all your sins are forgiven. But what if I'm not doing much deeds? Can you feed someone if you give someone you know some food for thought or what

00:55:00--> 00:55:30

This person that belongs to you. There's so many things that Allah will do to make things easy for us. He wants to give us. Similarly, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you enter his household one time. Yes. You know, like his wife any food today? No, we don't have any food. How would I act? is somewhat long sentences. No way to say hello, let me fast another day. Yes, sir. Any any food? Well, we don't have to accept vinegar.

00:55:31--> 00:56:12

Well, look how he makes it easy for that near a man near him and I then will help. The best type of food is very good. He makes people feel great. He keeps it simple for people. He's not demanding, especially when it comes to worldly things. I finish with one example that I hope teaches us how to do that in a practical way. The Sultan Salahuddin it up great so far, the one that liberated Jerusalem, the one that Muslims love. He was known to embody that concept. And that's why the hordes of people went around him one time in a very difficult battle, the Battle of ACA that took three years fighting, you know, the Third Crusade with the Kings like Richard the lion. Horton was a very

00:56:12--> 00:56:53

difficult battle and there was disease and people started dying and you know, an epidemic and he himself got sick. And he, they take him to his tent. And they described he can sit up and very worried about what will happen to the city of ARCA in that battle. And he asks, Can you please get me some old, one of the surfing schools and he gets apparently some very hot water. He trips and he spends the condo some time and everybody was what will happen? What will add this autonomy? And Salatin looked at him and he said, Can you make it colder, please. And the man rushes 100 less, he is easy. And he gets ice cold water. He goes in he trips, he spills it on the Salton again, two

00:56:53--> 00:57:05

times in a row. And everybody said, you know that guy's gone, you know, hot water, cold water. And Salahuddin looks up to him and it has the following. If we if you want to kill me, let me know. And do it quickly, please.

00:57:07--> 00:57:28

Making people at ease sometimes requires human, the best use of humans is not to put down people is to leave people. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to be a source of make us a source of ease. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us easygoing with people, and that he would be easygoing with us on the Day of Judgment. And jacamo lucky.

00:57:32--> 00:58:06

Happy luck Allah. Victor hasn't always beautiful insights. I have a follow up question for you. You know, we often have the balance between talking about the leniency of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and the mercy of the Prophet slice alum in a way that still drives us sort of like how when we always go between hope and fear and Allah subhana wa Tada, how do we come about a very well rounded understanding of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, where we appreciate his leniency, we appreciate his mercy, it has slots with Sam, but we also drive ourselves to worship like him and be like him.

00:58:08--> 00:58:53

So panelists, of course, very difficult for me to answer when you're there. I would rather hear the answer from you. panela. But I would say the following knowing how Matala how they were selling in the totality, right, drives us to be better in every aspect. They say a very profound statement, lay your Florida criminal was intellectual who did was nothing will make you exit the vices that you know the specific characters that you have, or nothing will make you acquire good characters, except if you witness this good character, witnessing, witnessing, being able to see whether Allah subhanaw taala, or the prophet SAW the law he was seeing his leniency, the way he treated his wife, the way

00:58:53--> 00:59:21

he treated the companions when they slipped the way he the way he ate, the way he worship the way when we see that one can't help but love and love enables one to fall. They say when they even want to define what love is the whole support. Mubarak had gathered but you know, when you love someone so much, you love what that person loves. And I can give you many examples. My daughter, for example, like I always say this example

00:59:22--> 00:59:23

it's one minute.

00:59:25--> 00:59:53

When I grew up, I grew up with boys, two girls who me or something I don't know how they play with dolls and weird things. And so when I was informed, you know that you know, I'm going to be expecting I said, you're hoping if it's a boy, I know how to handle him. You know, sword fighting, you know, whether it's like, you know, playing soccer with a girl, you know, Barbies and mature whatever toys like I don't know how to do this. And indeed, I got I was blessed with a baby girl. And guess what happened one year later.

00:59:55--> 00:59:59

I loved playing with dogs. I love butterflies. Why?

01:00:00--> 01:00:02

She loves them. I love them.

01:00:03--> 01:00:19

So loving someone makes whatever we love to that person be beloved to you. So here's how Malala Sallam loves leniency and law school give him an I love him and I love what he loves. Me also kind of talent enable us to love the right things.

01:00:20--> 01:00:54

Long I mean, exactly what the doctor has sent me last contact reward you and truly Subhana Allah, which you mentioned, I thought I was the only weird one with my daughters. But the problem is, once you start loving them, and you start loving what they love, they move on to something else, so we have to figure something else out. But that allowed I mean for the blessing that Alaska has given to us. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam loved what Allah loved and we love him because of Allah's love for him so Allah honey wasallam and hopefully that pushes us to follow him pull in quantum to Hebron, Allah phetchaburi Rooney will become Allah say, if you truly love Allah, follow

01:00:54--> 01:01:32

the messengers, ally Salaam, and Allah will love you back shift in just 30 seconds in sha Allah Tada, you have seen all of these noble efforts and organizations you live in hamdulillah. And so Cal where there's so much that happens over there, that is bless it, and that we support many organizations and schools and seminaries. What do you think is unique about your cane and how it has impacted you or impacted people that you know, also panela impacted me Of course, on a personal level, as you said, being with the people in your team will lie, nothing. It makes my day, I have no idea. I can't even describe for you what it's like behind the scenes, to see those dedicated,

01:01:32--> 01:02:10

sincere, hardworking, intelligent people doing things, and mostly over the contents of for free. Every time I sit with the people in your team, we have some people here like a madman imagine will lie it opens my heart. This is on a personal level. When I see my own daughter coming to me, she'll have to learn the university now and she's telling me whenever I have a paper or something, the first thing I do is I check your pain Institute. Do they have anything to say about that? That's a direct impact. But I can see it impacted my own family members. It impacted me so that there is counseling countless examples. I can't even enumerate.

01:02:12--> 01:02:25

My mercury comes out and you certainly have been a part of that impact on many other families through your work with yaqeen and others Millis pounds have preserved you and reward you our dear beloved chef Dr. Hassan want We hope to see you again inshallah. Tennyson zakum lafaye

01:02:28--> 01:03:06

botica lo fi comm so we have good news at home did a lot of blur. I mean we are already now over 140 signups and handed a lot of LogMeIn, so we're making progress inshallah, we're already past a 10th of our goal, please continue to share the link and share what's out of both to the webinar as well as the sign up link and make sure that whatever amount in Charlottesville it is that you are a part of this amongst the portfolio of good that you are putting forth in the best nights of the year but in the night at our next guests and hammered it out a bit i mean is Dr. lasagna I want and her topic fits which she has meant to us perfectly. And she has done a series on holistic healing through

01:03:06--> 01:03:34

yaqeen. She's done a lot of work and 100 non Brahmin on trauma on how to comfort people but come for people with clarity and purpose and move them to the next level. And her work is not just through your pain. Her work is through the hill center. Her work is through Stanford Her work is through so many different efforts. I think because of the rarity of what she brings in handed a lot of rhyming. We have all been excited to benefit from her and we're certainly blessed to have her as a part of the team at European. So with that, inshallah tada Dr. Vanya sofab Lily

01:03:35--> 01:04:14

barakallahu fake Mr. Modi Michelle, lots wonderful to be here with everybody in the clean this is Allah Rahmani Raheem muscle Allahu Allah say that Mohammed, ali ali or Sufi or send them a train Subhan Allah, one of the most beautiful things about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we are meant to really learn is how he were to comfort a person who is distressed, I think about this panela in a time, such as now that is very difficult, a time that we are still in the pandemic and sha Allah emerging out of it. But a time that's been very, very stressful for so many of us. And as we know, mental health has really been the needs have been really out of rise at this moment in time

01:04:14--> 01:04:56

more than ever before. And I go back to my inspiration of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and see, how did he deal with anybody who was feeling down or feeling uncertain about what's happening around them, or feeling distressed? And one of my most favorite, a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is an interaction that he had with a young Sahabi which that in itself is amazing because when you think about the prophets, Allah sallallahu sallam, and all that he had to do all of the work related to the oma and to the spiritual advising but also the expansion of the oma and so on, but he was attuned to the needs of every single member of his community, even the young

01:04:56--> 01:04:59

children. And so this particular Hadith is a very short heavy

01:05:00--> 01:05:45

But we derive so much meaning from it. The Sahaba of Alton ha, and his wife on slain were to Sahaba that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would often visit along with their son. And as if in Manik, but there was also a younger brother, and his name was a barrel made and ever made one day was very sad. And when the Prophet salallahu, it was sitting in, visited his home, he noticed the other maid was very upset. And now look what the Prophet salallahu today was sending him to put yourself in his shoes with me for just a moment here. He didn't walk right up to him and say What's wrong? And you didn't question him? Rather, we talk about people's IQs What about people's EQ, their emotional

01:05:45--> 01:06:21

intelligence, the prophets, Elijah was emotionally attuned. So we asked a family member and said, what is happening with other made Why is he sad? And they told him, they said his pet bird had died, his pet had died, or he's a young boy. And he's very sad about the death of his pet, or the Prophet civilize them could have brush this off. And he could have said, I don't have time for this, or one of many things. But instead look at what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam did and let's learn together. How do you comfort someone who was distressed? He went to other remade

01:06:23--> 01:07:09

and a very playfully said to him a very beautiful her these are short, six words, only sisters and brothers. But the scholars like Evan Hudson and others have said that we have derived over 60 rulings out of the six word had he he said to him, yet about homemade masala No. Look at this. Look at the beautiful Arabic. He asked him. Oh, about homemade, which is the boy's name. What did the new Glade? Do? No Glade is another way of saying bird. And look at the eloquence of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam La Jolla and Kalyan. He was able to have the most meaning and impact for meaning in the shortest number of words. And he rhymes, the name of the boy with a name one of the

01:07:09--> 01:07:31

ways of saying bird. And he asks him, not what did you do to the bird? But what did the bird do to comfort him, and to make him understand that it's not his fault. And what's we learn from this is that he didn't judge him. He didn't tell him don't feel this way. He didn't tell him a believer should never be upset or grieve or sad.

01:07:32--> 01:07:40

He didn't launch into an entire hope. But he didn't tell him there are more birds out there are more efficient to see.

01:07:41--> 01:07:42

He came to his level

01:07:43--> 01:08:26

and understood that this was his loss. And he was sad about it. And people often say, Well, if it isn't a war on bombs falling down, and the trauma is a really big thing. Why should you be sad and they judge people, or they blame them or they tell them get over it. This was not the way of our profits, Allahu Allah, he was sending him when he saw someone who was distressed, whatever it may be at their level, it was their distress, that he went to their level and actually helped them. And I saw them through the difficulty they were going through. And because of that support Allah we learn, to engage people at their level, and to recognize their emotions and to not brush it off, as upon

01:08:26--> 01:08:50

Allah. This is the way of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the way of our noble predecessors and how they understood holistic healing and well being. And I pray in sha Allah, that we learn from this and we learn how to comfort others, and how to really be support systems for others. And we learn in sha Allah to Allah, and all types of healing our importance in sha Allah barakallahu fecal

01:08:52--> 01:09:30

does that come along higher on Dr. Vanya? In just a few seconds, maybe a minute, if you could share how you have been in your mind plays that role. You've seen these different efforts, these different organizations? How is your pain uniquely been the nightside of playing that role of comforting people with clarity? Thank you so much, have a moment I really, I really think that your penis plays such an important role in this because when we look at taking on and tackling subjects that are sometimes difficult to tackle, particularly one about trauma, mental health kind of group, you're going to the queen is going somewhere that some of our organizations have not yet fully up and ready

01:09:30--> 01:09:50

to go. Some things that are stigmatized or even taboo. We are tackling and dealing with and actually unraveling for people and bringing back. This is the most important, bringing back that Islamic legacy and tradition of healing. That over time we have seemed to have lost a lot but we are reviving that. And I think that's one of the most important things you clean is doing.

01:09:52--> 01:09:59

barakallahu li mascota bless you for the work that you do for your pain and for all of those organizations, the way that you inform our community, the way that

01:10:00--> 01:10:06

to comfort our community, it's truly been a pleasure to have you on board and I'm the nonverbal I mean, and to be able to benefit from you.

01:10:07--> 01:10:43

Not a cola who become likewise Michelle law, please keep us in your glass. And us roboticle rpki. Pam did a lot of blaming everyone good news that we are according to my latest count at 192 I know that we're moving in sha Allah to Allah, and I'm getting the numbers sometimes a minute or two late but that's the the pace at which you are responding and 100 algebra, I mean, so we're at a fifth of our goal, you know, inshallah, we can double the goal but we'll get there when we get there and shot, let's honor but please keep on sharing the webathon please keep on sharing the link in sha Allah to Allah and participate in sign up in any way that you can inshallah Tada. And now I'd like

01:10:43--> 01:11:25

to introduce and bring on one of my two co hosts for the night and I'm the developer, I mean, but the esteemed vice president of the team. And Dr. Altaf Hussain is not just the vice president of the FDA and honestly, he has been there in the development of pretty much every beneficial Islamic organization in some capacity whether you knew it or did not know it. He's been behind the scenes engineering efforts working to bring people together mentoring so many of us on the on the Dallas scene to make sure that we are constantly focused and when we first started yet the inductor hold off immediately saw something within your pain and a lot of but I mean that was different and saw a

01:11:25--> 01:12:01

vision that he was a part of putting together at him that a lot of blood I mean, that brings in the best practices but also has the best effort inshallah tada and in long term vision and trajectory, Dr. Altaf duckula head for everything that you have done for your team, because I know you're going to be the co host now and so you're going to take this over. So on behalf of all of us, just like a level hytta for all you've done for your team and for all of the organizations that you've been a part of putting together and guiding and blah blah mean, and I'm excited to now pass the baton back to you in sha Allah to Allah to be our co host and inshallah tada I will be back on shortly. Dr.

01:12:01--> 01:12:18

Padilla does not fit in check now and you are tall so you pace quite fast in my shotover color we reached almost 200 donors right at the beginning of the relay summit eliminate shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam

01:12:19--> 01:12:58

ala Anbiya when we're studying, but what are the Serbians mean by the respective brothers and sisters as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu let me go right into it. As you are watching as you're getting settled in if you've just joined us and if or if you've been you know since the beginning about an hour ago, we are in for a special treat Machado Baraka Allah. And as you are watching and benefiting and making do as Omar said, We want you to really consider what does your team mean to you? And how can you support your team when you make do offer us our team benefits and we produce Mashallah we continue to produce great content. And in the time that we're together

01:12:58--> 01:13:39

today, we want you to reflect and what are your favorite aspects of your being Institute, and inshallah poured? And could you just support so the last 10 months campaign is really where the attention is. Now. Because we have reached that point. We never thought to how to lower it in a second. We've been a pandemic and have a second Ramadan during the pandemic, but that's what Allah willed, but here we are, and we're making them so let me continue in sha Allah to bring on our next guest who is actually not a stranger to you at all. If you watched Quran 3430 last year, if you're watching current 3430 now, Mashallah chef Abdullah Doodle, we're going to bring on now is really

01:13:39--> 01:14:21

someone who you know, we benefit tremendously from so we are asking inshallah inshallah, as he addresses today, on the topic of treat your spouse like he did like the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam did, let me introduce who he is. He is a fellow admin Institute, but also the head of convert resources. And this really is something amazing because he does all this while also being the Imam of the Islamic center of capelle in Texas so check Abdullah, you know, support several initiatives and your pain from conditioned circles to doing voice overs, which are always very entertaining because you're never actually know my show the genius behind that voice. And here he is Mashallah co

01:14:21--> 01:14:46

hosting to grant 30 for 30. And somewhere in there, he finds time to work out. I have not discovered how he does it, but how he does it. So Schechner, we want to you know, also remind, by the way that the European basics, the initiative that we have, which provides integral resources Mashallah such as the five pillars made plain, he and others are really behind it. Forget, Chef Abdullah guru.

01:14:48--> 01:14:49

So I grew up until I read

01:14:51--> 01:14:59

this Well, I was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while I was filming Well, I'm about I'm trying to get good. So I'm gonna put my timer on. I know myself, you know, I'm affecting sugar.

01:15:00--> 01:15:31

One of the 3430s we're going live for two hours or something like that. So I'm gonna do my best and being introduced by Dr. Tom. Dr. Tom, I don't know if you know, but you're one of the most, they're one of the funniest individuals. I know I love your humor. And as was mentioned here many times, I love your many times, I love your beard, my shoulder looks nice. And I see that you have the kingpin. Right? They're represented to the fullest. Minus somewhere back here, you know, I'm, you know, I'm delinquent. You know, I'm not, I'm not as good as you are sick myself. And I love the beard and the emblem. I mean, you're just representative. And this has the contrast with the shirt

01:15:31--> 01:15:31


01:15:35--> 01:15:36


01:15:38--> 01:15:39

his wife,

01:15:40--> 01:15:43

treated his best friends, I want to call him his best friends, because

01:15:45--> 01:15:49

we see that abubaker was mentioned that he was the most beloved, also, I should

01:15:51--> 01:15:53

mention as the most beloved people.

01:15:55--> 01:16:00

Whoa, let's just go from the beginning of the reseller, and even

01:16:01--> 01:16:03

the message of revelation when he was

01:16:05--> 01:16:12

not able to read, I always tell every Muslim that had the opportunity when talking about the revelation.

01:16:13--> 01:16:14

See that

01:16:15--> 01:16:28

a loss of power received we're starting to reverse Iverson to him where he left and he heard me as I was mentioning, he reached out into the valley on the way back home to his

01:16:29--> 01:16:29


01:16:31--> 01:16:35

was was given to him portions of it. And then when he was when he reached

01:16:37--> 01:16:40

this narrative that he was laying in her lap, he said

01:16:42--> 01:17:01

he said apparently this immediately is a very important reminder for us as husbands for us as best as young men that wants to know how the best human beings live, how he dealt with his wife. And this is his first one.

01:17:03--> 01:17:07

He was older than him and he was his business partner somebody whose boss listen

01:17:08--> 01:17:09

I understand that

01:17:10--> 01:17:18

he was in business with her and a lot when he was in this situation and he was laying in her in her crying

01:18:01--> 01:18:02


01:18:15--> 01:18:15


01:18:55--> 01:18:56

moving on movie

01:19:00--> 01:19:00

and this is

01:19:11--> 01:19:12

many many stories

01:19:22--> 01:19:31

you know there's many incidents Yes. havdalah Yes, your audio. I got him back and bless it. You missed me.

01:19:32--> 01:19:39

I missed you. So your audio is cutting out so this minute let's see if we have stabilizer now. Okay, is it good now? See that?

01:19:41--> 01:19:44

Anytime you're having communication issues at home, just call me overshift

01:19:46--> 01:19:46

are you playing with me?

01:19:48--> 01:19:55

I'm serious. It was cutting out but I think we're good now inshallah. Okay. All right. Have that let's try that again. shall start over.

01:19:57--> 01:20:00

Um, I know just just just

01:20:00--> 01:20:03

pick up where you were in charlatan? Yeah, all right. This minute Wow.

01:20:04--> 01:20:05


01:20:06--> 01:20:40

They go It's okay. Now how many of you that just continuing on with a portion of life of the promise a lot It was selling but you know, seeing how the actual dealer who just like lokalen I see all your son Mashallah. See how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he will deliver on he would always there's a Heidi, that she would when she was sleeping, she would wake up and she would reach for him, she would reach to see where he was because at that time, we didn't have the life. So we have these lights here. It's just a flick of a switch. But sitting on Allah, there would be times where she would narrate that she would reach for the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

01:20:40--> 01:21:16

So there's one time for instance, where she reached from she felt the bottom of his feet. And she heard him making she saw that he was making sure sujood when she felt the bottom of his feet because he was in frustration. And he would say, Yeah, my collarbone looks a bit cold Baladi Nick Oh, the one who makes their hearts firm, make my heart firm on your religion. So I usually don't do what I would do what is called some some scholars call it of psychology, attachment theory, to where when you think of your husband or your wife, what is what is the subject matter that you may attach them to? So I should not be LaWanda. She said about him when he was asked about his manners, as many of

01:21:16--> 01:21:54

us know, she said kind of Heroku and Koran, meaning that his life was an exemplification of the Quran, that he acted out the Quran that whatever he did, was in direct correlation to the message that he was responsible for. He was responsible to relay this message. So when the promise of a lie there was going to make these statements we should know that is ultimately what Allah subhanho wa Taala wants from us. So I should have the low honor there's another incident where she was reaching, and she felt his hair and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he asked her he said at the Hello key shape on okie, he said has shaped on affected you an interview? And then she said she

01:21:54--> 01:21:56

asked him Do you not have your shape on?

01:21:57--> 01:22:35

And he said but he said of course I do. So this response to the Prophet salallahu idea was something shows the human side of them and this is what's so beautiful, particularly when you eat a hadith of Aisha, a hadith of another loved one I need to own cinema kinetic as well. You see that the human side of the prophet SAW something he was very compassionate, very affectionate. He allowed his vulnerability to be to be expressed with his wives some Allahu Allah He was some of them, always showing that level of softness and patience with them. Also, when the prophet SAW sent him said that he's Yes, I have my own shades on he acknowledged it. But he said my shade on Islam, Islam, and that

01:22:35--> 01:23:11

was by the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And lastly, how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would seek consultation from his wives. If many of us don't know of how to be, you know, the, the portion of Hajj where we shave our heads. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ordered his companions at that time to shave their heads. He mentioned that Allah is shorter than to shave their heads. So he wanted to shave his head. And he saw that they were all staring at him. So he rushed back to her date, and he went back home and he was flustered. So the lohani was sent him and the nightclub did your own cinema. home cinema asked him what is the problem? He said, I ordered them to

01:23:11--> 01:23:45

shave their heads and they didn't do it. So I'm sentimental, the loved one told him Look, basically she said you shave your head. And then they will follow you the promise of the law and it was just such then upon that they followed him. So seeing the proper sauce, I'm taking advice from his companions from the companions of the wives of the Prophet Elias and I'm putting my hat meaning they are the mothers of the believers. May Allah Subhana Allah make us as men to act as men by honoring the women in our families and honoring the ones that Allah subhana wa tada has chosen to be our partners to get to Janet Michelle Batticaloa.

01:23:47--> 01:24:16

Thank you so much, Chef, Abdullah, we're really sorry about the noise issues. It's not us as Sharla will do better. And and so as we close up, I just wanted to add to my show that you've been with your pain and you yourself are contributing such what is if you can tell us what is one way that you believe your pain has impacted your community because you're in demand. And maybe you get feedback from the community in terms of what your pain has done? What's one way you can think of,

01:24:18--> 01:24:53

Oh, this, there's numerous but one of them is SubhanAllah. I love the practicality of Yuki and particularly the conversations, the conversation decks that you have that your cane provides from Mashallah the team, and particularly, you know, the curriculum development team that brings down these research papers and they take the gist of them or what they feel is conducive for an environment that we want to get involved with conversation. So the conversation decks, I do it with the youth groups that I work with here. And it's very, very beneficial. it sparks conversation. it sparks a lot of questions from the youth, which further allows them to be educated and to move on

01:24:53--> 01:24:59

further to the other resources as well. Thank you so much and last night I caught you wish I guess a bit just much I'm not

01:25:00--> 01:25:06

raising some some high dollars and I was thinking man these two guys both work out Who wouldn't want to give if they're asking

01:25:07--> 01:25:08

you guys

01:25:09--> 01:25:49

alright so let me let me move on now thank you so much second I will we will see you you have applied for quantity for 30 schools tomorrow inshallah let's move keep moving brothers sisters I'm getting the update now Mashallah that nearly 266 Mashallah, Mashallah in the first hour and about five minutes that we've been online 266 of you have signed up for the last 10 nights campaign. Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Team un*in holla familia replace that with your spending and indeed except from you. Let me move and bring on our next guest who also has been integral especially in the series that we do on mental health and trauma sister natural our Mashallah is a psychotherapist

01:25:49--> 01:26:32

who is passionate about helping Muslims, but in not only you know, to her profession, but particularly helping them to heal, to grow and to thrive after adversity. With over a decade of experience causing children, adults and families at her private practice, practice she Sister nazwa. Nigel enjoys helping de stigmatize mental illness, and really address mental health issues within the community, as well as promote psychological health. From an Islamic perspective, She is known for her people who work on the trauma series along with our beloved sister, Sarah Fulton. And they're currently working on an upcoming series on building resilience in children. And who doesn't

01:26:32--> 01:26:43

need help building really it's in these children that we talk with are not stuck with them. Sorry, that we've been with Michelle for the pet in the pandemic for the year. Join me in welcoming right here from the DMV, sister natural.

01:26:45--> 01:26:45

How are

01:26:47--> 01:26:53

you good, how are you? Marcelo welcome. So we're gonna let you get right into the message, and I'll catch up with you after you're talking.

01:26:54--> 01:27:40

Sure, this sounds great. So going along with the, with the whole theme of the process, I'm showing affection to his wife. So I'm going to be talking about showing affection to your family and your loved ones just in general, spent a lot like in the in the last 10 days and nights of Ramadan, we hear so much and we talk so much about our, our rabada, our, our fasting, our Salah, ziggu everything you would expect from from, you know, thinking and reflecting about Ramadan. But, you know, something that is missing from from the conversations is, as chef Abdullah door was talking about the the importance of how we deal with other people, the affection and the mercy and the love

01:27:40--> 01:28:23

that we show to, to our loved ones and those around us. And, you know, the process that I said and he said, Indeed, among the believers with the most complete faith is the one who is best in conduct and the most and the most kind to his family. And we know that good character showing mercy towards other others, even being affectionate towards others can be a form of worship, when we when we make the intention of power, when we reflect on the life of the Prophet Saturn, Sanam he was he was a very good man and very good husbands awesome to his wives. But even the people around him, he was a great communicator, when people sat with him, they felt like he listened to them, that he valued

01:28:23--> 01:28:28

them, that you know, his attention was all towards them. And

01:28:30--> 01:29:12

we know that with his daughter, Fatima, rather than her, he when she would come in, he would, you know, he would he would stand up, he would greet her, he would kiss her. And not just with his with his family and loved ones, but he was also affectionate towards those around around him, he had a playful nature. And people really loved and valued his, his company. So we know that of course, while the other forms are that are so important in Ramadan, also, we can make the intention and we can go out of our way to, to show love to those around us. And with mental health, you know, it's kind of common sense, right? If you are good to the people around you, if you show affection and

01:29:12--> 01:29:37

love to those around you, then people are going to feel good, and then they're going to show they're going to reciprocate, and they're going to show that affection, you know, back back to you. But there's other mental health benefits as well. We know that when we when we touch others when we hug others, that we release oxytocin, we, we it reduces our stress hormones. And there are other physical benefits as well, you know, lowers blood pressure.

01:29:38--> 01:29:59

And Research also shows that when when we are affectionate towards other people, we tend to have better days and for a lot of us when we have better days, we're better with every bad day, when we feel good. We might be more inclined to do that, that the extra prayer or to you know, go out of our way to do something good for somebody else. So it's a form of worship.

01:30:00--> 01:30:03

And it's and it's very good for us to pot alone.

01:30:04--> 01:30:45

And so as as we get into the last 10 nights, and, you know we're focusing on are really important parts of our bed, you might be wondering, Well, you know, shouldn't I be focusing on those things and not my family, you know, as much. And, you know, research shows that it's not, it's not how much time you spend with your family, it's the quality time of your family. So it's not even that this has to take away from, from your acts of worship. But it's just maximizing that quality time. So it could be, you know, reading a book about Ramadan to your child or books about, you know, the names of Allah, it could be, you know, doing a star together, prepping having the intention of feeding

01:30:45--> 01:30:52

other people, but you could do that with your family. So it's like maximizing the time you have by having multiple intentions of worship.

01:30:54--> 01:31:29

And so, it's a very easy thing to incorporate in the last 10 nights. And if you're not affectionate, if you're like, Well, I'm not that kind of person. You know, we strive we strive to, to adhere to this and that, but, you know, if if hugging others or you know, is not, is too much for you, or doesn't make you comfortable, you can always, you know, you can sit close to your parents, you can sit close to your child, you can, you know, Pat someone on the back of, you know, on their shoulder, or whatnot, there are many ways to show affection, even if not physical, with your words with your actions.

01:31:30--> 01:31:42

And, you know, if your family thinks that's weird, it's probably a good indicator that you're not doing it enough. So it's a good sign to maybe start, start something new within, within your family.

01:31:44--> 01:31:58

And, Michelle, I'm so you know, it's a great Act of, it's a great Act of, of worship. And then also, you know, it's a wonderful way of cultivating a nurturing supportive household.

01:31:59--> 01:32:13

As you know, I'm a parent, Doctor, also, you know, we're a lot of us are our parents, our kids and our loved ones, they, they remember what we say, Well, a lot of what, you know, research shows that they, they also

01:32:15--> 01:32:50

they remember how we made them feel, how you make people feel, is, it's a very powerful way of, you know, not just leaving your legacy behind, but that's what people remember how you made them feel. So if you know the last 10 nights, you're busy, and you're caught up with all these other things, and show your whole family will benefit. What if your family you know, a year from now, 10 years from now, or 10 years from now they reflect back and they say, you know, we had we had such a we would have wonderful Ramadan, we would or break our fast together, we pray together, it was a time that we had a love a lot of love for each other, we would spend time with each other. And that's,

01:32:50--> 01:33:13

you know, a great way of getting good deeds. But it's also planting the seed of Islam in your children's hearts and the people around you in their hearts as well. It's a form of Dawa because people see that you're not just doing you know, good deeds, of course for yourself. But when they see that beauty of Islam, they see that beauty of the of the character of the process and through you, then that will incline them towards towards Islam.

01:33:14--> 01:33:21

So May Allah, you know, facilitate and make us the best of those who are good to our families.

01:33:28--> 01:33:36

So we're short of time, but in one word, what would be a word that you would say comes in when you think of your pain, the resources

01:33:40--> 01:33:44

you can look at any part of the ceiling you want, you can right or left doesn't have to be one word.

01:33:47--> 01:33:56

The words I would say impactful, it's impactful for my community for my clients. It's been it's been amazing, amazing, tremendous resource.

01:33:57--> 01:34:02

Which is not going to offend him, give us a lobster salad inshallah it will be back in touch with you. Thank you so much.

01:34:04--> 01:34:41

All right. So let's keep moving inshallah and as soon as I said, you know, these children are a handful at home here are we praying all the time together my shoulder because the pandemic we've got children doing sewers and demand we're like, Hey, get ready for prayer. They're like hey, can you do it? I'm like, isn't that you know as soon as on demand demand demand already incredibly good father, lead you in prayer I'll do whatever comes to my heart I'm just kidding. Alright, so let's move on you've Mashallah been stepping up and really supporting in every which way possible, and we are really grateful to you so the update right now is that we're at 290 Mashallah people who have signed

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up with the last 10 nights campaign so I'm moving on in Sharla. To if you think Sheikh Abdullah is talking about my beard, wait till you see our next guest Mashallah you know that one of the Mashallah well kept well kept scholarly beards Mashallah, in the in the history of beard, keep

01:35:00--> 01:35:41

In New York limited so then case, we don't get fights from Texas and other places where the water runs differently Shinobi Mohammed Shinobi is a fellow in Mashallah is also the religious director of the Islamic education center of Pennsylvania, contributing across several topics, which is what's amazing about several of our scholars, Mashallah Sheikh Hamad, most notably has written a series of papers have been on the proofs of prophethood and what a beautiful, beautiful way on because this today is all about sustaining a prophetic lifestyle and inshallah we're looking forward to having chef Schechner Muhammad insha Allah dresses on the topic of maintaining Ramadan habits like he

01:35:41--> 01:35:46

didn't forget to check out Mohammed. Just circle Okay, Dr. altough

01:35:47--> 01:36:16

Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah and he was savage marine will begin the name of Allah whole praise and glory be to Allah. amaze finest peace and blessings be upon us messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his family and his companions and all those who tried his path. We ask Allah to grant us and you and everyone on this webinar who or who will watch it later, a life upon his Blissett path, some Allahu alayhi wa sallam in a death while adhering to this guidance, and they drink from his bliss at hand on the day of judgment and they glance at the face of his lower than ours a lot. I mean,

01:36:18--> 01:36:21

I know that I don't have much time.

01:36:22--> 01:36:55

But I have to make a disclaimer and that I'm very reluctant about the topic because maintaining after Ramadan runs the risk of getting people to look beyond look past the last 10 and of course the last 10 of Ramadan are worthier and are more impactful than the first 20 combined. And only Allah knows if we will ever meet another Ramadan or another last 10 what how did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam maintain after he did his very best in Ramadan? And in the last 10 of Ramadan?

01:36:56--> 01:37:36

First of all, he realized that he couldn't This is the key, you know, the most frequent there is ns and oma Selamat, may Allah be pleased with them both narrate that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would make as a label for Luke forbids called the allergenic alternative of the arts. Anchor my heart firm on your deen on, you know, on religious commitment. And they asked him why this particular day. He said because all of the hearts mean even mine are between the two fingers of the Most Merciful to turn them however he wishes subhanho wa Taala so that's the first thing to cling to Allah and don't tell yourself the lie that society tells us nowadays that you are the master of your

01:37:36--> 01:38:12

own destiny so long as you exert enough effort, not true. Allah is the master of our destiny and we rely on him for that. We don't even rely on ourselves. Or words of affirmation about Allah's greatness, not self affirmation is your greatest resource. That's number one. Number two, you know, there's a heartbeat to a heartbeat. I mentioned to you quickly about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that really put practicality into perspective post Ramadan. We always hear this heavy but we look at it for Ramadan, but I want you to look at it for what comes after Ramadan, which is in our verse or the Allahumma, saying the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the most

01:38:12--> 01:38:52

generous of people ever. And the most generous he ever was was in Ramadan when gibreel would come to him and rehearse with him the plan. So that means no one was ever more generous than the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam no one ever outdid him. However, he outdid himself in Ramadan. We know this. So what does that mean? That means that compared to Ramadan, I know it's a tricky word and because we want to preserve the honorable rank the matchless rank, the unreachable rank of the prophet SAW Selim, but it does mean that he was not outside of Ramadan what he was in Ramadan because he outdid himself in Ramadan, though nobody else ever outdid him in or out of the month. So

01:38:52--> 01:38:57

that means be practical don't expect to maintain you know, in this blessed month

01:38:58--> 01:39:34

outside of it what you did in the blessing month outside of it that's part of you being reasonable not saying all man I'm ruined. I've downscaled No. Your goal is to stock up in Ramadan as best as you can to be helped out after Ramadan to be better than you were before it not during it. The other heavy very quickly, is the Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whoever fasts Ramadan and then follows it up by fasting all of shall Well, now he didn't say that he said by by fasting six days of show what

01:39:36--> 01:40:00

then it's as if he is fast that his entire year other narrations his entire life, meaning every year of his life. And so what does that mean? He's telling you on his Auto Salon, it's okay to downscale by 80% right. Six days and not 30 that I do the math right. 30 Yeah, so 80% downscaling, meaning it is fine and you should you know, have read

01:40:00--> 01:40:42

reasonable expectations or else you set yourself up for these very unnecessary frustrations that happen after Ramadan. But what's important, the last thing is saying I'm out of time is that those 20% that you're going to retain, make sure they are the right 20% they're not the 20% that you want to retain no obligations first, right? Because some people they do what is easier for them, or some people choose choose to take on some hard act of worship, because it makes them feel good, you know, to sacrifice a little bit, but there could have been something that was less of a sacrifice but more pleasing to Allah because it was an obligation like keeping ties with your family or praying or five

01:40:42--> 01:41:21

or something like this. And so keep up your generosity after Ramadan you know, as best as you can be with the downtrodden the brokenhearted, caress the head of the orphan If nothing else, then automate your donations to the weak and the desperate and the needy all throughout the year. And so those that are working hard in the trenches of the Dow like you have been in otherwise all throughout the year, and then the 20% of your ritual worship if you will, make sure you are doing this in line with what is most important to Allah first prioritizing and May Allah help us maintain after Ramadan I better profile and report with him than we had before it Allah him to me I'll leave it there in sha

01:41:21--> 01:41:22

Allah back to you

01:41:23--> 01:41:34

know humble Mashallah always on time very proud, Masha Allah May Allah bless you and and really good we could give us the opportunity to benefit from you. If you had to think of one

01:41:35--> 01:41:40

resource that your favorite from all the things that your team does what comes to mind curriculum

01:41:42--> 01:41:59

prevention is better than the cure and you know the adult stuff is hard but catching them early. This has generated impact in Sharla Mashallah, that's that's New York and New Jersey, but one word answers short always, you know, trying to get to the point Michelle, so he said curriculum

01:42:02--> 01:42:42

the traffic of Article a finger saying that Alright, we're gonna keep moving along. We'd love to see you back in Charlotte. Thank you so much. Brothers and sisters. Let me look to see the update is very quickly before we bring on our next guest our scholar Mashallah who has joined us We are at 352 Allahu Akbar 352 people in the first about 90 minutes we have 300 minutes together five hours Mashallah and already 352 right? If we're averaging about four or so admitted, donors permitted inshallah, inshallah we're going to get past 1000 donors signing up for the last 10 nights now. I love the fact that she actually said, you know, we can't really try to think about after Ramadan.

01:42:42--> 01:43:29

Let's give it all during Ramadan. Here's a much another one of our scholars. Chef, Zainab Ansari is a renowned female scholar who spent over a decade overseas studying Arabic, Farsi and traditional Islam and multiple centers across the Middle East. She holds a PhD degrees in history, and Middle Eastern Studies from Georgia State University with Zeno has served as a scholar in residence for the AC foundation that's in Knoxville, Tennessee since 2014. He is also an instructor for this year seminary, also located in Knoxville, Tennessee. She's an avid writer and part of the teaching faculty for numerous online educational Islamic studies for platforms. But of course, if I mentioned

01:43:29--> 01:43:49

all those, it's really a thing is where her heart is, right. It's it's she does with so many paths with the Azusa magazine with secrets have Mashallah the Reebok program for women, led by Dr. Tamra gray, and indeed it is our honor and pleasure. She's busy, but we're so grateful to chef Zainab unsavoury for taking a few minutes to join us today.

01:44:02--> 01:44:02


01:44:04--> 01:44:48

Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam to Sleeman kathira A salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. I pray that everybody's in the best of health and spirits. Thank you, Chef Altaf and the lean Institute team. I just want to begin by really begin by encouraging everybody to donate and donate generously to the work of yelling Institute and sha Allah tala. I'm going to be addressing how to help the idea of Buttercup and the prophets timer at a salsa Salaam. And my theme is organize your time like he did said Allahu Allahu Allah. He was a he was a lamp. You know, as I was thinking about

01:44:48--> 01:44:59

this topic and preparing for it, I realized that we really could state this as worship as he did his little love for it. He whatever he was happy he was done them given that he spent so much of his time in a bad day.

01:45:00--> 01:45:05

worship. But I've been thinking a lot about the idea of Baraka in our time. What does it mean?

01:45:06--> 01:45:19

to spend time? What does it mean to fritter away time? What does it mean to waste time? What does it mean to take time for granted? What does it mean to not value truly value the time that Allah Subhana Allah has has given us you know,

01:45:20--> 01:46:07

look how quickly a Melbourne has passed in the blink of an eye, we have completed almost 20 days of Ramadan, we're on the eve of the 21st. So just imagine that in the blink of an eye, we've completed 20 days of fasting, now we find the last 10 days of Ramadan upon us. And, you know, have we really and I really begin with myself, have we really taken advantage of the myriad opportunities that allow us kind of to Allah has given us for higher in this month? You know, when we look at the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam we see a human being that was just uniquely gifted with this ability to spend time in the most beneficial way possible. You know, there's so much

01:46:07--> 01:46:39

wisdom and how our beloved Prophet peace and blessings be upon him organize his time, the way that his day was organized the way that he carved a time out for different things. It's just, it was literally the epitome of Baraka in one's time. And, and it's so interesting when you look at the term Buttercup, you know, there's when you when you look at that word Baraka in the dictionary, obviously we know that but aka means blessings. And of course, we know that we are told to invoke Allah to bless

01:46:40--> 01:47:25

Peace and blessings and salutations errs upon prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa said so interesting is that the term Baraka itself, if you look at that, that dictionary entry, you see that the under the same entry under the same root is the idea of the the camel kind of kneeling down to that place of resting. But okay, your book is a term. I remember years ago, being in Syria and visiting the genre, aka na, where it was said that the camel of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam knelt down when he was traveling northward into from Arabia into Syria. And stopping at the at the place called bush was Sham in southern Syria where he met the monk who predicted that he was a final

01:47:25--> 01:47:49

prophet and messenger. So how are those things connected? Think about it, right? In order to really kind of be recipients of those blessings of that Baraka, we have to be receptive, we have to be humble. We have to be be be willing to embrace those moments of quiet and stillness and solitude. And again, you see that in the way that the Prophet organizes time. So Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam. So

01:47:50--> 01:48:30

how do we model that? And what happens if we've you know, what happens if we fallen short? In our goals, as we look back, you know, we want to obviously be able to end Ramadan strong, but as our previous speakers, as our esteemed speaker said, you know, we want to make sure that we're kind of holding on to that that Ramadan spirit, we don't want to let all of our goals sort of fall to the wayside. So there's this beautiful a and put on that I want to share his encouragement in case we find that, that our goals we haven't quite met our goals and you were feeling discouraged about that. So Allah Allah mentions in chapter 25 after our beloved ministry, Thunder machine in lemon

01:48:30--> 01:49:15

Tada, we're in lemon Tahoe, we're m&r Camila solly. How will I or I'm Isla, I'm an unsolved but without EGA you've added along so you add him hasn't that? What can Allahumma fouda rahima. So in this verse, Allah Allah is telling us is making an exception. So the previous is talking about somebody that really committed a major sin and then Allah tala is saying that that person's punishment is going to be sort of magnified except for in lemon taba. What am I? Now why Mila I'm Alon small the hub, except for the person that that repents and believes and does good works. Then in that case, Allah to Allah will literally Ubud the law who said he added to him has said that

01:49:16--> 01:49:59

Allah tala will literally take their bad deeds and transform them, replace them with what with good deeds, and then Allah to Allah is Ever forgiving and ever Merciful. So looking at the example the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, let's take encouragement from that. How did he organize his time and again, from the from the time he got up, until the time that he slept on a sofa, slam his entire day, really, every waking moment, and even during his moments of repose, all of those were organized around devotion. When you look at the the Hadeeth collections, for example, just count the number of chapters that are devoted towards Salah alone.

01:50:00--> 01:50:25

And all the sub chapters, for example, inside behati. And you'll get an idea of this. So really, when I thought about this, I really kind of had a sense of when you look at how he organized his time, on a salatu salam, there are really three things that that stand out in terms of all of his activities from morning until evening. Number one is that every single thing that he did

01:50:26--> 01:51:12

on is led to some led to an increase, even if it seemed like it was a small, you know, kind of mundane activity, there was always some aspect of increase of abundance in that in that activity. The second is that the Prophet peace of blessings be upon him always chose to engage in activities that have benefit, and not just benefit for himself, he was so inclusive, so the benefit would always be for those around him, for his family, for the community, he did not engage in anything except that there were some virtue, some ethics, some benefit, some lesson for others in that. And then the third thing is that all of his activities, again, taken as a collective, are directed

01:51:12--> 01:51:22

towards Baa, always directed towards obedience of Allah subhanho, to Allah. And we really get a sense of this, when we look at

01:51:23--> 01:52:06

how he started his day, or they sought Islam, you know, one of the things that that we one of the Forgotten as soon as is that the Prophet would actually after a federal prayer would actually sit for a time with the companions in the masjid, and encourage them to think and reflect and to share any dreams they might have had from the previous evening or morning. And this was really a way to get them to sort of encourage them to be thoughtful about the day that that was ahead of them. And to really kind of be connected to, to it to that aspect, that spiritual aspect of, of the roar, that which connects us to the Divine Presence. So they would sit in the masjid, they would reflect upon

01:52:07--> 01:52:17

the dreams that they would have, they would engage in victory. And the Prophet would say, civil law, why the allyssa who are selling them, and this is according to abhorring, about he would say, in the morning,

01:52:19--> 01:52:57

he would say Oh Allah, we enter the morning by you and we enter the evening by you, we live by you and we die by you to you is the gathering in the evening who would say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Oh Allah, we enter the evening by you and we enter the morning by you, we live by you, and we die by you and to use the return. So this is the way that his day was really kind of book ended, beginning with this reflection in the beginning of the day, on the fact that we don't know how much time that Allah spent, Allah has given us. So we want to start our day with Victor and end our day with the good. And again, this reminder here to you as the gathering and to you as the return. That's how he

01:52:57--> 01:53:38

began his day. That's how he included his day. So Allahu Allah, he was sending them. You know what's so interesting about the way that he organized his time and the fact that it revolves around or that that is that there is sort of historical memory embedded in the companions. And this is something that really struck me as I was thinking about this topic, how again, how did he organized his time? One of the things that happens later on after the Prophet has passed away. So the law hardly syllabus at the companions would lament, how the prayer and certain Sunnah practices had been changed and undermined. And again, they're drawing on their historical and emotional memory of how

01:53:38--> 01:53:51

the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him organize his time around around his iPad up. So we have this narration and Simon behati from zody. That and zody of course, is the famous as the hoody the scholar

01:53:53--> 01:54:35

how he visited NSA bin Malik in Damascus and found him crying and asked us why he was weeping. And Annette said I do not I do not know anything which I used to know. And others MS is saying if everything he remembers about the life of the Prophet, Allah is not Islam, the thing that really stands out to him the most is his prayer. And he said that this the prayer what I remember the most is how he prayed. So the law while this element, this is being lost is what he said, he uses the term. He says, We're having a salado pub boy yet it's being lost. And that tells you something about how habits had changed. practices have changed that the very way people organize their time had

01:54:35--> 01:54:57

really departed from how the Prophet peace upon to organize his time. So Allahu alayhi wa sallam. So I believe I'm out of time for my segment. I'm so happy to spend these moments with you. Thank you so much to the team here at yuping Institute. Chef, I'll talk to get to mom. I really appreciate all of you here again, be generous, emulate our profit and support yet being Institute. Thank you so much.

01:54:59--> 01:54:59

Thank you so much.

01:55:00--> 01:55:22

Xena, you know, in terms of the connection that you've had with the scene and the resources and you are a faculty member you're teaching. What are you hearing, in terms of anyone who you've come across was used a resource? What's the general you know, a talk on the street, if you will, and or the classroom in terms of people who come across you have been?

01:55:23--> 01:56:00

Well, you know, I have to say I'm shuffled off if I really the testimony is for me because as a teacher, as a women's scholar in residence at the taster seminary, you know, working with students designing classes yokley Institute, Islam is my number one go to resource and I've designed syllabi where my students are reading articles, I taught an eight week series on parenting, I actually have everything here I keep kind of looking down at my materials. But I taught an eight week series on Islamic parenting with hamdullah had about 200 people in that class. And we read a number of articles from yuping Institute, including the one by Dr. Osman Omar Ji, when my children be Muslim,

01:56:00--> 01:56:41

it was just really important for me to have quality, well researched articles by Muslim Muslims who are professionals, and also dedicated Muslims to speak to these really important issues. So really, my testimony is personal and that I'm actually going to get the Institute to see what are they published, I want to use it in my classes. Thank you so much, and was that class on parenting taught before the pandemic or during the pandemic, it was taught during the pandemic. So it was really helpful to have these resources again, just sort of at the swipe of the mouse pad. And we're all Delaunay these articles are reading them, we're highlighting things or discussing them or breaking

01:56:41--> 01:56:52

them down, really ends up being tremendously helpful and really kind of created a sense of community community kind of around these things we were reading and discussing. Thank you. Thank you so much.

01:56:53--> 01:57:02

We really appreciate you taking time on a Sunday away from your family. May Allah bless you. We'll be back in touch with you thank you again Baraka Luffy thank you so

01:57:04--> 01:57:45

much Allah so yeah, I said, you know, people from all over the world are benefiting on the on the webinar today we've seen people from someone from Brazil, from the Netherlands from Kashmir, Mashallah from different parts of Africa, of course here in the US, so, keep talking to us in the comments, inshallah, and let us know where you're from and how you're benefiting from your team. And as we were giving an update no earlier Mashallah, we had to actually come up to 419 people Mashallah, you know, you keep pushing us to do better, and Mashallah you keep also donating to support us to do better to produce better a better way Mashallah Do you know, to be to give back to

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the community that make high quality content and keep it free? And so keep giving each other keep supporting, as I said, 419 people have already donated, we haven't even finished the first day know, the first two hours we're only at about an hour and 47 minutes. And and inshallah inshallah we would love to increase that goal and to invite more people to donate, but just keep monitoring for now. We're at 419 we want to break that 1000 inshallah mark as soon as we can. Now it gives me great pleasure to move to our next guest. Ship Yes, or fact me is the founder of the prophetic living initiative. So today we have him speaking along with all of the other scholars. Here's someone who's

01:58:25--> 01:59:11

dedicated his life to literally focusing on prophetic living initiative, and is a Muslim instructor at Harvard Divinity School. She has a degree from Rutgers Business School, and a bachelor's degree in Islamic studies from has as her University and multiple ages as which are independent certifications in various Islamic subjects of specialization. shaky acid is the first American attorney to ever teach in the renowned other as her mask, and he's also a research advisor at European and martial arts serves as an associate editor on our editorial Review Board. But the greatest claim to fame he has is that he is a father and a parent, Mashallah to two beautiful

01:59:11--> 01:59:15

children. Please join me in welcoming chef now Yasser famiy

01:59:16--> 01:59:57

Baraka loafie calm that's author It's so good to see you, Michelle, always beautiful and radiant and happy to be in your company or lie and May Allah bless you and your family and your loved ones. And all of our brothers and sisters at the appian and all of those who truly strive to serve the deen of Allah subhanaw taala we are just so honored and humbled Allah to come together as a community to remember Allah and remember his messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And what we are doing here in this space together is nothing but a distinct insincere effort to serve Allah Dean. You know, are we going to always get it perfectly right? No, it's 100. Another sincerity. There's

01:59:57--> 01:59:59

brotherhood, the sisterhood. There scholarship.

02:00:00--> 02:00:31

There's discussion there's openness. And we pray that a loss pathetic continues to facilitate through us beautiful Rama, mercy and guidance and he died for us all. I want to talk a little bit about how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam socialized and how he dealt with people and the etiquette through which in by which he had in that regard so that you and I can truly socialize, socialize and engage with people as he did. So Lola Holly he will sell them. I want to read a little bit from a hadith in the Shema in

02:00:32--> 02:01:20

and this is the the descriptions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And this is a 330/5 300 and 51st Hadeeth. Where and Hussein the grandson of the prophet SAW Selim is asking his maternal uncle about how the prophesies had them dealt with people, how did he interact with people? And so he hints said, The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was always of cheerful countenance, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he had an easygoing character, and a soft and affable dispositions Allahu wa sallam. He was neither harsh nor coarse, nor boisterous nor lewd in his behavior. So the law when he was setting them, you see this is the icon to the the truths that were narrated in the

02:01:20--> 02:02:02

portal and more or less pantalla says what will open default one of our evil will be lungful boomin. How like if you were harsh and hard hearted, then certainly they would have fled from you. But the process mm was a man of Rama, men of gentleness, men of kindness, man of beautiful other, you know, prophesize alum, he says about himself a debney Robbie for us. And at that dB, it is my lord who gave me my edit my mic my countenance and my comportment. And he made perfect my development and my edit in an age when people may mock and insult and belittle the idea of Edit No other is a essential prophetic principle process and about his himself says, My Lord is the one who gave me my edit. May

02:02:02--> 02:02:46

Allah grant us all beautiful, Adam in the process, I said, I'm with people. This is how he was he was not harsh. He was not coarse. He was not aggressive. He was neither boisterous nor lewd in his behavior. So Allah while he was sending them, these were, you know, when you see manifestations in society, celebrating harshness and aggressiveness, celebrating, you know, boisterousness celebrating being bombastic and in your face and salacious. We recognize this is far from the way of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And certainly Muslims who take on these types of characteristics is one for us to think about, you know, how are we doing? What we're doing, I'm claiming in any way, shape

02:02:46--> 02:03:28

or form that this is something that is in line with the way of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. For when he dealt with people it was with love and Rama he loved people. So the Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he cared for people dearly, and even when he had to hold them accountable, and he had to be firm. It was done from a place of deep muhabba not from a place of seeking to cancel one another. And aggress and and hate each other. There is a there is a there is a quality that is unfortunately rampant. Were in our new modern age of tribalism. People hate each other process and did not hate people, you know, unlucky enough Secor Allah fit him It's as if Oh Muhammad, because of how much you

02:03:28--> 02:04:06

care about people's well being. It's as if you're going to hurt yourself in that path as if you're going to kill yourself in that path. So his one son, Allahu alayhi wa sallam his, his character, his softness, his beauty, his his lack of lewdness, lack of boisterousness and he was not a fault finder nor unyielding, sallAllahu I think he was setting up, you know, we are possessed with finding each other's faults and exposing each other's faults, you know, and that's not the way of the problems I sell them. That's not the way of our Deen. It's not the way of our scholars. You know, he and he did not he did not pursue people's faults in that way. You know, we have this this culture in society

02:04:06--> 02:04:46

today about, you know, either mentor set or exposing people trying to uncover things, take people things out of, you know, out of out of, you know, grainy drives and try to bring them into the public sphere. This is not the way of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. This is not a flap, you know. And so the promise I sent him when he dealt with people, he dealt in an affable, amicable, loving way, even when he was affirming the truth and establishing those truths. They knew some Allahu alayhi wa sallam was sincere and loving and caring, you know, so it wasn't as if he was he was, you know, just someone who could easily be manipulated. Hasha sold Allahu alayhi wa sallam. He

02:04:46--> 02:05:00

didn't just walk around with a with a fake smile hashtag on a la jolla Salem. It was a rich beautiful smile. That when you were in the company of the promise, I said it would pierced your soul because it was sincere. The love that

02:05:00--> 02:05:45

was in his heart Even if he was correcting you, even if he was showing you your faults. Even if you were his enemy, you knew that he was sincere and loving and caring, and that he wanted goodness for us. He wanted goodness for this entire world. sallallahu alayhi wasallam he wanted mercy to pervade. He wanted love to provide he wanted divine love to manifest in all creations, hearts of the love on them. And so it was these basic o'clock, these basic character traits that would ensure that this was a reality that is transpiring. Our Deen is one of his son in the log cabin. He says Santa Ana Cooney Shea, Allah has prescribed a sand excellence and beauty upon all things. So when I'm dealing

02:05:45--> 02:06:23

with my mother and my father will be the what will be the worry they need Santa with my parents I have to be Mawson. I have to be excellent no matter how difficult it is with my neighbors time with my friends with my foes sign excellence for either bathroom facts and when you're even slaughtering your your cow or your sheep make do it with SM do it with excellence and beauty. The promise I sell them was more than with the elder and more so than with the youngster. The youngster felt the love of the province of Salem and the care of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a man who came to kill the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and had a dagger in his hand. The post I sell him put

02:06:23--> 02:07:06

his hand on his chest. And the men felt the love of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not some antagonistic person with a vendetta out there to just aggress and cancel people and harm people that was not his spirits of Allah who wanted to sell him. He wanted to exit people from multitudes of darkness into the bounty fullness in the beauty of the light of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the mechanism and the vehicle that he used to do that, while la he was ramen harbor. That was the essence of it with a beautiful character. You know, he was sent to perfect character in in the Canada Hello, Naveen and Mohammed, you are upon the most beautiful of characters on the law.

02:07:07--> 02:07:52

And so if we want to socialize as he did, and we want to spend these last 10 nights of Ramadan, really entering into a prophetic ethos in spirit, then it is essential that we reconsider how we deal with others. Are we forgiving? are we are we are we merciful? You know, Lino via ad at whiny calm, be gentle moly, you know, be gentle each other's hands, look over people's faults. Don't be obsessed with with with gossiping and backbiting. overlook, yes, forgive and forget. This is the spirit, you know, button lane at several ushering in the sacred night that needed the night of power, right, the sacred and blessing at night. The reason why the post I sent him doesn't know

02:07:52--> 02:08:30

about it any longer. He did not know about it any longer. The exact timing is because he saw two people with their new force excited arguing with each other. You see when the neffs is present, when the ego is present, fully affirmed, and fighting with each other in the nights of Ramadan, what happens? The Baraka is removed. So the blessing of knowing the timing of Laila was stripped from our community because of two people who weren't dealing with each other. Well, you know, because they're Neff new foods were to present. And so brothers and sisters, if we want to socialize and deal with people, the way the prophets I send them did. That means we have to be selfless. We have to be

02:08:30--> 02:09:10

caring, we have to be loving, we have to speak less and listen more. We don't need to be out there critiquing and chiming in and giving our two cents about everything. We need to call people lovingly and carefully. When we look at people we look at them in the eye, we we give them the fullness of our body pulse, I seldom will listen to people speak and not cut them off some Allahu alayhi wa sallam even if it was a young person, an older person, someone who's just rambling on a little bit, he would listen with the fullness of his heart. He genuinely cared about the human condition. And if we want to socialize the way he did, then we have to care far more about people and far less about

02:09:10--> 02:09:37

our subjectivities far less about what we think and feel and what we like, we have to care. Then he went heavily into what he does really, we care for the sake of Allah and His messenger and we love for the sake of Allah and His Messenger sallallahu wasallam barakallahu eco May Allah bless you all, may we truly am this sacred month of Ramadan in a state of fully having immersed ourselves in the prophetic spirit in always alone, I mean, but a lot of people are just like, there's Aquila.

02:09:39--> 02:09:47

Mashallah beautiful reminders. And I can tell you as a human being, as a husband, as a father as somebody in the community.

02:09:48--> 02:10:00

It's hard what you're telling us to do, but we hope we should do it because people test us in ways that will imagine so we'd love to you and your family to like will offer in your in the classroom shaking us up. Just

02:10:00--> 02:10:02

Take us a minute. What are the kinds of

02:10:03--> 02:10:41

questions that make out that you would think you were referring tudents to European Institute as it reached? Whether it was them or people of other faiths? Yeah, I think Mashallah I mean your pin May Allah bless she Hamas and the entire European team and yourself and all the brothers and sisters and I know Mashallah there are so many brothers and sisters who are working tirelessly to do one thing and that is to bring people closer to Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so, you know, when you when you look at the articles that have been written, about conviction about belief about eliminating doubts, and and really negotiating the nuances of people's doubts, you

02:10:41--> 02:11:20

know, I think Ukraine has done a truly tremendous job before Billa heat either in in discussing and touching upon different ways in which from an from an intellectual angle, but also from a spiritual theological angle. You know, what I really love with the work that's happening, you know, you see shift almost series on the prophesized synonyms character, you see shift Muhammad Shin Naui series on the you know, the names of Allah subhanaw taala, and the relationship and, you know, practical theology. And you see Dr. had them enhance peace, on on on, you know, proper argumentation, you know, you see how you can you negotiate the theological reality from a spiritual lens from an

02:11:20--> 02:12:02

intellectual lens from a part of engagement and enrich argumentation and discourse dialogue. And so these different avenues to tackle the same theme is truly in line with our with our Islamic heritage and hamdulillah. You know, I'm blessed to know that institutions like yuping exist. And I pray that Allah subhanaw taala blesses your team to thrive, to continue to serve this Deen may last pantalla help, you know, make it a truly beautiful institution. It's May Allah subhanaw taala forgive the mistakes of yaqeen? And may He only make it better and better, you know, nothing is perfect that 100 and we're all imperfect. We all have you said, the start, you know, everything you're saying is

02:12:02--> 02:12:37

good, but help us to be better. May we all make your DNA far better institution, not just with our money and our resources with our Nazi advice, and our investment in our commitment, and when we collectively come together as a community to prop up our organizations and our institutions, especially ones and I'll say this about your team. And when lohit our team I've worked you know, I have been close to all of the brothers and sisters, we're working closely. This is an environment that loves you'll see how it loves advice and brotherhood and sisterhood and togetherness and the willingness to rectify and make changes and fix and exploring critique. And those types of spaces

02:12:37--> 02:13:11

are the spaces that we should celebrate really as a community and try to see them thrive. You know, let's be a community that really builds up our capacity and especially when we see great opportunities like kicking so man let's count out a bless your pain. And everyone who supports your pain and may last pathetic continue to bless our community with beautiful institutions massage organizations, alumni Mubarak, Amalfi, which may does not come into effect and shake me out of you for taking time from your family on a Sunday. And inshallah we'll look forward to reconnecting with your Sonic leprechaun brothers and sisters, we're going to continue on with the program, the

02:13:11--> 02:13:52

hamdulillah we have we are at 459 donors, a lot of luck. But that's literally the first two hours we have three more hours to go. We're gonna be passing it off to my next close to each other in a minute. But remember, when you support your team, especially in these last 10 nights, you're being intentional about your donation, and we want to be the best stewards of your donations and contributions. So we are pushing ourselves to literally you know, approach of perfection all of our resources, not only should they be irrelevant, but high quality and they will remain free inshallah. So continue to support us and make it less about to replace what is being spent by mail I did answer

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the Dewar's that you're making, please make to us before you actually make the donations and ensure that mail accepted from you. Now, let me move on to bring on our next virtual co host. So you've heard from Dr. Omar in the beginning, then I was here and then now Mashallah, we're going to bring on our Brother Mohammed, who is a brand and digital media enthusiast and you leaving his footprint all over the world shala and more recently at the opinion Institute, as the host of our latest podcast called doubletake is tragic.

02:14:28--> 02:14:35

I don't even know what that means. It's quite tragic, but I have to ask him, his passions lie in coffee, food, rugby, and of course,

02:14:36--> 02:14:54

working closely with a number of local Muslim organizations and also having spent it spent years at the ZIVA leading brand and content strategy brothers and sisters. Do it. doubletake do a Trebek and join me in welcoming Brother Mohammed Zoo to co host the next hour. Thank you so much. Oh, yeah.

02:14:59--> 02:14:59

Let's go

02:15:00--> 02:15:03

I think we're not able to hear him. So, okay.

02:15:04--> 02:15:47

Does that work perfectly? Yes, color hair. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you passing the baton to me. Everyone's talking about the last 10 nights. And that we're just about to get into the last 10 nights. And guess what, I'm in Sydney. And we've already passed the first night of the last night. So I feel like I've a little bit ahead of everyone. So just for having me, we're gonna go straight into it. There's a lot to cover in the next hour and a half. And so I'm going to kick it off by introducing our next guest and our first guest for for my for my session, so it's Dr. Hammer, double toilet, really excited to welcome him. He's a curriculum trainer and you have pains in your

02:15:47--> 02:16:35

pains, expanded learning team is an M, of the Islamic association of Riley, a lifelong student of the Quran and Islamic sciences, Michelle Allah and His goal, which is the broader goal of many people that are involved in your pain. It's to help people submit deeper literacy of the Islamic intellectual tradition so that we can navigate life through an Islamic lens. Dr. Mohammed is Aquila here, you're going to talk about the prophet SAW Selim, how he, he brought the best out of people around him. And when you think of the prophets, I send them you think of all of the amazing companions around him, female and male. When you think of sod, and God, the other one might have

02:16:35--> 02:16:51

been off, you know, sometimes we don't, we don't shed light on that aspect of the process and so much, which is he had such a profound impact on the people around them and made them into giants as well. So Zack locker for joining us, Dr. Hamad, and over to

02:16:53--> 02:17:35

Google, if you can allow us to hammer that it's an honor to join you today. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah rubbish, Ronnie. So the usmle MD, want to know that I'm in the center of cold calling. It's been really a privilege for all of our homes, not only today, hearing from the esteemed teachers and the chef and scholars, but throughout the month, three occasion and through our local centers, we've been inviting the prophets of aloha to send them into our homes and amazed by his example. And part of that example that is often forgotten, often forgotten and sometimes neglected is the impact he had not only in his individual greatness, but

02:17:35--> 02:18:19

what he achieved through others. And Allah subhanho wa Taala praises His Prophet sallallahu wasallam and Kareem and sort of the tilba verse number 128, the Khadija Kumara soo min and for sukoon azizan. Allah HumanIK tumhari is Hunan Eco, with remote meaning in a row for him. A messenger has come to you from among your own cells. Your suffering distresses him, he's deeply concerned for you. And he's full of kindness and mercy towards the believers. So this, this closeness of the Prophet alayhi salatu, was set up not only to his companions, but to us were the 1400 years, it's as if they don't separate us, we love him more than ourselves. We love him more than our possessions. And that

02:18:19--> 02:19:01

closeness made him incredibly relatable. And part of part of the greatness of the prophet Isaiah Soto Selim achieved was not only what he did by his own hand and tongue but indeed what he did through others. Sometimes some of us feel unable to implement the prophetic example on some things we imagine. Well, I'm not a great orator. I'm not a gifted speaker. I'm not a scholar of the religious tradition. And that's the description of most of the oma Allah azza wa jal has given us many different talents. And some of us will stop there and say, then I have nothing to give, but we could not be more incorrect. In fact, the prophet alayhi salatu, Salam speeches were typically

02:19:01--> 02:19:34

short, although he's the most eloquent of people. And although his mission was 23 years, and the Hadith connection is is vast, so much of what he taught was in his silence, in his example, in his modeling is walking alongside of people in is helping people become the best of themselves. And that is an invitation I want to share with you today in Hades number 335 of the collection of a Shema median only sharing a part of the Hadeeth.

02:19:35--> 02:19:59

It shares that from his habits of Allah Azza wa sallam in his gatherings was to divide his time among people and to prefer those that were able to serve others and those that had Alhamdulillah achieve greater and further in their Deen and the Hadees describes for min humble hija woman humbled hydretain woman humbled. How're you

02:20:00--> 02:20:45

from them would be people of one need others with two needs, and others with many needs. And I think we can really relate to that we see around us the struggle of all that is in the modern world and the hardships that we face, and all around us face as well in traversing the hardships of this dunya and rushing towards Allah subhana wa Tada. But he is a soul to a certain height, he says, further Shahada will be him that he would occupy himself with their needs. And he would inform those that were present to inform those that are absent. And then this magnificent close to this passage and really an invitation that I want to make to myself in each of you in these last 10 days, that they

02:20:45--> 02:21:27

would enter a seekers that Hello not aware that they would enter seeking a solution to their need. But they would come out where who Jonah Adela they would come out as guides to goodness, meaning that they were empowered. They were able not only to meet their needs, but now they were able to serve others. This can be done in the smallest and most meaningful ways. The Prophet it is sold to a set him once helped a man pray better by and he told the people sonochemical it only on Sunday. And so sometimes I remember a young man, an older man that that helped me when I was young, he saw me making sujood in the wrong way. And he got down on the ground though he was 50 years older than me.

02:21:27--> 02:22:08

And he said, I know your father, and I love your father. So I love you. Can I show you how the profit on a salto system needs to do it and that's stuck with me. For a lifetime the profit it is sold to a Samson, who I'm the man so you can take your ritual worship in the example as him. And so whether it's a call to someone that's light that that day will be brightened with your phone call, whether it's helping a person remember that not every positive transformation in life is achieved through a magnificent speech or a scholarly discourse, that many, many things and your team has many resources to help you in this journey. Many of people's most transformative moments, or through a

02:22:08--> 02:22:51

conversation with somebody that took them under their wing, or through a memory of somebody of wisdom and taqwa that helped them through a real gem or difficulty in their lives. Or an experience that Allah subhanaw taala willed for a person that changed their way and changes their trajectory of their relationship with Allah and their life. So I invite myself and invite all my brothers and sisters to implement this forgotten Sunnah to take hold of this forgotten prophetic inheritance, to walk alongside people, help people advise them, think of them, call on them and check on them in sha Allah. And with this, we hope that we will also achieve what the prophet alayhi salatu salam

02:22:51--> 02:23:14

achieved, building the capacity of the people and communities and families around them that they would enter seeking a need and they would come out able to answer the needs of the world around them as well as their own May Allah subhanaw taala allow us in sha Allah, to be inheritors of this beautiful prophetic legacy, and to find the best in ourselves and in others love.

02:23:16--> 02:23:22

Dr. Hamad calaca thank you so so much, he certainly is a part of the Syrah that we don't eat enough of I think,

02:23:24--> 02:23:46

Dr. Hammer Do you mind? Just, you know, we're in the last 10 nights now. How has your pain really impacted the circles around you? We talked about the processor and impacting the circles around him. And then obviously, for for many generations later, how has your crane sought to to I guess resonate with those around them? And have you felt that firsthand?

02:23:49--> 02:24:31

Absolutely sort of handler here. You know, the largest most in the Carolinas in the United States, we do get a lot of requests and we want to help people but sometimes it can be very overwhelming when it feels like it resides on just one pair of shoulders or even many. So having a paean as a trusted source of diverse resources that 100 from the curriculum products to conviction circles to the articles, the research to the audio and video and podcasts. It is so empowering for people whether helping their families or learning for themselves, or those teachers and and mentors on the front lines, it is really, really helpful to be able to lean on that and I refer to clean resources

02:24:31--> 02:25:00

all the time. One that I will highlight among many that we've had great success with here today is the conviction circles. A lot of us do not have opportunities to engage in critical thought and discussion around Islam and that can be very overwhelming especially for people and university or areas of higher learning or colleges where they're thinking critically about everything but but the dean which is a big problem. The conviction circles is one thing among many that we've deployed here locally. That is growing

02:25:00--> 02:25:21

About a great diversity of participants that are able to engage, critically discuss, learn, and feel that they can come back to trusted scholarship both locally, nationally and internationally. In and in getting well researched questions and trustworthy material inshallah nurturing that human in conviction and dispelling doubts and inspiring contribution.

02:25:23--> 02:25:48

Zack Callahan Dr. Mohammed Abu Qatada, thank you so much. And with your support hamdulillah. We've reached over 520 signups people are committed to donate in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, our objective is 1000. And with your support handler, we've already surpassed 500. We're about 522 thank you so much for your time, and inshallah we'll catch up once again another time because I feel

02:25:51--> 02:25:53

quite sad. I'm loving the cattle.

02:25:54--> 02:26:16

Brothers and sisters, thank you very much for joining the last 10 nights program with the opinions stitute. It's honestly an honor to be speaking here. From already past the first night of the last night I'm in Sydney. So it's the morning after the first of the last 10 nights. I'm actually going to do a shameless

02:26:18--> 02:26:33

call of action here. I'm part of yaqeen Institute and I host the doubletake podcast. I'm going to ask you all to kindly watch the promo for our show called doubletake. And then inshallah we'll continue the program.

02:26:35--> 02:26:57

Sometimes, guys, I'm Muhammad dad, and I'm here to tell you about a new podcast from European Institute called doubletake, where we cover issues and topics in Islam that give us pause. topics such as Will my children be Muslim? Or was Islam spread by the sword? You can find this on YouTube or your favorite podcast app by searching doubletake by European Institute.

02:27:02--> 02:27:05

I can't really thank the promo the person that was in the promo.

02:27:07--> 02:27:12

gonna ask Dr. altough. To join me once again, I think you're on mute the Delta.

02:27:14--> 02:27:18

I will think I will thank the person in the promo.

02:27:19--> 02:27:42

And actually, I want to take a couple minutes just to ask you, because it's been an amazing journey. You know, we saw podcasts, you know, popping up from every which way were during the pandemic, especially, and somebody might say, you know, this is just another podcast. Well, I want to ask you, right, as the producer, and as the as the really the mind, the brains behind it, is what have you enjoyed so far about?

02:27:43--> 02:27:45

hosting doubletake?

02:27:46--> 02:28:34

Ziggler? For the question, look, I will say this, there's a there's a marshal live very, very strong team. I've worked on podcast teams, in multimedia organizations, very, very large ones and michelada team that is working on the opinions the true podcast is honestly second to none. The passion, the commitment, and the all round kind of just effort is has been probably the highlight for me. The the the other highlight is what what this podcast is allowing us to do compared to other podcasts that exists out there is you know, those those urging questions that we might have, that we've put under the under the carpet because we're too ashamed to ask or we, we feel uncomfortable asking

02:28:35--> 02:28:51

the people around us, what we're trying to do in this podcast is bring those questions out from under the rug, and ask them openly and get those answers from those who've done such phenomenal research. So the highlight for me has been working with phenomenal teammate Yeah, theme.

02:28:52--> 02:29:03

Also having the courage to just ask the questions that you know, your everyday Muslim has, has has, you know, very deep inside of them.

02:29:04--> 02:29:46

Thank you, thank you so much for that. And we are actually, you know, raising here in my family for everyday Muslims. And I can tell you that all of these resources from European Institute are really beneficial to us as well. I want to ask you one more question and I know you're going to continue hosting inshallah, they will want to, you know, remind people to keep joining, and the last night's giving program inshallah, and as we said, we already broke 500 just halfway mark. We have three more hours to go inshallah we'll break the 1000 mark. And then we may even increase the goal to 1500 because of your audience's inspiration and support. Brother Mohammed tell us I know it's not easy

02:29:46--> 02:29:59

because I asked this NIEM earlier in her favorite department. So what is the favorite moment you've had during the double tape podcast so far? We've had Michelle several different interviews Is there a Is there a moment that

02:30:00--> 02:30:04

sticks out to you, particularly among the different episodes you've done.

02:30:05--> 02:30:07

Um, I have two answers to that.

02:30:09--> 02:30:53

The first the first one was obviously the first episode we went live with, which was about trauma. So my wife is a speech therapist, and she talks about kind of trauma and a lot of the patients that she deals with, and me being just a typical, you know, Muslim male. I honestly didn't give the topic much justice, we weren't really talking about it. And it wasn't really an enriching conversation, it was my wife talking mostly about it. But when I was able to interview the sisters on the podcast about trauma and its impact on our faith, the penny dropped for me that there is a whole ocean out there, that I'm not really appreciating. So it's giving me it's forcing me to learn things outside

02:30:53--> 02:30:54

of my comfort zone.

02:30:56--> 02:31:41

And, and that was a moment where I realized two things one, I need to do a lot more and read a lot more about, you know, my religion, the impact different things have on my religion. But the other thing which for me, was the most important learning regarding European Institute, you know, Mashallah, we've seen so many different lectures we've seen so many different series this from Yvonne from European Institute, but doing this podcast, meeting the people involved in your pain, I've realized that what you're seeing in Ramadan is just the tip of the iceberg. The amount of work and effort and, and basically research that has gone into so many of the works of your pain, it's a

02:31:41--> 02:31:54

it's a world of knowledge out there and so honestly, for me, the penny dropped once I started interviewing some of these guests. That Mashallah Mashallah your pain is is a world of of knowledge.

02:31:56--> 02:32:11

Well, thank you so much. I'm gonna let you go on inshallah hosting the program. But to save you time, I'll give the update in sha Allah, that we're now at 562 Ma sha Allah so keep it coming. And I'll turn it back over to brother Muhammad. Is that gonna hurt? Thank you so much, doctor.

02:32:12--> 02:32:23

Honestly, from strength to strength, the next guest we're very spoiled here at your pet Institute to be able to have access to so many great people hamdulillah

02:32:24--> 02:33:04

Our next guest will be talking about the processor lems sleeping habits and encouraging us to emulate his lifestyle during the last 10 nights. And that share is none other than chef. Yes, I'm gonna just he's on the board of advisors of the octane Institute. He's also the Imam of Valley Ranch Islamic Center and the head of Islamic law and theory department as not going to institute honestly I could spend the next seven minutes just introducing shafia sir but I'm gonna pass the microphone on to him because I'm really excited to hear from him just like Allaha shafia sir for joining us. Mohammed thank you very much for for introducing me is vertical Africa most fabulous you're better

02:33:04--> 02:33:24

off me and handle a lot of banana meals or low salovaara cannabinol Mohammed Ali was seldom at the Sleeman kathira atom and my bad the sleeping habits of the prophets of Allah as a lifestyle Why is this so important to us right now? We're coming in sha Allah azza wa jal into the last night of the month of Ramadan at least for us here in the Dallas area in Texas.

02:33:25--> 02:33:35

So it's coming up very soon inshallah sojourn How can I make the best out of my nights in Ramadan inshallah sojourn and how can I benefit from this in the best way possible?

02:33:36--> 02:34:08

Well, we need to learn about the sleeping habits of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, its overall part of his heavy and his head is his best example. Well, last panel with Allah commands is to follow the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And also Allah has said Allah Sammy says, Well, hi, Ron, had you had you Mohammed and the best example is the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So how do I how can I emulate his example in my life so you can maximize the benefit for myself not just in Ramadan, even after the month of Ramadan, sleeping is very important. Obviously, as part of us being human means we need to rejuvenate we need to refresh we need to start you know,

02:34:08--> 02:34:18

strong afterwards. So how can I do this right, inshallah xojo I want to just highlight a few things about the sleeping habits of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But before we get to this point,

02:34:19--> 02:34:52

we need to take also something in consideration at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam people live organic lifestyle. For us we live in artificial lifestyle unfortunately, which means at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when that when that when the sun goes down, the day is over. And people just go be go to sleep probably even before a shower, which is why praying a shower was as difficult as praying fudger for many people today, and that's why the Prophet says Emma highlight the most important to salewa to maintain especially in JAMA for men, it's fragile and Asia. It is so hard for people to tell you to stay up when the sun goes down for them. Why? Because they live

02:34:52--> 02:35:00

organic life. When the sun goes down, that they start the day ends and the night starts. And for them they start even before failure. So it's easy.

02:35:00--> 02:35:37

For them to wake up probably for 200 or even easier for them to be up for fudger Alhamdulillah beyond me so that's something to be taken consideration because for us sometimes for many, many people unfortunately their day begins after Russia. The day begins after a shot we have electricity we have the internet we have the TV we have so many other you know aspects of life that we get inside of ourselves involved with and as a result we lose some of the most valuable assets of our you know, our energy has given me which is the sleeping hours at night, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned and I to be so bad I was Anna Laila the bursa. So the night was for us to cover us of

02:35:37--> 02:36:08

course, under under sleep will give us that sense of peace and tranquility. So if we would love to follow the example of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, probably we're going to have to change some of our habits that we have due to our living in this modern life. I'm not asking you people to completely rather you know, radically change your lifestyle completely but the to be conscious of why we're unable to benefit from the night properly, whether through a better through sleeping or even actually, through being accomplishing other things. So when we think about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

02:36:09--> 02:36:46

Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam didn't have the fancy mattresses that we live on today and we sleep on martial law. Some of these some of these matters are so thick that when you sleep on it, you can even dig yourself out in the morning and some people Subhanallah when they go to sleep, it's so comfy that it's so hard for them to get out of it. Rasul Allah has said Allah Sam used to sleep on something but it's simple. Sometimes we'll be happy which is just like a straw mat. And that the the pattern of the straw man will leave marks on his side sallallahu wasallam when he sleeps, sometimes you sleep on a thin mattress made of made of leather skin, animal skin, and it's it's filled with

02:36:46--> 02:37:22

leave with lwf basic they call it actually Aleve is basically that the the leaves of the palm tree. So it's kind of like a little bit has some cushion on it, but not enough to make you so comfortable. The prophets of Allah Selim sometimes he will just sleep on his own reader like his put his own garment on the ground and he will just lay down on itself what a lie was allamani I remember we used to train for martial arts our masters used to tell us to sleep on the floor every now and then why? Because you need to get used to it to sleep on the floor. So you're always alert you're always alert and if there's danger coming up you're not going to be so lazy because we live in too comfortable.

02:37:22--> 02:37:57

And somehow the prophets Allah Selim was always alert his life was always on high alert all the time. So I want to lie was dilemma so my advice for my dear brothers and sisters every now and every now and then take it easy on yourself and a little bit you know, change your your mattress and sleep sometimes on the floor and get yourself you know calibrate off a little bit on that to get used to especially when you go camping and so on Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam he used to sleep the beginning of the night and he would recommend for us after a shot not to talk not to socialize, he would commence on what Allah said I wanted for us just to go to sleep right away it's healthier for it's

02:37:57--> 02:38:32

better for you. However, if you have a guest if you need to learn if you need to be with your spouse, it's okay to stay up after after a shot but he's all of a sudden he did not like for us to to have these extra sessions and these interactions after Russia. Again our lifestyle has changed today. So a little bit different difficult and hard for many people to do so but as much as you can inshallah, I show the law describe the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that he would sleep at the first third of the night he wake up midnight so what the laws are the middle of the night, and he would wake up for worship and for a bed. Sometimes he continues all the way until Fisher and sometimes he

02:38:32--> 02:39:12

will continue Salah Salem until the the last one said of the night where he rests. He rests a lot allow ceremony until until virol comes to call him for to wake up and get ready for tahajjud I mean for Southern Fujisawa to live ceremony Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam used to take Pinilla which means he would take a nap during the day. He used to take his nap before a lot of our time. Why? Because he's up early in the morning. So his Tallulah or his his nap during the day would be sometimes before the Horta. Nowadays a lot of people because they barely wake up for failure. So they want to take their nap they take it after also when they come back from work and so on. As long as you take

02:39:12--> 02:39:46

a very short power nap would be healthy for you to do so. Insha Allah Baraka wa Taala finally Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, obviously, the schedule changes, he would wake up the entire night but he will not engage in the Hajj all the night, like I showed the Lord and she said about the prophets of Solomon said he will diversify as a divider. So what Allah who said Amara ceremony, but he would stay up all night in order for him to benefit from the ibadah hopefully to catch that or further my last panel automakers among those who follow the example of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and those who would be enjoying little carrier Ballymena, ask Allah

02:39:46--> 02:39:58

Subhana Allah to bless us with the reward and the blessings of little further this month and this year shall load and more years to come your brand I mean, when hamdulillah also allow some of our economy you know how many man earlier cybersyn

02:40:00--> 02:40:04

Zach shafia sir, thank you so much for that. How about in the last 10 nights

02:40:06--> 02:40:46

the proper salsa live sleep much? Actually no, he would not sleep and then during the night so a lot of laws that I'm really instead he will stay up but once again he would not stay up all in 200 he would dedicate some time for tetherball some time for the poor and sometimes you know, for the reverse of what was said on Monday, but definitely a halo meaning he keeps the night alive on and not just that he even wake up all his family members to be ready for the battle as well. mela meqasa among those who stay up for those nights, but I mean, and get us into worship through these nights. I have one last question. Shakira said if you don't mind, Mashallah, we've almost hit 600 donors for

02:40:46--> 02:40:55

the for the last 10 nights campaign for Ukraine, Georgia calaca for your support. What is your pain mean to you in your circles? I mean, this is a very biased question for me, you know why?

02:40:57--> 02:41:34

Because you're on the board, not just that chef, I'm gonna my mother and your team is actually in my community. So Mashallah we see the benefits of your team and the effort that they have in the community is doing for the world and hamdulillah I see it firsthand every single day. I see chef Omar and his team how they work so hard muscle to produce all these beautiful programs and activities I see it a mom I see their families I see everybody who's involved with their teams of handler and regular basis and I can testify their martial law roboticle Allah bless them bless their effort, horrible anime in their working day or night. Why because Subhan Allah Yanni we were racing

02:41:34--> 02:42:08

against Of course, you know time over here, because it's a very important mission that European Mashallah have covered a gap that we had for a very, very, very long time, but hamdulillah with a lot of, you know, a lot of Islamic education, a lot of schools, a lot of health programs, we had some humanitarian organizations that have massage it, but I think that that would really come and give you the answers to every difficult question people that try to avoid and hamdulillah I give credit to your pain that's one of the best things we benefit from your team handle a lot of blood I mean loveless the model of anatomy, check so radical offic and don't forget the pain and us in

02:42:08--> 02:42:58

general, and you die in the last 10 nights. Thank you so much. I mean, does that mean a lot to you from Santa Monica to like, a lot of cattle thank you very much ipsf we're gonna continue moving Mashallah, this program is so jam packed with surprises. We have a member of the board of directors of the opinion just about to join us sister Luke Nirmala, who's also a chaplain at the University of California. And she'll be talking to us about the the prophetic lifestyle in the family how the profits are seldom maintained family ties. And so it would be an honor to have sister of Stella Luna Mala. Join us today is Aquila, her sister for joining us. And I'm in Sydney and a big fan family is

02:42:58--> 02:43:05

a big fan of your work. So thank you so much for joining us. Oh sound when I call man. It's a pleasure to meet you. Mashallah. And it's an honor to be here from dilla.

02:43:09--> 02:43:42

Sister lagna and your mind just telling us more about the process Solomon is and the family that what what did he do to maintain good ties with his extended family but also his nucleus of his family? Yeah, just like located the smilla salatu salam ala rasulillah. We take so many examples from the life of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and truly he's a role model for all of us not only Subhan Allah as a beautiful human being, but as a statesman and even more importantly, as a family man.

02:43:44--> 02:44:29

We know that prophets like Selim was very emotionally intelligent. He really gave due attention to all of his family members, his wives, his children, his son in law ollie on the line who one time he came home to see his beloved daughter Fatima after she was married already to ollie out onto the onto my both of them. And he found preference I seldom found 14 upset she was crying and he asked what's my what was wrong? And she said that, you know that she and Ali had gotten into an argument and that he had left the home and went to the masjid. It's kind of a lot so um Subhan Allah Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam now is not only acting as a prophet, he's acting as the father of you

02:44:29--> 02:44:33

know, of his daughter and he's also acting as

02:44:34--> 02:45:00

a father in law here and he goes, and he finds out he was on hold laying down in the masjid, his his job is covered in dust. And so he picks up earlier on the lawn hoe and says, you know, get up on top, you know, get up Oh, you father um, just, you know, and and, and he's dusting him off as he's saying that and this was a way to light in the matter. And and in doing so, both of them were laughing and you know, he lighten the mood and he

02:45:00--> 02:45:39

Come on, come with me Subhanallah Look how he diffused a difficult situation you know when when we wouldn't be get involved in family matters. Sometimes we get very emotional we get very biased Of course, depending on who's the one that we're related to and who's at fault and whatnot, but look how, in a very smiling manner in a very peaceful manner, he brought husband and wife back together. And this is something for us to really take example from as we live, you know, sometimes we live in the society, in our multiple roles. You know, we may be we may be a children of our parents, we may be parents ourselves, we may be spouses, aunts, uncles, cousins, we have so many different

02:45:39--> 02:45:56

relationships, and prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after mentioning belief in one God and doing righteous deeds, he would always mention silica ROM that keeping the the the family ties together, keeping them intact as something very important for all of us.

02:45:57--> 02:46:37

In one generation, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, He who believes that Allah and the Last Day, let him maintain good relation with his kids with his relatives. So that's something really important for us to do. We know that Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. That's when he would receive gifts when he would receive means he would he would he keep it for himself? No, he would go, he would divide it up, and he would give it to the friends and family of Khadija rhodiola. Who after she had passed, so we know that Subhanallah prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a master at keeping family relations and so much so that it affected others

02:46:37--> 02:46:53

around him. It's very interesting story of Abdullah Norman, the son of Omar I'm the hotdog that one time he was passing by a Bedouin, in Mecca, I've dealt with Norma was wearing a turban, and he was riding his donkey and he comes across

02:46:54--> 02:47:08

passes by a veteran, and he asked the veteran Are you so and so and they exchanged information and Subhanallah next thing he knows, the companion of Abdullah Norma was with him, he witnessed I'm building Omar took off the turban, put it on the man and given this donkey

02:47:10--> 02:47:53

that was his writing animal and he gave it to this other man, because of, you know, based off of this quick interaction. So I'm, I've been dinar asked, I'm doing normally says, What's going on, it's like what just happened here. And he said, the father of this man was the friend of my father Subhanallah Look at that. It's it is when we talk about silica ROM, of course, we're talking about very close relations that we need to take care of. But it's also talking about the ones that our parents love, you know, friends and family of our friends and family. So quite a lot. So that was amazing. So just because of that love relationship between a this man's father and a beloved almost

02:47:53--> 02:48:31

father on the hotdog, that he gifted him such such great gifts, some kind of love, so really something for us to take into consideration. And this was based Oh, and I should say that, in conclusion to that story. He explained his actions by saying because I heard Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings upon him say that the finest act of goodness is a good treatment of someone whom one's Father loves. So this is something for us to take into consideration. It shows us the importance of keeping close family relations. But now there's a there's a cabinet You know, there's a there's a tricky part to the situation because we can rattle off a what we know is good and what we know

02:48:31--> 02:48:59

prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam emphasized very much, but what about in our own lives? When we find it difficult? We find that maybe, unfortunately, it can be sometimes even our own parents or siblings, or sometimes it's our uncle or aunt or cousins. Maybe they've harmed us, maybe they've wronged us. And it happens and it's very painful. And what is the initial reaction? Sometimes that reaction is to sever the

02:49:00--> 02:49:08

relationship, I'm never going to see them again. I need to cut out this toxic relationship, this toxic person out of my life, that's the temptation. But we know

02:49:09--> 02:49:14

from the example of a worker of the one who was the best friend of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was his

02:49:17--> 02:49:47

you know, the the father of his beloved wife, I shout out to Wanda, that, when I issued honor was slandered in such a bad way, you know the worst type of slander that can come across anybody's reputation. Um, he was already supporting one of his family members who was involved in that slander. And the thought had possibly crossed his mind that you possibly wanted to just stop supporting that relative that was involved in the slander but it showed honor, but of course, after hearing the verse and sort of nor that was revealed,

02:49:50--> 02:50:00

Abu Bakar Rajon who decided to continue to support that relative even though he was involved in the slander of his daughter so this just

02:50:00--> 02:50:37

shows us, you know, we need to rise above the occasion. And of course, you know, barring, you know, really extreme situations of immediate harm or what have you, even when people have wronged us, we should try our utmost. Can we empathize with that person? You know, why is it that they have harmed us what was what was lacking in their life that they felt the need to harm us, or what is lacking in their knowledge or in their experience, or maybe in their needs that made them harm us in that way. And of course, we don't have to engage with them all the time, but still visit them still keep up connection, people relation if they need support, so support them. And we know that Prophet Muhammad

02:50:37--> 02:50:38

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

02:50:39--> 02:51:17

said this as a reminder as well, but he says, The the person who perfectly maintains the ties of kinship is not the one who does it, because he gets recompense by his relatives. Meaning it's not just because they're good to you. That's why you keep up the relation with your family, but it's the but the one who truly maintains the bonds of kinship, silica Ron is the one who persists in doing so even though the latter has severed the ties of kinship with him. So something for us to take into consideration. And just one last comparison that might help us wrap our heads around it. You know, sometimes we have annoying coworkers, you know, we go to work we go to work, possibly for the sake

02:51:17--> 02:51:54

of Allah subhanaw taala, you know, to support our family, you know, we wants to be able to provide for our family and what have you. And so we go to work despite this annoyance, despite this frustration, maybe it's your boss, maybe it's a co worker, so you still need to, you know, say hi to them, you need to work closely with them even sometimes. So what about those relatives that we just may possibly just find annoying, or maybe they tease us or they like to make fun of us or they have their their quirks or what have you, um, we still for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala even more important than our risk is to be pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala to make sure that we keep those

02:51:54--> 02:52:10

family relations that we keep, you know, visiting those family members that we keep in touch with them, you never know that one day when they need you or that you affect them in a positive way that one day they will turn around and really be a great support for you too. Does that call okay to

02:52:11--> 02:52:29

start the lagna welcome back Luffy thank you so much for that it's certainly a topic that's dear to my heart keeping good relations with with family so thank you so much for for joining us and for supporting our program for the last 10 nights of Ramadan jack calaca Well, yeah, thank you.

02:52:31--> 02:52:50

We're gonna move on. Again the program is Mashallah very, very strong and very tight with with amazing surprises. We have our next speaker on the line. And that is mostly Abdurrahman Wahid, who's a fellow at the Cato Institute, and is the Associate Editor of the European editorial board.

02:52:51--> 02:53:01

He's also co founder and Dean of Islamic affairs at miftah Institute, Mufti Abdul Rahman Are you around?

02:53:02--> 02:53:24

Right here. Thank you so much for Joe. And bedika. Lafayette for your time, we'd love to hear from you. Just just a random question. It is the last night we're all kind of gearing up to for the last mile in this amazing month of Ramadan. What would be your advice for us to finish strong?

02:53:26--> 02:53:48

So Zack, great question. Before I start my topic today, yeah, just I'm going to be sitting off the cuff in a few hours. So make dua that like some sort of take off I would say, in the last 10 nights. Remember, you know, people always say the first impression is the last impression. But according to Harry's, it's the last impression that's the lasting impression in the morale of our team. It's how you end so

02:53:50--> 02:54:29

so you need some try to make the last 10 days the best 10 days by removing your distractions, isolating yourself as much as you can, you know, you will have time to enjoy and I'll conclude by saying this top part of it that on the day of aid if you are crying, because you missed Ramadan, that means you did something great and I'm all done. So hopefully these last 10 nights, you know, we just end understanding that Allah Allah will not judge us by the first 20 days. Allah didn't judge us by the way we ended this month. So try to end strong and of course, the best way to do that is to remove the distractions lohit and coloboma person who has a distracted heart cannot focus in Salah

02:54:29--> 02:54:48

cannot focus in on Milan cannot focus on the other to try to remove as many distractions distractions as you have even if you have any goals for later. Just leave it for later inshallah. That's a great question. Sokoloff also may go off for me I'm going to be starting starting I took off in a few hours. All right, Mr. Lara mana Rahim. Allah Allah Rasool karimabad

02:54:51--> 02:55:00

of all the speakers that spoke during a low reward all of you I couldn't catch all the speeches today because I had a migraine and I just got on a few minutes ago. So if my eyes are red, so forgive me for

02:55:00--> 02:55:00


02:55:01--> 02:55:39

when we talk about the Prophet sons life, every angle of his life is beautiful, you know, a homeless man he mentioned this in one of his episodes. No Dr. Kula who is a mobile unit on Locanda, Mongolia Tikka blubrry, even if he never spoke, even if he never did anything, just by looking at his beautiful face, looking at being around his presence would be enough to tell you that he's a prophet of Allah Azza wa sallam, every angle of his life, every single thing he did. For me, something that I have reflected upon recently is how the prophets of Salaam knew what to say, at what time to what individual like he was, it was always the right thing at the right time with the right person,

02:55:39--> 02:56:19

because he was such a comforting person, you know, when when he said assumptions, which are alanine, mobarak and Mr. Conte, Allah has made memobottle mobarak means a person who is comforting, his presence is so comforting. Her presence is so comforting. Anything they say like the words are later just the fact that they're there. It's so comforting because they have so much love for you, and the love and the care for you so much to share your pain. So the prophet SAW them was that individual where who went out of his way to comfort one another to bring happiness and joy in the hearts of the people around him. Today in our society, we find that we meet so ritualistically on the day of Juma

02:56:19--> 02:56:54

on days of read celebrations in Genesis, Amanda Hatano said, a sign that someone loves you is that he or she goes out of their way to meet you. Not just ritualistically meeting, but they put themselves through inconvenience to meet you. If you find someone like that in your life that is going putting themselves through inconvenience, not just because they were in the area, they're meeting you but they're actually coming just for you. That's a sign of love. And how many people in the world are like that nowadays, where they put themselves through inconvenience, take a detour just just take out time from their day from their month. I know we're all busy, but that is a sign

02:56:54--> 02:57:38

of love. That's then we can be comforting to each other like the problem was, you see at the time when his Jaffer Natalia Delano passed away. So had a lot. We just went through this recently, October 5, my brother passed away of the Chicago employee in a car accident and the profit for them, he finds out through through his divine through the divine method that john has passed away. And he comes to this right away he gets up and he goes to the house. And he gets Abdullah and Muhammad in some original own in his laps, that he puts them all through him in his lap. And then you know, like he just knew what to say because he was such a comforting presence. You know, when I was going

02:57:38--> 02:58:12

through situations myself, you felt the difference variations of people, people who truly truly love you who are close to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah puts the right words on their tongue and it's so comforting. Their hug is comforting their shoulder to lean on. It's comforting. You can cry with them. It's everything is so comforting about their presence. And this is where do we get this from the sooner the apostle, he was the most comforting person. He was always there for the grief. He was always there for the one who's going through difficulties. I mean, we have a community that's going through so many difficulties now. And it's our responsibility to reach out to them. It's not their

02:58:12--> 02:58:44

responsibility find us a person who has to give zakat. You you. You don't have to wait. You don't wait for the person to come ask for the card. But it's your responsibility to find someone who's entitled for zakat. You can't just tell a legitimate I was waiting at home and nobody came to three years. You have to find that person. Similarly, being in a community finding people and then being a means of comfort. The problem comes it's down. He puts him in his lap. He's hammered for shabby who I'm in Abu Talib he's a Muhammad like just to make him feel good. He looks like our uncle Abu Talib

02:58:45--> 02:59:21

Allah well I'm Abdullah for sure be who you are. And Abdullah. He looks like me. He acts like me right away. You start saying great things. And as he leaves the house, he says it's not only our job for common throughout our town, I'm unusual. Yes, we do home our town my school home. He says please, he tells the people what right and he walks out of the house he tells his companions prepare food for the family of Jaffa Don't let the wife coat on at the family cook. Because now they're there. They're busy with something else. I remember this aspect of the started with the processes was words. And this aspect of my brother passed away. None of us none of our family members wanted

02:59:21--> 02:59:57

we're eating we're just became so sick and weak. And next thing you know, in our community, someone started a Google Drive, shared it Google Sheet and share it with everybody and every single day for about, I think 60 days in our community, someone who's bringing food to our house. And and because they were bringing the food we felt bad that we had to eat Otherwise, it will be thrown away in a bit prepared with so much love. So because of their love and sincerity. We ended up eating and getting strength and you know, at least carrying out our life. And imagine how much we would all these family members got. They just made this Google Sheet and I said Subhanallah where does it

02:59:57--> 02:59:59

start from? It's not only a job for the arm or the processor

03:00:00--> 03:00:33

was so comforting. He understands this the problem still had is that anytime a person goes out to meet somebody to comfort him, nada nada Meena sama announcer makes an announcement I'm flipping totoaba mom shack with a bow at immunogenetic Manzella your you have become blessed and pure. Your walking has become blessed and pure and you have prepared for yourself up in a boat and Jenna Abdi is out of La Jaco who fell in love with no top Dune agenda. Allah says he he or she left their comfort of their home flew all the way to Michigan just to comfort these people.

03:00:34--> 03:00:44

upon me is the reward and I will the Allah will not be pleased with the reward for them other than Jenna is hollow solution will be in the main Mooji button masala is

03:00:45--> 03:00:53

a Muslim, that one of the greatest ways of getting forgiven but Allah Allah is always trying to make someone else happy is somehow unprosecuted so Allah.

03:00:54--> 03:01:35

Allah Who is the most beloved person to Allah subhanaw taala we heard about all these great qualities today. But this into this hadith Who is the most beloved person to Allah subhanaw taala the person said a humbleness in Allah and Pharaoh homeliness, the most beloved person to Allah is the one who benefits people the most optimal, and the most beloved action to Allah suit on to the Hindu Muslim solution to the Muslim. The Best of all, these is that moment of joy and happiness that you brought for your Muslim brother or sister. You just helped them you were just there for them. And so today, you see you also see then I'll conclude by saying the story

03:01:36--> 03:01:43

somehow a lot about but she'd have been October, right. And when the problem saw but she didn't talk about after the Battle of or HUD

03:01:44--> 03:01:47

and his father had passed away and he was crying.

03:01:50--> 03:01:54

And you said your hubby value kicker or hobby, what makes you cry?

03:01:55--> 03:02:36

And why are you crying for it? But she's not saying this article. Also when I was a child, I came across the Rasul Allah. And my mom said, Yeah, have you made Kiko what makes you cry? I'm a total dork. Imagine the right word at the right time to the right person, a monitor a bar, a corner of Walker is all heavy. His name was mushy, but he called him Have you? Would you not be pleased that I take the place of your father and my wife, I said, takes the place of your mother. so profound words for my mother highlighted. For Can I throw the minasi so then he put his hand over my head like this, because I can still feel the effect of his hand on my head. About the laces so beautifully.

03:02:42--> 03:02:45

He says how to shuffle gender her argument

03:02:46--> 03:03:32

is aka booja do pathological careers of our own pragna Hola, amco Padilha Coachella. Bedell hotelli Joe, aka Alaska, he says everyone is you know, burning with the heat of envy and jealousy. You know, this fire was Alka booja they will Punnett Alaska find that water that can extinguish that fire be that means of comfort, be that water that be that cool person. You walk in and you light up the room. Then he of course later on he says courtesy of our own PR Abner ullamco Beverly hood chalet Joe aka Alaska, the one the leader who made his own servants sit on the camel and he the leader himself walked find that leader and walk behind that leader. so profound poem, The last part of

03:03:32--> 03:03:51

charisma, autobahn, Islam, how he put us on the back of the camera, he walked himself said find a person like that and follow them and live your life behind them. Lawmakers among those who are a means of comfort for others, and make us among those who on the Day of Judgment are going to be among those who Allah loves us because we brought happiness and joy and comfort to others. There's a lot

03:03:53--> 03:04:22

of the American warrior Comerica Lafayette, thank you so much for joining us, we know that you had a migraine, but it was so important for you to be part of us tonight. Thank you so much. And I do send my condolences as the Mullah general calm about your brother. But again, thank you so much for for joining us. We're gonna continue we still have quite a fair bit to cover in the in the next period of this program. But before I introduce the next

03:04:24--> 03:04:59

the next speaker, I just want to give you guys an update on where we're at with the donors for the last night's program. Mashallah, we've, we're up to 650 to 652 out of our goal for 1000 inshallah, we'll reach 1000 by the end of the program, you guys know how good the quality is at your cane Institute in terms of the the videos that are produced the resources that are produced and martial law that level of quality and customer service has trickled down

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To the donation platform as well, so it only takes a few seconds to donate. So if, if you have the means we'd love you to support the work of the Institute in the last 10 nights. So make sure you see the link in the in the comments below. I'm going to move on to our next speaker. Again, you know, Mashallah, I've been very fortunate to

03:05:21--> 03:05:34

now have, you know, powerhouse after powerhouse of speakers on this program. Our next speaker is Fatima Knight. And she'll be talking to us about how the process seldom spend time at home,

03:05:35--> 03:06:03

which is really important, especially during COVID days when people are spending more time at home. The father has a bachelor in Islamic law and theology and a master's in religious studies. And she has a keen interest in the topic of modernity, gender in the Islamic tradition, and she's a research fellow at yochanan Institute says Fatah monoid, thank you so much for joining us. And I'm going to hand over straight to you, we'd love to hear from you.

03:06:07--> 03:06:13

So now money comes in, I'm going to come to everyone joining live, having dillards a blessing to be in your company.

03:06:14--> 03:06:47

First off, I want to say I think it's so brilliant that your cane has chosen to focus on the example of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, during this month. And by doing that, we're focusing the community, our community, on this incredible example. And all of the ways in which he inspires us to live our values and to live a life that has a bridge connection and relationship with Allah, Allah.

03:06:49--> 03:07:04

You can. Panama, so much has been said. And yet there's much more to say about the prophet SAW it was done. So I'm going to talk for just a couple about his role at home, and very touched on.

03:07:07--> 03:07:10

on it, say, you know, we know of

03:07:11--> 03:07:33

course, that Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah, to the world to all of the world's right Island. And we also know that it included his household, right, that included your own home, he was a mercy to his family, to his children to his eyes, to the extended family, right. So his mission of

03:07:35--> 03:07:35


03:07:37--> 03:08:11

ushered in a catalyst of mercy was not just for the people outside of his home good people that he had to bring into the dean, but it was for those closest to his well, and he was very keen and vicious, and he was very keen, spreading that mercy with his own home. And then the other thing that we know so well about the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was his character, right. So they know that he was a holdover of him, he was upon an incredible, incredible character.

03:08:12--> 03:08:23

Right And again, this character, the Ponte extended to how he treated his family. This was simply something that he should really

03:08:25--> 03:08:39

this was some thing that was part and parcel of his character, or of his essence, antique is exhibited. It's so beautiful to own home and amongst his family members.

03:08:40--> 03:08:43

To the extent as we all know, that his wife

03:08:45--> 03:08:54

said that his character was the Quran character was the Quran, how beautiful is it to be the case, that

03:08:56--> 03:09:15

what you are aiming to be everything that you're aiming to be and such that you're aiming to give to the world. The people who are closest to you can testify and say, Lee, who He said He was in the home outside of the home is exactly what he said. He was all about.

03:09:16--> 03:09:31

And this speaks panela to the prophets integrity. The Prophet has such incredible integrity, just as gracious and kind and loving and absurd. This

03:09:33--> 03:09:35

in the home,

03:09:36--> 03:09:37

as he was

03:09:40--> 03:09:44

outside of the home, and this is something for art and sit with.

03:09:45--> 03:09:59

We often spend so much of our day outside of them, right? This past year has been very different. But a typical day, a typical week for us is that we spend so much

03:10:00--> 03:10:46

I'm outside of the home. And sometimes we can spend our best hours and our best energy outside of the home, and then we come home and maybe don't have as much cash to get. And we have to remember that it's those people who are closest to us, that we owe the most to, it's those people who depend on us that we owe the most to, sometimes it can be easy to impress those who only see, or a few hours out of week, right? For those who only see in a click, context, context of your life.

03:10:47--> 03:11:19

But it's, it's difficult to do that with your family, because you have to be consistent with them, and they depend on you. Right? That's we show what your character is. And we're so blessed as a bee that we get our profit low, to send them and say, that was a man who was just as good to people outside as two people out inside Reddit for character

03:11:20--> 03:11:29

parts than he did for them outside of his family. And this is something that can really, really take to heart

03:11:32--> 03:11:33

service. No, we say that,

03:11:35--> 03:11:42

you know, the prophet was, of course of service, his whole role, right was to be of service to humanity, to spread

03:11:43--> 03:11:43


03:11:46--> 03:11:47

loss of

03:11:49--> 03:12:01

Allah. But we also know that he was of service to family home. And the thing I mean, in a spirit service is that you do what needs to be done

03:12:03--> 03:12:07

when it needs to be done, which is why you see the profit.

03:12:08--> 03:12:09

All these different roles, so

03:12:13--> 03:12:15

I do apologize, but

03:12:16--> 03:12:17

he's outspoken.

03:12:18--> 03:12:21

He's up front, but he can also be

03:12:23--> 03:12:25

in his tone with

03:12:26--> 03:12:32

his family, cleaning, taking care of what needs to be taken

03:12:34--> 03:12:34

care of

03:12:36--> 03:12:43

by household, and this is the true spirit of service and main loss on WhatsApp. Hello.

03:12:45--> 03:12:48

Allow us to be people of service

03:12:49--> 03:12:54

to know what to do when it needs to be done just

03:12:55--> 03:13:15

Well, yeah, como estas Fatima? Thank you so much. We seem to have lost with a few glitches. But inshallah, guess what we're gonna host you on the doubletake podcast in a few weeks. So those who want to hear more from the father of a knife, you're gonna have to subscribe to the podcast.

03:13:16--> 03:13:26

doubletake now that's completely fine. And I got to put a shameless plug in as well. Thank you so much for joining us. And I'm gonna hand over to

03:13:27--> 03:14:16

Dr. Altaf Hussain who is doing a very important job of counting the number of donors. Dr. Altaf, what are we at the moment? Yeah, so thank you so much. And I'm so excited to be back to co host we're at when your shift is finishing, we are at 690 out of 1000. So inshallah very close to the 1000. Mark, we have just a couple hours left to go. But before you leave, I want to acknowledge and I want to thank you, and I want to let those watching us know that Brother Mohammed, of course, is the host of the double tech podcast. He's in Sydney, Australia. So he had to wake up extra early to be able to join us Mashallah. And if he looks this great, having woken up extra early, I wonder what

03:14:16--> 03:14:19

it looks like during the day, Masha, Allah, Allah bless him, continue to grant

03:14:21--> 03:14:22

and, and we'll be back.

03:14:24--> 03:14:25

And Santa Monica.

03:14:26--> 03:15:00

Thank you so much. Thank you so much. All right. Brothers and sisters, my fellow we are continuing on with the program. We're so excited to have you, all of you who have joined us from the beginning. Those of us those of you who are joining us in the sort of in the middle of the program, welcome. We've had some great reminders, practical reminders about how to sustain a prophetic lifestyle. And indeed, all of the topics that were assigned to the speakers ended with like he did, and the he of course, is our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so inshallah without further

03:15:00--> 03:15:42

further ado, I want to remind you that as the program goes on, we urge you, number one to make do are continue to make do for yourselves and for the success of the work of European Institute, because we are so heartened by your feedback, we're so heartened that you return day in and day out to watch the meeting Muhammad series when it you know, launches in the mornings were in the US at least, and of course, for the Quran 3430. And you shown a consistent level of support, we benefit from your support in terms of do we benefit from your attendance in these programs. And we of course, benefit from your financial support, may Allah subhanaw taala continue to put Baraka in your

03:15:42--> 03:16:27

time and your energy in your wealth, and indeed help us to be good stewards and the greatest stewards of the donations that you are giving to us. So let me move now to bring another one of our scholars in Sharla to speak to us. So in the studio we have and I'll introduce him first and we'll ask him to give us a practical reminders about how the participant led How did he lead right the leading like he did shift? Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ibrahim hails from Australia. We should have kept on brother Mohammed's up to the ticket degreed fellow Aussie Mashallah and is a registered teacher and assistant principal. He also serves as the Islam chaplain for some community at Curtin University,

03:16:27--> 03:16:44

as well as the University of Western Australia and teaches Islamic ethics, theology and exegesis for a Maghreb Institute, his pursuit of knowledge, started young with memorizing the Quran, Mashallah in his teens. I mean, he's just a few years old. And so I don't know why he started

03:16:45--> 03:17:20

his mindfulness. And then later, he led to his studies and actually exegesis jurisprudence, and have these with the scholars from the ages and from Egypt. shaqab Rahim Mashallah recently produced a powerful, powerful new video series for your institute, and that will guide the book to God helping Muslims reconnect to the essence and the beauty of our faith Shatner, I know it's also early for you. So we really appreciate you taking time to join us and and I'll connect with you after your message. So forget the father ship. Yeah, Ibrahim

03:17:21--> 03:18:01

soleimani como rahmatullah wa barakatu. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala, except from us all the little that we do and grants us more than we would give to ourselves Allah Ameen. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to be witnesses of Laila tostada. May Allah subhana wa Taala support all of those who commit to an act of righteousness and dealings of morality and high ethics in memory and in commemoration of the tradition of the prophets. I send them the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a leader, and he wasn't a leader in one sphere of life, but he was a leader in all things of life. And Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah two says that which is actually the juice that is being

03:18:01--> 03:18:46

recited in Nepal, and now if you're doing one juice a day to make your husband at the final day of the month of Ramadan, in Surah, to say the Elif Lammy message that Allah Subhana Allah says, Would you mean whom are imitating Yeah, do not be a marina lemma sobre Where can you be Aya Tina Yaqui known, I made out of the people of Benny assault el, those who would be beacons of guidance, he mams Lemma sabara when they demonstrated their patients, where can we be it now you will clean on and remained firm in your theme upon the truth? We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make us from those who are firm upon the truth to make us in those who are commemoration of the tradition of the prophets.

03:18:46--> 03:19:28

I tell them the prophets lie Selim was the leader is especially in difficult times, his bravery, his character, his courage was something that inspired those who were notable. You know, icons of courage, one of the most powerful statements you find in the Hadith and as soon as the hadith of it or the Allahu anhu he says that how many selfies if the vet nephew had also Lila in the raging battle when everybody began to feel fear? At that moment of battle we would hide behind I want to be Mohamed Salah How do you sell them? So I will prophets I send them always lead from the forefront and I wanted to focus on three quick points in sha Allah in the three minutes that I have remaining.

03:19:29--> 03:20:00

First is being a person who is brave is not a natural instinct. It is something that you can develop and can increase with a determined effort of suburb and Sabra simply means to be courageous where others are not able to sustain that same level of commitment and holding fast and holding longer, when other people would let go or step back. So you find somebody who rushes in to save people.

03:20:00--> 03:20:41

When there's a burning building, we refer to them as courageous. But really what they've demonstrated is that they were able to go further, to endure more, to remain more consistent and to hold on longer in their commitment to the helping and saving of others than other people could, who backed away from it. So that's something you can begin to learn, especially in the month of Ramadan, you can begin to lead with your wealth, you can begin to lead, you know, at a moment of austerity Subhana Allah with COVID restrictions and all of this, some people they their natural instinct is to hold on to our wealth, and Subhanallah that that natural instinct is actually counter intuitive

03:20:41--> 03:20:59

spiritually, we believe as Muslims, the actual opposite, that if you want to increase your bottom, can you actually share it with those who don't have what you have been blessed with, even if it is half a date, even if it is, you know, simply half of a date. That is how you increase your own prosperity, your own health and your own,

03:21:00--> 03:21:42

your own good. The second thing that I wanted to say in chat love, is that your commitment to others is something that shows your bravery in times of difficulty and dissension. So if you want to show the leadership of the prophets, I sell them in your home, as a husband, as a wife, it's in how you solve the problems that you have between yourselves, your family, your children, your in laws, your extended family, your father, your mother, it's how you demonstrate it with those who are nearest to you before those who are far from you, how you restrict your words, how you you know, you break your pride and being quick and response quick and attack, you know, you have this opportunity to hold on

03:21:42--> 03:22:24

to a greater degree. And third and finally and I end with this is your bravery is only by the TOEFL villa. So always ask Allah, Allah whom for ralina sobre o Allah shower us with patience, so Han Allah it's something that descends linear with a beta we'll have them Allah subhanaw taala said, I'm the one who makes your feet firm. May Allah Subhana Allah give us firmness in the time of difficulty. May Allah subhanho wa Taala open our hearts to each other and allow us to transition through any problems that we may face. And this is how the Prophet LEDs on the low end he was selling, make your life and Mohammed centric light put hymns and his tuner at the forefront of your

03:22:24--> 03:22:33

religious experience. And may Allah Subhana Allah increase us in this blessed month of Ramadan in these final 10 days alone. I mean, there's a lot of fat and

03:22:35--> 03:23:19

let's Bless you. I know we've benefited tremendously from your work and your contributions. If you were just about what is the pulse on the ground there in Australia, about your opinions stitute what sorts of comments are you hearing? What kind of feedback Are you hearing from the two are being exposed to it partly through your own connection to us? Well, look, I can tell you just in Perth, the major Islamic schools, for example, Mashallah our school, I mean college, we have well over 1000 students, the Australian Islamic college, nearly 3000 students, a part of the large curriculum that relates to the Islamic education of our children, as it relates to some of the issues that require

03:23:19--> 03:24:00

an increase in your theme that to bring out our manifestation of Islam is directly in correlation and in assistance through the European Institute's wonderful programs and wonderful videos, and we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala allows us to contribute to it and that not just financially, but in terms of content in terms of draw and in terms of just giving a moral support, you know, whatever controversies there are, the importance is the good that is being done that we take and we assist each other in that which is good and counsel each other when there is something that requires fixing and counsel Bismillah heeta. Allah

03:24:01--> 03:24:18

Thank you so much. Well, that's my thought Bless you. And indeed, We are so grateful that through you our connection to Australia through the Mohammed zone and others, vertical Africa and we wish you the best as the end of Ramadan approaches from except from all of us. Thank you so much.

03:24:19--> 03:24:21

Allah I mean Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

03:24:23--> 03:25:00

Alright brothers and sisters to keep it moving, Mashallah, we've heard a yet another powerful reminder about how to maintain your prophetic lifestyle. And indeed now, I have the honor of sharing the good news that we are up to 732 Mashallah. Mashallah people who have donated so far. And you know, what's amazing, is that when we started, right, I mean, people have started signing up for the last 10 nights campaign, of course before when we start, went live today at 2pm, Central, 3pm. Eastern, but it's critically important to know that during the time we've been on, we are getting great feedback that you're loving the webathon the

03:25:00--> 03:25:26

Amazing, you know, contributions from our scholars. And yes, we took notice of at least two of our scholars who were who had some technical issues. So we're going to do our best to see what we can do about getting their their particular segments recorded in Sharla. And, and we'll hopefully try to share them. I noticed that checkoff dollars was how he promised someone was with his, you know, with his family with his wife.

03:25:27--> 03:26:08

And, and that had technical issues. I'm assuming that many wives were saying to their husband, you know, listen to this reminder. And when it didn't happen and technical issues, they're saying now, please record this because we all need it, including myself opposing views, that reminder. All right, so Brandon says 732 people have signed up. We're very close to 1000. We have another about 45 minutes in this segment. And then we'll hand it over to my my taller, more handsome chef. Alma. So they were in Charlotte, Chicago, so we'll be back. Those of you who are wondering where he is, he did his segment right in the beginning. So if you're not with us, you missed that segment. But don't

03:26:08--> 03:26:48

worry, he is going to be back in Sharla. to, to really co host the last part, but also to do a powerful closing draw. And we may, you know, continue to make dua for him for having the vision to have founded European Institute, brothers and sisters to move along. We have now Mashallah in the studio, someone who is really in terms of you know, especial he has the last name Hussein, so I'm Altaf Hussain, he is Ahmed Hussein, and he spells it the way it's supposed to be spelled with one s. So you can't get any better than that. But actually, he's the head of instruction for our expanded learning team and an Imam in San Antonio, Texas. He recently received

03:26:50--> 03:27:22

his doctorate degree in counselor education supervision from the University of Texas at San Antonio, and He currently serves as a licensed chemical dependency counselor, as well as interns. As a licensed professional counselor, common Marcela brings a wealth of knowledge in both the Islamic and social sciences, which he uses to help connect your opinion to a much younger audience. He remains young while I age right in front of his eyes Mashallah. Please join me in welcoming chef Dr. Ahmed Hussain

03:27:26--> 03:27:29

Zach Miller Fernando smilla rahmanir rahim Amina stain my bad.

03:27:30--> 03:28:22

So I will talk briefly about perhaps the most obvious thing that we have in Ramadan, that we often neglect and that is food. We give up food and we give up drink during the daytime. But if what is our relationship with that food, we will find that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not a person to obsess with food. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us in a very clear Hadith, he said baramulla head Yak fifth name for the animals naming yuck Phil orba with the animal orba Yaki Semenya, food for one is enough for two, and food for two is enough for four and food for four is enough for eight. We see people saying, you know, this, this Ramadan, I'm going to, I'm going to

03:28:22--> 03:29:04

pray this much more. I'm going to read more Quran, I'm going to do more physical, everything, everything, rarely do people say you know what, I'm going to cut back on the food, I'm going to cut back on the fried foods. We are a holistic, human being, right? We cannot operate independently, we have a spiritual component, we have a psychological component, we have a physical component. And when the prophet SAW us, I'm told us that in nearly Jessa de gallega, how that your body has a right over you. There's a lot that goes into that. So as these Knights wind down, eat, how he did some Allahu alayhi wa sallam do not eat until your fill full. We all know right, a third for food. Third,

03:29:04--> 03:29:23

for food, a third for water third for air. So always leave the spot with a little bit like, you know what, I could eat more, but I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to do it. And you will find that it will fuel your worship more, which is the ultimate goal of this month. Do not throw down at it thought.

03:29:25--> 03:29:58

Take your time, relax. Just break it with a couple of dates. Breathe, take some time. Have a nice light dinner, prayer night prayer. Your Worship will be better. It's amazing. Even people who are really committed to their Deen they just completely ignore the prophetic guidance of eating. So do not stop yourselves. Do not overeat. I know it's very tempting. We have long fast. The weather is warm in in many parts of the world. But if you think about this, if you can control food in this month of Ramadan

03:30:00--> 03:30:48

Then you and I can control probably anything in our lives because food is everywhere, it's all around us, it's not going to go away. And we are not told that we can eat the profits I said I'm enjoyed certain foods right like the shoulder portion of the Lamb. So it's not forbidden to enjoy food, but the obsession that we have with it is unhealthy. And it leads to a loss in worship, it leads to negligence and really being able to commit and be spiritually sound. And a man who has only had mentioned two things that really are the the troubles zone for human beings, the private parts and the stomach, the stomach must be controlled. So as this Ramadan goes down, fuel yourselves with

03:30:48--> 03:31:07

the right food, I'm not saying to make a drastic change. In fact, keep eating whatever you're eating, just eat a little bit less and leave the table with some room where you are not completely full as Ramadan ends the next time or you go out whether it's in Ramadan or out

03:31:09--> 03:31:57

if you're eating out outdoor dining, or if you're carrying carry out whatever it is, just order one dish off the menu and share it with someone everyone don't get their own. The Prophet size on told us that one is enough for to just as I mentioned in the beginning of this brief reminder, so when you go out, split it with someone, even if it seems like it's, you know, little, whatever the case may be, most of the time the portion sizes are just outrageous. So it's more than enough inshallah, for us to be able to get control and lose this obsession that we seem to have with food and and neglect how it is directly connected to our worship. When we eat too much. We don't feel good. We

03:31:57--> 03:32:30

don't want to stand for a long time in the prayer, right stomach troubles, all kinds of things. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he would enjoy his food when it was appropriate, but he did not obsess over the food. It was not his goal in life to eat the best of foods. So enjoy kulu wash robu 1234 eat and drink, but do not be wasteful as Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran, inshallah something this is something we can start implementing as soon as tonight in a thought and something inshallah that we can maintain just below fair.

03:32:32--> 03:33:16

Shake. No, I okay. I'm telling you. Isn't it interesting that Ramadan is about fasting, and yet, the budgets for food seems to expand the McCracken view from the expanded learning department. So it's very interesting that we're seeing that and Muslims Mashallah, if you see them very far, sometimes they we look like we're taking revenge on the food is like Where have you been all day? Come back to me. And we go edit. Mashallah. So, let me ask you a question because shakaama asked this of Dr. Destiny, Mashallah, who also recently became a doctor. And you guys are both from expanded learning within the European family. What is your favorite European department?

03:33:19--> 03:33:26

What is my favorite? Well, that's like asking, what's your favorite child? There's not really won't answer children watching as

03:33:27--> 03:33:28

well. I

03:33:29--> 03:33:30

only have one. So I guess.

03:33:32--> 03:33:33

I was trying to be slick, but I just I just

03:33:35--> 03:33:36

can't. Yeah,

03:33:37--> 03:34:13

I would just seriously just briefly, one of the beauties of your pain is that it offers something for everyone. So the academic who just wants to read and read and read or the high school student or someone who just needs a quick clip for the hour, it offers something for everything, this is a tremendous benefit from the institution. So great yourself much. We we will love to have you back in Sharla. So again, thank you for taking time on a Sunday to be with us. Well, sisters, we're going to keep it moving. inshallah. I'm looking now just to make sure that I don't miss an update because we have good news coming through all the time, Mashallah. We are at 766 766

03:34:14--> 03:34:54

of you have signed up for our last 10 nights campaign. And you remember the amazing thing about giving right we know that the profits of Saddam was very generous throughout his life throughout the 11 months of the of the year, and then particularly so in Ramadan, like his generosity increased, if you can imagine even with that, you know, we could comprehend what what that even means. And in the Quran, we're talking about expanded learning and and and our shakaama Hussain just now that in the Quran, Allah what that specifically identifies in Surah Subbu, nursery number 34, verse number 39, that he is in charge of

03:34:56--> 03:34:59

that he expands the sustenance of whomever He wills and he constructs

03:35:00--> 03:35:43

The sustenance of whomever He wills but seeing all in the rugby Yep, so to risk and diminish, I mean a body that say to them, oh Mohammed Salah Allahu alayhi salam, that indeed my lord expands the sustenance of whomever He wills well, where your cadoola who he also constricts it from whoever whomever He wills, but then what's amazing is immediately of those practices, well, not to mention for who where you live. So he blesses us a lot rather versus we spend from it. And then he says, For whatever you spend, then He replaces that with your spend. So what an amazing, amazing and beautiful cycle of being recipients recipients of blessings giving of that and then having that replaced, may

03:35:43--> 03:35:49

Allah indeed accept from all of you keep it coming, inshallah I would love to hand off this segment in about

03:35:50--> 03:36:17

about 30 minutes or so to shakaama having reached the 1000 goal, so that he can just focus on introducing and interacting with our other scholars and then do the dua. So if you can, we have about half an hour, let us do this inshallah. They were the other 200 and about 4044 of you, in shot 34 of you to make this happen. inshallah go to our website and manage it. Alright, so let me go ahead and introduce the Sharla Our next guest and this is

03:36:18--> 03:36:59

you know, really applied all of us to be benefiting and I'm hoping that you've benefited from you know, from your from our gathering so far. I want to just look into chat is our next already in in, just want to make sure that he's here. And there he is. Oh, my God, the newer of the newer of the church. See, I can't even keep up like we were drab stuff. And then here comes Dr. Jonathan brown Mashallah. who by the way, this is how amazing the European family is. They were known to each other Dr. Jonathan brown and Sr. This email kick at the time was started this name. Jonathan Brown was the advisor on the dissertation committee at Georgetown University of Doctor now it doesn't even kick so

03:36:59--> 03:37:35

in doing all of what he does, is that the Waleed bin Talal, chair of Islamic civilization in the School of foreign service at Georgetown University, and is the director of our own history, Europeans history in Islamic thought department Mashallah. He's published several papers with European Institute, and most notably, his paper on who dude remains one of our most searched papers. And if there's like a Google you know, if there's an error in typing, you'll end up typing hood, which is going to take you to another paper altogether. We're talking about dude, focus and shall die and we'll get through this. Please join me in welcoming from live from Washington DC. Dr.

03:37:35--> 03:37:36

Jonathan Brown.

03:37:37--> 03:38:04

Salt Lake Can I just say, you know, shake Alma Hussain, where were you yesterday? Last night was a disaster. Okay, I some I have way too much dessert and it destroyed me for the whole night and all today, I four pieces of Kapha and two homemade balaclavas and a chocolate ash cupcake. And it was really I wish I had heard this. I heard your advice yesterday. By the way, Chef Omar, he's the one who gave me a tour of the Alamo.

03:38:06--> 03:38:07


03:38:08--> 03:38:09

it's all

03:38:10--> 03:38:15

set up to that. So we're inshallah gonna give you a few minutes to do your message. And I'll come back and ask you a couple of questions.

03:38:17--> 03:38:54

Yeah, well, I was asked to talk about well, I actually volunteered to talk about how the Prophet they saw slimmed down as Mohamed Rahim. And I, you know, I it's funny, I think I'm like a massive failure in Dawa I. It's funny, I always, like I never convinced anybody in my family to become Muslim, but it might by the fam, I had a friend who was white guy, like, when got all his relatives convert to Islam, you know, and I always thought he was too heavy handed. And then he was successful. And I would so I'm, I have to say, I don't know if I'm the best person talk about this, but I volunteered talk, because I really wish I knew more about it. But I will say this, one of the

03:38:54--> 03:39:28

things that really interests me and inspires me about the Prophet lays out so I'm the way he did Dawa is that he always knew, he thought about the right approach for each person. But he thought about the right approach each person and he knows he can be very, like severe kind of like, you know, we think like fire and brimstone. You know, when he goes in, he tells the people of koresh who were, you know, insulting him behind his back and he's going around the Kaaba and he says to them, you know in image it to combat You know, I'm bringing slaughter to you like he's telling him like you're gonna be destroyed by when by this message message is gonna destroy you because you're going

03:39:28--> 03:40:00

to reject it you know, and he's like, and they get shocked them they're really stunned they've been sitting there bad mouthing him, and they're so shocked or what he said that they didn't even know how to reply they so sometimes you can be very severe when that was the appropriate thing to do. And then other times you can be so soft, that it's almost hard. I especially during Ramadan or especially like in this in this day and age and we kind of everybody feels like they have the they're entitled to just indulge like righteous anger all the time. And you're always the Center for the honor of this. The honor that like we always feel like we have a license

03:40:00--> 03:40:37

To be severe and rude, but the Prophet later thunk would be so soft of people, even though they were rude. And the fit of the Hadith that I love isn't Bukhari and Muslim. And suddenly the manager and then this Bedouin comes into the mosque, which, of course, is all sand. And he just starts to pee in the mosque, because he doesn't know what it is, you know, and where you beat up wherever you're going to be. So he starts to be and of course, the companions are outraged. They want to go and stand and be a mob and then stop, stop him. And the Prophet says, you know, anything is allowed to do without oho, you know, let him essentially let him finish, don't interrupt him. And then

03:40:37--> 03:41:16

afterwards, the man comes up to the Prophet and the provinces of this asuntos the mosque is for prayer and the remembrance of God. And he tells the people to go put some dirt and sand on the urine. And then the veteran understands what he did was wrong. And he says, you know, this prophet, he did not curse me Do not get angry at me. And he is, so he's just overwhelmed by love for the prophet and convinced by him, you know, because this man could have been so severe with him, you know, and he was extremely soft and, and respectful. And the thing that I was, really moves me about the Prophet, and it's something that I'm so bad at is that he, he really took everybody seriously.

03:41:16--> 03:41:52

And this is the most important thing when you want to, I can think about, like, all the arguments I've ever gotten, and all the debates that ever had, the only time I ever succeeded in convincing anybody of anything, is when I really took them seriously. I really took what they had to say, seriously, I gave them respect, I gave them my I gave them courtesy, right. And almost more I had to do more than I thought was necessary. It was almost like I felt like I was piling it on. But that was the only time that I ever had any in with or had an impact on a person that I was, you know, discussing something with or debating or having an argument with. It was really when I took them

03:41:52--> 03:42:38

seriously as a person, like as if they were exactly my equal. And, you know, this is so you can imagine the Prophet he says, he's from a noble family in a very status conscious society. And he, you know, he is first followers. I mean, many of them are slaves. I can just say Buhari, I think, who is it? Almost as one of the companions says, You know, I saw that when I first met the prophet like, they're only with him, like, slaves, and Ali and like, I would think that was like, basically, it was like his, his slaves were with him, you know, so, and he took them each so seriously. And not only that, but he was able to bring out of them. greatness, right? So Bella was one of them. So hey,

03:42:38--> 03:42:40

was one of them. Ah,

03:42:43--> 03:42:55

Zayed was one of them. Right? Like people who become extremely influential people in the Muslim community number we don't forget about this below was like, with the Prophet all the time. This is not like he was like, almost his personal assistant.

03:42:57--> 03:42:59

We forget about that is with him all the time.

03:43:00--> 03:43:31

Also the beginning of Islam. So that's what I noticed. And so think about that factor when people think about whether you're taking them seriously. And remember, you know, people don't really get convinced by arguments, people get convinced by two things. They get convinced by how you make them feel. They convinced by who you are. So we talked about how you make them feel that this is second thing is actually you have to think about it ahead of time. And especially if you're out there and you're young, I really want you to think about this. The people, a lot of people believe the Prophet because if we was because he was at I mean, right when he goes and says if I told you there's an

03:43:31--> 03:44:01

army coming on the other side of this, this mountain, would you believe me? They say of course we believe me, right? So you have to make yourself shape yourself into a person that people beliefs. And this is something you do every day by how you act by how you kind of deal with the truth how you show yourself to be a reliable person, right? Like every day think about how you are laying a path for how you're going to be viewed by other people. And you want that that path that to show to lead to you being a

03:44:02--> 03:44:07

someone who's reliable like we have. I mean, it's a passion Brown. What's up I got your hot chocolate right here. I made it for you.

03:44:09--> 03:44:11

I'm not kidding and sugar and sugar Godzilla shirt.

03:44:14--> 03:44:16

Very proud of this Godzilla destroying.

03:44:19--> 03:44:40

So I made him hot chocolate. They came back from soccer practice. And I wanted to keep the hot chocolate hot. So you know some Hey. So this is a they're gonna want their hot chocolate. Am I done? Or do I do I do more Sarah, but you're done. And I wanted to say that did I actually was a better segment about how the profit served his family. So thank you for making hot chocolate for your children, and

03:44:42--> 03:44:51

really enjoyed our chocolate and have a good rest of the evening. Before you go. Dr. Jonathan Brown, is there one paper that sticks out to you other than your own?

03:44:54--> 03:44:58

From your pain, something that sticks out as a topic or even a particular paper? Yeah.

03:45:01--> 03:45:37

So many kind of it kind of depends on like, What's all this really hot Holy moly. I mean it's sort of like right now i mean i'm looking at the one on evil Bashir I think shakes him and harneys paper on the problem of evil like I think it just no it's funny like you You forget like the years go by and you realize like forget how deep the benches you know we have a lot of I think if you asked me like last year or a year before or something would be totally different. Um, that one I really like like I gave that to someone recently when they ask these questions, I think that's the most important thing about like, your theme papers is they're all really solid, you know, there you can

03:45:37--> 03:45:53

give them to people. And you know, they're gonna like get the job done and they're gonna be like well done, like well researched. And certainly anyone I'd like to lie is reading that recently. Thank you so much Jonathan bond, we're gonna let you go on with your children. Do not spill any hot chocolate because

03:45:55--> 03:45:57

that's it sure. It'll just go on my laps.

03:46:00--> 03:46:36

We love you. We love you brother. Thank you so much. We'll be back with you take care. All right to keep the program moving along brothers and sisters Mashallah. You're really coming through for us. We are at 814 Masha Allah, Allah Akbar, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Houma, altimetric and Khalifa, I'm looking at my own studio making tech beer. I'm hoping wherever you are, you're joining me in saying I look back and saying I mean to Allahumma tumeric Allah, Allah replace that which is being spent, let us keep the program moving along. Remember, I've lasted about 20 minutes before I hand it off to shakaama right? We want to reach that 1000 before we get to Chicago, we are at 814 we

03:46:36--> 03:47:16

inshallah if you can, you know sign up your you know, your other other parts of your family members. And and let's get that 1000 inshallah, before we get to his segment, and the closing, that I'm also looking forward to, Let me now turn to our next guest, Masha Allah, who I mentioned earlier, when I had introduced sister ledger award, because they're both in the same field of mental health. And so, sister Sarah, Susan is a fellow at European Mashallah. And a licensed professional counselor has been in practice for over a decade. Sara strives, it says in her BIOS I'm sorry sister Sato strives to empower empower her clients to achieving healthier, more fulfilling lives and relationships while

03:47:16--> 03:47:47

reconnecting with Allah subhanaw taala during the history, she is also an instructor with Mischka university course on the intersection of Islam, psychology and counseling known for her pivotal work on the trauma series. Sister Sarah and her co author, as I mentioned, Mr. Nigel Howard, Mashallah are currently working on a new series on building resilience in children, sister Sarah, take it away. And I'll come back and ask you interact with each other. After your segment is duck head and welcome

03:47:48--> 03:48:12

to second law fire I'm so happy to be here at hamdulillah. This one I will start with llamados holy Allah, Allah Allah, he was a human Weller, and my bad. So you know, one of the most profound ways that the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam used to connect with other people, is through a way that often causes rifts to occur between us and the people that we care about. And that was through giving advice.

03:48:13--> 03:48:53

Most of you probably have had a struggle with this in the past, where you've either received advice that have left that might have left a bitter taste in your mouth, or you may have given advice in a way that you regret it. And that may have caused some distance between you and another person. And so it's something that is really an essential skill to learn. And it's a skill, right? And it's one of the reasons why it's so essential for us to learn this is because islamically, one of the six rights that the Prophet Mohammed Salim told us that Muslims have upon one another is that when somebody seeks your advice, you give it to that person. This is their right upon us, right? If

03:48:53--> 03:49:35

somebody seeks your advice, it is their right upon us that we give it to them. And so learning how to do this in a way that's going to create connection and strengthen our bonds and encourage us toward good, right, is something that's really, really essential, and the profit loss on them did it so beautifully. Right? And so think about when you seek advice from somebody, how do you hope it's going to be conveyed? Right? And when you give advice to somebody, how do you hope that it will be received? So there are a couple of heavies that really stood out to me when I was thinking about this. And one was narrated by miles imageable or the low I'm where he said that one day, the prophet

03:49:35--> 03:49:59

Mohammed sys Alam held my hand and said, Oh my By Allah, I love you. If you can imagine what that's like right by Allah, I love you. And I advise you not to miss supplicating after every salon after every prayer, Allah Houma. I'm Deanna the kritika washoku Rika warehouse near bed ethic, right that Oh Allah, please help me to remember you.

03:50:00--> 03:50:42

For us to gratitude to you and worship you in the best manner. So how is the prophet SAW Salem conveying this advice to my right? First we see that he held his hand, which is so powerful. It's a physical way of expressing love and care, and affection to mods, it also shows a level of sincerity, right. And when he starts by saying, I love you, by verbally, also expressing his love for a lot, this helps so tremendously when we're giving advice to someone to make sure that it's not taken in the wrong way. Right? Like when you're going to give advice to someone and you say, you know, I really, you know, I really love you, you know, I really care about you, right? So you know, it

03:50:42--> 03:51:02

brings a person's defenses down. And then you can convey what needs to be conveyed, because this person knows that it's coming from a place of love and care, rather than coming from a place of judgment. Because that's how advice is often taken, it's taken as a judgment. And so by preemptively expressing his love for my

03:51:03--> 03:51:36

mother is not going to feel judged. He's not going to feel like oh, I'm not doing enough. No, he's going to feel like this advice from the prophesize. Allah is coming from Him, because He loves me, and he cares about me, and he wants the best for me. Right. And so this is such a beautiful way to give advice. And so this is in a case where, you know, you might be thinking, Okay, this is maybe a little bit of a situation where it might be a little easier. This is somebody where there's clearly love and care between them. That you know, this is not something where you have to pinpoint something difficult. What about when someone is you want to advise somebody to stop a negative

03:51:36--> 03:52:17

behavior. So there's a heavy for that to where the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam, a young man came to him one time. And he said, O Messenger of Allah, give me permission to commit adultery, right? He's seeking permission from the process, allow them to commit a major sin. And so people around him naturally start to you know, get upset, and they say, Be quiet, be quiet. You know, you can imagine how dare you, you know, say something like this. But what does the Prophet homosassa them do? He says, Come here, come here. And then he says, sit down, sit down next to me. Right? And then the prophet SAW sometimes asked him, would you like that for your mother? And so the man of course,

03:52:17--> 03:53:01

replies, no. And he and the Prophet said themselves, neither would people like it for their mothers. Would you like it for your daughter? No, neither would people like it for their daughters for your sister? No. For your aunts? No, neither would people like it for their sisters or their aunts. And then he ends by putting his hand on his shoulder, putting his hand on him, again, that physical touch, and saying, Oh Allah, forgive his sins, purify his heart, and guard his chastity. And after that the young man never again inclined toward anything sinful. SubhanAllah. So what do we see here? First of all, we see positive regard that everybody around, this young man is rebuking him is

03:53:01--> 03:53:40

condemning him, right? But the Prophet hasulam is saying, I care about you. Please come and sit next to me. Come here, come closer. Meanwhile, everybody else around them, you know, probably wants as much distance between them and this young man as possible. But the prophet SAW Selim instead gets closer. Beautiful. And then what if you do, he validates him by saying, Come and sit next to me he's conveying what you're seeking advice about is important. He doesn't dismiss him. How many times do people like even our own children, right, come to us for something and we dismiss it as, Oh, that's not a big deal. Don't worry about it. And everything the prophets has settled on, is showing that

03:53:40--> 03:54:18

he's not dismissing a certain person's concern, right? That, that if somebody is coming to seek advice, it's because it's important to them. And the prophets SLM, knew that. So he validated that. And what did he do then he activated empathy. He helped this young man to see a dip see the situation from a different lens from a different perspective. And that's one of the most powerful things we can do when giving advice to somebody is, you know, this young man already knows that adultery is head on. Otherwise, he wouldn't be seeking permission, he wouldn't need permission, right? And so by saying, oh, in the Quran, here's the punishment, etc, etc. When somebody is coming

03:54:18--> 03:54:58

to seek your advice, that's probably not what they're looking for. They're looking for help. They're not looking for condemnation, right? It's important to of course, guide people to the correct answer. But to do it in a kind and gentle and validating way is so powerful, and then the prophets, I send them ends, again with this positivity by making this beautiful diet for him to show how much he cared. And so this is how the Prophet Mohammed Salah send them gave advice in a way that allow people to feel loved and cared for exuding mercy and wishing the best for his community. And so I asked all those passata to really help us to emulate him in this way to allow us to strengthen our

03:54:58--> 03:54:59

bond with LS Pat data and all

03:55:00--> 03:55:08

So our bond with the people in our lives through our words and our actions and inshallah our advice as well alone then just that one little height on

03:55:10--> 03:55:23

his head and thank you so much. It's also done we're gonna look forward to the new series each other coming from you. We had just a little bit technical issues so I need to keep moving with the program so return you to your family insha Allah says allow us to

03:55:25--> 03:55:30

support each other. I love this you and your family. Thank you so much. You're welcome to second life and I said I want to go

03:55:31--> 03:56:09

Alright, I'm getting the good news Mashallah, you have really come through in the last 40 minutes that we've been on the Air Marshal of this segment Mashallah. We've reached 846 donors Allah, we are literally about 150 for shy of 1000. And we don't want to end this segment. Before we bring on chef Omar Suleiman inshallah, to close this out, we want hand off to him with 1000 Mashallah. So if you can share them make to make a donation, share the link inshallah and join the last 10 nights program. Alright, let me keep on moving to bring Mashallah someone who is the,

03:56:10--> 03:56:51

I would say from the City of Brotherly Love, Michelle Philadelphia, Dr. Dr. Wyatt is the director of our European systematic theology theology department and serves as an associate editor on our editorial Review Board. Dr. White is also the executive director of the United Muslim Did you have you got to visit it in Philadelphia, if you make it there till after the pandemic and the president of the Quran, Arabic and reflection Institute which spells quality Mashallah, in the midst of a global pandemic in a socially, distance Ramadan, Dr. Wyatt Mashallah has produced guidance on how we can draw closer upon with Allah to the prophetic supplications you can download that is one of the

03:56:51--> 03:57:28

two ebooks you can download and shelter from the website that one for this one on do offer relief and protection, and most recently, one on daily prophetic dog for the month of Ramadan. Dr. Wyatt provides us with not only the words we should say and memorize, but also offers the context behind why these do us are particularly powerful. I know the other day many of you watched Quran 30 for 30 and he graced us with a towering Goofy, Mashallah. And today he returns with the towering knowledge, but with a shorter Goofy, please join me in welcoming the star affiliate. Dr. Tiger Wyatt

03:57:29--> 03:57:30

Suramar eikonal Tila

03:57:34--> 03:57:39

you're on that that introduction was, was grant Subhana Allah.

03:57:41--> 03:58:22

Let me just say some handlers we enter into these last 10 nights Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah, this will allow that as a great favor from a lot of parents out there who has blessed us, in fact, to make it to this time of the year. And you think about some of the people that we've actually buried in Ramadan did not get a chance to make it to the last night so it truly is a blessing from Allah Subhana hula tatta to be amongst those who get the opportunity to witness later to Qatar and as a result we should strive as the prophets of the Lord it was some of them instructed us he said and let me know kawi title handle heaven bill alarm and investment advisor for equalling

03:58:22--> 03:59:04

favorite the strong believer is more beloved to a loss of habitat is better and more beloved than the weak believer in in each of them is good but how do we become strong believers who decide I am file strive to do that which benefits you? What's that in Billa seek as a because even though you're striving is important, ultimately is it is a loss of habitat as aid that will assist you in getting to your goals. What attaches the province always on upset and do not give up Do not get frustrated with that process. You know, as you strive they're going to be hiccups along the way that's just the nature of the imperfection of Benny Adam. So it's very important that we that we strive that we seek

03:59:04--> 03:59:48

a loss of hands on aid and that we don't give up. The segment, as was mentioned in the beginning is about glass specifically. And you know emulating the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his day, praying like the Prophet sallahu wa sallam prayed as in supplicate like the prophets, align it with some supplicated make do is he made and it is critical that we embody this, especially in these last 10 days or these last 10 nights and days that we do as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam instructed his most beloved wife at Shabbat shalom Santa Ana who came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and asked him, you know, sort of Allah, if I feel like it's Laila to cuddle. And if I get the feeling inside,

03:59:48--> 03:59:59

like, this is Layla toccata. And what should I say? Notice that she asked the privacy center what to say she didn't ask the privacy son on what to do. And this is a great indication that the campaigns

04:00:00--> 04:00:20

Prophet alayhi salatu was set in understood how important it was to make dua, and these last 10 days and nights of Ramadan, and his specifically little cousin, and the prophets of light, it was something taught her to do that is very well known Allah indika foon to hibel Alpha Phi for any Allah, you are the partner you love to pardon. So pardon me,

04:00:21--> 04:01:04

as we look at these last 10 nights, you know, though they're the last 10 nights of Ramadan, they are, in fact, the first 10 nights of the rest of our lives. And we need to show a lot of parents either that we appreciate that, that we appreciate that he has allowed us to get to a time and to witness a night, that is better than 1000 months, I really think that it's important for the listening audience to break that down. We often hear people translate the 1000 months into years. And so they say, you know, it's 83 years and four months and so forth. The reality is that we should even break it down further so that we grow in appreciation. If your night is eight hours, for

04:01:04--> 04:01:53

example, then every single minute, a later toccata is worth more is worth more than two months, every single minute. That means we should not waste a wasting a minute is like wasting two months opportunity to worship Allah subhanahu wa Tada. And because of that, it is very important that we do our best to take advantage of these last 10 nights with do I like the process of aligning with someone would make I wonder, you know, it is also important that we don't look at Ramadan as a as a time to pause doing those things that are impermissible. So some people approach Ramadan and say I'm not gonna do these things that I used to do that are impermissible. But basically, it's just like

04:01:53--> 04:02:29

hitting the pause button. It's a temporary stop and we go back to doing the same things that we were doing before Ramadan. Ramadan should be a time of permanent change, it does not mean we're going to be able to strive the rest of the year like we do in Ramadan. Even the prophets like Selim himself was more generous in Ramadan than he was at other times of the year. He was more devoted in his worship to a loss of habitat he would make at Camp like he would not do at other times of the year. So yes, we're going to increase in the month of Ramadan. But it is important that we also make those subtle changes that help us draw closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala throughout the year. So with

04:02:29--> 04:03:06

that, I'm going to end with some very brief advice. Take advantage of the time between the event and the comma. The prophet Isaiah Salatu was sent in said that the dua that has been between the den and the iqama is not rejected, take advantage of their time in the month of Ramadan and then try to take advantage of that time. after Ramadan if you get to the masjid early for salons. And if you're there for Muslims in Asia, if you're there at the event of Asia take advantage of making do I between the event and the karma assist the Salah, so time before me mentioned that do either the practice of law it was something taught why Oh Allah helped me aid me in remembering you and thanking you and

04:03:06--> 04:03:40

worshiping you properly. He told what I had to say that though, at the end of every salon, so this is something that we should be doing. develop that habit in Ramadan let it stick with you after Ramadan. Likewise the prophets of Allah was Sunnah was frequent and making his do in the morning and in the evening we should learn those to us. We should pray like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prayed. The last thing that I will say is, do I cannot be lip service it has to come from the heart. If we're going to make do I like the Prophet sallallahu wasallam may do it is important that our do our comes from the heart the prophets of light it was son of said that Allah does not accept

04:03:40--> 04:03:52

from a heart that is distracted and preoccupied. We ask Allah Subhana which had to accept our delight and to accept ICM our fasting to accept our prayers and all of our righteous actions in this month of Ramadan

04:03:53--> 04:03:54

does not

04:03:55--> 04:04:16

shake doctorates. Dr. Wyatt, I wish I could have done the longer introduction for you because I sincerely want to you know, express gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala for blessing someone of your stature with us. Thank you so much for taking time out of your Sunday afternoon away from your family and your community to be with us. We will reconnect very soon have a great rest of the rest of Ramadan inshallah and buckle up

04:04:19--> 04:04:50

for the cancer bonus all right so to keep the program moving along Mashallah I have good news that we are at 858 Come on, come on, folks helped me out want to get the * we want to get to 1000 before in the next week, like about eight minutes before check Omar comes on and Sharla and we all benefit from his advice and also from the rest of the speakers in closing. So let me bring on our last guest from my segment in Sharla and then I'll turn it over to Chicago so the man This here is a

04:04:51--> 04:04:59

lesson introduction because we're going from fee to backup or slightly back up north and it's just a prime Hindi Mashallah. Is

04:05:00--> 04:05:01

He's not Hindi I think as most of you might correct.

04:05:03--> 04:05:41

All right is the director of your kin Canada Mashallah hailing hailing from Toronto. He had an early passion to study Islam and connect with others to the face actually act actively serving the Muslim community since his youth as a regular fatigue still a youth I don't know why we're seeing in his youth in some of the largest massages in Canada, Mashallah. Chica Brahim recently published an impactful series on keys to prophetic parenting, where he shares the prophetic approach to compassionate printing, with very practical tools to strengthen the parent child relationship. And as we know, coming out of the pandemic, we've all learned that we were not quite doing correctly.

04:05:41--> 04:06:05

Another day, we spent 24 hours, seven days a week with us to inculcate a deeper bond between parents and children and of love, and help parents achieve what it means for our children inshallah, to be really the inheritors, if you will, of this face, and, and, and the coolness of our eyes is the dog. So without further ado, please join me in welcoming chef Ibrahim Hindi for the gentleman.

04:06:07--> 04:06:44

Just like somebody coming to live with a cattle Yes, you're correct. Hindi is my name, but I am Egyptian. So lots of nationalities that have that all mixed in, you know, when we think about, you know, finishing Ramadan strong and having a bad day, in this time, we talk about, you know, pm and to had Jordan reciting for me and these things are very, very important. But I remember chefs and men and I would say you still was remind people that, you know, your interactions with other people is also a form of a data during this month. And so your dutifulness to your parents, how we treat our neighbors, these are all you know, parts of our a better parts of our worship of Allah subhanaw

04:06:44--> 04:07:17

taala. And we should be focusing on it in this time. And so in the short time that I have, I want to speak about how the prophets of Allah wherever you send them was a neighbor, how he was a neighbor in Mecca and Medina and Mecca, Silla love where I'd even send them he was tested with very difficult neighbors, people like, oh, that'd be more Hitler. And when I had people who were enemies of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they used to leave harmful objects filth outside of the door of the house of the profits of the love, whether you sell them in the path that he would walk out of his house, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would not retaliate, he would not throw things

04:07:17--> 04:07:52

outside of their homes, all that he would do so the love where I'd even send them is that he would remove it from the path and he would say, yeah, bending abdomen after you eg wet and how to open your abdomen f what kind of neighborly conduct is this? This was the Prophet salaallah isn't dealing with bad neighbors, he didn't retaliate. And in fact, those bad neighbors used to trust the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with their with their belongings, they would ask the prophet to hold on to it. And when the Prophet left Mecca to go to Medina, in the middle of the night, while there was a bounty on his head, he left behind his cousin earlier on the long run to do what part of the

04:07:52--> 04:08:24

reason was to give back the belongings of his neighbors that entrusted him even though they treated him badly. And in Medina, the prophet SAW love when he said he was blessed with good neighbors, that the girls who used to live like the children, they used to live around the profits a little lower. And so let me just sing songs, like one of the one of the ones that are narrated, they used to say that no, no, that's been in the job. Yeah, have been hammered in manjaro that they used to say we are the girls have been on the job. How excellent is Mohamed Salah longway they send them as a neighbor and the prophets of Allah and it's nice to hear them say this. And he would say yeah, I'm

04:08:24--> 04:08:58

gonna love it, you're gonna love When do I book when God knows that you are dear to me. This is the way of the Prophet sallallahu. And there's so many stories of his interactions with his neighbors, there was a neighbor of his, a Jewish neighbor that had a son that was sick and the prophet SAW Allah is the one to visit, and he found the son on the deathbed. So the prophet SAW Allah and he said and said to the son to accept this man, he began to call him to a snap. And the father even though the father didn't accept the snap, he's a neighbor of the Prophet and he sees the Prophet probably every day, and he sees his interactions and he sees his etiquettes and he sees his son on

04:08:58--> 04:09:31

his deathbed. Every parent wants for their child better than what they themselves have. So what did he say to his child on the deathbed, he told them I thought about a possum obey, I will pass meaning obey the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the young son accepted Islam and died in the state. And the Prophet had another neighbor that was a Jewish neighbor that he used to financially support someone lower, I'd have to send them even until when he died. So luckily, I didn't sell them. They continue to support that family out of the out of the endowment of our profits a little longer where I'd have to send them because this is the way that he was treating his neighbors and taking care of them. And

04:09:31--> 04:09:59

when the companions came to the profits a little lower into them once and they mentioned Tim, the state of a woman. They said she prays a lot and she fasts a lot and she gives a lot of charity while you're on the head with VG Ana, but she harms her neighbors. The prophets of Allah is an excellent she's in the hellfire. And when they mentioned to her the state that mentioned Timpson Lola is in the state of a woman that she doesn't pray that much. You know, she's not doing to hydrate too much and she's not fasting too much and she's not giving up too much. They said but she's good to her neighbors. The public have a long way. Sometimes

04:10:00--> 04:10:30

She's in Jenna. And so in this these days that we're in, we need to take care of our neighbors. And the prophets of Allah said, I'm told the companions, if you're cooking a broth, add more water and give it to your neighbors. And then this month of Ramadan, we're cooking so much kind of love. Are we thinking about our neighbors? are we sending them food? are we finding out what their status like if they're sick, that we can visit them or try to take care of them or do things that would support them? This is really important whether you have good neighbors or neighbors that are not very good, the Prophet sallallahu and he said him was still an excellent neighbor. And this is something we

04:10:30--> 04:10:43

need to develop in this month of Ramadan, especially but also outside of this month of Ramadan. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be good neighbors May Allah azza wa jal allow us to benefit from these days in these nights of Ramadan just definitely have some money to play with.

04:10:45--> 04:11:06

Thank you so much. Checkmate, Brahim. Bless you and and in really good, another powerful message. We continue to benefit from you. I know we've taken you from your family on a Sunday, noon sabbatical a Pico, thank you for taking time inshallah, we'll be back in touch with you. Again, if we don't speak to you before the end of Ramadan, we'll accept from you and all of us and shun that article.

04:11:08--> 04:11:09

And you know, it feels

04:11:10--> 04:11:53

like Alright, so I have good news, Mashallah to announce that you are welcoming chef Omar back to his to lead our last segment Mashallah, which will be highlighted with a closing due by him as the as you know, Chef almost serves as the President and Founder and CEO of European Institute. So the good news is that we have reached 918 donors, Allah Akbar. And so Mashallah, we are we see him smiling, that's all we wanted. We just wanted him to smile, and Mashallah, I wish I could hand it off with 1000. But we're inshallah We're at 918. And I think each other, we will try to get to 1250. Before the segment is done, we'll keep motivating offline, turn it back over to chef Ahmed. So they

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come out on top but how are you in the same place as me but somehow we're not in the same place

04:12:02--> 04:12:07

in our hearts were together, Allah haka. But somehow that plant takes out your shoulder.

04:12:09--> 04:12:11

I have a real real plan here. So

04:12:12--> 04:12:13

I should have reached for the

04:12:17--> 04:12:56

Zack locker for doing an incredible job as always in hosting, Mashallah. And then making our guests very, very uncomfortable, but at the same time and handler allowing them to give us the best of advice. And Pamela It is very humbling that we are at this number. And it's basically trending like last year, last year we had 1100 and then shout wattana I think Bismillah will be able to cross the 1100 mark, so please do keep on sharing the link and shot lots out. Let's see if we can get to 1200 maybe 1300 maybe and shout out to Anna and see how many people bidding in it. Tyler wants to continue to invest in this work. So speaking of making guests uncomfortable, Dr. Oz mana mercy Are

04:12:56--> 04:12:56

you there?

04:12:57--> 04:13:05

Sound like are you gonna Salaam rahmatullah wa barakato so you talks about breaking my ankles in a game of horse.

04:13:07--> 04:13:35

my ankles feel fine and hamdulillah but for those of you that missed out, we had just 2100 left last night Dr. s man was with us. And Dr. Oz man of course, and hamdulillah someone that does a ton of work. You have been on research, evaluation, collecting data, helping guide our research, but Nine times out to make sure that we're actually achieving our goal actually achieving our output. So I'm not going to make you uncomfortable. Dr. Osmond is really happy to have you here and I'm doing a lot of what I mean. So I'm gonna take it away.

04:13:37--> 04:13:43

Hello there language learners human smilla rahmanir rahim hamdulillah throughout the summers who love while earlier he was so happy when Allah

04:13:44--> 04:14:16

Subhana Allah when thinking about the lifestyle of the Prophet Muhammad Rasul Allah and His entire, beautiful program is about there have been so many relationships that our esteemed scholars have mentioned today, we've spoken a lot about relationships with our parents, our spouses, our children, our neighbors and our relatives. But there's actually one relationship I want to speak about today that is not with any living being, is because this is a relationship that I have personally found to be something very difficult to get comfortable with and to inculcate a healthy relationship with it is a relationship that has major ramifications on our well being in this life, and the next and that

04:14:16--> 04:14:56

is our relationship with money, and with wealth. And we all know wealth is a part of our lives. It's fundamental to our lifestyle. It's it's really related to our attitude in terms of how we live, and therefore, to focus my few minutes today on how the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us to have a healthy relationship with money and possessions. And it is so important because money affects our mood, our thoughts, our behavior all the time. I'm sure we've all seen that person, that when they have $1 to spend on anything like that dollar just kills them. It's like this anguish and pain in their heart that they're giving up something which they love so dearly, or do

04:14:56--> 04:15:00

you see other people who can give in abundance with a smile and with a sense

04:15:00--> 04:15:38

of satisfaction. And I remember that Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Allah when he saw them, where he told us the seriousness of money when he said, Truly for every nation, there will be a trial. And the trial for my nation is wealth. And so the Prophet Muhammad SAW some he understood our human nature, he understood how the pursuit of wealth could either be a means of opening the gates of paradise for us or something which could consume us and make us wretched, miserable people. And so he wanted us to stop worrying and Islam in its totality, and the IOD and Heidi want us to get us a stop worrying about the acquisition of wealth, and start worrying about how we spend it. There's a

04:15:38--> 04:16:15

beautiful Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam, he said, Whoever is focused only on this world when others if you're just obsessed with the game of the dunya, Allah will confound that person's affairs and make him fear, fear poverty all the time. And that person will still not get other than that which has been decreed for them. Whoever whoever focuses on the Hereafter, Allah will settle their affairs and make him comfortable and content and his risk will undoubtedly come to him. My dearest button sisters out risk is written for us our sustenance. It's written for us, what we have control over is how we think about it and what we do with it. And the Quran tells us when I hear

04:16:15--> 04:16:56

that is beautiful, it's as a shale Banu yeah dokumen Fokker or via Morocco bill fascia well La Jolla do como filter min Woolfolk la will la who es una alim Allah says that shavon He promises you poverty, and thus he commands you to immorality, whereas Allah promises to give you forgiveness from him and to give from his abundance. And Allah is vast, and Allah is vast in his knowledge and his vast and what he could give the Quran frames for us, my dear brothers sisters, two ways of seeing the world and seeing money, either we have a scarcity mindset, which is which is what shavon is trying to put into our minds that says worry about every dollar worry about everything or worry

04:16:56--> 04:17:30

about every penny, because there's not much to go around. And then he pushes us to do things with you know, to do immoral things to get more of it. Whereas the abundance mindset is the prophetic mindset that Allah is vast in what he has, and he is vast and what he gives, and we should be vast in how we deal with that and how we give to others. And so the Prophet Muhammad Hassan, he would reframe this with the companions day and night. I'm actually shocked when I researched this how many Hadith the Prophet is, is changing how the companions and his own family we think about money and want to know that at one time or the loved one and he said, a Buddha, do you say an abundance of

04:17:30--> 04:18:06

wealth? is a possessions his wealth? He said, Yes. He said, You say that lack of possessions is poverty? He said, Yes. He told a Buddha three times this question. And then he said to him, he said, wealth is in the heart and poverty is in the heart, whoever is wealthy in his heart will not be harmed, no matter what happens in the world. And whoever is impoverished in his heart will not be satisfied no matter what he has in the world. Verily, He will only be harmed by the greed of his own soul, my dears, but the sisters, the prophet is trying to shape our attitude towards money. And here is the truth. This is like the, you know, the thesis of my talk of the Prophet wanted us to

04:18:06--> 04:18:44

understand is we have more control in how we spend our wealth, than in how we acquire our wealth. What we acquire has been decreed by Allah. The trial of wealth is not in how much we gather, alone, ask us if we were rich or poor. What he will ask us is what we did in the trial of wealth isn't how much we give, no matter if that's vast or if it's small. And this is why the Prophet Muhammad went on with his own family when Ayesha came home one day, and he heard that she had slaughtered a sheep. He asked her what is left of it, she said nothing but the shoulder. He said, All of it is love except the shoulder, what you eat and what we drink, what we buy, we use for ourselves, it's going

04:18:44--> 04:19:25

to go away what we give, that's what remains. And this is why I want to close with this idea of my dear brothers, sisters, we all have to invest in our dunya it's part of it. We have 401 K's we have IRAs, we have savings accounts, checking accounts, mutual funds, do we have an asset portfolio? Do we have an investment portfolio that is going to benefit us in this life in terms of the goodwill see with what we give to our institutions and our massages and our educational institutes? And do we have the same rigor and vigor by which we obsess over I've got to make sure I diversify and give I got to make sure I invest early because you know, when we invest in our asset today, the dollar we

04:19:25--> 04:19:59

give today is worth more than the dollar you're going to give 10 years from now because it's going to accrue this perpetual growth with Allah subhanho wa Taala. I'll close with just two things. One is, is there two Hadith where the Prophet Muhammad or suddenly said the generous one is near to Allah, near to paradise near to the people and far from the Hellfire, and the stingy one is far from Allah, far from Paradise and near to the hellfire. And here's an amazing statement he said an ignorant generous person, meaning someone who doesn't have an abundance of knowledge but who was generous is more beloved to Allah than a stingy scholar.

04:20:00--> 04:20:36

And the last thing on the Prophet Mohammed systems mind when he was on his deathbed. The last thing on his mind was the accurate portfolio. He remembered on his deathbed that he had about seven or nine gold coins. And he said, and he told Ayesha, what have you done with his gold Aisha and and I just said that it's still with me to give it away. And I she was busy and busy and busy. And what have you done with that? Well, she said, I still have it. He took it in his hands and said, What is how am I thinking if you were to meet Allah holding on to these, the prophetic mindset My dear brothers and sisters is to give and to give and to give for accuracy and Allah will take care of our

04:20:36--> 04:20:49

dunya I ask Allah to give me make us amongst those with an abundance mindset who gives for his sake day and night especially during this plus the days to ponder on bigger mobilizer the army sick when was that I'm on Allah mursaleen will hamdulillah Bellamy

04:20:50--> 04:20:59

Zack Walker electric man really appreciate that. And I'll spare you any further jokes. But what I will ask you Is this what has stood out to you about your opinion since you've been a part of it?

04:21:00--> 04:21:34

So panelists in a minute to answer that I could not but really, if I have to distill it, it's the really it's the vastness when I think about the diversity Allah is is vast and what he gives to the online are the opportunities he provides that how much when I when I joined you opinion, I thought of it as a research institute and to realize that your pain is in every no matter who you are. You can benefit to the infographics right to the to the videos, you know, there's there's a moms who call me they'll say they'll say, hey off, man, do you have a good? Do you have something on x? And that's it? Yeah, we've got these great papers for like, sometimes we don't have time for that, can

04:21:34--> 04:21:50

you send us something quicker? And so I'll send the infographic also in the video, they'll say I need a hollowfibre youth group also the conviction circle the high school curriculum unit. And really to me it's just how much diversity that European has to offer this oma and I'm just grateful to have to put a drop into that ocean of goodness that we're doing

04:21:52--> 04:21:57

just below height on this because I have to do it a pickup game of two on two. Are you picking Dr. Omar Hussein or me?

04:21:59--> 04:22:01

Oh, can I pick up the loader? Oh,

04:22:04--> 04:22:07

no, just because I love chef Abdullah let you get away with that.

04:22:10--> 04:22:15

Man really appreciate it. May Allah bless you. So for everybody, it has been a lot of blood. I mean, we are now at

04:23:18--> 04:23:32

not a coffee crumb chef. I cannot hear you. I apologize. I think the audio got cut off. But I see you introducing me with your hands and your beautiful smile. Does that come off later on? So I'm going to go ahead and get started but fluffy. Can you hear me now? Yes, not a coffee. Okay.

04:23:33--> 04:24:09

So once again, I was saying I don't know where I got cut off at but that we finished just 21 last night. Just 22 inshallah Tada, we'll be with non other the new shift. So the amount that I was mentioning to you, that hamdulillah on top of the distinction of having a Master's from gentleman or the Nia and a Master's from Harvard. Dr. Brown chose your paper. I don't know if you heard that. But Dr. Brown said your paper is his favorite paper at your feet. So congratulations on that distinction. Because that was very humbling to me last month, everybody medical if you could publish yesterday, my medical lab from Los Altos llamada rasulillah. While he was off me woman Wada. I want

04:24:09--> 04:24:44

to begin by asking a question here, which is what is the most beloved type of worship to Allah subhana wa Tada. We know from the authentic hadith that the most beloved deeds to Allah are those that are most consistent even if they are few in quantity, but in the higher allamani Duomo, who were in quality. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam one time told Abdullah bin Ahmed Ignace or the Allahumma Abdullah he learned to commit love for learning Cornejo formulate photography Amelie Don't be like so and so he used to pray at night, but then he stopped the night prayer. We are now in the last 10 nights of Ramadan at hamdulillah and there will be a lot of people taking Mashallah really

04:24:44--> 04:24:59

good habits after Ramadan and fulfilling this consistency that we look for in terms of how to develop our habits as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to accept from all of us. The second thing for us to keep in mind is that the Prophet sallallahu Allah

04:25:00--> 04:25:37

have advised us to start clear Malaysia and this is one advice that we can take and implement in many different ways with two light cars so I should not be alone. Han has reported that when the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam used to stand for Salam at night, he would start his solo with to light rock as berocca attain hafi 14. And also he taught us to do the same either format, how do kamina Lane failure 33 solid saburo pattern how to better start with two lighter cars why psychologically when you take the first steps and they are easy, you're much more likely to continue with the first steps are manageable, you are likely to go on after that we ask Allah subhanaw taala

04:25:37--> 04:26:12

to keep us consistent. When you burn out when it's difficult, you'll find yourself struggling and then the consistency that we look for in terms of the habit that we want to develop starts to disappear. May Allah subhanaw taala keep us consistent along I mean, another advice in terms of developing habits from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that he would advise us in the companions to have balance in all things, balancing your health your family has a right to overdo your acts of worship have a right over you, your body has a right to over you. So balancing all things in terms of your approach to habit development. Number four know why you're doing what you're

04:26:12--> 04:26:50

doing. Why are you praying? Why are you fasting? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to teach the companions and by extension teach the entire oma about the benefits of different acts of worship the rewards How often do we hear in the month of Ramadan, that the rewards are only known to Allah meaning what they are multiplied in a way in which you have no idea how much reward you have with a law for every day that you fast for every senator every prostration every prayer every Sadako that you give every smile, every charity, all of these things that you're doing, you have no idea the reward that is in store with you with Allah subhanho wa Taala for you. When we talk about the

04:26:50--> 04:27:25

motivation aspect here we can say that the the discussions on gender the discussions on the year after the discussions on blessings in this life and in the next life our motivations for us so know why you're doing what you're doing. Why are you praying? Why are you increasing your play and why are you giving more sort of so learn about the virtues of different acts of worship. And this will help you in sha Allah tala to develop your habits and to maintain them long term. Number five, develop your habits as though every opportunity is your last. We take this from the advice of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he gave this advice to a man who came and he asked and the

04:27:25--> 04:28:01

Prophet alayhi salatu salam said when you stand to pray for suddenly salata more during pray the prayer of the one bidding farewell, pray as if you are saying goodbye to this world pray as if you are bidding farewell to a dunya if you believe the next Salah wherever you are around the world right now, if you believe your next prayer, is your last prayer in this world, wouldn't you pray the best of prayers wouldn't you give it a lot of quality and time and attention. And so if you take this one advice, and you apply it to all areas of life, for example, he sets a lie to them. Don't say anything meaning today for which you must apologize later for which you must apologize and

04:28:01--> 04:28:36

regret tomorrow. So when you are developing your habits, the opportunity to pray, take it as though it is your last time because everyone who died before us all of our brothers and sisters, they had a final prayer, everyone who gave charity before you and they passed away. They gave their final charity, their final sort of other final investment. Everyone who read Quran before when they passed away, they had their final opportunity to recite for that. So don't rush away from the opportunity embrace it, embrace it, embrace it, and ask Allah subhanaw taala to place but often everything that we do alone, I mean, and to accept from us and to make the best of our deeds, the last of our deeds

04:28:36--> 04:29:12

alone. I mean, and finally the last advice here just to stick to the time in shallow Tana, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would contemplate and when you're doing any act of worship, especially in these remaining tonight, focus, focus focus on why you're doing what you're doing in terms of the moment, contemplate Leah demo it for example, the plan is to be contemplated. This is what brings about change internally and externally West Gloucester panatela, to grant us that. Here's an example the profit solar law, how do you sell them on one occasion it was mentioned that he was reciting a verse in tiamo les and he kept repeating it This means what he was focusing on it

04:29:12--> 04:29:50

and he was moved by it. So he continued to repeat this idea over and over and over and over and over again. What is the eye into the room for in for interfere alone for inaccurate analyses of hacking, if you punish them, they all belong to you after all, Oh Allah, they belong to you, they are Your servants. But if you forgive them, then surely you are allies. He is the almighty meaning you have authority and power control to do as you will and you are attacking the unwise so you would never do something that is not wise. Everything that Allah does for us in this life and in the next life is based on his hikmah his wisdom. And Hakeem everything that happens in your life is based on that

04:29:50--> 04:30:00

wisdom, whereas philosophy panatela to make this people have contemplation when you recite focus when you make do out focus when you're trying to pray, focus and make sure that you believe this is my final

04:30:00--> 04:30:19

opportunity. This perhaps is our final opportunity to give sada to praise to emulate to be amongst those who are excelling. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us forgive us for shortcomings and grant us and accepted Ramadan alone I believe in Allah tahajjud what Jana fie homina lochbuie Allah I mean better koloff equal or sunny doesn't matter Vienna Medallia it was Lafayette right?

04:30:20--> 04:30:41

Just like a level hate on Jeff Silverman and for everyone shout outside again just 22 is actually widgets to the month so be sure to tune in tomorrow when the night data for that shifts that I'm on while I have you since your paper was chosen as the favorite paper of Dr. Brown. What's your favorite paper on European site? Oh, that's a difficult question but a coffee I would

04:30:42--> 04:31:19

I would choose Dr. Brown's papers as well. So almost everything that I read and I think I've read more than 75% of the European papers. I used to have this goal of always reading everything that's was produced the martial law from the border police Pattaya there are so many papers out there. I absolutely love the proofs of prophethood series by chef accomodation. Knowing my last path, I reward him. And I look forward to the many upcoming productions and benefits from that series and shot one more you better Creek. And if there's one thing that stands out about your team to you, what would it be? The application to all audiences the benefit to multifaceted audiences. I've seen

04:31:19--> 04:31:44

people have colleagues and classmates discussing things after classes and with professors at Harvard and even before that, in Jordan, utilizing some of the references from European Institute, as well as the average high school students benefiting from the circles and the time the especially infographics the quick video sometimes are beneficial for some audiences. So the application and the benefit to all audiences worldwide at

04:31:45--> 04:31:50

a Walmart Zachary law fair sex with a man for being with us always a pleasure vertical automatically does that.

04:31:52--> 04:32:31

So for the benefit of the audience and him that a lot of land I mean, we are now at I believe 983 and humbly lateral galantamine, so we're close to our original goal of 1000 but we want to surpass last year's goal inshallah tada so the goal move to 1100 not because we're just gonna keep on shifting right like one of those crowdfunding campaigns No, we're at 1100 and Sharla ties our goal because that is what we got last year, and beyond the lightoller. We're confident that inshallah all of you will continue to spread the word and then these last 40 minutes or so then we will cross last year's goal of 11 190 Tyler, and then every year and shot let's out across the next goal in the next

04:32:31--> 04:32:40

one, the next school, malice pants I bless you all for continuing to give up next we have none other than our editor in chief Dr. Wayman, Anjem Dr. Roman, how are you?

04:32:43--> 04:32:55

I'm doing I'm very good, just like Malathion. Online better Qigong. Dr. Wayman, I'm a little hurt because I sent you a picture yesterday with one of your childhood friends and you didn't respond to it. Yes, I saw it at four in the morning.

04:32:57--> 04:33:26

Okay, I forgive you. But I did have good thoughts about it. I thought I will talk to you about it. I'm about to kick him out. It's not good luck out. It's always a pleasure to have you at home did not what I mean, and to remind everyone, not just to check out the reflections of Dr lamer in just 20. But to check out his papers at your opinion, the latest of which was the art of worship, which is a profound it's not a long read. It's a profound read though, especially as we're going into the last 10 nights and by the light I will hand it off now to Dr. Ramos to publisher

04:33:27--> 04:33:31

is Aquila failand, hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah.

04:33:33--> 04:33:39

Chef Solomon's talk and then and before that doctor was Mana murgee these are difficult acts to follow.

04:33:41--> 04:34:02

But this is a season of love. This is Ramadan, and the night lat nights of Ramadan and this is time of worship. And when you are in the mood for love, you like even think things that even even if they're not perfect, if you look at them with with the eye of love as an Arabic poet says, so look at

04:34:03--> 04:34:06

the this time that we have

04:34:07--> 04:34:10

in tonight and these nights with

04:34:12--> 04:34:55

with the eye of love, look at those moments and those hours, as this is when you're going to spend this time with your beloved a las panatela reenacting the center of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Beloved of a las panatela saying Salawat and Rasul Allah Salallahu alaihe salam which is a song of love, because you're praying that Allah blesses Mohammed Salah Salem and Allah has already blessed Mohammed Salah Salah more than anyone else. So by singing this song as if you are participating in a way that has been completed and already fulfilled. I want to draw our attention today to the quality of worship of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

04:34:57--> 04:34:59

Allah says in the poor and the very beginning of the poor and

04:35:00--> 04:35:44

Getting what Allah is doing the therapy of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Yeah, you had Muslim melpomene Laila Illa, Allah and His postman who pallida ozy, the Oliver octiline for errata Tila Oh, who is wrapped up in a cloak. And as it is if the image is when you get up in at night, you're a little bit cold. And next time you're cold at night, and that keeps you from going and praying and making will remember this beautiful address of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that formulate a la alila stand the night or a little bit of it, or a little bit less than all of it, or half a fate or a little bit more is less math that is specifies this time. And later the last

04:35:44--> 04:36:01

idea of this surah Allah subhanaw taala. In fact, witnesses when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the Sahaba used to do that they would in fact, in negative four in the lie on nega Docomo, dynamin, pseudo Surya layli what sort of awareness

04:36:03--> 04:36:12

that you are in fact praying two thirds of the night that if you calculate about five hours, little more than five hours,

04:36:14--> 04:36:16

two thirds of the night or

04:36:17--> 04:36:22

the minimum would be two hours to Allah and assuming that I sell them would stand

04:36:23--> 04:36:30

all night praying to Allah Subhana dialer, two to five hours. Imagine that when

04:36:33--> 04:36:34

he would say

04:36:36--> 04:36:37

when Allah Sanatana says

04:36:39--> 04:36:48

in the penalty, Alec Toland tequila in the nazjatar Laila, he said the water Aqua mappila we're going to give you a heavy responsibility.

04:36:50--> 04:37:41

And the night time is the best time to let that those words pierced into your heart. So last time the data is preparing his his His Beloved Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then Allah in the lack of in the Hadith subhanho wa Taala you have long hours of work of Dawa in Jihad and all of the struggle that you do in the daytime, but then at night, you pray two to five hours. That's that is a little less of ourselves, and not only him but people who were following him. His Sahaba did that. So remember that and and when Omen what meaning I saw the Alon has saw that she would exclaim or assault Allah you are praying so much that your feet would swell when Allah is already forgiving

04:37:41--> 04:38:03

all your sins, and he would say a fella cooler habit than Shakira, should I not be thankful servants or something like that I seldom prayed because he was a thankful servant for what Allah Subhana Allah has given him. So his worship was the highest kind of worship because he was worshiping because he knew Allah. And he loved the last panel dialer.

04:38:05--> 04:38:05


04:38:09--> 04:38:19

at the very last moment of Rasulullah, saw assumes life when he's given a choice between this life and last, the next life. He says, a beautiful,

04:38:20--> 04:39:10

beautiful word, a phrase, you know, he's sick, and he's in the lap of our mother of the believers, I saw your loved one, his head is resting. And he says, Bella rafiqul Allah, know now the highest companion, I choose the company of Allah Subhana Allah, the beloved tomb, I have been worshipping and serving and for whom I have changed this world that have taught this world now. I want none but a lot, the company of Allah span of time. So that is the spirit of love, that we ought to have in these blessed nights. And remember that we are trying to emulate the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and everything that he did, and the best thing that he did, and the best thing that he taught was the

04:39:10--> 04:39:33

act of worship and he would be kind of agitated minari hell masala in these nights, he would be more generous than a gentle breeze that that gives and blesses generously, everything that comes in its path. So begin your worship, what a Dornier worship by being generous.

04:39:35--> 04:39:36

Laughter that one and that Hamlet.

04:39:38--> 04:39:39


04:39:41--> 04:39:55

on top Bless you. A question for you, Dr. Amer as you have come to come on board you have been we've been asking what are your favorite papers, you probably have read more papers than anyone at least in the last year and a half. Is there a favorite paper that sticks out to you?

04:39:59--> 04:39:59

Oh, that's a tough one.

04:40:00--> 04:40:09

And there, there are many good papers that I have read and I can't really I'm sorry, I can't point out one.

04:40:10--> 04:40:42

I do assign a few papers even in my classes. I remember assigning our sister this NEEMO keeks paper on non Muslims. And I really liked that paper and she just got her finished her PhD from Georgetown. So, a shout out to her. May Allah bless her. I mean, I mean, Xochimilco. Dr. Romer, thank you for always being a part of these programs. Just like the luck had for the inspiring and thought provoking contributions that you always put forward my last concept bless you and accepted from me.

04:40:44--> 04:41:32

Part of Cobo FICO so now that we have officially crossed 1000, Masha Allah, we are at 1029 at 1029 donors sabbatical so Brittany and I thought we will sail way past 1100 and Charlotte, let's see but and then May Allah reward you all, please keep on encouraging people. This is part of everyone's effort, my last panelist accepted from each and every single one of you. Our next guest is truly an inspirational person, that a lot of Rami and Dr. Jihad saphir. He made his debut on Quora and 3430 a few days ago at him did it. But I mean, and I've known him and I've known his work for a long time. And I think anyone that studies the impact that certain organizations and efforts have in the Muslim

04:41:32--> 04:42:05

community, you would be hard pressed to find something like Islam, LA and that is directly traced to the efforts of Dr. jihad, he puts his heart and soul into data into his ummah, into calling people to align to serving people for Allah. And I don't know how he found time to also finish a PhD, but we're very happy for him did a lot of planning for what he has accomplished. And we pray that he will be a regular with the Ephesians programs and sell that side of writing, speaking. And we pray that all of you in Charlotte's island will look into the work that he's doing. But in the nighttime, Dr. jihad, how you doing?

04:42:06--> 04:42:26

And how the length is going good. Just trying to finish these last 10 nights off strong in just a pleasure being before you all today. Does that come along? Doctor Do you have before you start? Can you give me the most inspiring Shahada that you've ever had? Because I know that you've had many of them.

04:42:28--> 04:43:05

Wow. Okay. It has to come with, you know, when I spent maybe a few years as a chaplain within the prison. So now recall, never forget, you know, just the Shahada. You know, I was in a woman's prison, very sincere. And, you know, just the tears that were flowing from her as she received the Shahada. I'll never forget that. And there's countless usually in the prison. I mean, they were the most impactful shadows in my heart, I would leave work on those particular days just grateful to be Muslim.

04:43:07--> 04:43:16

barakallahu fixer, so Bismillah I think the topic fits you perfectly. How do we connect with people like the Prophet slice? I'm connected with people? How many now?

04:43:17--> 04:44:01

I will be lacking in a shape on the regime. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim hamdulillah or Bill alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. So when we think about this connection, you know, building the connection, you know, I want to make sure that we're clear on my conceptualization of connection. And there's a few things that I think about when I think about connection. So first of all those around the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam they felt like they were cared for. That's number one. Number two, they felt a sense of belonging, a sense of belonging. And also, they felt as if they were integral members of the community. This is so important. This is essential, feeling like

04:44:01--> 04:44:10

I'm a huge part or an integral member of the community. Now how did the Prophet subtle alone he was setting them achieve this level of connection?

04:44:11--> 04:44:41

I don't have time to really do justice to this topic. You know, we only have a few minutes, but I'm going to mention just a few things. Number one, number one, don't forget this. Anyone who is a part of the community Do not forget this. We want to build connection. Like he did like he saw a lot he was one of them did. First of all, he gave the people full his full and undivided attention. He gave the people his full and undivided attention. There's one famous heartbeat that all of us perhaps are familiar with confit dunya. Can

04:44:42--> 04:44:59

Sabine be in this world as a stranger I travel on on the path. Now this hadith we've heard this before. There's a portion of this heartbeat that's pretty much overlooked many times. First of all, this heartbeat is never narrated through Ibn Omar right?

04:45:00--> 04:45:47

This involves a bin Omar, I you should read the Allahu anhu. She mentioned about even Omar that no one followed the footsteps of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam more closely than did it bin Omar. Now there's a portion that's overlooked. Even Omar he mentions after the raffle Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam peyman keybie that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam before saying this famous hagie he grabbed the shoulder of avian Omar, we missed that portion. Right? When we think about touch, chat, touch lets the person know that they have your full and undivided attention. And this is also it correlates with with Abu huraira who mentioned that the prophet SAW some money with

04:45:47--> 04:46:34

Facebook somebody when he will face them, he would turn his entire body towards them. You want to build connection, like the profits and loss Elon did show them your full and undivided attention. Number two, which is important the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he did not turn someone's moment into a monument. He did not turn someone's moment into a monument. This is essential. You see how many ma'am in the inner city. And I know people they commit mistakes. And they come to me and said emails you had I did this. I can't turn that moment of a mistake into a monument something that they cannot recover from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he did not turn people's moment into a monument in the

04:46:34--> 04:47:20

inner city. A lot of times people they commit sins due to deprivation due to being ignored. So I can't turn their moment into a monument I have to follow the Sunnah of the prophet SAW some an individual came to the Prophet Allah suddenly he said hello to he said, I have destroyed myself. I have ruined myself, and the profits and loss of them. He's wondering what happened. And he says, I had sexual relations with my wife with my wife during Ramadan while I'm fasting and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was solution based he began offering solutions. Can you free a slave? The man said no. He moved on. He said, Well, can you fast two consecutive months? The individual he said no.

04:47:20--> 04:48:06

The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he moved on. He said, Well, can you feed 60 poor people? And the individual said no. And all of a sudden there was a delivery of dates, a basket of dates. The prophets Allah seldom offered him these dates go feed people. And the individual. He said, there's no one more poor than me and my family. There's no individuals more poor more in need than me and my family, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he lacked. This is the portion of this heartbeat that we pay attention to. He didn't turn his moment and to a monument. He laughed showing his teeth. And this is important for us. Individuals came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and they said, we're having

04:48:06--> 04:48:56

these thoughts. We don't want anyone knowing about these thoughts. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam his response was that sorry, holy man, this is clear faith. He did not turn their moment into a monument. And number three, we're going to wrap this up is that he made people feel useful and effective. making people feel useful and effective is essential. Are we giving people positions in the community? Do people feel useful in the community? We look at Abdullah bin Omar stone, he was given the position of the weapon, right. He was blind had a disability, but he was given a position or Salman bin Zayed commander of the Muslim army. Bulava, raba. And others. They the purpose on

04:48:56--> 04:49:44

selling the concept of short on making sure he consults with his community, them feeling useful. So don't forget about this building connection, like the purpose of our selling built with people. And we want to build connection that you have to give people your full and undivided attention. People should not be feeling ignored in our communities, right? And also, that you don't turn someone's moment into a monument that we all make mistakes. We need people who are going to empower us and be solution based and offer us solutions in which we can recover from that mistake. And then also we have to make people feel useful and effective, useful and effective. Are we giving positions How are

04:49:44--> 04:49:59

women filling in the community? How are our youth filling in the community? are they feeling useful and effective? Is the community are we is our boards our boards diverse? Is there a group in the community feeling like they are disenfranchised?

04:50:00--> 04:50:12

feeling isolated. We have to make sure we're not ignoring them bill connection. Like he saw Lola while he was sending them built and may have lost behind what Allah make us of those who build connection with people

04:50:15--> 04:50:28

Mashallah, it's about a cola, I could listen to all night shift, speaking, Mashallah, if we weren't live, I'd have to ask like, what did you break your fast with? Because all that energy that you're bringing, but that's just the energy of the man. Right? It's just the energy.

04:50:31--> 04:50:32

The question for you,

04:50:33--> 04:50:41

how has yaqeen benefited you? Or benefited those that you know, what would you say about the resources of yucky and how you've personally found them beneficial?

04:50:42--> 04:50:51

Well, you know, when I find out it's like, as any ma'am. You want. You want to make decisions that are informed. Okay.

04:50:52--> 04:51:32

Yeah, Kane, I mean, they're coming with the articles are backed by research. You know, they're coming. You know, one of my favorite individuals who, you know, read all of his articles is Dr. Rothman, Omar G. He spoke earlier. You know, I mean, he's coming up with his articles, he's presenting data. And we should be, you know, in our positions, of course, you know, we make decisions based off Quran and Sunnah. But also, we should look at the latest studies and the data surrounding those decisions in our modern context. So Alhamdulillah I love yaqeen and what they've been offering to the community makes me more informed as an email

04:51:33--> 04:52:08

hummed along by me. Exactly. And inshallah tada within a few months, it won't be there, it'll be us because within lightoller we're really looking forward to having you participate, check and be more involved that hamdulillah we truly appreciate you and appreciate the work that you do. And we appreciate your father too, because I know that he has a lot of Grammy and been a great role model and been someone that has done incredible work himself and hamdulillah so we have to appreciate our elders. May Allah bless you, and bless your family. And may Allah subhanaw taala allow you to be amongst those that can relate with other alumni Me, me, me, me from the left.

04:52:12--> 04:52:15

So 100 a lot of Bro, I mean, the last count we are at

04:52:17--> 04:52:17


04:52:19--> 04:52:59

What is it 1030 1055 we're getting there that a lot of Blimey so hamdulillah We're at 1056 hamdulillah Brandman. inshallah Tada, because Dr. Altaf was not satisfied with where we were thus far. Dr. Altaf wants to come back and make sure that we get across 1100 and 100. But on a serious note, Dr. Altaf has been here the whole time. And true to his form, coaching helping everyone out behind the scenes even throughout this entire webathon and I want to actually bring him back on and chocolates I have to give us a message to the theme within the Nike town about how we can finish strong the way that the profit slice and I'm did does that go ahead and check that vehicle and

04:52:59--> 04:53:42

actually while you were speaking another update came through Mashallah. So we have 1077 to 100 low, we're just about let's say, well 40 shy of breaking 1100 goals that you set for us, and inshallah we'll get there buckle up ECAM burns sisters, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you know, so Hannah, we heard and learn so much about him not only through the meeting, Mohammed series, but particularly the practical tips that we learned today from our scholars about how to sustain a prophetic lifestyle, ending Ramadan strong in the last 10 nights. This is something Pamela which is a universal phenomenon. If you were watching the massages, and we were, you know, actually going to

04:53:42--> 04:54:03

massage the budget on a regular basis, you would see the peak at the beginning of the first Ramadan, the first 10 days, then the first 10 nights, then there'd be like a little bit of a drop, and then you'd be picked back up in the last 10 nights. Well, why is that? Where does that come from? Well, we know from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his life that indeed we have narrations from in Oman.

04:54:04--> 04:54:52

And of course, I shudder gelato in terms of how he handled himself. Of course we begin in St. Mojave with heavy timber 631 Well, he already told us some new comer right to me personally that pray as you have seen me praying so typically we would think this is our five daily prayers These are our no I feel this is our Sunnah prayers. And yet when Ramadan it takes on a whole different meaning. Here we're talking about every prayer, especially the the arm that we're doing, and the path that he used to do Mashallah literally disconnecting himself from whatever it was, whatever it was that was going on in the world, to be able to focus on this aspect of, of Ramadan, that we know my shorter

04:54:52--> 04:54:59

watercolor included in his Salah. Included in his prayer is actually the concept of his thick fog.

04:55:00--> 04:55:44

seeking forgiveness from, from Allah subhanaw taala. And so we have to think and Dr. tasneem had mentioned in earlier in the in the, in the broadcast that you want to be proportional in terms of what you're doing. And then other scholars have talked about trying to balance right. So the forgiveness portion, be realistic. Right? How in touch am I with myself? How am I able to really connect with who I am? What I brought into Ramadan? What am I going through during Ramadan? And what do I intend to take with me outside of Ramadan and combine that in the sunlight itself, seek forgiveness in the center, right when you're closest to Allah subhanaw taala. But also you have in

04:55:44--> 04:56:24

addition to seeking forgiveness, you have just the vicar the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala it can come from the Quran, it can come from the recitation of the Quran, but actually, you know, making of car calling to mind the 99 names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala. How do you reflect on each of those blessings, whether it is Rajat and we've talked so much today, in the in the in the in, in encouraging you to give about about you know, that he is a project, that he's the one who blesses us that this is the amount of taqwa that we're trying to bring to mind that he is ever you know, all seeing all knowing, all wise, right, R Rahman r Rahim, all of these attributes

04:56:24--> 04:57:04

and characteristics in the car, and do that, indeed, in between the prayers, right? Sometimes we engage in chitchat and, and you know, especially with the kids, there's always someone doing something, right, where you're right up to you say, salaams, you have to focus on correcting whatever it is you thought they were doing in the prayer, and then we don't do the other code. So combined, the imitation and the emulation of the prophetic prayer routine with these things in Charlotte. Now, for the sake of time, you know, I'm going to start to focus more now for the last part of this on on the giving, right, so in connection to Salah in connection to ending Ramadan

04:57:04--> 04:57:45

strong, we want to actually think about what are we doing to send as a down payment to Allah subhanaw taala for all of the dollars that we're going to be making in these last 10 nights. And we're hoping that you've benefited from the practical advices and even the book, the ebook that you should download about to us. But while you're doing that, if you haven't yet signed up for the last 10 nights, that campaign, and not just to help us, you know, in a numerical way, that's a that's a dounia goal that we set just to say, you know, can we get inshallah, you know, as many people as possible to support in terms of the unique number of donors, but what you're doing is for yourself,

04:57:46--> 04:58:26

that you're actually coming to terms with the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala gave us and that you're coming to terms with the harm that Allah subhanaw taala prevented from reaching you, no matter where you are in the world. If you're listening to this broadcast, if you're able to participate now, and benefit, then you've Alhamdulillah made it to this point in Ramadan. We've had some people who did not make it into Ramadan, and we prayed on them. Then they entered Ramadan, and they passed away and we prayed on them. And now we have a chance to pray for ourselves. So brothers and sisters, please continue to stay tuned. We have a great remainder of the program, we're going to

04:58:26--> 04:59:10

have you know, the honor of listening to the Dumas by chef Omar Suleiman and and indeed you know, we want you to share the link if somebody you know signs up in these last minutes of this you know, broadcast because you shared the link, you began the good the good deed and you will be rewarded inshallah for the additional good deeds that come from that. So please continue to share and and to to you know, to share the link and make dua as you do. And then lastly, but not least, Mashallah brother Khalid is giving us the good news. And I'll save it for shakaama to give you the good news, but Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. We remain grateful to you, every single one of you is watching.

04:59:11--> 04:59:50

Whether you've been making dua for us today, because you joined us, or you've been with us throughout since our founding. Until now, whenever you came to know us, we are so grateful. We are so grateful to have you with us. Every one of you who subscribes and watches every one of you who shares the links to encourage others to watch everyone who reads a paper. Everyone who is joining a conviction circle everyone who benefits from the curriculum development. All of you every single one of you move your team forward. And we want to say to you how grateful we are for your support. We want to say to you that we want to be worthy of your continued support. So May Allah Subhana Allah

04:59:50--> 05:00:00

bless each and every one of you may Allah indeed make the rest of Ramadan a blessed for a month, days nights filled with blessings for you and your family and

05:00:00--> 05:00:40

Indeed, We will look forward look forward to wishing you in mobarak in just about 10 days, may Allah bless each and one of you, let me turn it back over to shareholders. So the man who should be beaming amazing smile Mashallah because he pushes as hard as the president and CEO he pushes as hard and he pushes himself hard to produce a seven in our it's fun as he always reminds us our processes in this organization should be filled with sand and the profitsystem reminded us on the on the on the love that he had for his son. So let me turn it back over to check him on that and I'm really looking forward to the day Please stay tuned. Baraka Luffy comes

05:00:41--> 05:01:22

to lightoller obrigado. Monica Salaam Sana katha before you leave Dr. Altaf Zack Hello, Hayden I want you to be inshallah tada on screen as we share the news that hamdulillah but I mean, we just surpassed our goal of 1100 hamdulillah. So we have crossed last year's goal. And within lightoller we will continue to move forward to Zach malachite on to all of you for showing up for spreading the word for sharing the link for being a part of this. And I want to thank Dr. Altaf I know that he is out now. But Zack, look, I'm Dr. Altaf for being with us for the entire webathon and handed libre. I mean, of course for so much more. And I want to remind everyone that attended and audible I mean,

05:01:22--> 05:01:56

the way that this works, the way that you came functions is that the more that comes in, the more that is produced and then handed it out. But I mean, I want to encourage everyone to actually go to the website, go to the annual report, read about how these teams are functioning and how to do that read about all the people behind the scenes read about how your money is being put to work to produce these resources that so many people are benefiting from. And as we're coming to the end of this webathon. And I think it's a great accomplishment that we're actually going to end on time and shot lots of data. And we want to particularly keep in mind those folks on the East Coast whose

05:01:56--> 05:02:35

breaking of the fast is going to show up in about 1112 minutes and shots out. I want to remind everyone of a few things. I'm going to actually read just one comment that just came through and we love the comments that come through actually want you to know that the team when the team is working hard to 3pm 4am every night number one, they read these comments that come in through emails, they read these comments that come into the social media outlets and they mean a lot. And particularly brother Brian who says me being a new Muslim as recently as last week, I am very grateful that I can come here and learn Subhana Allah May Allah bless your brother Brian and all of those people that

05:02:35--> 05:03:13

recently converted to Islam that became a part of this journey with us, we see you, we love you and we appreciate you and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept from you. And I think that as we're talking about new beginnings and new endings, we have to remember that it always starts with glorifying Allah and it ends with glorifying Allah is this mirabai Kela vihara read in the name of your Lord who creates quickly became such a small beacon to declare the perfection of Allah subhanaw taala and glorify him that's the beginning the end facade behind the Radhika Westar fear who enter who cannot tell whether the verse that Rebecca will be allowed to enter and who knew when the

05:03:13--> 05:03:55

Prophet slice on recited was the end of his mission and was the announcement of his death was when the profit slice and I'm recited this verse because sub bit behind the rock deca west of fear, who inner who can utter Weber, glorify the perfection of your Lord, praise your Lord and seek His forgiveness. Verily, Allah subhanaw taala is the acceptor of repentance. And in that dear brothers and sisters is a recognition of a loss, perfection and our own imperfections. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Who is the most perfect human being to ever walk the face of the earth, his concern as he was leaving this world and by the way, I just tell you that these last episodes of

05:03:55--> 05:04:33

meeting Mohammed slice lm are very painful to think of it through the eyes of the companions. But as he was leaving this world, he's asking the Sahaba did I do my job? held the left did I conveyed the message to you? And when they reply in the affirmative, the prophets lie some looks up to Allah subhana wa Tada. And he says, alarm in the beloved alarm, a fresh head all I delivered the message. Oh Allah bear witness. We all bear witness to Allah subhana wa Tada. That was the last slice and I'm indeed delivered his message to us. We all bear witness that also the last line seldom indeed loved us that he indeed carried out his mission perfectly in a way that it could relate to each and every

05:04:33--> 05:05:00

single one of us. So Pamela, one of the things I love about what we do at Yelp is the diversity of the scholarly backgrounds, the speakers and the experiences you heard. All of these different speakers talk about how they have interacted with the Prophet slice them in their own unique way and you can hear the experiences coming out with each and every single one. And that is because he is a universal Prophet sallallahu wasallam for all times and we want to build on his mission. We not only

05:05:00--> 05:05:34

affirm that he did his job Salalah hard, he was solemn. We want to do our job by being his ambassadors to his Salatu was Salam and carrying forth that light of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so that it can be a light for us on the Day of Judgment until we meet the prophets of Allah Harney, who is sudden, I want to thank all of you once again in Charlottetown before I make this up, and remind you all that as we get into these last 10 nights, please keep all of us in your job. Make your app for all of the volunteers, all of the staff, all of the speakers all of the scholars make it a habit to please pray for all of us and pray for each other in the 19 Tada as

05:05:34--> 05:06:06

we're getting into these last tonight's so that we can all be gathered with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and then for the dose of Allah. Don't forget your brothers and sisters that are oppressed. Don't forget your brothers and sisters that are struggling around the world because they c'est la ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah. Don't forget your brothers and sisters that don't speak your language but they love the same prophet that you do. And they read the same forum that you do, and they adhere to the same Deen as you do. And they are part of the human family as you are. Don't forget your brothers and sisters anywhere around the world. And inshallah tada with that, I will

05:06:06--> 05:06:32

make sure and I will remind you all please share the link, share the donation link, share the webinar, share what was beneficial in the night, wherever you are, and inshallah tada anything that comes through in the next 10 nights, you will see, as we always do with the Knights how to how all of that is turned into resources that continue to be of benefit to the community. And how did it not help but it meanwhile Salatu was Salam anasuya khadim whina Ernie, he was so happy.

05:06:34--> 05:06:51

Oh Allah, we call upon you with your perfect names. And we praise you with your perfect names. And we thank you for your perfect blessing of Islam. And we thank you for your perfect blessing of the Quran. And we thank you for your perfect blessing of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was a walking

05:06:52--> 05:07:37

Allah we bear witness to you that he delivered the message to us. Oh Allah, we bear witness to you that he caused us to love you. Allah we bear witness to you, that we seek your pleasure through his perfect character. And Oh Allah we bear witness to you that we seek to strive in accordance with the Quran and with his example sallallahu wasallam until we can be certain that we have attained your pleasure. Oh Allah we call upon you in these last two nights hoping to attain later to Allah grant us what is greater than 1000 months. Your greatest grant us what is greater than 1000 months. Grant us yeah Allah from your forgiveness and from your reward what we cannot comprehend what we cannot

05:07:37--> 05:08:20

imagine. Yeah, Allah not because we deserve it but because your mercy be fits a reward that is greater than our comprehension. Yeah, Allah join us with our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam agenda to fitna. dosya Allah not because we deserve it, but because our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam loved us and he taught us that you love us. And yet Allah though we struggle and we strive we hope we hope to attain his rank in the future to be close to him in the era even though we know that we will never be able to reach his standard in this world. Yeah, Allah enable us to thank you properly enable us to worship you properly. enable us to love our Prophet sly Salaam properly

05:08:20--> 05:08:56

enabled us to follow his example properly. Yeah, Allah we all have gaps in our lives when it comes to the life of our Prophet sallallahu wasallam Yeah, Allah fill those gaps with the Quran and with the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yeah Allah those of us that are hindered by certain sins and we are all sinful Yeah, Allah allow us to overcome these sins in these last 10 nights of Ramadan Yeah, Allah we call upon you not just asking you for your forgiveness and your mercy but y'all Allah we ask you to enable us to overcome any barriers between us and you. Yeah, Allah those sins that have hindered us yeah, Allah allow us to overcome them. Yeah, Allah we take

05:08:56--> 05:09:37

personal accountability, but we depend only on your mercy and your forgiveness. Yeah, I love those obligations that we have struggled to implement in our lives yet Allah enabled us to fulfill those obligations. And yeah, Allah allow us to continue to draw closer to you by the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the pristine guidance that you delivered through him and that he acted upon sallallahu wasallam so that the guidance is as clear as night and day. Yeah, Allah we ask you this and we ask this reward for all of our brothers and sisters around the world. We ask this for our brothers and sisters that preceded us. Those that are present and those that will come after

05:09:37--> 05:09:59

us. Yeah, Allah forgive us all. Yeah, Allah join us all with our beloved messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, yet Allah accept these deeds. Yeah, Allah allow us to continue beyond the Ramadan. Until we leave this world and we meet Allah pleasing to you and please by you and join with our Prophet sallallahu wasallam Allahumma amin will study learn more salamander, Vienna Mohammed while he was talking

05:10:00--> 05:10:44

As rain does come along hate on Santa Monica and Rahmatullah heat we're gonna cancel. The mission of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was to impart knowledge, to speak true, and dispel false hood, to bring hope, in times of darkness, to build a confident people, to bring us together with compassion, and its strength, and most of all, to instill everlasting faith in every aspect of our lives, so that we can have stronger conviction, fuller hearts, and a well defined purpose. This is what motivates us every day, to inspire a world of faithful changemakers, who serve as ambassadors of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And as the team strives to build on the final Prophetic

05:10:44--> 05:10:48

Mission, we invite you to join us in these final 10 nights and realizing that