Hearing The Qur’an For The First Time #02 – My Qur’an Story

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I was living in a suburb that, you know, really, there was no Muslims in that suburb at all. And one particular family came and moved to our suburb and they were of a Lebanese background. And I was always interested in different cultures. So I started, you know, befriended the family. And one time I was at their house, and I happen to see a copy of the translation of the Quran on the bookshelf. And I basically just asked them, you know, would you mind if I read that, and this is actually a copy of that actual translation that I read all those years ago. And that's where my journey all began. So panna like to find this lamb actually, the Quran was what led me to Islam, and

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I stopped with 545 in the morning by myself, usually I have cassette popcorn, for chef of hummus, a demon share with the boss usually come six o'clock. I remember that was that day, he come 545 I enter the control room. You see, I have no chest to turn the radio off. And when I walked to Tennessee, he said, No, no, stop, stop. Don't touch it. He go there. And he stopped. Listen.

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I don't believe what they say. He said, Look, his name was he not a salami. He said, when I hear this voice,

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I was fully stressful. And I don't know how I can peaceful calm down. And this is give me a peace of mind recently. Even I didn't understand what he thought were you talking about, just from listening. And this, this story is 100% true, what happened.

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And then one time, I was you know, in a car with a Muslim family, and we were going somewhere and I remember hearing this, you know, beautiful sound in the car.

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And I was just asking them, what's that sound? And they told me that's the Quran. You know, and I'd only read it in English up until then. But you know, and then Subhanallah to think that that was the sound of the Quran when it's recited in Arabic, like it was just amazing. like to think that it had this beautiful, amazing sound, you know, that you listen to, which is so different than, like with the Bible. You just don't this it's not it's incompatible, right? And I have to say, to be honest, I have to say this that I actually had a singing background before becoming Muslim. So anyone out there who has come from that kind of musical kind of background or you know, a singing background or

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something like that you understand what I'm talking about, like you have a different sort of sensitivity to the beauty of sound frontcore Anil Karim Subhan Allah and I was yet to have the marker for Halle Berry Kathy Yamanaka for how to avoid muslimeen for tuna, Colonia Anisha Nina Sakina Mariani, woebot omake Yana vital Kathy Rahman whom yet remember has a cool have a masika Well, I can have an

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Alka Fiona festivali article shahida Islam he will muslimeen be server be semi at the middle of an Obama home. Let me borrow from a young man a heavy layer while I can * off Chavo

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So that's why, you know, I was particularly struck by the sound and remember after that, you know, always play a song in particular Sheikh Abdul Basit of the summit, you're in my bedroom. You know, like I just wanted to listen to the words like even though I did not understand the thing. But I just wanted to hear the sound of the Quran. It's just it had an amazing impact on myself. Whether you understand the Quran, Kareem or not whether you're Muslim or not Muslim, it still has a profound impact on people. This is because it has come from the Lord of the woods, Allah subhana wa tada and he knows his creation, the human being important aspects of the human being is these emotions that

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he has this heart that he has. The nl Corinne is a remedy for this heart for the ailments of this heart. It gives you comfort, it gives you tranquility in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala says regarding the Quran that will reveal that which is a remedy and a healing and a mercy to the believers.

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Oh, man,

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if anyone read called n by his brain and heart,

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he gonna be emotional.

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Because the gods said lo and zelner has Al Quran Allah jevelin love it, oh Hashimoto sub,

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if the score and come on a mountain among the ones, then they gotta gotta be finished. So we are a human being as a god give us the help give us the power that we read correct. Sometimes we have some feeling this come this, this benefit from the God to show you, you are on the right path, it doesn't always come. But sometimes when it does come, it's just, you know, an undescribable feeling. And I realized that it actually comes to you more often when you have a better understanding of what its meaning. So you know, that your understanding of the Arabic of the Quran and your understanding of the meanings, which you've loved a little bit into to see if you appreciate it so much more than

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that, that that feeling comes to you because you're like, Well, you know, I've read this 100 times, but I never thought of it that way. And it's Wow, it's like, mind blowing. I don't understand that at all. But when it gets to a width that I really understand, and it sinks in my heart

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takes me a long time to get to the next word or next. And I just feel like I'm in general. I really do because understanding the words that you you've learned and we understand that you just it's just a different taste. It's a different feeling. I remember sort of her that our last power dialer sent that Sora at a particular time in the Prophet sallallahu wasallam his life when he was experiencing great difficulty, of course he's people rejected him. He had lost his wife for the gala Salaam he had lost his uncle Polly. You know, we'd sort of blew her without thinking about what it means. But if we understand the context of its revelation, and how that can, you know resonate with us during

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difficult times for the Muslim community or for us on a personal level.

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We need not despair of the mercy or the Rama of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He's always with us.