Hussain Kamani – Ramadan Reflections Day 2 – Battling The Nafs

Hussain Kamani
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of "nails" and its use as a term for negative emotions and thoughts. They stress the importance of learning to take care of one's body and protecting it for one's spiritual state. The "byproductive state" of the brain and body is emphasized, along with the importance of fasting during holidays to strengthen the army and defense against knights. The upcoming battlefield is a chance to strengthen the army and strengthen their ability to fight against knights.
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100 100 annual kafele seminar linear stuff I was gonna say you didn't see your father in India on a regular scale, it's hard to have to

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introduce reflect reflection inshallah, we will be talking about how Ramadan can be used

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as a battle against the nuts.

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The nuts is a very interesting word, we hear about a time and again, the knifes that ups the nuts. But what does this actually mean?

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Obviously, this is not an English word, this is anatomy word. And the scholars have debated on the meaning of the word knifes.

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I'd like to first of all, clarify that the nuts is something that is not tangible. It's not something that's physically, you know, holdable that you can go and grab it or touch it. It's an intangible matter that Allah subhanho wa Taala has created. Now the scholars differ on what is the nuts, exactly.

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Some great scholars of spirituality, they say, the nuts is the sum of two things within the human being. Anger, and carnal passion, sexual carnal, passion, anger, and carnal passion put together, and whatever calls towards these two things is what we call the nuts. So in essence, what we learn, obviously, from this definition, when added point is that the nuts is nothing positive, it's actually something

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it has a negative connotation to it. The second group of scholars, they say that nuts in reality, is anything that calls a person towards that beyond these two things, anything that calls people towards that. But the nature of the nuts is such that it's malleable, you can change it, if you work with it, if you spend time with it, if you work against it, just like the body. But Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us his body. It's pure, it's sound, it's natural. And at the birth, the human being sold, that lower self is also very beautiful, it's natural, it's safe, secure. And that's what the prophet sallallahu alayhi. wasallam says, Every single person is born on, on, on pure nature. And

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then what happens is as you grow, you feed the body bad things, you begin to put weight on, you become unhealthy. And then you become ill, you know, physically you're not sound, there's something wrong, you know, things aren't adding up. And the same thing with a spiritual soul that what happens is that if you don't take care of it, it becomes ill it becomes sick and become overweight. It's in a state of obesity, if you wish to say, and then the body needs to be put on diet. And then the body needs to go through, you know, physical workout, you have to put it through cardio and weightlifting and all this stuff. And after you put your body through all that hard work constantly, every single

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day, that's when the body becomes healthy again. And the Spirit is the very same thing that nuts that we're talking about. It's the very same thing, by by default today, most of our souls are sick. And the reason why our nuts are sick is because of the negative influences that exist around us, our TV, our internet, our friends, the billboards, our newspapers, everything. You know, we live in a society full of filth, and our inner self has taken so much color from that, that today in order for us to make it healthy again, we have to put it through if you wish to call it a diet program. We have to put it we have to put it through some rigor and this is very important. The prophets of

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Allah who I named was actually alasa which I mentioned in the Quran, in a very beautiful verse

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for a time and it talks about the Allahu Allahu Allahu Allah in the heart. And I asked him if it was funny just to show for me, the human body.

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Have you not seen the person who has taken his soul as his Lord, when I see so I'm talking about the nuts that lowered desire? Have you not seen the person who has taken his desires as his Lord? What has happened to that person, the one who makes his desires his Lord Allah which then says, Allah subhana wa Tada, seals off his ears. Allah subhana wa tada will have some he'll have LD, Allah subhana wa tada seals off his heart. What Allah Allah will suddenly is a sham and Allah subhanaw taala throws a veil over this person's eyes. Imagine hardest sealed off, hearing sealed off bills over the eyes. There is no hope for this person at all. Just like the person who was badly

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overweight. Every time you give him something sweet. Even though he knows it's bad. He just can't help himself and he reaches forward and he eats and as we would take pity over that person

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We should learn to take pity over ourselves based off our spiritual state, the spirituality that knifes to conquer it is something very important. The prophets that allow it was seldom said with every single person there is a there's a, if you wish to call the shavon, or inner call that calls for evil, but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, however mine has accepted a stop. But did you see every person there's a college or evil, every person has an individual color towards evil. But for me from how much money was spent on my color, my evil side has accepted Islam, he never had an evil sense of how the last panels on a protected in the pockets are matsudaira

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protected. Remember, this is a very beautiful example, on explaining the importance of struggling with your soul. He says that, imagine the body like a town.

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Imagine the body like a town. And then the brain of that body is like the king.

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And the heart is the most valuable asset within that town.

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And you have an enemy that's trying to attack you by the name of knifes. You have to learn with your brain to secure your heart. Anything that hurts your brain will automatically hurt your heart. Now, how is your brain secure? How is your heart secure by the guards and soldiers? Because I'm definitely on here first of these guards and soldiers as internal and external influences. So for example, you're seeing you're hearing your hands, your taste, these are all things that in reality control this tone of yours referred to as the body. But when these things start taking in negativity, then what happens is that that fortress collapses, and shavonne and the nuts overtake

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the rest of the body. Now the nuts has negative influences because it has a very good friend. The knifes has very negative influences because it has a good pal, a good friend, a good buddy by the name of chiffon. And as long as the knifes and shavonne are in contact, it's very hard to defeat the two. It's a very solid tech team. So lots of fun without it in the month of Ramadan, he makes it very easy for us. He removes shaytaan from the equation. So hello, come on guys. That's beautiful, right? Allah subhanho wa Taala steps in and says we are going to tie up shape on moving out of the equation. I want you to imagine the nuts being in the middle. It could be good, it could be that but

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the problem is on this side of the rope shaped arms pulling and on the other side of the road we're pulling. And Chicago has been pulling this rope for 1000s of years. He knows how to pull it. And he's so successful in pulling it Allah subhanaw taala says you know what you're trying to get out of here. And when Chapin is kicked out of the ring, now it's you and the rope. All we need to do is

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pull it. If we don't pull it, then no one can be held responsible but our selves the month of Ramadan is a if you wish to say a platform to struggle against oneself. And if I may call it the month of Ramadan is a School for training the soul. It's a school for training the soul. This is our opportunity to learn to say no. When you're hungry outside of Milan, when someone offers you food, what do you say?

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Yes. And then after No, Mashallah. Most of us would say yes. And then after food is over when they offer you dessert, what do we say? Yes. And then after dessert, they offer you tea and biscuits. What do we say? Yes. And then after that they offer you mouth fresheners. And what do we say? Yes. And then your wife says we have to go to a second dinner or second wedding we say so however law Yes. We don't know how to say no. Most kids I mean, that was on a serious level. If we're hungry to walk home, what do we do? We go to the fridge. We never tell ourselves? No, we're not used to saying no. We're always used to saying yes. The month of Ramadan teaches us to say no. While you're fasting

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if you're hungry, what do you have to say to yourself?

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No, you're thirsty. What do you have to say to yourself? I can't do it. No, no, you want to look at something hot. What do you have to tell yourself? I'm fasting I can't do it. You want to watch TV? You're telling yourself you know if i watch it, I'm gonna lose a reward of all this hunger. No, I can't do it. What you're learning to do from the month of Ramadan is saying no. And every time you're saying no to yourself, I want you to imagine you're taking a big shot at your nuts and you're feeding it and beating it into weakness so that you can control it one day. The month of Ramadan is absolutely amazing opportunity for us to not only battle against our enough's, but also between

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victorious lots of Hannah Montana give us a battlefield strengthen ability to do so. I want to give you guys two quick examples before and one example departments that allamani will send them says in a very beautiful narrative about remember hottie any monster, all young men if you have the ability to get married, get married, but if you can't get married, what should you do?

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Because if you fast that will help you control your lust and your carnal desires. We learned that fasting helps us win the battle against our knifes the second beautiful example. It's actually something recently

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Today in the final week of prayer, Allah subhana wa Taala mentions that will Elisa Lam's, great battle against Java, and Java without such a large army. And the scholars say Mufasa didn't say that without Islam only had 313 soldiers who were else to remember 313 from

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that same number that we got is only 213. And he in general had a very large army and allow some kind of without only one ID, that will that is allowed to take the cream of the crop. So he told Alexandre before we send it to the battlefield, we're going to throw you guys to a test. You know, before you play these video games, Modern Warfare, you have to go through the first course, you have to see whether you're ready to play or not. Alonzo, Genesis before we send it to the battlefield, we're going to put you through a test. And what's the test a lot of hands on with dialysis in the military can be in your test will be water, you're going to be thirsty, and you're going to walk

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past a river with your with your soldiers. When you come to the river, Allah subhanaw taala says don't drink, whoever drinks will fail the test and whoever does not drink will pass the test. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, machete will mean who in love and in a minimum majority of them drank and they failed the test. This we learn again Allah subhana wa tada take us through our food and drink and to see whether we can control these things or not. We pray that Allah Subhana Allah that allows us to gain triumph in the month of Ramadan against our knifes and Allah subhanho wa Taala mixes victorious timeline from the use of Hanukkah long

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line and the stuff to really after the awana

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ceremony Kumara to LA he

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