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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa and Wanda festival, my dear sisters as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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It's a pleasure to see all your beautiful faces and hamdulillah and we ask Eliza Jen, together us with him in genital 4000 Elijah says he's gathered us here today in Sharla, I asked a law that all of us, none of us leaves this gathering, except that we got the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala inshallah.

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So my dear is sisters, in less than a month, the greatest month of Biggie will be here,

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the month of forgiveness and mercy, the month when the doors of Jannah are open, and not one of them is shot.

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And the month when the doors of hell fire are closed, and not one of them is opened.

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And in every night of this month, there are more people who are saved from the fire than in any other months. So that's why my dear is this is it's so important that all of us prepare ourselves properly. inshallah, for the coming of this month, feed me Lady Diana. One of the biggest mistakes most people make, when it comes to the month of Ramadan is that we see the only way that they tend to prepare for it is by stocking up their shelves, with as much supplies as they can. You know, if you have a look at the shops just before I move on, it's jam packed. Sometimes you go, you can't even find one date left on the shelf. It's almost like we're preparing for a famine. You know, one

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of the biggest problems so many people have when it comes to Ramadan is they think that the minute Ramadan comes, it'll be so easy for them, you know, just to click into Ramadan mode, and suddenly they'll find themselves so motivated, and then we'll be so strong, and it'd be so easy for them to do all of these righteous deeds that they want to do.

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And what I realized is that, you know, in order for you to achieve your best in this month, you need to prepare yourself beforehand, you need to prepare yourself mentally, physically, spiritually, before the beginning of Ramadan.

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You know, just like a race,

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not as they would ever dare to turn up to a marathon when they haven't trained for it.

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And you got to think about Ramadan. It's like a race of them meaning Ramadan is like a race of the meaning they're racing for the forgiveness of a loss of pantalla.

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And so that's why nobody should turn up to this race without having prepared themselves properly for it.

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Now before I go on to speak about some of the ways that we need to prepare ourselves before our bond comes I want to first speak about this month of sharp ban that we've just entered. Because what most people do not realize is that sharp ban is like the bridge to Ramadan

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sharp ban is like the training camp that you prepare yourself for the coming of Ramadan.

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That's why you see the cell if you see the righteous predecessors that came before us, when the month of Ramadan when the month of shot ban would come to them. They would say that the month of shot ban is the month of the reciting of the Quran.

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And many of them would even close it businesses just so they can devote themselves to reciting the Quran and revising the Quran and preparing the Quran getting rid getting it ready for what Amazon

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and this is also why we see that there was no month that the prophets that Allahu Allah was selling us to fast more in this month than the month of shopin.

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I show her the Allahu anhu. She says, I never saw the messenger of a loss that Allahu Allah was setting first any month besides Ramadan, more than he used to fast in the month of shotgun.

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And when Anis radi Allahu anhu asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, why he would fast so much in this month? He would say because it's a month that people do not pay attention to it. It's a it's a month that comes between Raja and Ramadan. And people don't pay attention to it because Rajab is a holy month of Ramadan. He's from Oban so that I pay attention to the month of shot ban. And he's and he told us well, who has shut down photography in our man. It's a month in which the our morale the righteous deeds are raised to a loss of pantalla. It's the month in which the righteous deeds of a person are raised back to a loss

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Upon tada

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and he said for fo Hippo and young family what and I saw him and I love that my righteous deeds are raised back to Allah Subhana Allah while I'm fasting

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says upon Allah we have to realize that there's a reason why Allah subhanaw taala chose this month of sharpen, to raise our deeds back to him

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and from the from those reasons is because Allah subhanaw taala wants us to increase every bed that in this month he wants us to increase our worship in this month and to focus on increasing I bet day in this month so that the inner hits Allah we can prepare ourselves for the coming of Ramadan he shot a lot.

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So I'm gonna inshallah just go through some of the steps

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of things we need to be you know, focusing on in preparing for Ramadan in sha Allah

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and be eaten in Thailand to giving a second lecture actually on the sixth of May. And that will be about what you to focus on in regards to Ramadan. But today I'm going to be speaking about what we need to be focusing on in preparing ourselves for Ramadan festival.

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So number one, my dear sisters.

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We need to begin by spring cleaning our hearts. We need to begin by spring cleaning our hearts.

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So Pamela, we come to Ramadan.

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And we don't realize how heavy and how sick our hearts have become over the year.

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You know, as Pilar how many sins have built up over our hearts, think about the fitna that we're exposed to day in and day out. How much how much you know, how many? How many things have we looked at how many things that we listen to? How many words have we said that's not pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala. All of that has an impact on our hearts. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us Don't worry, they'll fit in lol Kuru. Verily, the fitten gathers over the hearts. It got it isn't it becomes like black dots over the heart and accumulates. And if a person doesn't purify their heart, then it will become like a barrier between them and a loss of power data. So if we want to be close

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to a loss of pantalla internal bond, if we want a lot to open the doors of hire to us in Ramadan, we want a lot to give us his guidance in Ramadan, that we need to remove the shackles from our hearts. Okay, we need to remove these shackles that's going to weigh us back, you know, weigh us down.

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Because this blackness is what's going to come between us and Allah subhanaw taala in this month of Ramadan.

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So therefore, from the most important steps we need to be taking before we come to Ramadan is to make sense see Toba to Allah subhanaw taala Make sense? See repentance to Allah subhanaw taala you need to sit quietly by yourself sometime between now and Ramadan. Even if you can do it more than once, you know, sit down, reflect over your past. Reflect over your past. How many times you fall into the disobedience of Eliza Jen. How many times have you looked at something that's not allowed for you to look at? How many times you sit and listen to conversations which will head on for you to listen to. Now we're on social media, how many sins we get from social media, people backbiting

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people slandering and we involve ourselves in those conversations. There's so many scenes that we involve ourselves in day in and day out. And then there's times when we get together other sisters and we gossip and we back by so we have to be thinking about all of these different scenes we fall into and ask a lot of agenne to forgive us inshallah for all of these sins.

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You know, think about how Allah subhanaw taala is calling us in the Quran to make Toba to him, where he says

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Mattila in

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your feed with Zoo badger Nia, in

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rocking, say to my servants who have greatly wrong themselves. Let up to O'Meara Mattila, do not despair, of the mercy of the law in Allaha young Pharaoh de Nova junia Verily, Allah forgives all of the scenes in know who who Allah for Allah He in verily he is the most of one most forgiving. So when you think about how Allahu Allah is calling you in the Quran, calling you to, you know, release the burdens from your heart, release the sins from your heart and

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Turn back to Allah subhanaw taala with sincerity, try to make yourself cry try to break yourself down and ask Allah Subhana Allah for his forgiveness before you enter Ramadan so that inshallah you reach Ramadan purified so that the evening there you Allah opens the best doors higher to you in this month in sha Allah.

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And besides that my dear sisters, besides making specific Toba also try as much as you can to say a lot of is still far between now in normal bond. So stuff for a lot of stuff for the law. Try to get yourself in the habit of repeating this as much as you can throughout the day throughout the night. Whenever you think about it when you're driving your kids when you're cooking, whatever yummy whatever you're doing, sitting at a doctor's stuff, but a lot of stuff but a lot. Our tongues are heavy, my dear sisters, we are in a state of workflow. We're gonna save heedlessness all year we busy with the dunya and very little do we think about Allah in the F era. So this is the time of the

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game where we need to get you know, come back to Allah subhanaw taala and start reminding our hearts and reviving our hearts with the vicar veloci pantalla and we still far asking Allahu Allah for forgiveness. Also for new ways to purify yourself inshallah as well before Ramadan comes is to give sadaqa give charity as much as you can. This also helps to purify your heart beating in there.

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Besides this, my dear sisters, the other thing we have to pay attention to is many of us are carrying around bad feelings towards others in our hearts. Many of us are holding bad feelings in our hearts. We have hatred in our hearts, we have jealousy in our hearts. We have bad feelings towards others in our hearts subpanel light and we need to realize that these bad feelings, my dear sisters, they will weigh you down, they stop you from moving forward. They stop you from focusing on improving yourself and getting close to a loss of pantalla. So we need to let go of these feelings as much as we can. We need to let go. It's not about forgiving for the sake of the person maybe

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someone really oppressed you. It did that forgiving for the sake of your own soul. Because all it does is just burns you it all it does is burns us. It weighs you down. It stops you from getting close to Allah azza wa jal. So ask Allah to free you from these bad feelings. Ask a lot to free you from having these bad feelings and move on. There's no point Yanni nothing, it's just you're like a prisoner. Otherwise, you're like a prisoner to your feelings and you can never break out of it.

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And the other thing too, of course, is to ask yourself, have you wronged anybody yourself? What have you have you wronged anybody that you need to ask them for forgiveness because it helps to make that reconciliation before Ramadan so that you enter Ramadan, not feeling that guilt, that you've hurt someone in any way. So make amends as much as you can. before Ramadan comes all of these things will help you to really focus on getting close to align this month. And to really feel the sweetness of being close to a Lhasa pantalla in this month in sha Allah

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and some of the ways to overcome bad feelings, my dear sisters is making art for that person making drama as hard as that is but if you can make do art for that person, that's part of the healing process. And then besides that, as I said, ask Allah subhanaw taala to help you because it's very hard to do things on our own. But with the help of a law, everything is possible.

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Besides this, the second point I'm going to come to now is that it's important that all of us sit down and have what we can call an honest accountability session with ourselves before Ramadan comes. What do I mean by that?

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I mean to call oneself to account now before we're held to account in the ephedra because let me say this if we're not holding ourselves to account now, before Ramadan comes, then Until when will you ever see an A call yourself to account?

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The next thing you know we'll be standing for Allah subhanaw taala and he'll be calling to us to account for everything we've done. So that's what we need to call ourselves to account before Ramadan camps. Because all ye were busy with the dunya we never we never take time out to do these things. Let's be realistic. How often do we sit and really think about the way we're going in our lives? And question? Are we really moving forward in our lives? Or are we slowly shifting backwards? So we need to have a good book in our life? an honest look at ourselves. Are we improving in our Deen? Are we getting closer to Allah subhanaw taala are we moving forward, even if it's baby steps

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Are we slowly drifting away from Allah subhanaw taala in our life, this is what we have to look at within ourselves. And then besides that, my dear sisters, is to ask yourself, what goals do you need to set for yourself your personal goals that you want to set for yourself from Oban

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so that you can move forward and come closer to a loss of pantalla in the future?

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You know, we've all got certain scenes or certain bad habits that we keep on falling into. So we need to ask ourselves, what can I do any what is something I'd like to focus on this Ramadan because we know that in Ramadan, we've got the greatest chance to change those bad habits and to get away from those sins. Because like we said, this is the month when the doors of Jannah opened, the doors of Rama opened, and the devils are chained and the doors of the Hellfire are closed. So it's much easier for a person to stay away from their old sins and to change their bad habits.

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So for example, if you've got this, you've got a consistent sin of backbiting. Ask yourself how you're going to go about changing that scene. You want to get rid of that that's something you want to try to really, you know, get out of your life. Or maybe you're addicted to music, or maybe you're addicted to smoking, or wasting time. Wasting time isn't is a big thing for a lot of people now. They hardly do anything for striving for the app era most of the time they spend on social media, playing games, wasting their time doing nothing productive weather for this dunya no for the earth era. So we've got to think about how can we make these changes we need to make missing prayers also

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is a big one for a lot of people missing fudger not waking up on time for fudger not praying our prayers on time missing praise and praying then after their times. So think about what are you what what is you know the main thing that you need to be focusing on that you want to change for yourself this Ramadan and my advice is you start trying to change yourself now before Ramadan comes, not wait to Ramadan comes because like I said, if you want to be on a certain level, when you get to Ramadan, you need to start from now the athlete does not come to the race and he hasn't done some training for it. Okay, so start from now try to implement those good habits. So that inshallah by the time

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Ramadan comes you're already praying for john time every single day you're praying or you five prayers every single day on time, Yanni tried to keep your tongue with the crevasse pantalla when you're in gatherings, so that you don't fall into backbiting. Try to remember Allah subhanaw taala more now than you used to do before practice for now. So that inshallah when Amazon comes, you have the best Ramadan the evening Allah.

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Besides trying to eliminate these bad Jani habits and sins from our life, we also want to look at how we can adopt some new good habits into our routine as well because we want to be constantly improving. As a believer, we want to be constantly trying to improve each year so that when I look back on last Ramadan, I can see I've taken some baby steps forwards towards a lot, but I've improved a little bit than last year, I'm doing some things that I wasn't doing last year, for example. So for example,

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think about what you can start to practice within your routine like to have praise. When you wake up in the morning after work, maybe you've prayed fudger and you go back to sleep for a while, and then you wake up after the sun has risen. And you pay just even to rock Gods Raka Tang, or for Raka adds two by two. And this prayer is thanking Allah subhanaw taala it's it's a prayer of shook it's a prayer of thanking Allah Subhana Allah for every joint and bone in your body

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subpoena law so try to implement this prayer because you start your day on shook to Allah subhanaw taala you start your day upon thanking Allah subhanaw taala from the very beginning you know and then besides that, I've car doing our car outdoor as of the morning in the evenings try to make castles more consistent with these to us. When we wake up trying to say at least some of these to us especially after your budget prayer. If you can sit for a while and remember last pantalla and after after as well with even if you're driving to say that at cards to say the doors when you're driving, or even after mulgrave if you miss saying it after us you know try to make yourself in the habit of

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remembering Allah subhanaw taala as much as you can inshallah.

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And another thing we should also look at as well is our character, okay.

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They may be some improvements we need to make when none of us are perfect. We need to be constantly trying to improve our luck in sha Allah for Allah subhanaw taala so you know

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Have a look at ourselves Do we need to start? Are we starting to lose our temper more? Could we improve without without anger? You know, could we improve? Like, do we fall into swearing things like that Yanni look at things, two different ways that you can improve yourself because, you know, you're gonna realize that Ramadan, my dear sisters, the reward for it is not the same for everybody. There are different levels of fasting in Ramadan. And the highest levels are for those people who have who are able to, you know, worship Allah pantalla Pon Sen, where they're remembering Allah subhanaw taala in all of the actions and everything they say and do so therefore, you can imagine

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their manners is of the highest caliber inshallah so they're able to contain their anger, they don't, you know, ruin their fast not that you want to get through with it not that you won't get you fast accepted, but you know, it decreases the reward to lose your temper in Ramadan decreases from your reward. See, so we want to we want to aim for the highest levels inshallah for our fasting be the last so how are we going to do that if we're not practicing from now because you know, when you fast, what happens to you, you feel hungry, you feel a bit edgy, it makes you maybe scream or something because you're, you're more edgy, you know, you might get more, you're more angry, you

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know, some kind of loss, if you're not practicing from now how to become a more calm person, you know, trying to be more patient inshallah, then it's going to be even harder for us when Ramadan comes. So this is something that we can focus on beenleigh before Ramadan comes. Okay, another thing that we should also try to focus on inshallah, is try to increase your dates, like I was already mentioned a little bit, but this should be a focus for us trying to increase your dates. So that so that, Danny, when you come to Ramadan, if you're already on a higher level than you are now, okay, so trying to implement new things into your routine now what I mean by that is, for example, when

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you think of him Oban, you want to be reading a certain amount of Quran every single day, right? So therefore, you should be trying to slot that into your program now. Because if you're not able to slot it into your program, now, how are you gonna join Amazon coms is even more, it's more of a Russian normal bond than it is now. So that's why you should be thinking from now when am I gonna slot the Quran in and start practicing that from now taking that timeout, even just 20 minutes or half an hour of your day, best time is going to be after budget. But you know, make that your own time. Or maybe it's after you've dropped the kids off to school that that's your Quran time. As soon

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as you walk in the door, do it first so that it's done for the day.

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Besides that, you know, we've got the 12 know what we put the 12 robots in praise, okay, these are the prayers, that the prophets that are low in us and told us that whoever prays these 12 prayers in a day and night that Allah subhanaw taala will build for them a house in agenda. So what are these 12 prayers, the two sunon that come before and magic prayer for the four cards like to buy to the four door and to ask the door, and to after and moderate and to after a shot, to try to be in a habit of praying these 12 prayers from now. So that inshallah when Ramadan comes, it's already established habit with you. You see this by doing this, you're already reaching a higher level

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before Ramadan comes rather than waiting for the first day of Ramadan and trying to implement everything in one go. Most people when I do that, what happens is they get to the first week, and they're not used to all these things. So they everything starts falling apart for them. You see. So start from now that's what I'm saying.

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And the other thing is true that when you're not used to reciting Quran much when you're not used to doing a lot of the Kerbala, you say your your tongue is quite heavy. It's hard for you Why? Because you're not used to it. But the more you persevere, for the sake of a lot, you find it becomes easy. It becomes like second nature. And you know, you're seeing more of those people who pass away. It's amazing when you see those people who've passed away and you go close to them and what can you hear them you can hear them reciting put on or you can hear them saying that La La La La La La La La La La La How are they able to do that my dear sisters, because they got their tongues accustomed to

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doing that while they were healthy. So we need to get our tongues accustomed to that if we want to have first the hearts if we want to have the good ending when we meet with a law. We need to be trying to implement these things from now not hope that Oh, you have a beautiful death. I was just gonna suddenly give us this beautiful death of remembering him when we die.

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Besides that, try to even pray pmla per try to pray the night prayer even if you it's allowed. I just want to mention it's allowed to pray the night prayer before you

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You go to sleep. So for example, maybe you've already prayed you sooner have a shot, and you've prayed your width, but then you start to say 12 o'clock or something and then you think to yourself, you know what, I just want to pray two rakaat before I go to sleep, it's allowed. It's allowed to pray roctane before you save or to pray, with the intention of pmma before you sit by me, like does not have to be in the last sort of the night. Okay, it's all throughout the night. Okay. So if we look at what even Roger Bradley ragamala said, he said that just to understand what is shot ban, he said shot ban is like an introduction to him upon. That's what shot Danny's shot ban is like an

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introduction to Ramadan. That's why it's legislated to fast and recycle on in short ban, just as it is to do that in Ramadan. Why? He said, in order to prepare oneself for the coming of Ramadan, so that a person's soul will be disciplined upon thoughts Allah so your soul your next is already disciplined upon the obedience to Allah subhanaw taala in chabanne so that by the time you come to come on it's second nature.

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And he also said that fasting animal in shot ban is like a practice for the fasting of Ramadan. That's why if anyone's he is new to Islam, if some of you recently reverted to Islam, or you're not used to fasting it's very advised for you to fast some days in sharp and to get yourself used to fasting from Oban.

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So that's why even Rajan he says fasting and shopin is like a practice for the fasting of Ramadan. So that person won't feel any hardship once they enter the fasting of Ramadan, rather, they've already practiced fasting and they got used to it and so therefore they experience the joy and the sweetness of fasting Ramadan rather than you struggling the first few days of Ramadan

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Okay, so that's something to keep in mind inshallah. And then we come to the fourth point that I want to mention today of how to prepare ourselves inshallah Ramadan, and that small focus now on psychologically preparing yourself for Ramadan. But how do you make yourself feel excited from a bond? Sometimes you might find everybody around you is so excited from a bond, and you say yourself, why don't I feel that same feeling? When I feeling that same feeling? I've been excited about our bond coming, you know, so I've got some tips and shala on how to make yourself get into that mode. One of them is to think about spring cleaning your house. A lot of people spring clean their house

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for eight, and they waste a lot of time the last 10 days in Oban spring, clean their house, if I was going to give anyone advice, I would tell them, try to spring you clean your house before the time comes because you know why? When the first day of Ramadan comes, you find your house all beautiful and clean, you just sit down you start reciting your coat on and you feel like this ducting behind you It's the best. So that's why I really advise everybody if you want to get that real feeling or dying from the beginning, try to spring clean your house and make yourself organized. And not only that, it helps you to save time during Ramadan. If you've already done a very good spring clean, you

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won't need to spend so much time before he comes.

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Another thing is you should try to plan any appointments that you have tried to get them out of the way before Ramadan comes. If you've got something that's going to be jus in Ramadan, like he made an assignment something like that, try to get it out of the way or at least get most of it done. As much as you can like put more effort in next couple of weeks to try to get as much of it done so that you don't burn you're not burning up your time. In Rodin, there's nothing worse than being in Ramadan and having this huge assignment you've got to do and you can't even enjoy it. Hold on because you're so busy trying to struggle through this assignment or you know, something that you've

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got to do. Alright, so appointments, assignments, anything like that, try to get them out of the way as much as you can.

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The other advice I have is try to choose good company for yourself. Like if you don't have friends that are really motivated towards Ramadan and preparing themselves and you know excited about Ramadan. You need to try to find people who are okay because that motivation that energy, it, you know it How can I say, what's the word, it goes on you You know, it's Panama you you shared enthusiasm when you're around people who are who were motivated, you know, as the the psychologists say, you are basically the summary of your closest five associates like those, pick those five people you around the most. They are basically, um, you could basically sum yourself up by those

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five people. So if those five people who are mostly in your life

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I'm not the type to be motivated and you know excited about Ramadan coming, then that's why you need to look at how you get yourself in a better environment to inshallah get that get that feeling inshallah

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and then included in that as well My dear sisters is to look for environments that give you that motivation like a handle and you came to the lesson today that's a great step forward you know you've come to a lesson inshallah I ask Allah subhanaw taala that you'll feel greatly motivated after you leave this lesson be in the Navy tala. But you know, besides that, try listen to lectures, you're really trying to rev yourself up, ready for Ramadan. inshallah. Another thing is, if you've got outstanding fast, you know, get them out of the way shopin we know that many times aren't your Shabbat, your loved one has she wasn't able to fast until shot bad, but we need to get our thoughts

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out of the way inshallah again, it's like it's like a debt we owe to Allah. So we want to get them out of that way as well. And that's another way of preparing ourselves inshallah. Another advice I have is try to memorize some users from the Quran, to recite in your prayers. You cannot imagine the sweetness My dear sisters have when you've recited certain surah of the Quran. And then you come to Ramadan, and you're standing before Allah, and you're reciting this new surah it's the best feeling you feel the sweetness, those people who every single time they pray they only recite for example, should Allah floss every single time they recite a class and then they wonder, why did I feel Hello?

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When I pray to Allah? Why don't I feel the sweetness when I pray to Allah because you don't change your service. You don't make it colorful, you make your prayer colorful to yourself depend on law. So one of the best ways to really feel assure inshallah, in Ramadan is by memorizing new sources from the Quran, and then feeling that sweetness of reciting that new sewer that you've, you've added to yourself inshallah.

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Besides this,

00:32:03--> 00:32:11

the best way to prepare for Ramadan is to make a personal daily plan for how you're going to spend every day of Ramadan.

00:32:12--> 00:32:54

Now, my advice here is don't make your schedule too tight or too difficult for yourself. We've all got different situations. Those of you who've got many children, I'm not going to be able to do the same as somebody who has got no children, their children have grown up. Okay, so everybody's got different abilities here. So make your plan for yourself, don't compare to anybody else, make it flexible, and make it something that's easy for you to achieve that you know that you're going to be able to stay on it and not feel guilty when you when you're not able to achieve it don't make it so high that you're not able to achieve right and as I said to you inshallah, on the sixth of May at us

00:32:54--> 00:33:35

msgid in Domo I'll be giving the specific details inshallah, on how we can make a plan for ourselves for Ramadan. But just for now, let's just say, I want you to think about where are you planning to pray tell me this year? Are you going to pray at home? Or are you going to go to a messaging to pray it? Where are you going to pray your total? We'd have a good Think about that. You know, when are you gonna slot in your time to read code on every single day? When's your best time for you? Is it before you go to sleep at night? Is it after fudger is after you drop your children off to school? So you've got to ask yourself that question and work out how you're going to timetable in your own

00:33:35--> 00:33:39

you know, personal plan for Ramadan, inshallah, along

00:33:40--> 00:33:43

the sides, all of this, my dear sisters, finally,

00:33:44--> 00:34:20

if we want to be successful in Ramadan, we need to constantly make dua to Allah Subhana Allah to give us Sophia to give us success. We cannot just rely on our own efforts. You can go and buy as many Ramadan journals as you want. You can go and do the best plan from Oban but ultimately nobody will be successful without the help of Eliza Jen. So that's why I try to say the dark which I'll give to you after if you need it. I love my knee. Allah deca was shook rica was diabetic. Oh Allah helped me

00:34:22--> 00:34:54

to remember you and to thank you and to have the best worship of view your alarm. keep on saying this too and say we it's the sooner to say it after every fight Brett. But say it in your such does say it in your prostration say it before your test lean. Say during the day, always ask a loss per dollar to help you to remember him and to mention him and to thank him and to enter worship Him in the most beautiful way that he deserves to barbarella

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

finally, my dear sisters, we have to be honest with ourselves.

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

Realize that only Allah knows how many more times we have left in our lives too fast.

00:35:09--> 00:35:13

Think about how many people were fasting with us last G

00:35:15--> 00:35:16

and no longer with us today

00:35:18--> 00:35:31

how many people were healthy and fasting with us this she and now? malice pantalla protect all of us and give them chifa they can no longer fast is from Oban.

00:35:33--> 00:35:44

So we have to realize that we should never ever waste this blessing that Allah has given us never take this blessing of Ramadan for granted.

00:35:45--> 00:36:24

You know and don't stop asking Allah to help you to reach Ramadan safely as well. We already saw that brother and my humble a healthy brother. When he's in his 30s went to home. And just like that he passed away. I learned how to accept him inshallah. He didn't think that he's gonna pass away but he did spend a lot he didn't read from a bond. We don't know when our time is coming, my dear sisters and so that's why if Allah blesses us to reach one or more Ramadan, we should never waste this blessing and take it for granted. Even Josie Rahim Allah He said, If it was said to those in their grades wish.

00:36:25--> 00:36:29

If it was said to goes in their grades wish

00:36:30--> 00:37:17

they would wish to come back just for one more day of Ramadan. Panama that's what you don't realize that we take it for granted. But those innate Gray's would wish to come back just too fast. One more day for Allah just to stand in total we one more day for Allah subhanaw taala My dear sisters, just to have the opportunity to raise their hand to Allah and ask him for forgiveness and make Toba to him for their sins before they meet with allies with Joe in the next life. I asked a lot what virgata Allah together us all in genital for those that Allah with the prophets. We did see CD pain with the shuhada and the solly Hien. I asked a lot hornberger Allah to accept our fasting to accept

00:37:17--> 00:38:06

our prayers. I asked him to help us to remember him throughout the days and throughout the nights, not to stop remembering him at all times and all places. I ask Allah to feel our hearts with the light of the Quran, to fill our homes with the light of the Quran and fill our children's hearts with the love for the Quran. May we always be close to Allah My dear sisters, I asked a lot. I'm not to deprive us from seeing Allah subhanaw taala in the next life, and meeting the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I asked a lot to gather us all under the throne, under the shade of the throne on Yama, Yama, and to gather us all in genetic protocell Allah well, although only Heather was done

00:38:06--> 00:38:18

for a long while he will at home was a panic Allahumma will be huntik nashoba la ilaha illa and the stove fuuka when to boil a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.