Quick Tip – Improving Your Connection in Prayer

Umm Jamaal ud-Din


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AI: Summary © A speaker discusses a situation where someone is questioned and eventually fired, but they acknowledge that they love Jesus and want to stay on the straight path.
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So one of the things I do when I pray to Allahu taala is I try to focus also on the emotions. I'm feeding through the words when I'm speaking to a lot of toddlers. So for example, if I'm saying and hungry, learn how to rob Bilaal, I mean, I feel that emotion of absolute love and gratefulness towards Allahu taala because I'm, you know, thinking a lot the Lord of the worlds and then when you say our man or him, you know, feeling the mercy and the hope for love Tyler's mercy, and then Mandy kiyomi Dean, you know, knowing that he is the master of Yokoyama that I'm going to be questioned about everything I've done in this life. And then he cannot boo Do what you can establishing, you

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know, you alone we worship and You alone we seek help from. So I'm asking Allah for his help in being able to worship Him and stay on the straight path.