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Menses at Maghrib – Do I need to Refast

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Umm Jamaal ud-Din

Channel: Umm Jamaal ud-Din

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Episode Transcript

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So a question that some sisters might have is what do I do if I'm unsure? If I see that I get my menstruation straight off the mothership? Do I need to pass back that day? So sisters, if you're fairly certain that that blood was there before the time for the advent of algebra, then you'd need to refer us that day again. But if you believe that that blood could have just come straight after Margaret, then you're fasting is correct in sha Allah and you don't need to refer us that day. However, if you saw that blood at Margaret time, and you're not sure whether that blood came before the time of marketed or after, then what the ln that the scholars say is that the ruling on that

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blood is based upon the time you first saw it, which was after the time for the event of a malady, so therefore, you're fasting for that day will be considered as correct and you won't need to refresh that day in Sharla.