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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While early he was so happy woman Well,

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first of all my dear sisters, I just want to say desert canola hiren to a software UK for inviting me here, to take part in this forum, all about the hijab. And you know, I really would have liked to have, you know, been able to join your life. But unfortunately, here in Sydney, it's going to be in the early hours of the morning, like 1am, to 3am. So, it's getting a little bit hard for me to do that.

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But you know, just want to start out by with my topic by by saying that, you know, I know that right now a lot of sisters are, you know, struggling to stay strong and wearing the hijab, and, you know, no doubt, be exposed from time to time to people, you know, taking off the hijab, and you know, being quite public about their reasons for doing so, it doesn't really help you if you're already struggling with it as it is. So that's why, you know, today, what I thought I'd start off by doing is, you know, just to share with you some of the reasons for why I personally chose, you know, to wear the hijab.

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And as some of you may know, Alhamdulillah, my Australian revert to Islam, and subpanel, I've actually been wearing Hijab now for, you know, over 30 years, and hamdulillah

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when I first put it on, I was working full time, and I was studying part time. And in fact, I was living at home with my non Muslim parents as well. And, you know, back then they were hardly any visible Muslims to be seems Panama so. So I can say that I do know, the struggle of what it feels like to basically, you know, swim against the tide, and, you know, look different from almost everyone that you come in contact with. But, you know, sisters, the main thing that helped me to have the strength to basically swim against that tide. You know, of course, after a lot hotels help, was I said to myself, that if I know that Islam is the truth, and that this life is a test, then I

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want I want to meet Allahu Allah on the Day of Resurrection in the best condition I can possibly be upon in sha Allah.

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Because if I can't stand to you, if I can't stand the regret, of you know, not doing well, in any exam that I sit for in this world, then how much more Am I going to have regret, meeting a little toddler in the next life, and not having done something that he made fob on me to do.

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And the other thing is to keep reminding yourself about just how short this life is, you know, and that none of us know when our time of death is coming to us. And for me, I couldn't think of anything worse than, you know, dying, with the regret of not having done what I needed to do.

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And so that's why one of the things I always you know, say to sisters is, you know, what is the image of yourself, what is the image that you have of yourself, that you would like to know how you would beat like to be when you meet with a loss of pantalla on the Day of Resurrection.

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So however, that is whatever that images of yourself, try to make yourself like that from now and you know, ask a lot of data from your heart to help you to get there.

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So I want to give you know, three steps for any of you who may be having some, you know, negative feelings towards wearing hijab. So first of all, the first thing I'd like to, you know, the first advice I'd like to give is, you know, just number one, go back to your why, you know, ask yourself, What is your true purpose and reason to be here in this world? You know, what do I really want to gain from this life? And if we look at what Allah tala says in the Quran, who in salette he will know Suki one man, yeah, you wanna Mati lillahi Rabbil aalameen say verily my prayer, my sacrifice, my living my dying is all for Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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So you know, if when you really go back to, you know, the original of why you're here for, you know, isn't your ultimate aim to live a level to Allah, and to make it as safely as you can into Jana. So go back to your why this helps you so much depend on being motivated to what you're doing.

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The next step is to examine any negative feelings that you're having with wearing hijab, you know, try to pinpoint Where is that coming from, you know, ask yourself what's behind these negative feelings? Is it due to not feeling strong enough in your amen?

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You know, is it that you're you feel self conscious, when you wear hijab, so that this issue you're having with hijab is in fact, perhaps related more to you know, lacking self confidence than it is to lacking in your Eman?

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Or maybe it's due to you know, external pressures, such as a summer phobia, you know, work pressures, family pressures, you know, maybe you want to get ahead in your career, or is it simply that you just don't like the way

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You look or feel in Egypt, so you could go back and have a look at what's causing those negative feelings in the first place.

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And then the third, the third step is then to be, you know, proactive in looking at how you can do something about that. So, you know, for example, if the real issues you're not feeling strong enough in in your Amen,

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then take proactive steps towards strengthening your men, you know, the real issue is that you're lacking self confidence, it means you need to work on your self esteem, because the reality is that, you know, when you have strong self esteem, and you're sure of what you're doing, you don't care about what anyone else thinks about you.

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You know, I remember be Subhanallah, before I wore hijab, I saw this guy come to my uni with, you know, pink and purple hair. And I thought to myself, sapan Allah, he's so proud to walk around with hair like that. So how much more should I be proud, you know, to dress for Allah hoteller sake, in Sharla.

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And I really think it's important to mention here that you know, who you choose to surround yourself with, it does have a massive impact on your own lifestyle choices. And, you know, especially if you know that you're more of this self conscious type, then you really need to be placing yourself as much as possible into environments with people who, you know, they encourage you and they make you feel good about wearing your hijab.

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You know, when I first put on the hijab, I was living at home, like I told you, with my Christian family, I was going to work every day surrounded by non Muslims. And one of the things that I found really helped me to stay afloat during that time, was making sure I spent my weekends as much as possible with practicing Muslims. So you know, my advice is, if you don't have that environment anywhere near you, or anywhere around you, you know, try to look for it at least online and handle we have online now, you know.

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And going back to our problems, you know, if the problem is that you don't feel convinced about the obligation of hijab, for example, or you know, the reasons for wearing it, you need to reach out and seek the knowledge that you need, until you feel convinced, because we all know that knowledge is what brings about conviction. And you let's be honest, if you're really convinced, you know, you feel really convinced in your heart about wearing hijab, then nobody, you know, nobody, not even a TEDx speaker or an instagramer is going to be able to convince you otherwise.

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You know, the problem is that you don't think that you're good enough to wear hijab. You know, some sisters feel like, they're hypocrites. You know, I've done so many sins in my past, who might wear hijab, you know, I'm not good enough to wear hijab, you know, it's panel, we have to realize that, you know, hijab has never been about being good enough. You know, it's panela. First and foremost, it's a command from a Lhasa pantalla that you're fulfilling. And, you know, one of the things you'll find is that it actually helps you to feel like you want to improve yourself. You know, I know a lot of sisters who've told me that, if it wasn't for the hijab, they would have fallen into doing many

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more things than what they were doing. You know why? Because they hijab was actually like a reminder to them to try to be better.

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And I want to remind us as well of a hadith Cuzzi, in which the prophets that are Larson tells us that Allahu Allah says, well, Mehta, Cora by Isla de Shea in a hub Ella minister do I lay that my servant does not draw close to me, but by anything, which is more love to me, then what I had made fog upon him, when I Azad walk de la be never fully had that we'll head back. And my servant continues to draw close to me, with nowhere filled with extra good deeds until I love him. So this is the way to get close to a loss of pantalla My dear sisters, you know, doing what Allah loves, you know, through what he has, you know, made obligatory upon us, and then following up on that with

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doing extra good dates, and, and we can also take this hedis to mean the opposite as well, that, you know, if we have to realize that there are consequences from taking steps away from a loss of pantalla, you know, so if we move away from what Allah tala has made fog on us, it, it basically means we're also moving further away from a loss of pantalla right. So we have to keep that in mind.

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So if the, you know, going on to, you know, different looking at the different problems we might have, you know, if the problem is not feeling good in wearing your hijab, you know, my advice is to look for a style that makes you feel confident, but that also fulfills the conditions of hijab and inshallah, I'll be speaking about this a lot in a lot more detail in my next segment that's coming up a bit later. You know, but to be honest, you know, speaking about this topic properly, you really need a lot more time than, you know, 10 minutes, but for anyone who's interested, you know, I do have some lectures available on my YouTube channel that deal with both identity and he job and how

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to overcome the struggles of holding on to your deen

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I'm also always there for my sisters on Facebook and Instagram, if anyone you know wants to reach out for support, but you know anyway,

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even if I haven't mentioned the specific reason that you're personally having with wearing the hijab, one thing I do know is that if your y is strong enough, you will find a way to embrace it, regardless of whatever obstacles you may face. Right, and, and sisters, we need to remind ourselves that you know, in this life, Allahu taala is going to test us over and over to see who do you love more, you know, is it a law and the era? Or is it the trivial gains that one may make in this very temporal world.

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So always remind yourself that this life is so very short. So whatever sacrifice you make in this life, for the ephemera in reality, it's so very small.

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And never never think that any sacrifice you're making any student is wasted with a loss of time to Allah.

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And I want to leave you with an amazing Hadith in which the prophets that are lawyers and told us about the reward for those who hold fast to their Deen in times like we are in now, when holding on to one's fate is like holding on to a burning coal, in which he tells us in some narrations which are found in autonomy, the and the sooner EBITDA would, that in nemen, wa yquem, a Yama sub that very early, before you our days of patience, in which holding on to one's Dean will be like holding on to a burning coal. And then he says the Llanelli fee here, as you have seen, so the one who, you know, hold on to the dean and his time will be like, the reward of 50. And then the Sahaba who

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around him, they said, You mean agile home? seana mean whom you mean the reward of 50 of them, or 50 of us? And then the profits that are law, whatever Some said, all the harm seen, I mean, come no verily 50 of you. So imagine my dear sisters panel, I imagine that we from wearing our hijab now in this very hard time when we're so tempted with temptations, and we struggle to hold on to our hijab. Imagine a love Island, we could be getting the reward of 50 of this hobby yet in the wearing of hijab. With a similar long debate, it's not too far from a loss of pantalla so my dear sisters, never forget the words of Allahu Allah, Allah was spear Inna Allaha lair you dhiru agilon mosinee Be

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patient and hold firm. Verily, Allah tala never wastes the reward of the good doers. And I'll leave it there My dear sisters and inshallah look forward to see my next upcoming segment. Baraka lofi Conan na I asked Allahu taala that what I have said benefits all of us and strengthens our Eman And may Allah Allah keep us firm upon his path. And so we meet with him and I asked him to unite us in genital so dalsa Allah wa kulu poly Heather was stone for law Lee welcome was the panicle law movie Hamrick national Illa Illa Illa and nesto fuuka went to blue lake salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.