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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while early he was Sufi woman, well,

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first of all, my dear sisters salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Hamdulillah that Allah subhanaw taala blessed us to be able to gather one small for another year in sha Allah may Allah bless our lives and help us to always live upon piety Allah and gathering for his sake and partying for his sake, beating Allah He to Allah.

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So my dearest sister is a topic I've chosen about chosen to speak about today is a topic of healing our hearts and souls through Toba, through the Toba to Allah through seeking repentance to Allah.

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So we have to realize my dearest sisters that, you know, the effect of since what is the effect of sins on our hearts, it's like a toxic toxicity, you know, that builds up in your heart. That's the problem. And we neglect this toxic toxicity. You go did the detox for your body. But unfortunately, one of the things we've neglect to do is Detox our souls and detox our hearts. This is one thing, we're neglecting so much in our lives. And we don't realize that, you know, we have to realize what is the effect of sins, like we always think about the effective sins as far as what happens to us in the earth era. But we're not paying attention to you don't realize that these sins have a very, they

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have they had bad consequences on you in this life before the next. And this is you're going to be suffering from the effects from these effects. Like, what are some of the effects, some of the effects are for example, you know, you feel a hardness in your hearts, you might not feel inclined to want to pray like you might find your prayers are heavy on you, you might find it hard to recite Quran, for example, you know, things like that also,

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from these toxicity that we can have is we have a laziness to work for the athlete or we feel a laziness to work towards the Earth era. Another thing is you may you feel a sort of unrest fullness in the heart, like you feel a type of unrest, fullness, you don't feel at ease. You can even feel a bit of anxiety, do these things that want to build up, you can even feel a bit of husen a bit of depression in your heart because of the the effects of these things building up in your heart. Okay, so there's a lot of effects that, you know, there's a lot of effects that we're going to go through if we're not doing a detox of our souls and our hearts.

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And one of the worst effects as well is that you end up like we are constantly being exposed to see whether we like it or not day and night were exposed to since what we're looking at what we're listening to constantly, what we're what we're seeing things we say it all has an effect on us overall, right? And what happens is my desistance is over time, if we're not detoxing, then what happens is you start to become desensitized, you become desensitized to the sin, they become normal, and the more you become desensitized to sin, the more you go into bigger sins like shaitan will keep taking you further and further into sin. So you become weaker and weaker in your Eman. And you can

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lose you can slowly start to you know, lose your dean slowly over time, like most likely most people will not like when you see someone else will lose their dean. It didn't happen overnight sisters, it was something happening over a long period of time that they weren't, you know, they weren't remedying themselves. And this is what happens, you get so sick, you can lose yourself, this is the problem. So this is what we have to understand that it's very important that we pay attention to you know, healing our hearts and realizing that even on our psychological well being purifying your heart, you know, detoxing yourself, it's gonna have a positive effect, even on your psychological

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well being.

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Now, the other thing when it comes to talking about when it comes to talking about, you know, purifying our hearts and you know, detoxing ourselves from these sins, is that people are there's like an imbalance. We have an imbalance amongst people when it comes to you know, talking about the subject of a Toba. So you have on the one hand, you have those people who

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you know, they have complete despair of Allah, that Allah can forgive them for all their sins, like, they feel like they are so worthless and so hopeless, that they're fine to so many sins. There's no way that Allah subhanaw taala can forgive them because it's too much. And what the problem with these Subhanallah the problems with these people, they don't realize that they focus too much on their own self, instead of focusing on Allah. Like you don't feel good about yourself. Okay, maybe because of things that's happened to you in your past. You look down yourself so badly and you have that low self worth

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But you have to focus on Allah Who is Allah He is our man he is our him. So you have to focus more on Allah subhanaw taala and realize that there is no sin, which is too great for Allah azza wa jal to forgive. And there's not too many things that you know, no matter what your amount of sins is, it's not too much for Allah. So by you thinking that Allah can't forgive you, you've basically underestimated the forgiveness of Allah. You know, you've underestimated Allah and you've underestimated the forgiveness of Allah azza wa jal so that's that's on the one hand that we have those people who they they feel like what's the use? What's the use of me going ahead as a Muslim?

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What do you see me continuing as a Muslim? I have too many sins. What's the use? I'm going to the Hellfire anyway, this is this is the attitude they get, but they forgot to focus on a lot more than their own self. All right. So that's on the one hand and then on the other hand, we have the other type of people, which is also a dangerous like a dangerous imbalance, where, you know, they basically depend upon the forgiveness of Allah. They depend upon the forgiveness of Allah and they think doesn't matter. Whatever I do, Allah Allah for Rahim, you know, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. So it's okay, you know, Allah knows what's in my heart, this kind of attitude. All right,

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and that's also a dangerous attitude because you're basically deceiving your source. You're deceiving yourself, if you think that Allah's forgiveness comes just like that. They are, you know, conditions of tobacco, which we're going to talk about, and these conditions are getting the forgiveness of Allah Subhana Allah Yes, Allah is Allah for Rahim but he's also she didn't have our block he's also severe and his punishment so we shouldn't underestimate also the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah and we need to take the steps towards tell by not just expect that Allah is going to forgive us without doing any of the means that lead towards a Toba. So I want to

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I want to you know, I want to read to you Inshallah, one of the heads

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in this is a Hadith Guzzi, in which Allah subhanaw taala talks about, when I say Allah subhana like the prophets of Allah while he was selling told us that the prophet that Allah holds Abraca Allah has, you know, mentioned this,

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about his forgiveness. So it's not from the Quran. It's from the Sunnah of the Prophet said Allah was seven but it's something that you know,

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has told us that Allah has said so on Abbey hallway rotarod The Allahu Anhu and then be sold Allahu alayhi wa salam all

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and not be he has the gel call as never have done then Ben. So Paul, Allah gonna fill lead and be okay so my servant committed a sin. And then he said, Oh Allah, it fiddly then be your ALLAH forgive my sin. So the Allah to Baraka what to Allah, as Nabob didn't bend volume and Hola Hola, yo, Pharaoh Themba way up who to be. Okay, so then a lot about the data. The reaction is when that person turns sincerely to Allah and ask for forgiveness. Allah, Allah says, that might verily My servant has committed a sin. Finally Anna and Allah hold up Ben, and he's acknowledged that he has a lord that forgives.

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Okay, he's acknowledged that he has a Lord who forgives well yeah, who will be and, and also that he has acknowledged that he has a lot that he you know, that also could punish him for that sin as well. So he's, he's between hope in that Allah is gonna forgive him if he turns to him, and he's between fear that if he doesn't ask for forgiveness, Allah could punish him. So this is how we should be balanced. Okay, and then the Hadith mentions stone muda for ethna then he goes back and does a scene again or maybe the same scene. So all or a Europe be in Philly then be the all at a bar or go to Allah. So now again, he falls into the sin and he turns back to Allah and he asks along to

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Allah says forgiveness. And Allahu Akbar, Allah says Abdi, as never done been Paulina and Allahu Ratan young Pharaoh Dunbar were yet for the FBI. And again, he says, my server has fallen to a sin, but he knew that he has a lord that forgives sins and that could call him to account for those sins. Don't murder for Edna Bacala Europe be a Europe. It will fill it and be Bacala tobacco Tala as another app didn't Ben fall in and Hola. Hola, Ben yo, quiero dumba where your food will be

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them, air Mel ma*a, the part of our farm to luck. So now in the Hadith again he returned back to a sin. And again he turned back to Allah and said, Your Allah forgive me for my sin. And then Allah holds back at Allah said, he says, Verily My servant has sinned, and he knew and recognize that he has a law that forgives for his sins, and also calls to account and can punish him for those sins.

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And he then he says, Do as you wish for verily I have forgiven you. Okay, so a lot of people when it comes to looking at these, a hadith or the aids of the Quran, they have, you know, when we look at the apex of the Quran, my dearest sisters, and we look at the Hadith of the prophets that Allah on insulin, you have to take them all as a whole, you can't just take like, you just you can't just take all the HUD debts and forgiveness and only focus on some you know, you have to put them all into context, because some people will happen with this hadith in particular, they said it means you can just keep on sinning doesn't matter. Allah will keep on forgiving you doesn't matter. All right.

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So this is what we have to understand. It's there's a balance like so just to understand that there were some astray groups in the ALMA, there were some stray groups in the OMA one of them was the Hawaii bridge. Right? Then there's Hawaii bridge, where they are like they men hedge, it's an Australian men hatch. What they do is they focus all on that as a punishment. Okay, they focus all on that as a punishment, and they give basically people no hope or forgiveness, they say, you know, like, and also they say that, when you know, that, you know, the, that a Muslim could remain eternally in the fire and that if a Muslim does a major sin, they'll be a Kaffir. You understand? So

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they went to extremes in taking all the, you know, a year to two Quran and the Hadith of the prophets that Allah said and all the like, they focus. There's an imbalance like they focus on the, the punishment, the punishment side, you know, and having no hope in Allah that He can forgive you and all this the case of it, that's why you find whoever takes this man hedge my dear sisters, they get harshness, they get very harsh on people and you'll find them making tech fee on others, calling others disbelievers due to sin, they're done. Even you find them doing that to the mache. Like they'll they'll they'll see some of the machetes and they'll call them kuffaar, and all of this sort

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of stuff. So this is the man hatch of the Hawaii bridge. Like I said, they focus all on

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punishment. And you know, and they give you the feeling that you're never gonna make it to John that you can make an agenda because they made it so hard. They made it so hard. And it's like there's only selected people going to gender the way they make it sound. Okay, so this is an imbalance. But then on the other side, my dear sisters, you have another stray set astray set called the mortgagee up. All right now the mortgagee asset, what they said is, it doesn't matter. If you do since you know, Allah will forgive you and that does not affect your Eman at all. You know, even if you don't even pray, for example, that's all right. Allah knows you've got a good heart. And as long as you

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said Elaine and Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah that seek you're gonna go to have, you know, Jana, and you know, don't worry, take it easy. It's, you know, and so they made it so light that they didn't they focus on the aid of hope, and forgiveness, and they forgot about the other side of, you know, that Allah Subhana Allah has warned us about his punishment for a reason, so that we can protect ourselves from it. So it shouldn't give the Muslims false hope that it's okay if they just continue in their life or misguidance. That's all right. You know, because they've got Muslim written on their, you know, on their birth certificate that that's like a free golden ticket to Jannah you

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know, maybe we shouldn't give Wilson's this this kind of false hope because relying on false hope is a dangerous thing. Because it's going to stop between you and striving for the Athena. It's going to stop between you and making Toba to Allah for your sins because you think I'm okay you know I'm a Muslim and that see and I basically I'm I've got you know, I deserve to enter jungle This is not the attitude of the Muslim the Muslim the believer, like the man Hajj of Atlas sunnah. The correct man Hajj is to be between as both what what what are jack to be between fee and hope? Like, yes, we hope for Mercy of Allah. But we also don't deceive ourselves. We take the steps to get that mercy. We

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need to take the steps to receiving that mercy we need to avoid the sins as much as we can. And if we fall into sins, we need to ask for forgiveness as quickly as we can to purify ourselves and detox our souls from the sins. So we need to realize my dear sisters,

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that um, you know, you can't just keep on making sins and saying stuff for

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law while your heart is not even feeling sorry for what you've done, okay? So it's not true, you know, saying saying stuff for the life, you want the benefit of saying a stuff for Allah. If you want the benefit of repentance to Allah subhanaw taala, then it's not just empty words on your tongue, you've got to feel it in your heart, you've got to be sincere. When you're 20 to Allah, you got to be sincere in your heart. You're very, you know, regretting what you've done, you've got to have regret, and you're going to feel sorry to have guilt guilt, like, guilt is a healthy thing, as long as we use it in a healthy way. Okay, so guilt is actually a healthy sign of the heart, it shows

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you how the man like, if you feel bad, what would you've done, if you're feeling bad about your past and what you've done? That's a healthy sign. But when guilt becomes unhealthy, is when it goes to the extreme, as I've mentioned before, where you feel like, I am such a hypocrite, I shouldn't even pray to Allah. Or I'm such a hypocrite, how could I put on hijab? You know, I mean, that's where that's where guilt goes to an unhealthy level, the guilt you have needs to be used in positive ways. And from the positive ways is just that stuff for a lot of stuff for a lot like you're paying a lot to Allah subhanaw taala. And you're asked the Lord to open your heart and make you fixed upon the

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path of the man. That's, that's the healthy way and then you take steps towards that you try to like Hamdulillah, you took a step today, you came to the lesson, that's a great step forward, you know, in trying to improve your life and keep yourself on the straight path. So you've read, take the steps.

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Okay, so the, the ones who Allah subhana, Allah is giving the good news of his Rama and his mercy, are the ones who they, they try their best to stay stuck to whatever he's commanded, whether in the Quran, or the Sunnah of the Prophet said, Allah Who does and they don't take it lightly. Like they take it as a serious thing, when they read an eight in the Quran commanded them to do something, they take it as a serious thing when they read a hadith of the prophets that Allah is and they take it as a serious thing that I took as a light thing. Okay, who cares? You know, that's not for now, there's not this day and age that was in the past. And I don't have to worry about that anymore.

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And, you know, this kind of attitude. So as long as we're struggling sisters, the most important thing is that you're in that path of struggle, we might be on different levels in that struggle, like some people might be more successful in their struggle. But the most important thing that you're actually trying to struggle at some, somewhere along the line of struggling you understand. So even if you're at the very beginning of your, of your journey in Islam, or your journey and come back to Islam, that's still high, because at least you're on that paddle is to try. And you know, to me, when I see anyone come to this lesson, that that's the biggest sign to me that you're a person

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whose shoulder may I'll accept you that you're trying, like, none of us are perfect, we're all struggling and we and that's we need to get it together. So we can support each other in this struggle, we can't struggle alone, it's very hard to struggle on your own unique you need to have, you need to be around others to feel that way. You know, we're all struggling to get our sisters

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Okay, so we are, as humans, we are all weak, we're all weak, we're going to have our struggles, there's going to be certain things that we struggle more with than with others, because we all have different temperaments. We all have different personalities. So for some people, their struggle will be in certain areas, while for others they struggle with in other areas you understand so we just got to keep on going we've got to keep on asking a lot for support. And like I said, every time we're not fulfilling what we need to be doing, we need to be asking Allah subhanaw taala and ask him to help us to get stronger to overcome these struggles inshallah.

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Okay, so that you understand this is the type of people we should be aiming towards been, but not those people who daringly base basically go around committing sins, for example, in secret, like when you're alone, there can be all kinds of scenes, I don't care what I look at, they don't care what they say. They don't care what they do. Like there's all kinds of scenes behind closed doors, or the other ones even worse, they got back in society, doing all kinds of sins openly and saying, don't judge me, you know, and all this kind of attitude. In the meantime, you're spreading facades by you openly committing these sins and making it like taking it lightly and trying to promote it.

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Like it's not there's nothing wrong with it. And then we all have a free choice and all these kinds of mentality that we see happening.

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So it's not just a matter of saying as though for Allah while your heart doesn't mean it, that's that's the still fall of the cat. You know, the cat there being like that's that's the the still thought of the instancia it's not a sin. See?

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It's not since C is still far. Okay. So

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and we have to realize, you know, you can feel the pain

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but you can never feel a lot like you can fool the people that you you know that you feel sorry for what you're doing and that you're repenting and all of these things, but Allah knows Allah nessa pantalla knows what's in the heart and with your heart is really regretting and and repentance, you know thought for what you're upon.

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Okay, so the island that said about that person that you know that this person who had you know, this is the insurgency is still far okay it's the insurgency is still fine because the person is not regretting they're not truly regretting what what they've done. And like I said, What is the main pillar the main pillar of, of SLE still fall is another another motel another new Toba as the prophets that Allah Islam says, like Toba is another

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Tober is a nether it means to have

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regret fullness you have to have the regret fullness in order for you. That's the first step. How can you make Toba to Allah if you don't even regret what you've done? How can you make Toba to Allah subhanaw taala if you don't even regret what you've done, you don't even feel guilty for what you've done or you regret it. Then how can you make Toba Yanni you can't so and what would you do I should have mentioned something he to what if your heart is so hard that you actually don't even feel wrong about what you've done? In that case, what you need to do is do a lot of say a lot of stuff for a lot like set stuff Allah stuff Allah stuff Allah to soften your heart because sometimes the heart

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can become so desensitized that you no longer feel the guilt of that sin anymore. That can happen. So if you find yourself like, you know, it's something hard on you're doing, but you don't feel guilty for it. The remedy is to do stuff for a lot a lot until you start to feel bad about what you've done and Inshallah, from that you can take the steps towards a Toba inshallah.

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Okay, so we have to realize the huge difference between that person who is you know, struggling with their sins, and they're trying hard to practice their Islam as much as they're able, and the person who just takes it lightly and it doesn't matter and, and that's why like, unfortunately, we have moved into this new era, where, unfortunately, we, you see it, especially like on social media, in general, it's all about it's all there's much more like, of course, we need to give people hope, I know people are going through hard times, and all of that we definitely have to always give people hope, but we shouldn't give them the false sense of hope. That doesn't matter what they do, how they

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live their life, you know, as long as you're a good person, then that's fine. You know, you'll be still successful in the end we're not we're not up on the dean of the Christians, mighty sisters. Like the Christians, they say, you know, it's okay leave join. If you want Jesus died for your sins, you're gonna go to heaven, no matter what you do. We're not We're not upon the dean of the of the Christians, okay, that live with false hopes and false, you know, wishes thinking that no matter what they do, or we're not, we're not, we're not going to do it, the Jews where they stay because I'm born Jewish, I go to heaven, no matter what I do, I can live a life of total for sad, but you

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know, I'm going to have it in the end because like I was born a Jew. Yeah, that's false hopes, my dear sisters, and that's not the way of Al Islam. So we have to be careful that we don't start prevailing that amongst the Muslims, because it's not good. It's not healthy for us. Ultimately, it's not healthy, like, the best friend is the one who was trying to lift you up to be a better person and reminded you even if that made you feel a little bit uncomfortable, like, it's better for you to feel a little bit of discomfort in the person reminding you to lift you up, then people just leave you and and say you're okay the way you are. That's all right, keep going the way you're

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going. And it's very clear that what you're upon is something that Allah and His Messenger has told us that it's something haram. Okay, so going back to what I was saying.

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We need to realize that a Toba is not just for the sinners, it's very important for us to realize that a Toba is not just for the sinners. But the other thing is, too, is that none of us are free from sin. As as much as we might like to think that we might be free of sin, it's we're not free of sin. There's so many sins and if we think we're free of sin, it means we lack a lot of knowledge. We like a lot of knowledge about Islam, and we lack a lot of knowledge about our own selves. Okay, and it means we're not we're not focused enough on we're not having self awareness and self analysis like for us to improve and move forward. We need to be constantly in touch with ourselves, have a

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strong self awareness and be looking at ourselves and be introspective, you need to be introspective as a believer, right? Constantly looking at yourself. How are you progressing in your life as a Muslim? Ah, you need to be looking at that. No. So we know that prophets that Allah has certainly told us clearly bad Cooley Ben Kulu, Benny Adam

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Haha well hiatal hotpot Ina, a toe bone, like so the prophets of Allah is and taught us that all of the bene Adam, every single one of the son of Adam, they fall into sins. But the best of those who fall into since are the ones who repent. They're the ones who repent. So the sign of the strong Eman the sign of be the goodness in the heart is the fact that you turn back to Allah you recognize you have a Lord who forgive sins and you recognize you have a lord that punishes for those sins and that to get receive Allah's mercy, you need to turn back to Allah Subhana Allah constantly. That's why along with drug dialysis, you know in the Quran, he didn't just say, call upon the sinners to make

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Toba to him. For example, he says yes, a you have levena Amen who to boo ino my hito bet and now Sue ha. So he says, are you to believe? Turn that to Allah with a sincere repentance and he called all of those who believes and he says were to boo Isla my hijab me on a you help me know now come to fleet rune and turn that to to Allah in Toba, all of you who are believers, that you may be successful, successful, not just in the asker Oh, my dear sisters, even successful in this life. Even successful in this life, if you want to live a life with a light heart, and not feeling burdened down by those sins, you need to detox your hearts and souls and return back to Allah

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Subhana Allah. So we have to realize there are all different types of sins. Sins are not just, you know, there's so many sins, the sins of the body, the sins of the tongue, they Sins of the hearts, and we fall into these things all the time, and they give you some demonstrations. First of all, the body, how do we fall into Sins of the body, when we are lazy with our prayers, when we don't pray our prayers on time, you know, when we stand before Allah, and we're just in a hurry, and we don't really focus, you know, we just rush out present we don't really give it the proper

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attention that we should be giving it. So these are all different levels of sins. Of course, missing prayers is a far greater sin than then then then paying your parent time but not not paying with for sure and not you know, not giving the prayer it's hard not giving the prayer. It's right. And you know, it's a missing prayers and especially if we miss prayers altogether, like these are all made, these are all like from the major sins where I was where I was a biller, and you know not making up past days from Ramadan. Lots of sisters they have the menstruation Ramadan, and they don't make up for the days they miss they just leave it for years and years and they don't bother making up for

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it. So this is neglect. This is neglect fullness of our deen many people have lots of money Allah bless them with so much money, they traveled to Turkey they traveled to Lebanon they traveled to Indonesia they traveled all around the world, they didn't go for Hajj yet. So this is a sin not to go for Hajj to neglect HUD's while you have the money and you have the means and you continually neglecting to go to Hajj, imagine if Allah takes our soul in this in this state. So this is you know, and not implementing the commands of Allah like when Allah you know, commands us to implement the commands of him of his and we don't implement we turn away when we fall into you know, and even

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if we taught fall into the Mahara mat those things which Allah made haram for us, you know, doing acts of Marcia, like there's the major sins like stealing like Xena, Altavilla there's all of these sins. But even there's, you know, minor sins as well. We have to be we have to be weary from falling into these sins. And then you know, you have sins of the eyes. When we look at the Haram, we're not allowed to look at the Haram and just sit there and don't worry about it, read a book that's all filled with haram, watch a movie that's all filled with haram had to turn out at least if something haram comes we have to turn our face away, we have to turn off the TV, not just sit there looking at

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it and not worrying about it thinking that it's not going to affect our heart, every single sin, everything that haram that you look at, or you listen to, it's going to have an effect on your heart as the prophets that alone has told us that when a person sends a black.is dotted onto their heart, so that black dot gets dotted onto the heart if they don't make tau by dad asked. They didn't make it still far. That scene starts to grow like that blackness starts to grow and increase in the heart. Okay, if I keep on doing since the practice increases more, until a person could have what's called a run on their heart like a seal, the heart becomes completely sealed. Well, that's the

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extreme. But what I'm trying to show you is that if we're not making Toba, we're not lifting that blackness from our hearts. We're not lifting that blackness. So every time you look at since every turn, look at haram, you're gonna get a certain amount of blackness into your heart. If you listen to haram, you listen to music you tell

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Get easy doesn't matter. It makes me happy. I'm just gonna listen to his music, you have to realize it's going to have, it's going to have a toxic effect on your heart. It weakens your Eman and it's going to make you have more love for the dunya you're not gonna have much love for the Quran. Why? Because you feel your heart with with the Psalter Shakedown, you filled your heart with the voice of the shaitan. So we have to realize that everything we do has an effect. So that's the outward, there's so many sins we could talk about, when it comes to the outward actions, even having bad a flap, you know, with our husbands with our children. It all comes under sins as well, like, you

00:30:37--> 00:31:08

know, if we if we are unjust, in the way we speak to our husband, yup, we speak you know, we some, you know, some people, some holidays, they they're very emotional, they maybe they swear at their husbands, they they speak like in a very, you know, disrespectful way, not a nice, you know, not with nice Aflac to their husbands. And even for the I mean, of course, if the husband does that, to us, it seems to him to I'm not saying it's not, you know, he gets to do everything he wants. And we know, it's not like that, but because we're sisters and reminding of our side of the story, right?

00:31:09--> 00:31:48

But the same thing with our children, we are unjust with our kids. We are unjust with our children, like we always complaining about how the men treat us but how are we as mothers as we're treating our children, that's another thing we've we fall into, and you know, injustice with our children, maybe we treat some children nicer than others, we're more kind to some, and we're harsh on others. And we make like some people they continually smack one kid and they leave the other kid. And they you know, and there are some I've heard very sad stories where some mothers for example, they favor completely one child with that child like an angel can do no wrong, while the other one that treated

00:31:48--> 00:32:23

like a piece of dirt. So there's emotional abuse, emotional abuse happens even with mothers. Unfortunately, it doesn't just happen with men, we have to realize even women are guilty of this. Women can be guilty of oppressing their daughter in laws. That's another big one for a lot of women oppressing their daughter in laws that's a very big one that happens too much. Were they cruel like they actually cruel to their daughter in law. Okay, they think she'd they treated like a bit of rubbish that can speak to her however they want, try to cause problems in her marriage try to interfere in her life. So there's so many sins, these are all the outward sins that we can fall

00:32:23--> 00:33:08

into. We sometimes forget that our bed after our bed treatment, our V bar, you know backbiting of sisters, our top gossiping about sisters spreading lies, st you're even saying lies. All of this is, excuse me. All of this is from sins that hasn't a toxic effect. You think you're harming that person. But let me tell you, the first person you're harming is your own self. Because that you will never feel good IANA. Your heart will never feel light. And you'll never feel peaceful and sins have an effect on the face. Okay, when the more you go into these sins, they start to have an effect on your face. Subhanallah like you see a darkness come in the face. May Allah protect us from that.

00:33:08--> 00:33:42

Okay, so sins have an effect we should never underestimate. Okay, but I've just spoken so far only about the sins the outward since there's so many sins, like I said, and we're not we don't reflect enough. That's our problem. We're not reflective enough to realize that every single day we're folding into so many different types of sense that we need to be asking Allah forgiveness and even the fact that we're not asking Allah forgive us enough, we need to make we need to make it still faster even that it's tough for a lot of them that we don't make enough Toba to Allah. We don't ask Allah for forgiveness for enough. That's another thing we should even be making Toba to and ask, ask

00:33:42--> 00:34:24

Allah to guide our hearts to Toba? Because let me tell you the path of Toba is the path of tofield at tofield. The path of Toba is a path of a tofield. And if Allah wants goodness from for someone, he guides him to making Toba. But the fact that we're not being guided to Toba to Toba is not a good sign for us. Because if you make sincere Toba to Allah for something in his life, Allah is gonna forgive you and you're gonna be called to account on your piano, you're gonna see your book of records. But if you didn't have the success of making Toba to Allah in this life for that sin, then you're going to see that in your book of records on your Akiyama and it's up to Allah when he is

00:34:24--> 00:34:25

going to forgive you for that sin or not.

00:34:27--> 00:34:59

Okay, so then we're talking about the sins of the heart, there are so many sins of the heart we fall into day and night we fall into these sins. Think about how many times do we say something to please Allah to please people instead of Allah? Like we know it's haram, for example. And so we say something to please someone because we're worried about what they're gonna think about us. Instead of saying the HUD is they're saying the hawk, we send a bottle to please people. Okay, and having bad thoughts about Allah, having bad

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

What's about Allah? Why did Allah give that sister those things? Why didn't Allah give that to me? That's also a one in Allah, that's all thinking bad about Allah that we need to make us, you know, we didn't need to make still far for these things. You know, when we're not content with what Allah has destined for us, that's also a sin, you know, that's not having a man in a dark, evil other when, you know, believing in Allah what Allah has destined? And yes, it's bitter. I'm not saying it's not bitter, but when you reject it in your heart, and How could Allah do this to me? You know, how could this happen to me, you know, and that kind of rejection that comes in the heart walls of

00:35:39--> 00:36:15

it, that's, that is a sin we need to make. We need to ask the Lord for forgiveness for it, you know, to guide our hearts to, to help us to be, you know, to be accepting, even if we don't like it, but to be accepting that it's what Allah wrote for us, and we have to accept it. And then, you know, think about the jealousy that comes in our hearts like jealousy is a big problem. In this time, we're living in like fish with social media, it's making people get very sick from this disease, where maybe they kind of sleep at night because of their jealousy while the villa. Right, so we need to make Toba for this jealousy, this Hassan that comes in our hearts, wishing we don't wish the good

00:36:15--> 00:36:22

for our sisters. We don't wish to go we want that good to be taken away, we see something that she's got, like, look on Instagram, we look on

00:36:24--> 00:36:59

with Snapchat, and we see look at this. And look at that even our no know what they're doing, displaying their whole life to the whole world. I mean, it's pretty insane. But anyway, you know, the point is, you know, they're causing fitna to themselves, mind you, but the point is, from our side, you know, we need to make a steel fight if we if we're hoping that something will be removed from somebody because it's hazard. And then there's pride. You know, a lot of people, they have pride in their hearts over other sisters, they think they think they're better than other sisters, for some reason, maybe because, you know, they're of one nationality. And she's another nationality.

00:36:59--> 00:37:36

So somehow that they are supposed to be better, because they're of one nationality. And that person is of another nationality. We see that happen a lot. Unfortunately, that's still going on. Like it shouldn't be existing in Islam at all, but it's a reality. It is a reality that we see where some nationalities think that better than others, you go overseas, you can see clear as day, how, you know, there's a lot of, you know, racism, there's a lot of nationalism. And you know, people think that they're better than others just because of their nationality and race. We're older, we laugh, right? So this is a sin, if you think you're better than someone because of your nationality, or

00:37:36--> 00:38:14

because you have more money. That's another sickness. And we can see it more as the Omar Al Hamdulillah community is becoming a lot more well off. But you see, the keeper starts to grow. The keeper grows with it the prize, that now you've got your money, you think you better than everybody else. And so you start to look down on your Muslim brothers and sisters because you think you've got more money than others. Right? So even knowledge men protect us. Sadly, it's sad to say, like, from those who get knowledge, it should make them more humble. But some people treat others with disdain, because they sought that knowledge and they don't have the humbleness. You know, yes, they deserve

00:38:14--> 00:38:50

respect, but they also don't have the right to look down on others and laugh at them and scoff at them. Okay, just because ALLAH blessed them with knowledge, whether it's knowledge of the deen or whether it's knowledge of the dunya okay, because some people will they get their PhD, they get their degree, and they think they're better than others and look down on others. Okay, so there's all these different ways that people are doing sins in their hearts, because of, you know, because of these other diseases, right? So, then also not having enough to work cool and Allah not having enough to work who we need to make, as far as you know, rejuvenate, is still far from not having

00:38:50--> 00:39:29

enough to work on Allah subhanaw taala as well. You know, how many times we doubt that Allah can get get us through it. We have those doubts. You know, we doubt why is Allah doing this to me, all these doubts we have. Okay, we need to make still far so not having that strong Eman, not having that, you know, believing that Allah can help us in any situation, all of these types of, you know, of course, you know, thoughts can cross your mind, you're not held to account for that, like, you're gonna get sometimes and worse was there like shaitan is gonna whisper to you, it's normal to have shaytaan whispered to you, but when that takes hold in the heart and you keep on thinking that over and over

00:39:29--> 00:39:59

again, then it's something that now you're saying to believe it and think that you need to ask Allah for forgiveness for it to get you out of it. Okay? Otherwise it becomes more and more ingrained in the heart until you don't know how to escape from that prison of that sin. Okay, so, so what I'm trying to show you is, don't worry. The bottom line of what I was trying to show you right now is we all have sinned. If you look at all that, I don't think any of us would dare to put up our hand and say I haven't

00:40:00--> 00:40:06

done any of those sins? Not one. There's no way. Like, if you're like that Allama Barrett, you shouldn't even be like, Oh, no.

00:40:08--> 00:40:23

You should have been, you should have been raised in the time of the Prophet size and we've Buckers to do like, that's basically, you know, May Allah help us. So, um, but yeah, okay, so I'm gonna talk about the conditions of a Toba?

00:40:25--> 00:41:05

How can we get this healing that we had so in desperate need of, you know, to get the good effects. If you want the good effects from your Toba? This is the process that you need to go through. So number one, you have to turn to Allah with adequate loss. You have to sit down by yourself at some time alone, be alone, try to be alone, you know, not in front of other people. Because, you know, crying and showing that you're sad about your sins in front of others, there's a big chance that there's react involved, that you're doing it just to show off that show them that you're somehow pious, that you know, you're you're repenting. So the best repentance is that when you're alone,

00:41:05--> 00:41:41

it's just you and Allah subhanaw taala. And you're reflecting upon your sins you took you, you know, you're turning to Allah with a class with sincerity, a sincere heart, and you're doing it only for the sake of Allah that you want him to forgive you only for his sake. And then number two, you have to have another like, you have to have regret, there has to be regret there. You know, you're thinking about try to reflect over what you've done, you know, all the sins you've done and have regret, feel, feel bad about them, you know, have that willingness to want to change and change your life and move forward and not keep going into that into those sins.

00:41:42--> 00:42:21

Okay. And, you know, even asking Allah to help you not to go back to that sin as well. You need to ask Allah, not to help you. But to help you to not go back into those sins, that's a, that's a sign of you having that sincere regret, then the next thing is to leave that sin, you need to leave that sin, you need to take that you need to take the steps, you need to take at least some steps, even small, like, you need to think about strategy. How could I leave this thing? You know, what are some of the things that I could do? Let's say you're addicted to smoking. All right, you don't know how to give up smoking, smoking is a big one, it's very hard for people to give up smoking. But have I

00:42:21--> 00:43:03

tried contacting an association that helps people to give up smoking? Have I tried, you know, to do different tried different means, you know, different approaches to try to give up smoking, as long as I'm doing that, as long as I'm in that path of trying to take the means, you know, to give up this path? That is Sharla. I'm on I'm on a good path. But if I'm not even trying if I haven't taken those steps, how am I making sense? Cindy Toba, you know, is the same as if the person was on drugs. When you talk more about drugs, drugs is becoming widespread in our community. years ago, you'd find the only one on drugs were like, maybe Muslims who are not very, you know, not practicing at all. We

00:43:03--> 00:43:26

used to see that, you know, they weren't practicing and, you know, but um, so I'm gonna tell you straight out sisters, I know many cases are very practicing Muslims and Muslim brothers and sisters who unfortunately have fallen into this path of drugs. Okay, so it's a reality, we can't ignore it. May Allah protect our families, because even there are children from good practicing Muslim families that are falling into this path of drugs.

00:43:27--> 00:44:03

So it's the same thing, what have I done to try to get myself away from this path? Okay, have I tried to contact an association? Like, let me tell you straight out just so you know, there's a community organization called high yet house, they help people to get off drugs, they're Muslims, and they help people to get off drugs. Alright, so there are people now in the community 100 law that can help your family or help people to get off, get off the drugs, but you need to take those steps, we need to show that we're trying to get away from that life. And then part of leaving that also, besides taking those steps, you've got to stay away from those environments that are pulling

00:44:03--> 00:44:39

you back into that. You can't just say I've given up smoking, but I'm gonna go hang out at glory jeans with those old buddies that smoke. It's you can't sisters, because you're going to be tempted. You're You're a human being and you're weak. So the minute that you go back and see that the old buddies that smoke and they say Oh don't you want I'll just have one and the next thing you know you're you're addicted again, because I know my dad was very addicted to smoking. And it took him ages to get give up smoking, you know, but Subhanallah like, one thing he learned is you can never just take that one smoke, you can never just take that one smoke. Once you take that one smoke,

00:44:39--> 00:44:59

you're hooked all over again. It's the same for alcohols, alcohol, alcoholics, it's the same for drugs like it's the same and and really the addiction to these things is very similar to our sins to like even the the addiction of pornography. It's the same thing. We you know, if we know that we are addicted or if we have a weakness towards certain sins

00:45:00--> 00:45:41

We have to think about what are the strategies I can do to keep myself away from that scene. One of the strategies of that, which is going to be my next point is you have to get yourself very highly involved in striving for righteous deeds, and doing things of benefit in this life in the neck. That is one of the greatest ways to get yourself out of that, like, you have to make yourself busy with all kinds of activities. Okay, whether it's getting involved with an organization, volunteer organization, charity organization, getting out and joining a gym, but you know, getting active with your health, you know, you know, joining a hiking group, whatever, you know, find different ways to

00:45:41--> 00:46:19

make yourself so preoccupied that you don't have time to feel that life of sin. You know, don't be by yourself, if you know that your sins happen while you're by yourself, trying to try not to be alone. Try not to be alone, always be in the company and try to find the good company good company is so important for giving up sin. Yet good company is so important. You know, if you're hanging around the people who just keep dragging you back and saying are take it easy on yourself, it's not going to hurt you if you do this or that, you know, they're going to drag you straight back down. Like if you're in a pool and you're swimming. Okay. And, and what who would you want to be with?

00:46:19--> 00:46:38

Would you want to be with the lifesaver? Or would you want to be with the other ones that are like half drowning? Right? And what you're basically doing is you're like drowning in the pool and you're trying to save yourself by holding on to the girl next to you who's drowning as well. All right, and what's gonna happen you both gonna sink, okay? So you need to go to the lifesavers and you find the lifesavers and

00:46:40--> 00:47:14

the strong senior strong swimmers need to stick to him, stick to those friends or stick to those environments. You know, coming to lessons is also one of those, you know, life saving the environments, okay, so you need to stick to the life saving environments, or the life saving people, people who are trying to you know, take their Deen seriously that, you know, you feel like they have a good effect on you, and they help you to be stronger. You need to be in those were around those people as much as you can and clean to them. Even on Facebook. Let me tell you a trick. A lot of people don't even think of this trick. All right. You want to do a trick to be on social media?

00:47:14--> 00:47:47

Okay, this is the trick. You different every single person like No, it's not different, because I'll be upset. You don't different. Okay, so I befriend everybody, everybody that I know that I can see that they look like a an actual real person. And that they're not advertising things. Because believe me, I don't Sorry, I'm gonna tell you, I don't know if I've ever refused your friend, it could be because you've got all advertisements on your page. And I don't like being invited to advertisements. And I'm gonna tell you straight out if you start inviting me over again to groups and environment. advertisements, I'm most likely sorry to say gonna have to defend you because it

00:47:47--> 00:48:24

wastes my time. Okay. But um, but as long as one doesn't do that, I'm happy to be their friend. But what I do is do they befriend me, I basically unfollow every single person, I've had the I'm sorry to break your hearts. But I have to do that for my own self. So what you do is you only pick people who are going to encourage you in positive ways, people who make you more productive people who like so for example, you know, while Anna Michelle, people who spread you know, knowledge, like, you know, pages of knowledge, things like that. So you, you you, even on Instagram, like I actually have, I'm actually following six or seven people on Instagram.

00:48:25--> 00:49:03

That's all I bought, like, you know, because I don't want that all coming up in my feet. All right. So this is what we have to realize, you know, just like you choose friends in dunya and choose environments in dunya. Like, I mean, sorry, not just dunya. But like in the worldly, you know, real life in real life off screen, you need to learn to do this on screen, because now it's not like actually our life off screen is not even affecting us probably as much as our on screen life. But on screen life is probably affecting us even more now than the the offscreen life. Okay, so that, therefore you need to have strategies in place for how you're going to, you know, make yourself

00:49:03--> 00:49:39

better, like, let me tell you that it's been proven that the five people you associate with the most, say the most about you. So what does that say? It means that the people you try to clean to the most, they can have the most effect on you and your Outlook. So you need to find positive people, you need to find productive people, people who encourage you towards the dean, those are the kind of people that you need to be having on your friend list. And you need to be following them so that you're affected in a positive way. Not those people who like they're making you maybe get that jealousy in your heart because every night she's eating out with a husband and you don't have a

00:49:39--> 00:49:42

husband or the one that you know, she

00:49:45--> 00:50:00

you know, she's got these lovely beautiful children that you know, one's a doctor ones and engineer ones. I know all these amazing things and your kids are just like struggling along and failing at school. You know, those people are not going to help you to to feel good about yourself and to be productive

00:50:00--> 00:50:15

diff, okay, so um you know if they feel causing fitna in your life, just unfollow them. It's as simple as that. But we, you know, do like, it's so obvious we don't even think to do it. We want to, we want to torture ourselves. We like torturing ourselves. Okay?

00:50:17--> 00:50:57

Okay, so like I said, Get busy in righteous actions. Think about how can you be more productive in your life? How can you make yourself busy, get involved with more lessons, sign up to classes, make your store so busy that you don't have time for all this trivial stuff that it doesn't benefit you. Okay? Um, okay, and the other thing as well that Toba needs to be done before it's too late. Tell by needs to be done before it's too late date, you've got plenty of time to do tell by now. But that's not going to be forever. There are certain times where Tober is gonna be no longer acceptable. And then there's no use regretting that you couldn't have done that Toba nevados times is when the soul

00:50:57--> 00:51:37

is about like it's it's, you know, the soul is in the throat, basically, the death rattle, and there's the death rattle in the throat, there is no us trying to make Tober at that point, just October, we're not told will not be accepted once the soul is leaving the body and the differential has already began in the throat. And then the other one is when the sun rises from the West, when the day comes when the sun rises from the west. That's another time that we know us making Toba after that point. Okay, so 12 will not be accepted. So we need to realize that yes, you have time to make Toba Alhamdulillah. But don't procrastinate so long that you leave it so late, that you miss

00:51:37--> 00:52:12

out on that chance and realize that you know death can come to us at any moment. And then you are the one that has to face your own self in being raised up to Allah while you have neglected to those prayers and not made Toba for them. While you haven't gone to hygiene, you neglected it while you didn't pay your cat. And you kept on neglecting and didn't make trouble for it. Why didn't make up to those fasting? Well, you made that Riba and that backbiting, and you didn't make towel for it, and you have to face a loss pantalla with all those sins, you see sisters, so that's why we shouldn't procrastinate and pull it off because we don't know when that time is going to be

00:52:13--> 00:52:57

and allowed to record data said men hush your rock, man, I'd be late. What have you all been money, whoever feed the Lord in secret, and they came to Allah with repentant heart so we need to have that that should this should be how we are in this dunya we need to be like that we need to fear Allah in our in secret not just to pretend fear in front of people but a true fear even when we're by ourselves. And then we need to, we need to have a repentant heart always always going back to Toba always making it still far to Allah Subhana Allah. And then another condition that I need to also mention which is very important is this is if you have taken the rights of others

00:52:59--> 00:53:39

because we have sins that are between us and Allah, and then we have sins that not only are between you and Allah, but they affect other people. So you might have if you've taken if you've defrauded someone if you've falsely taken their wealth when you when you didn't when you didn't have you didn't have a heart. You didn't have the right to take that wealth like a lot of people are in business now. You know, they're defrauding their sisters they default defrauding their brothers, they they rip people off, you know, they they cheat to sell things. All right, if if we're getting into that, you know, we've got the HUD on money, and were cheating our sisters and taking their well

00:53:39--> 00:54:24

falsely, then this is something we need to not only make Toba we have to return the rights back to those people if we've taken anything, unlawfully. And then rebuy, you know backbiting if we've defamed someone put them down, we need to restore their rights. And you know, check even Taymiyah Rahim Allah, He said, if that person doesn't know about it, then you don't have to go to that person and personally ask them for forgiveness. But what you should do is make like ask Allah make a lot of dua for that person to make up for what you did, and try to restore there, try to restore their honor in front of others, due to you, you know, you know, demeaning their character demeaning their

00:54:24--> 00:54:25

honor in front of others.

00:54:26--> 00:54:27

Okay, so.

00:54:29--> 00:54:42

So, like I said, if you've, if you've taken anything unjustly from someone, you need to return back their rights, whether whatever that thing may be, whatever kind of rights that may be, we need to make up make it up to that person.

00:54:44--> 00:54:59

And we have to understand that no one's going to enter Jannah until while they still have a right owing to someone, so as long as you still got rights own to someone, then we will not enter John so that it can hold us back. It can hold us back from entering our Jana do to us only

00:55:00--> 00:55:10

Have those rights to those people, so it's better to restore far better to restore those rights in this dunya before meeting them on Yamaka Jana, as you know, that a person would take

00:55:11--> 00:55:38

will take, you know, first of all they'll take from your house the nuts, and if you run out of hasta nets, then you take from their sins. Basically what happens is they take your husband that like, how much you oppress them, Allah gives them from your husband, so you can get a lot of free house on that on your makishima or because of how much people are oppressed you. Okay. But then what happens is once once this once the Hassanal run out, is that you you end up taking their sins

00:55:39--> 00:55:43

Subhanallah so this is this is the danger of oppressing people in dystonia.

00:55:50--> 00:55:51

Okay, and I want to

00:55:53--> 00:55:56

the next thing I want to speak about as well here is that

00:55:57--> 00:56:28

imagine the sisters that the prophets of Allah what He was saying, when he was just in one gathering, that the Sahaba would count that he would make is still far 100 times or more 100 times or more, he's in a gallery, and they would count how many times he would be making still far to Allah. And he would it would be 100 or more in some narration say 70 But like he would say, Well Bill fairly would do by Layyah in entered the web Rahim so like, he would say,

00:56:29--> 00:57:10

Oh Allah, forgive me and make you know, and pardon me verbally, you are the most merciful and forgiving. So imagine this is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whose past and, and future sins are forgiven. And this is how much he's making Toba and asking a lot for forgiveness. And yet, how many you know, how often are we making this tool? But let's be honest with ourselves, how often are we actually making Toba to Allah? How many of us even say, a star for the last 10 times in a gathering, for example, how many of us actually see a star for the law even just 10 times or more in the gathering? How many of us? When was the last time we made a true Toba to Allah? A true Cincy

00:57:10--> 00:57:45

Toba Tala when was the last time that we let days go by within weeks go by, and we haven't made since detail but to Allah, so sisters that shows you it shows you how much our hearts aren't connected to Allah. Our heart actually in reality, I'm not attached to Allah subhanaw taala in reality, because if our hearts were attached to Allah, we would have been constantly making Toba and asking Allah for forgiveness, but the fact that we're not shows we're not really attached to Allah subhanaw taala Our hearts are so attached to dunya that's the whole problem and so that's why we actually need to make still far for this. We need to make this feel far for this fact that we're not

00:57:45--> 00:57:48

making Tolbert enough to Allah's fans, Allah, may Allah forgive us for that you're on.

00:57:50--> 00:57:50

Alright, so

00:57:52--> 00:57:55

I'm going to finish up by talking about the

00:57:57--> 00:58:43

the benefits and the the healing effect of tobacco the healing effect of tobacco, you need to keep in your mind that we're basically depriving ourselves from it by not making Toba enough. And from that, number one is that the door to closeness to Allah is through Toba. Right the door to closeness to Allah and having his love and being surrounded by his love and mercy is through a Toba is through a Toba. Allah has rabbit Allah in the Quran says in Allah, you hit Bhutto where Bina where you hit oppa hit in that Verily Allah loves at the webbing those who constantly make Toba back to him, where you hit pull Motoko Haiti in those who purify themselves constantly, both outwardly and inwardly,

00:58:43--> 00:58:52

not just outwardly, even inwardly they purify themselves, that's who Allah loves. So we need to try to be from those characteristics. And

00:58:53--> 00:59:20

also, it causes Nora to feel your heart when you make Toba to Allah when you make it still far to Allah, it causes like to enter your heart and causes nor to enter your heart. And since the toxic the top, the toxicity of those sins get lifted, the toxicity and blackness of those sins get lifted from your heart. Okay, so you feel light in your heart, you feel at peace, you feel happier.

00:59:22--> 00:59:35

You feel happier you feel at rest, your chest feels at rest, you feel tranquil, because you you turn to Allah and you, you repented back to him and he lifted that heaviness of sin from your heart.

00:59:37--> 00:59:59

You know, and you'll and therefore you'll find righteous deeds easier for you, you'll feel much more ready to go pray to Allah much more ready to make dua to Allah much more ready, much more easier to fast for Allah automate vicar of Allah or to recite Quran so that's why my dear sisters as well another hint here is if you're feeling prayers heavy on you, if you're feeling that

01:00:00--> 01:00:33

It's hard for you to recite the Quran. If you know if you're feeling it hard to do Bartylla make a lot of is still far stuff for us to throw us off from because it's most likely certain sins that you've done that's causing that heaviness like there was one of the sailors he said I couldn't play piano lay for a whole year, because he did a certain thing, just one thing he did cause him to be deprived of piano low for a whole year. So we have to realize that sins come in between a person and being able to being successful to strive for the out hero.

01:00:34--> 01:01:19

Okay, and then besides that, my dear sisters, when you make Toba to Allah, it's a cause for baraka to come in your life. It's for a cause for Allah to increase Baraka in your life. Like, if you've got, you know, like, Baraka is in many things, but because not just in money, people always think that you know, risk is just money, but risk is health, risk is wealth, risk is children, risk is happiness, all of these things, is comes under risk. So, if we want Baraka in these things, if we want Baraka in our money, doesn't even have to be a new unit, but you find your money is plentiful for you and not sufficient, that you know, you don't have big money problems, even if you have this

01:01:19--> 01:01:20

a small amount of finances.

01:01:22--> 01:01:41

Allah puts Baraka in your children. So 100 Allah protects them on the straight path, you know, Allah puts Baraka in your health, but we need this Baraka so if we add that's why it's advised that if someone's having difficulty in any particular area in their life, to make a live is default, because it's based upon the AYA insert, know

01:01:42--> 01:02:33

where Allahu Akbar Allah says for Kunal to stop Pharaoh Rob come in who can have Farah so it says, and say is still federal is still the cruelty still federal robber come say it's the first make it still fall to you, Lord, in the whole kind of authority, he is the most forgiving, you're the city Selma, la con mid Aurora, when you make Toba to Allah it's a plan it's a means for Allah to send down the risk from the heavens to you. Right so from that risk is rain risk is rain is a type of risk where you will indeed be unlikely in weather Nina where you're dry lecan JANA tin what your job Allah come and Hera and that you know Allah opens it for you in your wealth in your children and in

01:02:33--> 01:03:16

your provision in general, okay, that you know, your provision in general is widened For you see, so barcard The source of baraka from the means of Baraka is Towba making a lot of thought and that's why it was mentioned that one of the cures of like when you have a problem in your health or problem in your your children or problem in your even having even having children you're trying to fall pregnant, or you know, any of these type of problems, that difficulty in risk, even Honestly, even a husband with bad asthma, or something like that, make a lot of Estefan make a lot of these differ or, you know, if I'm not okay, let's let's just let's clarify that he, you could have a husband with

01:03:16--> 01:03:49

bad luck, he's never going to change. Okay, but let's say you don't have more fights. I should clarify that a bit better. If you signed have fights you weren't having before with your husband, it's that like that, if you say to have fights with your husband, that you weren't having before, okay, because there are some people they're just like that from the beginning and there's nothing you could do, you could make it still fight 1000 times, and they're never going to change. Okay, that's because that's them. But let's say you've got a reasonable marriage, but you say to have more fights in your marriage. It could be the Baraka has gone out of your life, so therefore, make Toba

01:03:49--> 01:03:59

look at your life see make sure nothing you've fallen into from says and make a lot of his default and this is a way to for the baraka to come back into your life. Okay, so there's this is something.

01:04:00--> 01:04:02

Now, the other thing is that

01:04:04--> 01:04:36

there are some things that block us from Tober. There are going to be things don't think it's so easy to make Toba like we're talking about now. We're talking about making Toba now and making and asking Allah for forgiveness. But don't think it's so simple to be given the tofield there's always going to be these obstacles to your path to Tolbert and those four main obstacles. Let me tell you what they are. Number one is the strength on number one is the shaytaan. He's gonna stand in your way of Toba. And, oh, you don't really have many sins.

01:04:37--> 01:04:59

Oh, it's okay. It was only a small sin. You need to make Toba for that all. Don't worry about making Toba. Now, just do it later on. When you go for Hajj, when you get old, it's okay. You can always repent later on, you know? So we make these false ideas now mind of when we're going to make this Tober so we have to realize that you know there's even a hadith

01:05:00--> 01:05:12

Wish the prophets of the Lord as I mentioned to us that the shaitan sits on the path between Benny Adam, and you know, and the different pods and the various pods even he sits on the path between a person and becoming Muslim.

01:05:13--> 01:05:39

And he'll tell them don't worry about becoming a muslim for example, but then if they overcome that and become Muslim, then he moves to another path. So, the shaytaan will always try to come in different parts of hate and different parts of goodness. And you have to keep on overcoming this shaitan. But let me say something that the Shakedowns effect is only whispering. The shade tiles effect is only whispering that's why insert UNECE

01:05:41--> 01:05:52

How does Allah describe the shaitan? de Haan nests? What is called Nazmi finesse means that if you say I will be letting the shakedown regime and you six and see

01:05:54--> 01:06:19

protection with Allah from shaitan, the shakedown runaway, okay, so he just whispers he puts ideas in your mind into your heart. But that's the that's the most he can affect you. All right, and it's up to you. Do you FOLLOW Him in that or do you? Do you ignore him and forget about and stay out? Would it be language on our gym? Alright, so that's the first. That's the first that will

01:06:21--> 01:06:54

be an impediment or obstacle to Toba. The second one is the naps. Okay, your own self, your own self because the NAPS like as the prophets of the Lord as Allahu Akbar, Allah says in the Quran, in an Nexa letter Nowra tomb B so that Verily, the nuts inclines a person towards a su like, the nature of the naps. It always is heavy and inclines a person towards seen and being lazy and procrastination and these things right? It's not working anymore. So um

01:06:56--> 01:07:39

you know, your naps is going to set you know, make you heavy and procrastinate making Tober and it doesn't matter. I don't need to keep I don't need to make Tober and you understand this is this is your naps. Okay, that's why Allah says, What nm an off and on or NP one na nap Sunil Hauer for internal Janetta he'll wear that the one who feed his Lord feed standing in front of his Lord on your Akiyama and forbade the naps, they went against the naps. The trick with the naps, you have to go against it. Don't go along with it. Like the NAPS will make you feel like just go along with it, take it easy on yourself, you need to go against it, you need to act against it swim against the

01:07:39--> 01:08:22

tide. And the more you keep doing that, it becomes easier. In the beginning, it's hard, but the more you keep going against it, it becomes easier. All right, then, besides that dunya dunya comes between us and making Tober. So, you know, this is the fitna of this dunya we're so busy running after worrying about our money worrying about gaining things from this dunya and that stops us from making total we do become distracted with the dunya and then however, that's the fourth one How are following one's wishes and desires. You know, so you say yourself, you know hoping for a long life you can you still imagining yourself in retirement in that beautiful farm with your husband and your

01:08:22--> 01:08:38

grandkids and, you know, beautiful life and so you just thinking it's okay, I'll make Toba then, when I'm old before I died before I die on my deathbed. I'll just quickly make Toba for everything I did wrong. And Allah will forgive me. Okay, so that's following Hower

01:08:39--> 01:08:55

So, like I said, if we if we follow however, if we keep on thinking to ourselves, having wishful thinking that doesn't matter, Allah will forgive me even if I don't make Toba. Allah will forgive me. That's deceiving yourself. Alright sisters, so Subhan Allah.

01:08:56--> 01:09:39

Like, we have to realize that the path like I said before, to success in this life, and the next is the path of a Toba. And if we want to heal ourselves, sisters, if we want to, you know, you won't just benefit from making Toba in the next life. By not seeing all those sins in your book of records. You will benefit in this life. You will find how Allah will light in your heart. He will show a putt nor in your face, he will make it easy for you to do righteous deeds and he will help you to fix yourself he'll help you to fix yourself and improve yourself and move forward in your in your Eman and in your striving for the era all through you making Toba? So we need to keep on making

01:09:39--> 01:09:59

Toba. It's like, it's like the person who's riding a bike. And they keep falling off but they keep getting on the bike. They keep getting back on the bike and trying eventually they get good at writing yes or no. Eventually they get good at writing and the same thing will happen to you. As long as you keep on making that Toba. You need to keep making that tilbyr to make yourself stay

01:10:00--> 01:10:44

wrong and resilient and keep steadfast on this path because this is not easy to stay on this path sisters, this part it's very hard to stay steadfast and to meet with Allah. So in this we're constantly healing our hearts and souls through Toba. There's we're opening ourselves up to the risk of slowly slipping backwards. Okay, we're gonna slowly slip back with a mess we keep on this path. I asked Allah Hill debabrata Allah, to heal our hearts, from the blackness in them and to lift the hearts. You lift the blackness from our heart, and purify our hearts and fill our hearts in sha Allah with the new order of Le Man fill our hearts to the light of Le Man. And I asked him, to fill

01:10:44--> 01:11:24

our hearts with the love for the Quran, and the love for the decree of Allah and the love for our prayers, and the love for striving for the ephemera and the love for wishing to be with the prophets and messengers in the next life and wishing to be with the righteous believers in the next life. And I asked Allah to help us to always turn to Him and Toba, and to accept our Toba and to forgive us and to forgive our families, and forgive our husbands and forgive our children and forgive all of our relatives, and forgive all forgive all of our loved ones who've passed away before us and to forgive all the Muslim ummah, your bill and an email I help us all to turn back to him sincerely and

01:11:24--> 01:11:53

tell by always, your ability to mean and purify our hearts. With this Toba was SallAllahu wasallam with Baddeck Island and a beginner Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge Mehreen while guru od Heather was so for Allahu li Walakum wa Subhanak Allahumma will be handig national Allah ilaha illa and nesto Fuuka whenever Tobu like, if you've got any questions, I'll be more than happy to answer inshallah.

01:11:54--> 01:11:55


01:11:58--> 01:12:38

Yeah, that's what I'm saying. You have to remind yourself like, like, there has to be times like, usually that's why when I get to Ramadan, I usually give you that lesson about calling yourself to account before you're called to account like, especially in Ramadan, if you go to Hajj there are certain times, like, we need to be constantly accounting for ourselves as much as we can. Like, when you go to a gathering and you go home, reflect about Did you say something wrong in that gathering you do something wrong? When you go to bed at night, try to reflect make still far you don't try to say try to always be in general, asking for forgiveness, but there are certain times when we need to

01:12:38--> 01:13:24

do a real spring clean. Especially like before Ramadan in Ramadan, going to hatch going to Umrah like you try to see and you try to remind yourself think about your life think about things you've done and ask Allah to remind you make a dua say Allah Ya Allah. If I have forgotten to make Toba to you for a sin remind me of that said your Allah don't deprive me of making Toba to you for the for any since you're alive. Spare me from from meeting you with sins on your Maka yam and remind me of my sin that I can ask, you know make Toba to you inshallah. Yeah, yes, you've done? Yeah. Well, I stopped putting a lot, especially when

01:13:27--> 01:13:30

when we have people something, and that could be the whispers of shame.

01:13:33--> 01:13:37

Yeah, yeah. Yes. Negative thoughts.

01:13:39--> 01:13:44

Negative thoughts? Yeah, and I just think they are so debilitating. Yes.

01:13:45--> 01:14:27

Absolutely. You can use it as a remedy system. Inshallah, one day maybe I'll make dua I'll give or want to give something on this as well. But like, let's just say for now to block negative thoughts. One of the best ways with this little tip is say to say out as soon as it comes in your mind, you block the thought, because it's been proven. It's been proven psychologically, if you've that the psychologist will tell you block the thought, right? Every religion can teach us how to block the thought of bIllahi min ash shaytaan. As you but when you say it, you don't say the words you think about Allah. Oh Allah, I am asking refuge with You, from the shape on from the whispers and to

01:14:27--> 01:14:59

realize what is this that that thought can have no effect. It's a thought it has no power. Same with Shakedown. He has no power. The power. Yeah, it's nothing. You're you're declaring it because you're saying it's just a thought. It's a stupid thought that could come from shaitan or from my own Ness, but it's a stupid thought. I don't have to pay attention to it. I have a choice. I can pay attention to it. Or I can forget about it and say oh with a bit of chitarra gym, seek refuge of ALLAH and forget all about it and change my mind and to think about something totally different.

01:15:00--> 01:15:07

Yeah, and then you block it like that. Yeah, you're welcome in Sharla does actually lock it while they can, Messina.

01:15:16--> 01:15:42

Yeah, and you feel like you so yeah, see, look, that's what I'm saying. That's what sent me for like, Gil is a healthy emotion with us in a in a right way. Okay, so it's good to feel guilty for a certain amount of time. But if you've already sincerely made Toba like think about the A yet you know like for example

01:15:43--> 01:16:14

well yeah Eva the Aladdin Astra fu Allah and fusi him Lapdock no to me Rana Tila in Allah Hi yo bluebird Jamia right, say to my service, who've oppressed themselves led up not to Muroc Mattila Do not despair, of the Mercy of Allah in no law Hale fiddle de Nova Jamia, Allah forgives all sins. So if you're feeling sort of hopeless from your sin, you've got to realize, wait a second next thing let's think about this something logically here right?

01:16:15--> 01:17:02

You like I say for your underestimating the the ability of Allah to forgive you and Allah has already told you he promised you in the Quran that if you turn to Him, wisdom did Toba. He will forgive you. And the prophets that Allah sent told us at EVO Mina, Dawn can then lead and Allah, somebody who lived since he Toba to Allah is like that one who never met a sin. So it's like you never did that sin at all. So you have to believe yourself that I've done everything I could do I have, I forgot to mention some of these things. I have asked Allah sincerely, I have cried, I have regretted my sin. I have tried my best to get out of that sin. You know, I have done a lot of

01:17:02--> 01:17:40

righteous deeds to make up for that sin. Like, maybe you did lots of extra prayers, lots of extra fasting, you did extra sadaqa. To You know what I mean, you tried to improve your life. Because all those things wipe out the sin as well. Like they they make up for the sin. Right? So you've done all that you've done all the means, shouldn't you have first Nirvana and Allah that he's forgiven you? Because Jonnie Allah promised His forgiveness, you understand, but you just have to take the means. So you know, you've done the means, therefore, you should have the strongest your pain that inshallah has forgiven you. Okay, so you need to move on. That was the past, how do I use that guilt

01:17:40--> 01:18:20

for positive, I say, look, what I've done in my past, I need to strive so much more in my as my future, because of what my past was like. Because my past is, so what hash you know, I therefore have to do extra, like I have to try to leave, I can't change my past. We cannot go back in the past and do we can't change what was gone. But we can do is change the future. We have control Allah has given us 100 Allah, Allah favored us. He's so merciful to us. He didn't take us what back when we were back there. When we were stuck down there in that black hole hamdulillah from the Mercy of Allah, who didn't take us we were stuck in that black hole. He has enabled us to get back on our

01:18:20--> 01:18:58

feet and to move forward. So hamdulillah and we have ensured that our future to to look forward to and we need to take the steps today not wait to like I said, Don't procrastinate and say oh, yeah, I'll do it after a year and I got a hedge. No. Take fun today. What can I do now? What can I do when I go home today to do better and improve like, whether it's to go home and cry over my scenes make Tober I haven't been praying for a week. Let me go home and pray my my prayer, my whole prayer. You know, mean? Let's take take make that start. Let's make that fresh change. We can always make a fresh change. We don't have to wait through Ramadan to make a fresh change. Don't try say and we

01:18:58--> 01:19:28

don't even know if we're going live to Ramadan to make that first change. Inshallah, but that's the attitude you have to take. And then you have to leave it behind, delivered behind closed. What you can do from time to time, if you want, you can revisit that scene, like Ramadan comes you remember, it helped me can you help you to cry more? It's good. Like it's healthy. You know? Like, you can think about it. You can make yourself cry and think about what I used to be like and what I used to do, but Allah save me handed off from that. That's all right, you know, but don't hold yourself back in your deen because it's something that you did in the past. It's not healthy.

01:19:33--> 01:19:59

You can't say that because some of the people who did the greatest sins became the best of believers. So it's not right to think about that even, you know, like even the Mandy, have you heard a story about the MACD like he's a righteous man is gonna come towards the end of times they'll lead the Muslims. They say that he is not going to be, you know, like a very pious Muslim, but overnight, Allah is gonna rectify his condition, and he's become very pious. So as long as we're alive, we've always got that chance

01:20:00--> 01:20:37

To come back back and be you can you can become, you can be the best person who can you know, you can be the best of people. Your your past does not define who you are today. That's what you got to say as of my past has not defined who I am today, you have the choice to decide who you want to be today. That choice is in your hand. Okay, so that thinking that my past defined minutes from Shakedown, that's just him, he doesn't want you to become better. He wants you to stay in that black hole. That's why he's keep on saying that to you, because He wants you to stay back in that black hole is when you get out of it. He wants to trap as the people in the Jahannam as he can. And he's

01:20:37--> 01:21:01

going to use your weaknesses. Your weakness is your sins, your previous sins, you know, your weaknesses, your guilt, your weaknesses, your you know, low self worth all of these things. He's gonna if you've got any kind of weakness in your personality, trust me, he's going to use it too. He's going to use it against you. All right. So you have to get this all set up. You have to have good self awareness, because you have to know where your weaknesses are because that's where the shutdowns gonna come through.