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The segment discusses the reasons behind the use of sex in media and how it can lead to embarrassment and confusion. It emphasizes the importance of knowing who people are and the need for privacy in workplace settings. The speakers also mention a woman who claims to have a "has no children" feeling and emphasizes the importance of learning from past experiences and not trying to fix things. The segment also touches on the importance of showing proper behavior and avoiding embarrassment, and provides advice on making LinkedIn profiles and not showing one's behavior.

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in an hamdulillah all praise and thanks is due to Allah Meadow who we thank him and praise him when I stare into who we seek his assistance when a stellar Pharaoh who will seek His forgiveness Manya de la who fell mo de la la whoever Allah guides, none will be able to misguide. When my little fella had DLR and whoever has been misguided none will be able to guide why Chateau La ilaha illa Allah and I testify that there's no deity worthy of worship except Allah. Why should I do a number Hamilton I will do what a solo and I testify the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his leap and messenger come along with to Allah. Yeah yohannes Oh, people are Budo bircham worship Allah

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subhanho wa Taala your Lord and Lady Salah Coco Valentina Min publikum la la quinta de boon, the one who made you and made those before you so perhaps I mean, I think that what May Allah make you all amongst them with nothing? I mean, no, but I mean, and with this being said, Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when people go to agenda, they go into groups, and ask Allah just like how you came at the beginning of the hotbar. For you to be the first group that enters gender. I mean, alameen wa sallahu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the first group that enters gender, would you have home their faces? combat Elijah, layer to the bedroom? Like the full moon, on middle

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of the month, Allahu Akbar, may Allah make you have that level. With this being said brothers and sisters, one time during one of my jobs, I made a pretty big mistake. It was gonna cause a large financial loss. I was very stressed very nervous. I was told there is a man who may be able to solve the issue. On my way to him, someone stops me and asks magic. Where are you going? I told him you heard of the problem I caused. And I was told this man may be able to solve the issue. He said, no problem. This man you're going to meet is also known as a nice guy. So right when he tells me the man, I'm about to meet as a nice guy, I immediately felt a little better. I felt a little calmer,

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not as stressed out. Why? Because if he is nice, then surely he will try his best to help me. If he is nice, then he will not make fun of me. With this being said, How do you feel when you are told? Allah is also known as El Mujib? The one who responds to your call, how do you feel when you are told Allah isn't Mooji The one who gives you whatever is best for you when you ask him. If this does not make your heart come to rest a little bit at least, or calm you down, then there might be a serious deficiency in understanding who Allah is. Let's begin frankly from the beginning. Brothers and sisters, if we complain to others, maybe you went through it yourself. We are all regardless of

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your status, poor and weak regardless. And we complain to our friends, hoping they may fulfill our need. And many times when you complain to your friends, what happens? They complain to you about their problems showing they are also poor and weak. And there might not be something wrong with doing that as long as you don't cross the limits. But where's the problem? When we are instead in frustration, the closest position you can be to Allah, you are sincere with your friend. You might even be crying when you're speaking to your friend and complaining. But when it says we're not focused, we're zoning our way. We're not as passionate. Even though Allah says configure Khun B and

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there is even though Allah is Al Karim, the most generous the most honorable even though Allah is Allah Ronnie the rich and self sufficient, yet there is no concentration the same way you are some would be to their own friends. Allah says in the Quran well Mercado la Hakata and we did not appraise or value a lot of the way he deserves to be valued. Then Allah says when outdo Jamie and kodoku Yama, Yama and Allah subhanaw taala with with fold the earth in addition to that Allah says was semi watt and the heavens as well. Multiple yet when the Emini he folds it with his right hand in a way that be fits his majesty laser chemistry Shea subhanho wa Taala manjushree Khun Allah is

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free from any association May Allah make you all die upon La ilaha illa Allah I mean there will be I mean, brothers and sisters, we want to achieve the same

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level of understanding at least similar General Mobile capability alone. You know what he said? He said in Nila Mohammed a jabber amazing statement. He said I'm not worried whether Allah will respond to my dog or not. Then Amaro de la Mancha, what are you worried about? I am worried on my side, I'm worried whether I will make dua or not because I know if I make dua, Allah will respond. Allahu Akbar, he was certain, but he was raised with it, I will put the effort May Allah allow us to put the effort towards Allah subhanho wa Taala towards worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala. In order remaining of the hotbird brothers and sisters, when you talk about da many times, you are taught how

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to raise your hands.

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You can do it like this as a prophet sallallahu wasallam if time is very stressful, then like, that's what's better. You can do this, then be stressed, go for it. That's great face the Qibla excellent. havapoo amazing. Begin with Alhamdulillah and Salah upon the prophets of Allah wa sallam great, but sometimes, you also need to know who are you asking from?

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This because when you know Who are you asking from? Your request will change.

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If you ever do a fundraising dinner, for example, you want to collect the money for example, in the US. One of the things that fundraiser asks the organizers who are my attendees, are they millionaires, are they just, let's say minimum wage? Why? Because when I know my audience, my request will change. I cannot begin the fundraising dinner when there are great five students 10 years old, and I say Bismillah Bismillah who is the first 100,000 ringgit Bismillah It doesn't make sense. They're 10 years old, unless they do have money Mashallah Tabata kala, but if I know they're multimillionaires, and I can begin with 100,000 ringgit, what's the point? Allah is the best of

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examples. When you know how strong is a law how capable is a law how rich is a law, how massive is his dominion? then nothing becomes impossible.

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Then you can make draw even though others they think it's unrealistic, no. Since Allah is your Lord, Allah allows you to make the unrealistic realistic.

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Zachary alehissalaam. In a beautiful is in the Koran Unsworth, Merriam Webster Lavazza shaybah. His hair was all white. He was a very, very old man. He has no children. What can he do it Akira and his wife was there and she cannot get pregnant. She's very, very old. So biologically, psychologically, it's not possible for him to be our father. But he knows allies and Mooji Allah is Elva hub, the giver of gifts. And he made me drive to him. Imagine I asked you buy a lot. If you see an old man in the first row, gray hair, very old has no children. You know he's married to an old lady making a lot of great new children. Isn't it true that many people will think he is Majnoon? Let's be very

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honest. Brother. The ones who accused him are the ones that need help Allahu Akbar May Allah grant us yaqeen and Allah subhanho wa Taala. Luca Allah Beautiful Names when you go to Allah and Mooji there are more names that come with it to strengthen you. Allah semir y'all hearing a lot of the old saying, Allah Allah leave the all knowing Allah Karim the close and near look at this hadith. Listen to this authentic hadith. Could you see a loss of pi know what Allah said? Yeah, a big all my slaves. So pay attention. We all are slaves. May Allah make us and die at state of God. I mean, I mean, yeah, a bachelor and a walakum wa Scirocco. If every single one of you all my slaves in

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circum, Virginia, all of the human beings and all of the jinn. camu feasts are Aiden, Whitehead, all of us that same exact Second, we asked a law for something I'll try to insert in Minho must errata Allahu Akbar, I will give you all whatever you asked for lemon deli came in Mulkey shaiya my kingdom will not diminish will not decrease illa kemah yonkos will borrow and mucuna sell mithya to rumchata wahida accept whatever it is decreased from an ocean when you dip a needle into it Allah How do you feel now you make draw afterwards? You know whom you're asking from us. And don't worry from Allah, whether he will be able to do it or not. Because you will know that he is able Allahu Akbar, may

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Allah grant us such a clean, may Allah accept all of your da

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Hon al Ameen brothers and sisters when you go to Allah subhanaw taala has beautiful name and curry such a beautiful name. Allah in the Quran connects Mooji with curry for those that know the Quran they know which is for example Allah says in Robbie curry bone Mooji Allah is close he responds. And Allah says also what is as a bear the Annie Fanny corrib Oh gee, that was a die either DONE How close is a lot to you? You know how close Allah said one up for the holopainen in Santa wanna move to a Swiss will be enough so wanna know uporabo II mean headed in worried? Allah says we have created the sun and we know everything that goes around with an internal that no one hears and a lot

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closer to you than your junk dealer vain Allahu Akbar. Lisa Can you say

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you know why you benefit knowing allies and curry? This benefits union? Yes. Why?

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Because if Allah is Al Karim, you do not have to go into very much detail in your drop. If you have a flat tire, you don't say yeah, Allah, my rear passenger side is flat. It is 30 psi. Yo.

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You just say Allah help me with my car. Because he's curried He knows everything. When Alice curry, you don't have to repeat yourself, no one next to our to Allah and says pay attention. I was a biller. You don't repeat the door again because he might not understand the first time I was a biller, he has all correctly already knows. You know what you also benefit very much is when you know Allah, Karim, then pay attention. You are not shy to ask for things that some people may think it's silly.

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One time a brother sends me a message. He asked me brother magic. Is it okay or a

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to ask Allah for Samsung s3 Allah True story. First of all, maybe it's safe to ask for old virgin but no problem. But now when you say something like that Allah already knows you want that phone?

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So that benefit now he asked a lot without shyness. Zachary Allah salon. He knows Allah knows that Allah wants basically he wants a child. She was not shy with that something to truly appreciate. The closest position anyone of you here can be to Allah is when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said of coloboma, Kunal Abdullah robbed, the closest position you can ever be to Allah subhanho wa Taala will who was Sajid that says that is the closest you can get to Allah, the other swala What's your mercy? What should I do if I'm in such that the Prophet says that through a drop, so increase and drop excessively? So May Allah allow us to be among those who remember Allah and continuously

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make dua to Allah I mean terrible, I mean, look at the importance of Dharma and the value of Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us while he lay a smell or first nap, for drew will be making dua is an obligation

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and customize your job according to what you need. So someone wants children, you ask Allah by his name al Wahab, because children are unmatched gift. If you ever apply for a job, your CV or resume, the best way to get the job is when you customize the resume or the CV to accommodate the position. I used to work as human resources. When I see a resume exactly for that position. I appreciate it. Now when you make draw to Allah, you can make generic da No problem, but you can go to the next level and customize. What do you want wealth or was that Are you sick? A lot of Shafi children Allah Wahab you want to sense if Allah loves you Allah Dude, you want Allah all everything on Rahim Allah

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man, you made a sin you feel bad. I told

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you weren't allowed to conceal you not to expose you a city you customize and Allah accepts that and make drug to Allah using these beautiful names number two, Allah subhanho wa Taala says we'll call her a book maggioni as big Blackcomb make draw to me and I will respond to your Allah promised you if you call upon Him He will answer will lie This is amazing. Allah telling you asked me and I promise I will answer when after knowing this. Does it make sense to any one of you not to make draw afterwards? doesn't make any sense. Yet we may ask others for things that are law perhaps can fulfill for us. May Allah grant is such a thing. I mean, there'll be I mean

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No look at the warning signs. Now there's a warning if you choose not to make a law said in the legend is that V Runa and a badger to Allah says those who do not make draw are arrogant. May Allah protect us from arrogance I mean no but I mean, then Allah says says hola una Johanna muda Corinne. They will enter into Johanna Maria Bella, brothers and sisters will lie This is full of love.

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This is full of love. The Prophet also sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said manlam yes and Illa Allah, he or she does not ask Allah, Allah gets angry at them. You might ask why is Allah forcing me to make draw? I don't want to Allah Don't say that. Who here in the world is not need of Allah. When Allah warns you it is out of love. One time True story. I went to a janazah a sister committed suicide. May Allah protect us May Allah send us mercy upon her. The point being, I went to ask why this sister killed herself. They said because one of the reasons she felt isolated and she lacked money. She had two children, she cannot support them. She thought when she dies, the government will

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take care of her children. She tied a noose onto the ceiling. She stood up on her bed, put her head then jumped off and killed herself.

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The point being had she know Allah subhana wa tada? Would she resort to the government or resort to suicide? No. Because Allah is the Rosa. That's why Allah would scare you. A lower Tavi, don't ask me I will punish you. Why? Because Allah doesn't want you to go through this. Allah doesn't want you to humiliate yourself. Allah doesn't want you to accept bribery. Allah doesn't wait to accept improper means of jobs. Allah doesn't want you to work with alcohol and Riba and gambling No, ask Allah Allah will provide for you, but go to Allah and do not humiliate yourself to no one, only humiliate yourself to Allah subhanho wa Taala. With this being said, brothers and sisters, look at the next

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one. How did you appreciate Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in Allaha hayyan Karim. Allah is modest, shy and generous will lie. That's how it is mind boggling. It's amazing. The Prophet said, Allah yesterday Allah fields shine is Raja Raja Lu La Jolla De Niro do Massa Franco obtain a lot of fields shy that when any one of you raise your hand to Allah for Allah to have your hands drop and not end up giving you something in return Allahu Akbar.

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Allah feels shy. So when you make drop these certain Allah will respond. Look at the last Hadith in terms of value I want to share with you, the prophet said lay sachet on a Chroma Allah la mina da will light This is the only height I mentioned the hot buck, that can be enough. The Prophet said, There is nothing more dear to Allah, nothing more beloved to Allah more than when you make drugs to him. So for the true lovers to Allah, for those who love Allah, well, life isn't enough of a reason to make draw just because he loves it. So continuously make dua to Allah. And within a few moments I'm sitting down. sincerely ask God to forgive you sincerely as loss will law he, no matter what sin

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you may have done in your life, whatever it is that you've done in your life, if right now while we're sitting, you sincerely have Nedum and make Toba few moments. The is the law. Allah will erase all of your sins. If you drank alcohol. If you went into Riba if you went into gambling, if you did whatever sin if you watch something you're not supposed to watch whatever sin you've done in your existence, sincerity. Allah semi hears you a lot. Basia sees you, Allah Allah, Allah knows Allah Karim is close. So ask Allah and Mooji and he will respond of Allah kolyada was your ally as to forgive me I forgive you. So seek His forgiveness for stealth guru for He is Allah for Rahim.

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Bismillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Walla alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam I asked Allah subhana wa Taala and yet the cobalamin Camila accept that there are those few moments. We're lucky that the worst thing

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You can do at the moment is to think a lot did not accept one of the worst things you can do is after these few moments you like will Allah really Forgive me that's one of the biggest mistakes don't ever behave like that. Now some of the conditions you need to fulfill our skip some points, conditions you need to do for a lot accept your job. So you know the hotel was first half or most of it is about Allah. Now it's about you. One of the main pillars for Allah to accept your job is to be certain Allah was a response. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said odriozola want to move to a new level Java, make Java and you're 100% certain Allah would respond. If right now I asked a

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brother, can you please hold this he right away will stand up and take it from me respectful. No one will doubt if he will take it or not. No one will be nervous if he will disrespect me or not. If he will hold this for me if I asked him, then what about Allah when you ask him? How can you doubt? The second condition also Elias Allahu alayhi wa sallam teaches something very beautiful. He says you have to be focused in your drop, while mo and Allahu Allah yesterday Buddha and min Calvin Loughlin law. Allah does not accept a draw from a person who is not focused instead of roughly no you have to be focused. One time for example, I was leaving a salah and for example, someone may be praying and

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we had eye contact as he was making to Charlotte. So I saw him he saw me he said Sarah Morocco. He forgot he was in sobre la Sato t but we cannot judge people's intention. But you have to be focused for a lot to accept. Because it's a powerful panel. Last panelist, Pamela, Pamela, Pamela, Pamela Pamela doesn't work like that. Allah knows your interior May Allah make a sincere, don't judge people's intentions Allah knows best, but that's something you should know about. Another thing a condition for a lunch to accept your draw. Your income has to be from Hello resource. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a man will be traveling as as as Obama musafir a great condition

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says you're up you're up beautiful, great notion.

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But the Prophet says mushroom boohooman haram that drink is from Haram. Mata Moo The food is haram or the money they bought the food with his harem woman best who min Hara and I used to Jabu Derek Hi How would Allah accept the drought from such person? May Allah purify our wealth? I mean, no, but I mean, he Allah forgive us for our shortcomings. Yeah Allah. Because if this man or this woman trusted Allah, they would never use such means to get income. If they trusted Allah, and they believed in Allah, they would have never took such positions. May Allah protect us a mirror behind me. In conclusion,

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one time, I saw a brother very committed to the Salah for many months, always first row. All of a sudden, he stopped coming to the masjid. I was worried. I went to his house, knocked on the door, said salaam aleikum. He is not respond to Salaam I was very worried why he's very committed. I said everything is okay. He has a chemist. I'm okay. I'm like I did not see you in the message for a few days. He's like, I'm fine. I want to talk to anyone. Actually, why what's the problem? Back and forth back and forth. I insisted I want to talk to you. You're my friend. He's okay come with me. I went down to his house. Then we spoke What's the matter he is like you know how committed I am to la

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sala correct correct. I come no matter how the weather is like it was in Canada Blizzard thunderstorm will lie see the brother always First of all, Mashallah. All of us are no more in the message. Why? He said, I will tell you why. Because for the past nine months, have been making drugs to Allah, all kinds of job. Not one of them was accepted. Why should I worship Him?

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Subhana Allah, not one was accepted. Why should I worship Him? Is that the conclusion that you reach? Then I said, didn't you hear the height of a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said whenever a person makes draw, one of three things happen. Either Allah will give you what you asked for.

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Or for Allah Al Hakim, that was wise. He knows what you asked for is not good for you. You always want to marry this girl for example, Allah knows it's not a good match. So Allah will not give you what he asked for. But number two, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he will lift a hardship that was about to fall upon you. You almost got into a car accident that because of your dot several years ago for that marriage, Allah saved you from it. Third and last. Allah will save the reward for you Your multi ama, but the harbor said, is a nuke that then I will never stop thinking. It's a win win win situation. The Prophet said the ape

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He said Allahu Akbar, Allah is more generous. So yes, have this mentality always make dua no Allah will respond how Allahu Allah? Which one of the three allow them, but will he respond 100% with this being said I asked was a penalty Allah Rahman Rahim al hamdu lillahi wa sallam actually a whereas Allah subhanaw taala Allah do the all loving to shower his love upon all of us. I mean it'll be I mean Allahumma aurizona hogback habermann you have book Ramadan your Caribbean logic in the law Malaika to use for Luna lmdb yeah you hola Dena amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with aseema Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala Sayidina Muhammad came out some later Allah Seaton Ebrahim wala

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Ali Ibrahim fill me in LA camisa Majeed, I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to reward you all for your attendance. I asked lots of penalty Allah not to make a single one of you leave this gathering except that Allah forgive all your sins. I mean, there'll be a year of whatever Lana, you're a lot of cobalamin Desert Malala Hey Ron, welcome Mr.

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You want the microphone