Healing Spiritual Diseases of The Heart With Qur’an

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while early he was Safi woman voila Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi oral care to my dear sisters,

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inshallah we'll want to speak about today is about how to heal our hearts with the Quran because Allah holds abraca to Allah, He tells us in the Quran 100 zero mineral Paulo Anima who worship

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metal lil Mo, meaning that verily we sent down the Quran and in it is that which is there is a cure and a mercy for the believers. So it's a panel of the Koran was sent as a cure for every disease, you know, even physical diseases, we should use the Quran as a means to cure ourselves.

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But what I want to speak about today, in particular is healing our hearts from the spiritual diseases

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because Subhanallah what we find today My dear sisters is that despite how, how much luxury we're living in today, despite the affluence that many of us are living in today, yet we find that so many people have so much more spiritual unrest than ever before. And we find that they have so much you know, less less inner peace than ever. And one of the main reasons is because so many of us are suffering from spiritual type of diseases in our hearts you know, diseases like doubts about Allah and His Deen diseases like hardness of the heart where you don't feel the sweetness of the Quran when you recite it you don't feel the who sure in your prayers you know, weakness of Eman, love for

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dunya all of these spiritual diseases that were suffering from you know, so many people now at this time they have they living a lot of confusions and living a lot of you know, doubts about their Deen doubts about themselves. They confused about their life, their identity. You know, the reason is if I don't know Allahu Allah, if I don't truly know Allah, to Allah, then how can I really know my purpose in this world? Because the only way to truly know oneself and to truly know one's purpose in this world, is to first know Allah. All right, we need to know Allah, before we can know our own selves. And the only way to know Allah is through the Quran. And that's why sisters, we need to

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realize that the Quran is like a medicine that you need to take every single day. And realize that even when you might not feel in the mood for the Quran, but you still need to take it anyway. Like you don't you don't go a day without eating food. Similarly, you cannot go a day without reciting the Quran. And in fact, and pondering over it as well is very important, not just reciting as I'll get to. And this is why when chef even or thaman Rahim Allah was asked

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about, is there any verse in the Quran, regarding medicine, he said, all of the Quran is a medicine. So we need to realize that you're never going to have that you're never going to feel that true in a piece, you're never going to feel truly strong and truly stable in this life, until you hold firmly onto the Quran in your life. So what I'm gonna do today is I'm going to speak about some practical methods to help yourself use the Quran in order to heal your hearts. Okay, so first of all, these are all short term methods. inshallah, there are long term methods, but we don't have time to go through that today. So, first of all, is to observe the manners of the Quran, which is, for example,

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to take your dog before reciting. It's recommended, and especially if we're going to be touching the moose half, to take the door, and also to seek refuge with Allahu taala from the shaitan. Before reciting the Quran. It's very important to do that as well. This gets you into the right mindset and your hope you're asking Allah to help you to keep shaitan from coming in between you and and the words of Allah to Allah when you're reciting.

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And the next thing is the mindset. The mindset is very important. You need to focus on the one who is speaking to you through these words. You know, you need to realize that, although you're the one reading those words, but Allahu taala is speaking to you through those words. So you need to make yourself feel that Allah is speaking to you through every word that you recite, and realize that the Quran is the greatest way for you to feel close to Allah to Allah. Now, one of the mistakes many people do is they focus only on reading with their eyes. And what they need to learn to do is to read with your hearts, okay, you need to learn to read with your heart because a lot of people what

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I find is they pay attention to the letters, you know, they pay attention to the words that Ted read

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Which is, of course important to pay attention to your Ted read. But what you need to do more than that is to you know, switch on the sight of your heart and the feeling of your heart. And read, read the words with your heart, this is the best advice I could give you. And then the other thing as well is to prepare your Interstate, prepare your Interstate and realize your need for the Quran. Okay, so, realize your poorness and how much you know how much you're in need. For Allah need to enrich you with His words, realize how many sins you have realized how many sins you have, and how much you need for the mercy of Allah to Allah through reading his words, realize the sicknesses in

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your heart and how much you're in need for Allahu taala to cure you cure you, you know from the diseases of your heart. And, you know, realize your, your, your weakness in, in, in your ability to face all your trials in this life and how much you're in need from for strength from a disease. So the point is, my dear sisters, don't just read the Quran for the reward, but rather, you know, read the Quran to increase yourself in knowledge, increase yourself in action, increase yourself in guidance, you know, increase yourself in being protected from misguidance you know, to be cured from the diseases of your heart and to be cured from the hardness of your heart. You know, when you have

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that different mindset towards the Koran, that's what makes a huge difference in the effect that you get overall from when you recite the Quran.

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Okay, and the next thing is Chef, even lpm Rahim Allah, He gives us a four step process for our for approaching the Quran. So he says, you know, first of all, the first step in approaching the Quran is to firstly empty your heart from all of the problems. Okay, so the first thing is to detach yourself from all of the problems that you're going through, from all your concerns right now, detach yourself completely from this dunya. And now turn your heart and focus your heart solely on Allahu taala and the next life. And then the next step is to pay full attention to understand during and pondering the meanings of the words that you're reading. And to, you know, to think about and

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question why these words were sent.

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And then lastly, is to apply those meanings to the sicknesses in your heart, and then by that inshallah you'll be cured. And this is why it's very important for you to have self awareness you need to you need to be able to look internally and know your own individual weaknesses. All right, to know that you have got those types of spiritual diseases that you need to rectify, you know, if you know you've got hardness in your heart, you've got weakness of human, you've got doubts that are plaguing you, you need to be able to recognize that identify that and then read the Quran with the purpose of asking Allah to cure you through reciting his words in order to you know, to cure those

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diseases that you're going through, you know, what you're suffering in your heart. And then the next thing you know, if you do feel hardness of heart when you're reciting, or make it still far, you know, stop instead of stuff with a lot of stuff a lot because saying stuff for Allah, it helps soften the heart and this is the problem many of us are suffering, you know, from hardness of heart and too much love for dunya and that's why we're having a difficulty in really connecting with the Quran.

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Another advice you know, we learn from Hassan al basri Rahim Allah is also to you know, to really think about what is each of these verses teaching me like how celibacy Rahman Allah He says, can do your own or No, sir, no me no law, like when the seller when the righteous predecessors used to recite the Quran, they used to look at the Quran as if it's missing messages coming to them from a Lahore to Baraka, Tada. So we need to realize that in each of these areas that you're you're reading, every single one of them is teaching you something, you know, either Allahu taala is telling you something he wants you to know about himself, so that you can feel closer to him, or is

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telling you something about His signs, so that you can know his greatness and power, or his teaching you your religion, and how to practice your Islam. Or he's showing you something that you need to do if you want to reach Jana, or you know, he's telling you something that you need to do to stay away from in order to protect yourself from the fire, or is teaching you about how to have the luck of men how to have the luck of the believers so that you can make yourself like them. Or, you know, what are the characteristics of the disbelievers or the monastic teen the hypocrites

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So that we can avoid, you know, following their path, their paths. And, or his strengthening your heart by reminding you of the stories and the struggles and the sacrifices of the prophets and messengers and what they went through in the past. You know, what were their coping mechanisms? How did they cope? How do they react with the trials that we're going through, and this is why Allah hautala, he tells us, what coverly kerlin author b2b for adeq This is how we strengthen your heart with this Quran. So realize the Quran is the main way to strengthen your Eman and strengthen your resolve in this world.

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So to realize, you know, my dear sisters, that as you're reading, you need to think that each of these as you're reading, there's messages in each of these areas, and Allahu taala is sending you, you know, these messages and he wants you to understand them. So you need to open your heart and reflect upon what they are. Another another of the points also is to use visualization, you know, when you're reciting the words reading the eight of the Quran, and for example, you come to the A, it's about the agenda and about the fire. You know, when you read about the as of Jenna, tried to make yourself imagine what it would be like to live in a Jana, you know, the happiness, the peace,

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the beauty, like no more sadness, imagine sisters, no more sadness, no more problems. You know, make yourself feel what it'd be like to live in agenda without ever hearing anything that's going to disturb you again, without having to hear anything that causes pain or you know, causes sadness to your heart. The more you reflect upon the beauty of gender and the peace of gender, the more it's going to help to want to push yourself to want to be from those people from Geneva, and what can I do to make myself to be from those people of Geneva. And then also, when you read when you come across to yet have the fire, and you think about all the belaire like their punishment, their

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despair, their regrets, you know, it's been a while this is a reality we shouldn't think this is not just words, this is a reality that's going to happen may have ticked us to those who disbelieve so when the more you read about those verses and think about those verses, the more you will not want to be like those people and follow in their path. And so that will help to push you to you know, push you to want to be away from that path inshallah and this is what how the Quran is a greatest motivator inshallah, in helping you to to reach the earth heroes safely.

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And then another another thing also is to interact with the verses like when you come to verses about the fire, ask Allahu Allah to protect you from the fire. When you come to the verses about the jungla. ask Allah to Allah to make you from the people of Jana. You know, ask Allah to Allah to cure the diseases from your heart, along with feast, sadhana, Europe. Along this fee, I'll be your Allah, heal my heart heal might might, what's in my chest, you know, from those diseases. And we need to realize, my dear sisters, that one of the most important things that you're going to get out of the Quran is the effect that it has on you. Like, it's not just about the emotion sisters, what is the

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use of having tears and having emotions if that does not move you into action, and to becoming stronger in your practice of your religion, and making you into a better person with better luck with better character, you know, a better wife, a better mother, you know, a kind of person or kind of to others. Right? Look at the Prophet sallallahu it was sent him How did Arusha describe the Prophet sallallahu it was Selim Cana, Hulu Al Quran that His hulak His character, his whole, you know, his whole personality was the Quran. So we need to realize it's not just like a lot of people now they focus on having a beautiful voice or you know, decorating their houses with Quran and all

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of those things. But we need to realize the most important thing is the, you know, when you get that internal effect from the Quran, then there should be an external change in yourself. Because this is we need to we need to realize that we want every verse we read from the Quran to be a houjicha to Lana, the houjicha twin, Elena, we want every verse we read, to be, you know, an evidence or a proof for us on your piano, not a proof against us before Allah subhanaw taala

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Now, one of the things that a lot of people complain about, you know, especially in these times, is that you know, I read the Quran, but I don't feel anything and we need to realize that very often the beginning you won't feel anything, but what you need to think about is each time you read, or each time you recite the Quran, your heart is actually being washed and cleaned. You know, and the Quran the words of the Quran

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is breaking down the shackles of your heart, a little dibaca Allah tells us Flm yetta, who do not have an M Allah khudobin appleford, who has a lot on it tells us that, don't they ponder over the Quran, or are they shackles over their hearts, or it's many been our fans said, if our hearts were pure, they will never have enough from reciting a law speech.

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So you need to realize that in order to open the secrets of the Quran to yourself, you need to keep on struggling, and you need to keep on reciting and don't give up because it's only by that sincere struggle, that Allahu taala will begin to unlock the secrets of the Quran for you.

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And I want to add that, you know, as someone having gone through the journey from not understanding one word of Arabic, you know, I can say that no doubt, if you understand the Quran, then you're going to have, it is going to have a greater impact on your heart. And it's going to have a much deeper reaching, you know, impact on your heart than if you were just to read the English translation. And that's why we see that many of the Sahaba sometimes they would read an ad over and over again, you know, pondering on it, and the tears would not stop coming down from the eyes. And what was the reason due to a deep understanding of the verses that were reciting.

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But despite that, you know, even if you don't understand Arabic, I just want to add that, you know, you need to realize that Allah to Allah, when he sent down the Quran, he knew that some people are not going to understand Arabic. And so therefore, even if you can't understand Arabic, we need to realize the messages are still there, even if you can only read in English.

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You know, and I can remember as a new revert, even when I didn't, you know, understand one word, but there was so many times in my life when I was going through a particular problem, or you know, I needed guidance. And then I would sit down, I would open up the Quran, the English translation, and I'd read an AR, and somehow it was like Allahu taala would put the answer into my heart. And I felt like in those words, there was guidance that I needed. So I'm sure that you will find that that's happened to us some time in your life in sha Allah, the most important thing is the way we approached the Quran.

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You know, the most important thing you need in order to heal your heart from the spiritual diseases is that you yourself need to want to change, okay, you need to be the one who opens up your heart to recite, receive that guidance because Allah Allah, Allah tells us, when Medina gehad rufina, Lana, Deanna home Subaru Luna, those who strive for our sake, we will open up the paths towards us.

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So what this tells us is the most important thing that you need in order for the Koran to impact your heart and to you know, heal yourself and from those spiritual diseases and gain the true inner peace that the whole world is searching for, is to have a loss to have a loss in your approach in reciting the Quran, because how many people have even memorized the whole Quran, and yet we see the Quran does not even go past the throat, supine on law. So that's what my dear sisters, even if you don't understand a word you're reading, keep in mind that the Quran is still purifying you, it's still raising your level with Allahu taala. And the more difficult it is for you to recite the

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Quran, the greater the reward is for you, you know, even if you're only able to recite a little, you know, a little bit of the Quran every day in the morning or before going to bed, keep on reminding yourself of how much your need for the Quran and how much the Quran is purifying you and raising your level through your recitation of it. And I want to end by saying that, you know, the goal we should have with the Quran is try to have you know, to is to try to think about our relationship with the Quran, like a type of journey, where each year you slowly grow closer to the Quran by and how do you do that by actively seeking to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the Quran, so

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that we can ensure a lot increase the impact it has on our hearts at a deeper level. So we should never just be complacent with you know, sticking with English, you know, we should try to move into the Arabic try to you know, deepen our knowledge of, of, you know, the understanding of the Year by studying tafsir and going deeper, and that way inshallah we slowly, you know,

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develop our relationship and grow closer with the Quran over the years. I'll leave you with a beautiful door, which is part of a drop from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that you can say in order to, you know, ask a little toddler to, you know, strengthen your heart and take away all your sadnesses and you know worries through reciting the Quran. In

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said along the dry little Koran robbia will be one neurosurgery which Allah and his knee, whether herb and Hemi, welcome me, your Allah. Let the Quran be the delight of my heart, the light of my chest, the remover of my sadness, and the pacifier and comforter of my worries. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah what I care to was done Allahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina. Muhammad was a pentacle. La Houma will be handig Nash haddaway La Ilaha Illa and nesto fuuka went to blue lake