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The speakers discuss the violation of the head and the importance of worshiping Allah as the creator of the world. They stress the importance of praying to others and finding one's own theology. The success of Islam is highlighted, including the belief that the creator is the most holy god, the goal of increasing consciousness of Islam, avoiding cultural bias, and focusing on spiritual superiority. The video concludes with a recap of the upcoming video and a brief advertisement for a program called Islamic online.

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From you

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. May Allah Peace and blessings beyond each and every one of you. I like to welcome you, dear viewers, to our series, the best of the head, what constitutes it? And what goes beyond it? Or what doesn't reach it? This is what we're looking at.

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By understanding the theory, we understand what constitutes our head, Islam,

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then we had to look at what violates it to more clearly understand the boundaries, where are the boundaries, which you can't cross when you cross, you're now in violation. And we have looked at both the theory, the practice and the violation, from the perspective of the various categories into which

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the principle of tawheed has been divided. The first category we said many episodes back was that of our head, a rubia, or maintaining the unity, the unique unity of a law with regards to his dominion, his dominion over all things, is the creator of this world, and nothing happens in this world without his permission, that's his dominion,

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His Lordship,

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the second was tawheed as smile was suffered or maintaining the unique unity of a law with regards to his names and his attributes, specifically,

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his attributes, the attributes define Who is he, and who is not. And we also set the parameters for that. Then we looked at Finally, the fruit from those first two segments of the head. It is all in support of worshiping Allah as he deserves to be worshipped. That's the third category. tower heed and Ulu here or tower heed and a bada scald this or that both have the same, maintaining the unique unity of a law with regards to his worship. How do we worship Him? According to Tao he'd, in Islam, the monotheistic view, the truly monotheistic view of God in Islam, after looking at those details, we then went and looked at ways by which these categories are violated the most common ways around

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the past there are others, many others. In our times, there are certain ones which are most dominant among them the amulets that's for violation of tauheed a robo BIA, the ambulance for violation of our hadal a smile, see fact. We looked at

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the concept of a law in terms of his creation,

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images made of him,

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can we see him, etc. that aspect of our head is violated when we make images of him because we have never seen him. We can't even see him in a dream because we can only dream of things that we have already seen. It's not possible to dream about what we have never seen.

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The third category, now hadal A Bada, or maintain the unity of a laws worship, we're going to be looking at now common ways by which it is violated.

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In our previous chapters, we did look at the violation of

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our Hadith as well as the fact also, with regards to Allah being in his creation, or being outside and beyond this creation, I believe is violated when we believe that the lies in everything is everywhere, and in everything that violates the true monotheistic belief in Islam. So what we're going to look at now

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is worship.

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And in particular, we're going to focus on St. Worship, the worship of saints, intermediaries, or associates that are given to God.

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They may be given honorific titles, which elevate them in the sight of people. But in the end, it's all about praying to other than a law. Now, the idea that there are some people who are closer to God than us, that people are on different levels is a natural idea. As we see people on different levels in so many other aspects of life, some have more knowledge than us. Some have more strength than us. Some have more property than us. Some are more children than us. Some have more wives than us. People are not equal and the same. There are differences all among human beings. And the last spoke of those differences. When he said, Well, lo Fabiola Baba kumala bobbin risk, Allah has

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favorites, some of you over others with regards to sustenance. He's given some of us more than others to be able to look after more than others, or look after better than others. So the favoring is a reality. Some prophets were given certain qualities and certain abilities, and others were not our favorite some of the profits over others. And he said tilaka Rasul Allah, Baba malaba. Those were the prophets of whom we favorite some overrides. Sam, he spoke directly

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as he didn't.

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So this issue of favoring

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is a part of how Allah has created this world. In the case of favoring some over others in the case of wealth. He had the principle of Zakah in place, obligatory charity, and voluntary charity in place, so that people would be in a position to be generous, and to share what they have with others. So this quality of generosity could be

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developed. And that quality makes a human being a better human being. In the end, a generous person is better than a person who is not generous,

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no doubt. So these favors that Allah has given to some human beings over others. It's not just blindly being given unfairly being distributed. No. For each person who has been given something, there is a responsibility that comes along with it. He or she has more responsibility in their use of what Allah has given them.

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So it's part of the test. Don't think that simply because you've been favored in one way or another, that you are better than others know how you handle that favor.

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This is what now makes you better than others than others who had the same favor as you but they mismanaged it. They mishandled it. Then you are better in that regard. But simply having another is not having doesn't make you better. Yes, a law favorite. You

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But that favor can be the cause of a bigger punishment. Where you would say in the end, I wish I didn't have that favor. But of course, when you had the favor and others didn't, you loved it, but it's part of the test.

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Similarly, a law says, original kawah, Mona Lisa mafac de la la who bother whom Allah about men are guardians of women, by which Allah favorite some of them over others.

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Allah has put men

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in that position of authority over women. Well, originally, Allah Hinata Raja,

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and men are one level over women, they have been given greater strength and greater abilities to be able to provide, as women were given greater strength to be able to deliver a child to be able to carry that child, she has a role, and the man has a role. So that favor doesn't mean superiority. It's just a favor, in terms of a position that was given a responsibility came along with it, that we all will be asked about. It is across the board

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that some people are favored over others.

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What a lot did was that after telling us all of that, He then said, well, ah, Tata man now my father Lola, who be bothered kumala about do not wish for what a law has favored some of you over others with a lot of favorites, some of the others don't wish for it.

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Because he gave you what he gave you, because what you got his what was appropriate for you. And he gave that other person when he gave them, because that was appropriate for them. And they're tested as you are tested. But their test is greater in that regard, because they have more. So don't wish for it. Because maybe if you had it, you wouldn't be able to handle it. So this is the principle here that though allies favorite, that favorite carries responsibility. So we should not wish for it others have especially wishing to have what they have. And they don't have it, take it away from them give it to me. That is evil.

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Give me like you gave them okay, that's could be good could be bad.

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But if they were good people with what you gave them, and you say give me like you gave them so I can do good, then it's good. So there are different levels of it. Anyway, we'll be looking further into those who are spiritually higher than others. Can they

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take the role of intermediary between us and Allah?

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Can we direct our prayers to them? This is the question. And we'll answer that question in the second half of our program after the break.

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Salam aleikum, welcome back from the break. The prophets are solemn, encouraged us to avoid this desire for what others have by saying don't look at those who have more than you, above you.

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Look to those who are below you, in order that you will remember our laws favor on you. So when looking to others, it's better to look to others who are less fortunate, who have not received what you have received, then you will be able to better appreciate what you have. But if you're only looking at those who have more, you will always look at yourself as not having anything. You know

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what happened to my life, you're dissatisfied, you're depressed. You know, you're always wanting what others have. You'll never be satisfied. As the prophet SAW Solomon said, if one of Adam's descendants were given a value of gold, they would want another one.

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That's just how we are. The grass is always greener on the other side. So we always want what other people have. But

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chasing what others have, is a wretched state to be in

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lives will be a mess, we'll never be happy. So, as the promises lm, advisors look to those who have less, if you look at them, then you'll appreciate what you have. You'll be thankful to Allah for what was given to you, you'll be contented, you can find contentment. But as long as you're always looking to those above you, wanting and desiring what they have, then you will never be satisfied. The real favor

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or the real superiority, lies not in the material world, but in the spirit. What makes a man or a woman, superior to another man or woman.

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It is not their family, not their wealth,

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not their looks, but their consciousness of God. In Arabic, it's called taqwa. This is what makes the superior person taqwa. The person who has a consciousness of God lives a life which is pleasing to God. His or her life becomes a life of worship. And that's what makes them superior.

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And that is what we should be striving for. A life of righteousness, that we will be blessed with taqwa, consciousness, real consciousness of God, which would guide us through our daily lives through all the issues, the problems, the you know, difficulties, the hurdles, the good times everything.

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Guided by taqwa becomes good. So we're in a win win situation all the time. Where there's taqwa. That's why the prophet SAW Solomon said,

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algebra and the Umbrella Movement.

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The affair of the believer is amazing. It's amazing. And this is only in the case of the true believer. Four, if good comes to him or her. They're thankful to Allah.

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And Allah rewards them for it. And if evil befalls them, they are patient with it. And Allah rewards them for it. The affair of the true believer is amazing.

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It's Win win. All the way. When people often forget a lot when the good times come. Tabler successful, they've won they've business businesses, this that this is the time that people should be thankful. But instead of that, they tend to be so overjoyed with their success. They forget God. Now, when they were struggling on the way up, they were praying all the time, you see them brain trying to help me in this helped me and that taught me and the other, they're steadily turning to prayer all the time. Now, once the success comes, they've made it they stop praying.

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Or they only pray on occasion. So what happened here, that success really was not a good thing for them. When they were not successful, they were more religious. They're more righteous, and they become successful. Now they become unrighteous. When they're on their way up, they would give charity, believing the charity would make their situation better. When they have it all. Now they look down at people, maybe they don't even want to give away anything. Even though they have stuff to give, they have means they have wealth, etc. Now they become very stingy. These things happen. It's quite common. And that's why the problems are Solomon said, the poor will enter Paradise 500

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years before the rich. The poor will enter Paradise 500 years before the rich. So don't desire to be rich. Unless you are looking at it from the perspective of doing good with it. You wish you had these riches so you could do this great, good. So the goal is taqwa consciousness of Allah. This is what makes one superior to another. And this was stated in Surah gerat 49th chapter, verse 13. Allah stated in the Quran in kurama komenda liat kakum Verily, the most noble among you is the one with the most taqwa the most consciousness of Allah. And that is the goal that we should strive for. And this is what makes one person better than the other and this is something

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ultimately we can't tell what's going on in people's hearts. Of course, there are external signs that indicators that a person is pious or righteous. And we have to judge in the end by what we see externally. But know that the prophet may God's peace and blessings be upon him, he recommended in marriage, this consideration as being the most important, the messenger said, a woman is married for four reasons, her wealth, her nobility, her beauty and her piety, choose the pious one and be successful. So I recommended the chair in choice of our spouses, we tried to choose those who are most righteous as far as we can tell. Similarly, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had said, If a man

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whose practice of the religion satisfies you, asks your daughter in marriage, you should marry them, otherwise there will be corruption in the land, that marriage is encouraged in Islam. And early marriage is further encouraged. And if this doesn't take place,

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then people in the prime of their youth when the hormones are driving them, will end up expressing these things in one way or another. If they cannot be expressed healthily through marriage, then they're going to be expressed unhealthily in

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corruption, pornography, masturbation, variety of other things that people will end up in to fulfill the desires which should have been fulfilled in marriage. So, we should not allow the other considerations, tribalism and other things, nationalism, to stop marriage, marriage should be encouraged, but the reason for choosing the individual to marry whether choosing a wife or choosing a husband should be the primary reason it should be their piety. Of course, after that, if they're good looking, they have means financially well off whatever they from, quote unquote, good families, then this is all good. This is good to start to say you don't consider it at all. However, priority

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is that of taqwa of God consciousness. And on one occasion, the prophet SAW Selim reprimanded a bizarre another companions for derisively calling Bilaal, you son of a black woman, after saying that the prophets are seldom said to him, Look, surely, you are not better than a brown man or a black man except by fearing a law more than them.

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And he, in his farewell pilgrimage reiterated this point saying that there is no superiority of the Arab over the non Arab or the black or the white. The only superiority is in taqwa and consciousness, and fear of a law. So we said that this is the main criterion for determining who is superior to who. So now when we go to look at spiritual superiority, which would elevate one to become an intermediary between ourselves and God, we need to look at this principle very closely. And we're going to stop here. In this segment Our time has run out. And we will see you in our upcoming segment in which we will look more deeply into the concept of St. worship. We now bid you

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farewell. Hope to see you in the next episode said I want a gu Morocco to LA he Obara cattle.

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