The Worlds Strongest Man Is Not Who You Think

Zahir Mahmood


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What is forbearance? Let me remind you again what is forbearance. Forbearance is when you let go to for something somebody has done wrong to you, when you have the ability

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to respond when you have the ability to reapply or do the same or worse to that person, you let it go. And this is why the Messenger of Allah said he said who is the strongest from amongst you? They said is that person is that person is that person to know is not that person. You know, they're talking about wrestlers and fight is not that person said the strongest in this day. In this deep, knowing your definition or in your vernacular outside, in this theme is that a person that when he gets angry, he can control his anger.

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When he's angry, he can control his anger.

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This is the strongest person in the definition of the D

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that's the definition Allah goes by but not by your definition. You can be this person, you know, if any, see the society that we live in the nature forbearances that you let go, when you can replay. The society that we live in, is that you're never gonna let go because you know, we come out and say Mr. Bro, no, personal

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it's personal.

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And because now it's personal, I'm not gonna let it go. And the rest of you will never look at the scene of the prophets. Allah says he never ever got angry for his own sake.

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Never got angry. Before us our definition of manliness is some warped definition of where we get angry is warped.

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And this is why brothers

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the bigger man,

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the bigger man, or the bigger person is that person that when they are wronged and they have the ability to reply, they did they show four pins in the eyes of Allah you are the biggest person