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Beautiful Names of Allah #2

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Umm Jamaal ud-Din

Channel: Umm Jamaal ud-Din

Episode Notes


Episode Transcript

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One of the Beautiful Names of a law that I've been pondering over more than ever this from a bar is a last name and the one who is the most rich and completely free of being in need of all. Everything that exists is an utter and complete need of him subhana wa Tada. If you ponder over all the changes that have taken place in the world, just from this one virus that we can't even see, and how quickly those changes have happened. We need to realize that all of this is assigned to us of how completely weak and vulnerable we all are, and how much we truly depend and are in need of a long time either. That's why Allahu taala calls us into Quran and says, Yeah, and you have ness and to Foucault, you

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know, one long one, you will Hamid mankind very you are poor to Allah, while he is the rich and free of being in need. So one of the one of the main reasons for why this is all happening is Allahu taala wants us to realize our true state of weakness and to turn back to him. subhana wa Taala