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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © A speaker describes a professor named bender who taught them Mufasa city and had a big impact on their journey. The professor was always very eccentric and conservative, but eventually poked around and exposed their embarrassment. The professor eventually decided not to study and left the class.
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We had one professor, I believe his name was bender. And we got him later on in our,

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our journey. So I think Fifth Sixth, you know, when we were juniors and seniors, he taught us quite a fee. And he also taught us Mufasa city. Yeah. And he was he was very brilliant, but he was also very eccentric. And he, he humbled us in a big way. I remember, I'll never forget this on the first day of class.

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You know, at that point, we come into his class, we've already taken four semesters of AP data we've already, you know, it's tempting to think you know, something. All right. And so, first day of class, he has us and he's like, allows actions are they mandala? Do they have to, they have like a reason, you know, behind them, that necessitates them, or however you want to translate that. And everyone's quiet. Nobody wants to say anything, because we're afraid of being wrong. Right? And he's kind of looking around, and then somebody gets brave enough to say something, and then he goes and zeroes in on them. And he kind of tries to pull things out of them and show them the consequences of

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their answer. Right? And he's never giving us what is the actual answer the entire class period. And he's kind of exposing to us how little we knew about this thing that we thought that we knew about. And so people are giving different answers. People are trying to kind of get a read on him. What's he trying to ask for? What's he trying to look for? And then at the end of the class, you know, he kind of poked fun at us. He was like, Okay, it's like, well, this class is going to be a good class, and shall lots of other and it seems like all of you are monetizing. And he said them, I'll tell you that, obviously, this was a defunct kind of, you know, deviant sect, but some of the answers that we

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had given to his questions exposed that we didn't really know what you're talking about. And so, he was kind of playing with us. And he showed us that day that, you know, you study a little bit and you think you know something, but then it ends up that you don't really know as much as you think you do.

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