Haifaa Younis – What Should We Do In Response to the Death of Floyd with Zaynab Ansari

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © A Muslim speaker discusses the importance of accepting the smallest thing, which is acceptation. They argue that accepting the smallest thing is the beginning of a journey and that acceptance is a crucial step in learning from the experience. The speaker also mentions the success of Islam and encourages people to adore their Allah's teachings.
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One, no one denied it. So as a Muslim now What should I do? I think number one, as we see any injustice or haraam or unlawful, internally I have to rejected that's number one. That's what Allah is going to ask me. Yes, maybe I can do literally physically things but I have my heart muram and kumoko on the famous Hadith you know what you whoever see something injustice or something not accepted by Allah, what should we do? Right three steps change it with your hand you can't with your tongue you can with your heart. So number one, we as Muslims in general, regardless of the color of our skin or origin is we should not accept this and this should be in our discussion in the home

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with the children with the family, in my workplace that I don't accept this is not because he is this or his that if this was a Muslim, I would have responded the same.

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That's how it shouldn't be then I am a person who really, really appreciate the most valuable thing Allah Subhana Allah gave us and that's life. The five things stamp came to protect. Number one is life. So here I am, as a Muslim, I should absolutely not accept number two, and you alluded to it, and I loved it. Allah has seen this and Allah allowed it to happen.

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And we always have to remember this and I said this the same when we went through the COVID.

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And there is a hikmah there's a wisdom and Allah is Allah. Allah is there just I'm not seeing it. It's very hard to see. That's where my emotion and faith comes in. And I need to turn to Allah says, Allah Show me. Show me the wisdom in this. Show me what you want me to do. And absolutely the least I can do as a Muslim is adore

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your Allah bring justice to your earth, the least I can do and guide those who are going out in the streets out of frustration and I can easily feel it right? guide them to do the right thing.

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