How to Heal your Broken Heart

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Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato

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Bismillah he will hamdulillah he was Salatu was Salam O Allah Abdullah he was truly mohammadu Allah Allah He was happy as mine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam. Today is a Friday we have been gathered here in this beautiful Masjid in Westbury, which is a beautiful part of Johannesburg. I have not been here before. But Allah subhanho wa Taala brings us to meet our brothers and sisters to be able to say a word or two sharing the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salam and the teachings that Allah Almighty has bestowed upon us through the blessing Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So this afternoon I've chosen to speak about something very interesting because the whole world is going

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through difficulty and hardship. Actually, even those who perhaps have seen days of ease in the past are going through some form of difficulty, calamity, hardship, sickness, disease, loss, whatever else it may be. Now, you need to ask yourself a question. We speak about the brokenhearted. Someone who's brokenhearted? Did you know that Allah says in a hadith could see I am with the brokenhearted? If someone is brokenhearted? Do you know that Allah is with that person? If you are brokenhearted? Allah is with you. Did you know that when you're brokenhearted, the angels are saying mean to any dollar that you make? So don't say the bad words the Epson the beads and, and the s and H's and so

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on? Don't say that, because the angels are saying, I mean, if you were to say a good dude, at the time of hardship and difficulty and when calamity strikes, you stand a better chance of goodness in the dunya and the AF Hara. Then if you were to swear, become angry, become upset, start questioning Allah, Allah is in control from the very beginning. He knows and and he knows you and I and he knows what we're going through and what we will be going through. May Allah make it easy. So regarding the brokenhearted, the first question you need to ask yourself is not about you. It's about someone else when they are brokenhearted. What role Have you played to break their heart?

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Did you hear what I just said? Many people are sitting saying oh and brokenhearted. But how many hearts Have you broken? Subhana Allah, and when I say how many hearts Have you broken? I'm not talking of love stories here. We are talking of how difficult Have you made the lives of others. Some of us are rotten. When it comes to our character stavroula some of us misbehave. Some of us, the way we speak to others is very rude. We don't make life easy for them. Do you think Allah is going to make life easy for you? Can Allah houfy only labadi Makana lab dupioni Effie? Allah will continue to help a slave for as long as that slave continues to help another The opposite is true.

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When you make someone's life difficult. Don't think that your life is going to be made any easy no matter how powerful you are, no matter who you are. It is going to come for you we've always said that my brothers my sisters, the brokenhearted number one you need to ask yourself

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have I been a culprit when it comes to hurting people's feelings when it comes to slandering when it comes to accusing when it comes to bad mouthing that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala describes Nabi Muhammad Salah Salaam as the total opposite of that. Well, in UK Allah Allah funaki nobly Mowgli indeed you are upon a very great level of character and conduct the greatest In fact, which means the development of character and conduct would actually make you not only follow the Sunnah of the Prophet salla salaam, but earn jannatul for those there are people who get gender because of the humbleness, the humility, the way they carry themselves, the way they respect everybody, no matter

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who they are. You see a child today, that child may be someone very important tomorrow. You don't know whether they are going to be or not, it's still important for you to greet them in the correct way. The prophets are seldom used to take his time to greet the brokenhearted to greet the young to greet those who were downtrodden. In fact, Allah Almighty instructed him well either

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can learn in your Mino Nabil I Tina for peninsula mana income, gotta boo kumala and I've seen llama la cabana. You know the history of that verse. When the kuffaar of coration the cronies in the big in the region, the powerful were telling Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to chase away the poor, the downtrodden the ex slaves and so on. Allah Almighty revealed verses while at Aalto Rudy levy nyada. Oh, now

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Bank bill, T one lychee. Don't ever chase away these people who are calling out to Allah by day and by night in the morning and in the evening, don't chase them away, Bill Olive, naraba, salmaan and faricy whoever else it may be, don't chase these people away. kabob ignore Allah.

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So Allah says they are telling you chase these away. These are believers, they call out to us. They are our friends, you cannot chase them away.

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rich men cannot say I'm not going to mix with these. I'm not going to mix in this society because they are all poor. poverty has got nothing to do with material wealth. In the eyes of Allah. A poor person is the one who does not have a relationship with Allah, no matter how much money you have. And the wealthy person is a what is the one who has a beautiful relationship with Allah.

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No matter how little they might have materially. So Allah says, and that was the first verse I read, Allah says when the believers come to you speaking about whom, speaking about these brokenhearted downtrodden, those who are downtrodden, those who were looked down upon by society and community when they come to you, you must greet them aloud. Tell them a Salaam Alaikum salam, O Allah Subhana Allah, greet them give them importance. You know why you mend the heart, you heal the heart, you build them, you empower them? Subhana Allah, you give them the contentment, they realize that you know what, I'm also a worshipper of Allah. Here is someone acknowledging that I belong to Allah just

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like they do. Now Allah Allah, Allah, give people importance. Talk to them, acknowledge them, give them a good word, mending the broken hearts is the job of the messengers of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah himself has said so many words in the Quran mending the hearts of those who are brokenhearted who was sad, those who didn't have much and even at the time of Nagisa Salah when he went through hardship Allah gave him beautiful words. Why? Look at the books of Tafseer they will say this verse was revealed. Test Leah 10 Lin Nabi sallallahu Sallam to strengthen the prophets of Salaam to give him goodness, when he was saddened by the words of the kuffaar of Quraysh. He was

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working hard, he used to do so much for the sake of Allah. He was honest, he was pure, he was sincere and genuine. Still, they mocked, they scoffed, they called him names. They said he's after money, he's after power. He's after women. What did Allah subhanho wa Taala say? Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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but they're not lemma in

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zunow kalevi kunafa in LA you can kneebone Uk law says we know that you are saddened by the bad words that they are saying we want you to know they are not belying you. Do you know what? They know the truth? These are arrogant people like in the valley mean? The IRT La Jolla jaha Dune they are deniers of the truth when they know it's the truth are a full haka. tarraco. They realize they knew and recognize the truth but they left it. Let's not be from among those we know the truth right? fulfill your duty unto Allah, you will never mend your heart if your duties unto Allah are not fulfilled. It's impossible. Your duty unto Allah is the primary foundation stone of the mending of

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the broken heart that you have Subhana Allah How can you say I have a broken heart when your Salah is not in order? How can you say I have a broken heart when you don't read the Quran? And Allah subhanho wa Taala says alladhina amanu mata Toma

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be the karela Allah be the crema he taught oma in

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mukono indeed the true believers they find the comfort of the heart in the remembrance of Allah for indeed it is only the remembrance of Allah that will comfort the heart, it will mend the broken heart, it will heal your broken heart. What is it? the remembrance of Allah? What is that? Starting with the Quran? It's a followed Vicki tilawat

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the best of Vicar recite the Quran. How many hatom do you do? How many times do you complete the Quran? What relationship do you have on a daily basis with the Quran? Oh, I don't Well, how do you want your heart to heal La ilaha IL Allah La ilaha illa Allah, you want your heart to heal? Our duty is to help others heal their hearts. How are we going to do that when our own hearts dilly dally every way. May Allah grant us comfort of the heart. Another way of mending your heart stay away from sin. For indeed when you involve in that which displeases Allah, your heart will be broken. Now we get to the love stories, right? When someone has an illicit relationship. It is the finest

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ingredient of the breakage of your heart. You put it out

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In the pot yourself now in the pot in the cauldron is bubbling whose fault is it? You say why did Allah do this to me? Who are you blaming Allah for your own adultery, you blaming Allah for your sin, you blaming Allah for developing a wrong relationship for giving away your heart to someone besides Allah when Allah told you not to do that, but still Allah says we love you just come back to us it will take a time to mend and to heal. Start with your Salah, dress modestly. Relationship with Allah through the Quran, Quran lifson. obey your parents and fulfill their wishes and try your best to actually serve them.

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Look at how you'll get contentment. what is so important about a parent? Why? Why does Allah say parents paid and some of our payments are Subhanallah quite difficult. Allah says Be respectful and kind. When they ask you to do something wrong. You don't have to do it, but still be respectful and kind. There is no excuse. Why? Because who created you? Who created you? Said, Allah, Allah created you? Who did he choose in order to bring you onto this earth? Is it not your parents?

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happen? So therefore you've got to be good to your parents because Allah chose them to put you here. Did you choose them? No. It's part of your test. Love your father and your mother, no matter what you love them. You might not like some of their habits if then perhaps not Muslim, or perhaps they are transgressing themselves. But does that mean you don't love them? You love them? That's your father. That's your mother. They might have bad habits. Yes, you don't like the bad habit. Sometimes some parents are so abusive that we need to stay away from them. Stay away respectfully in a kind way. Still once in a while. Make dua for them. Pray for them. Subhan Allah, another way of mending

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your heart, help those who are in trouble and the need and Allah will help you.

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Manifest manifestor muslimeen corbetta minnkota be dounia the first Allah one who corbetta mancora bo mill tiama and in one narration, a dounia. Will Akira when you help someone and alleviate their suffering for them, Allah will alleviate your suffering on the day of piano. Imagine you being called out for you know the Mona Dean cola calling on the day of tiama where are the ones who helped alleviate the suffering of others on earth today? We are going to help alleviate their suffering.

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Who wants success on the diff pm Wallah he My beloved brothers and sisters in this world we will all struggle we will all suffer Allah in a little Mattila Sakura. Indeed, death has pings you know what a pangs of death when you are about to die. And that is era and you feel very uneasy and perhaps hot and you get these flashes and you feel now I can't breathe anymore. And it's the last few moments and suddenly drop Allahu Akbar, a believer dies with Shahada at least in his heart, and better still on his tongue, as well as the heart.

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So those pangs of death, they are a struggle. But after that there is no suffering for a believer. You get genital for those, you forget what happened in the past, many of us today we are sitting Mashallah in a better position. We have better homes, better clothes, better food, you have forgotten where you were 20 years ago, 10 years ago, where you were, you have forgotten right? And it's become some new life. And now when something goes wrong of a smaller nature, we tend to suffer because we've been accustomed to something new. Let me give you one quick example. You buy your first car before that, what did you use to use public transport? Right? When you buy your first car,

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you feel like a king even though your car is just a Honda Fit, Mashallah. You feel like King because it's your first car. When when that car after a year develops a puncture, or something goes wrong and you can't use it for one week what happens? You find it so difficult to go back to public transport, but my brother all your life, you are using public transport. Why? Because now how can I from King, I'm no longer King. You know, one week, Allah says, You know what, it's man man is accustomed to something, then he becomes very, you know, difficult for him to actually go back.

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Thank Allah. Remember where you were. There was a young man saying, you know, when I was young, I used to say, oh, Allah helped me so I can buy my own house. He says, Now I'm 50 years old, I bought my own house, but I'm asking Allah for more and more and more and more

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Subhana Allah ask Allah Jana. A way of healing your heart is to look at the stories of others who have struggled, read the scene of Muhammad salam, it will mean your heart.

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When you see the struggles he went through and you tell yourself this is unhealthy or acrimonious. You need the best of creation, the most uninvolved messengers of Allah subhanho wa Taala. May Allah bless them all and have mercy on them. And then you tell yourself he went through struggles they did not have food for how long they were. There was a boycott against them for three years. They didn't have food, eyeshadow, the Allahu anhu

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She says in Quran, Allah Muhammad, even though we were the family of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, we used to see the moon, and another moon and another moon. And there was no food in this house except for water and dates. That means three months.

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Okay, guys, are we all ready to spend three months with only water and ditch? Ready? Ready?

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Not a single hand. You're laughing at me? Do you know why? Allah only tests those whom he loves?

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When he loves you, you have a test. And only a true believer understands that. When I have an examination question that is very difficult and I know the answer. I'm a true PhD holder. I have a degree higher than yours. You know why? I knew all the answers, all those exams, I aced them. That's the word. So Nabina Muhammad Salam he had the greatest of tests very difficult. In nulla, either I had barbed unintelligible when Allah loves his slave, he tests him.

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My beloved brothers and sisters who are brokenhearted, turn to Allah. Nobody can mend your heart, the people around you might try and make it worse. When you are with Allah and Allah alone, then even the pain becomes sweet.

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It becomes sweet. Learn to love Allah learn to turn towards Allah material items will never give you joy. So many people have so much in terms of wealth, while law IE they cannot sleep they are struggling with anxiety and sleeping pills and with the sleeping pills they still cannot sleep May Allah grant us good sleep.

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Some of us know so much that we disturb the whole house Subhana Allah.

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If only they knew, may Allah grant us goodness, I'm so happy to be here and to be given this opportunity to address you on this Juma the blessed day of Friday in this beautiful Masjid.

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When I passed here and I was entering I thought to myself, this place is empty perhaps the people are still going to come. As I walked in, I was surprised to see Mashallah. The Masjid was full. Everyone was waiting. May Allah grant us Jana without reckoning. May Allah make us from those who love each other fees Amelie for his sake alone, make life easy for one and respect people. Allah will grant you respect on Earth.

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No matter who it is. Greet them at least do you know we are lacking one thing in the oma today, which is simple greeting a Salaam Alaikum even from a distance as salaam alaikum. And at least smile at least nowadays, you know, you smile with your eyes when they see their eyes going this way. That way they know they are smiling. The women in niqab already knew that a long time ago but Allah wanted all of us to test it out

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for his own wisdom. So my beloved brothers, I tell you, once again, don't make someone else's life difficult.

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Because Allah will make us difficult. Create is for other people help them, talk to them with respect, see what happens to you. Your family members speak properly to them. Watch your tongue the way you talk. Sometimes what you are saying is right, but the way you are saying it is so horrible, it hurts people. it offends them, they don't want to be in your company. You think the angels want to be in your company? Well, lucky they don't. Because the Hadith says the angels are affected in the same way that a normal person from from among the good Muslims would be affected. They will go away when you swear the angels have run away from you. Which angels the angels that are supposed to

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be half of those to protect you the angels of mercy and Rama they have gone protection. So calm down.

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You must have your tongue moist with the dhikr of Allah subhanho wa Taala a lot. Don't say bad words you don't need Don't lie. Don't cheat and steal and deceive. Because in that way, your heart will be totally destroyed one day and you won't know whether you're coming or you're going.

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Another very interesting factor my brothers and sisters and I'll end on this note is the the far seek the forgiveness of Allah and Allah will grant will mend your heart and believe that Allah has forgiven you that is probably more important than anything else. I tell you why. You see when you've committed the sin and another sin and many sins and you've sinned for a lifetime. And you say Oh ALLAH forgive me. Oh ALLAH forgive me. Allah says I only need you to say to once sincerely, you must regret. You must repent, seek forgiveness, promise not to do it again. be genuine and it's forgiven, wiped out. How many times do you need to do that? Once? One time 70 years of sin is wiped out.

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But guess what happens after that? shaitan is not happy, right? Because he lost. He lost. He will come to you and say, Hey,

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your sin was too bad. Allah didn't forgive you can't be.

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That is a worse sin than the initial one you committed because to lose hope in the mercy of Allah is the biggest thing than adultery. It's the biggest sin and then consumption of intoxicants. When Allah tells you Lata Kanata Mira Martin

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Allah says Allah Mannion Rahim he gives you all his names and qualities you don't even believe in the names and qualities of Allah what type of a believer are you? Allah says and at the wobbel Rahim I am the most forgiving I will forgive you all the time. I'm constantly forgiving and you're saying no, no, no, that's wrong. You know I it can't be you don't forgive the CNI committee is too big for you. Who do you think you are? And what do you think has happened? You have just insulted Allah believe in Allah learn his names. Understand it what makes you mean is to believe Allah is the web how far Allah is what dude, his most loving, most forgiving most kind. That doesn't mean you must go

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out and say ah, today we had a nice cake right? Let me commit my sins and see tonight what happens now in the law. That's the opposite pole. We're not allowed to do that. But Allah says, In the love of foreign women taba Amina Amina, sorry I will always forgive the one who turns to me repents and changes his life and does good deeds thereafter. I leave and change the bad into good so change your life it's not too late. Don't let shaitan trap you like I said the worst sin is when you believe Allah is not forgiving when you believe no My son is a bit too big. Yes, you can constantly repeat so far it's healthy to say a stone for you if you remember the sin again ask Allah forgiveness again

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not because I'm doubting Allah, but because I just feel ashamed you know when you see a friend of yours and say look, I'm sorry man, I did this. Then when you see him again after a I'm sorry man. You know, it's just forgive me for that one. Then a little while later, you might see him again and say you know what, I feel so bad that time I did this to you. It wasn't a nice thing. Then he'll tell you a Keep quiet. Don't talk about it now. Right? with Allah. Allah loves you to repeat things. Whether It's Your da You know, when you want something you ask once asked again, ask 1 million times it's okay. It's an A bad Do you know why repeated? Because every time you're saying it, you're

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acknowledging that Allah is the giver. You're acknowledging allies My Lord I'm asking Allah Allah grant me Oh Allah grant me.

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The other day I saw a video clip. I don't know if some of you might have seen it. There was a man standing in front of the cab, and he must have had his opportunity to stand in front of the carbine. He was making da What do you think I was asking for? Did you see the clip? follows follows follows La ilaha IL Allah, Allah, Allah Allah how La quwata illa he kept on saying that he that do i is not wrong. By the way. He's asking for money. Is it wrong to ask for money? No, it's not wrong but the reality is the way it was looking as a man Allah Allah beep a guy next thing was he asked for gymnasts. He said, hang on. First I need money. Here we talk. We talk about gender later, some kind

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of law. We talk about gender. I need the gender here first, but my brothers my sisters asked for both May Allah grant us sustenance? May Allah give us wealth so that we can use it in a good cause? That amin was very loud. Mashallah. Right. And when you get it, use it in a good cause give unfair Bernarda, my own garlic, in a Hadith, Pudsey. Allah Almighty is telling us Oh, son of Adam, spend and I will spend on you give, I'll give you it's hard to give credit. 50 rounds you want to give 20 it's very difficult. Alesis give give, I'll give you a show you give to a good cause. Choose the cause. See, Allahu Akbar. May Allah help us I'm enjoying myself so much, but I need to end my talk.

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May Allah forgive all our shortcomings, my brothers and sisters, always there is love coming from the heart to the heart, and I pray that you feel it. It is definitely there. Jackman Lafayette akuto Cali hava masala Allahu wa sallam Allah Baraka ala nabina.