99 Names of Allah #66 Al-Muta’ali

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the concept of Allah's name and how it relates to his existence. It uses technical language and has multiple meanings, including being the loftiest player in the world, the most intelligent and powerful person in the world, the most knowledgeable and powerful person in the world, the most merciful, and the most powerful. The concept of Allah's existence is also discussed, and his success is attributed to his ability to emulate the characteristics of his loftiest performing players.
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Salam aleikum. Tonight's name is Al Matau. Allah Subhana. Allah data is an otol. And will tell Allah, we could translate it as the most high, we could translate it as the exalted the loftiest things like this. And it has a couple of different meanings. One of those meanings is that Allah subhanaw taala is above and beyond his creation. Allah is not in the sky, he's not on top of the clouds. He's not kind of within the creation of Allah is separate and above from his creation. So it talks about kind of this aspect of Allah and His existence. Another way that Allah is Alma TA is that he is the loftiest meaning that he's the most exalted. He's the best at what he does, just like

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you say, you know, so and so they're the best soccer player, they're the best at math. They're number one, they're the top right? We use these expressions to talk about people who are the best at what they do. Allah Subhana Allah is the best at everything that he does. He's the most merciful, he's the most powerful. He's the best creator. He's the most

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intelligent, he's the has the most knowledge. And so Allah subhanaw taala is Elmo tile. He is high and lofty and all of his qualities and attributes. And that should make us impressed and feel off for a loss of power to honor that he does everything well. And all of his characteristics are exalted and excellent. That's all for tonight. So that one equal one offense Allah