What Is The Difference Between Fard & Sunnah Prayers-Q&A

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What's the difference in Sunnah prayer and regular prayers? Okay, well hopefully this in the prayers become irregular prayers, but what the questioner probably means is the father or the foetal okay so the the Fatah and the obligatory prayers are the prayers that are lost pound to other obligated upon us telling us that this is the absolute bare minimum if you want to be recognized as a Muslim and recognized as somebody who expresses their gratitude to their to their Creator five times a day Federer though harasser Mobley raesha those are that's the absolute bare minimum. The Sunnah prayers for three out of the four legal schools are everything else outside of that, and there are levels.

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Similar prayers are not just one category, there are some that are stressed such as the two rakaats of prayer before fetcher and the Witr Prayer are stressed son of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would not stop doing these prayers even when he was traveling. Then there are other Sunnah prayers that are a little bit less important than that are a little bit less emphasized such as the other robotic, which means the Sunnah, prayers that are attached to the obligatory prayers, and they serve the double benefit of not just being prayers in and of themselves, but helping you to focus and achieve piety and all in your obligatory prayers. So there's the prayers before and after, though,

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and there's the prayers After Maghrib and after Isha, and then there are others in the prayers that are not connected to the obligatory prayers, such as the prayer of Doha, the mid morning prayer, and then others that are for specific times and places, right, there are prayers for rain, there are prayers for eclipses, there are prayers for istikhara if you're going to make a decision about things, all of these falls in the Sunnah of the Prophet Isaiah, he set out to Sudan. And getting down to I guess the last category is something that we call Necco, or no FL, which are just prayers that you open up that you offer up from your own, and they're not tied to any sort of cause or time

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and they can be any time at all, except for the few times that are prohibited to pray and like the absolute zenith of the Sun or the exact kind of five minutes where the sun sets these sorts of things. Other than that, then Aware Fill the natural prayers or Sunnah prayers that are open for you to pray to your heart's content. At other times they don't need to wait around for a cause.