Tom Facchine – What Is The Nature of Disbelief

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the differences between belief and wallet, as well as the use of drugs to weaken one's image. They emphasize the importance of arrogance and not knowledge in creating Cofer, as well as the negative impact of prophet's actions on society. The church has been giving different thought experimentation to people, but many people refuse to admit they've achieved anything. The speakers stress the importance of trusting oneself and not just faith in something, rather than just faith in something.
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One of the main themes of Surah Al Anon is the nature of Cofer is the nature of the opposite of Eman, the nature of belief and Allah Spano. Tata makes it crystal clear through various different types and various different examples that the nature of Kufa is arrogance, and not ignorance, arrogance, not ignorance. And those are two very different things. Somebody who is ignorant simply doesn't know they're uninformed, somebody who is arrogant, they don't want to know. And that might be through a very, very deliberate act, or it might be through some sort of neglect. We even recognize these differences within American law, there's something that's called criminal neglect,

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okay, if you have a child at home, right, a young child, they can't take care of themselves, they can't feed themselves, they can't change themselves or clean themselves. It's not necessarily only illegal to actively do something bad to the child. If you endanger the child, that is a crime, yes, but it's also a crime to neglect that child in a criminal way, right? There is such a thing as criminal neglect, where our hearts are a similar thing. There is a level of interaction with our hearts or cultivation with our hearts where we know exactly what's true. And we're going to just strive against it, strive to undermine it, fight against it and make it look bad at every single

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turn. This is some of the people who are living at the time of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Saddam and some of the people that still live today. They know Islam is 100% True, they know that the Quran is Allah's words, and yet, they are going to attempt to undermine it misrepresents it. And then there's other people who are not guilty of that level of COFRA get guilty of a sort of criminal neglect that Allah subhanaw taala gave them the tools to submit, he gave them a heart and it started clean. And he gave them reason and a mind to think and he gave them signs throughout the creation. But due to various reasons, diseases of the heart, such as arrogance, such as laziness, such as to attach too

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strong of an attachment to this world, people can allow their muscle of belief and their muscle of faith to weaken and weaken, and we can neglect it and neglect it and neglect it until there's nothing left to be able to submit. There's nothing left to be able to register the science and that is a type of criminal neglect. And so Eliza gel in a court and especially right here in sort of an arm, he's going to go through these different types, he started out the soil by reminding us that Allah subhanaw taala created everything and that he knows everything. And yet there are people who will reject that and are not grateful. And then he started by talking about Gopher, he started

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talking about denial, and he gave different sort of thought experiments or different sorts of situations. The first thing he had said, and this is everything we went over last time, no matter how many signs they are given, they are not going to believe this is one of the most distinctive things about Cofer again, arrogance, not ignorance. It's not a problem what they simply haven't gotten enough proof. If we're able to find some sort of scientific miracle or some sort of way to convince them, then they will agree no, Cofer, the nature of Cofer is an issue of arrogance rather than ignorance. The second thing that Allah subhanaw taala brought up he brings up a historical

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argument, he says, look at the other nations around you, those who have gone before you they used to be more powerful than you they were widespread on Earth. And yet they met their demise. Don't you think you're headed the same direction, especially the ones specifically that were punished for rejecting a prophet? Because this is the situation with the court he were in now they've been sent a prophet. He's like, Who are you kidding? You think you're going to be able to escape some sort of fate by rejecting your prophet, look at literally every single other community that was given a prophet before you, if you don't accept, then the same is going to happen to you. And it is

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significant that Allah is bound to other does not refer to this argument first, because it is somewhat threatening, right? He's saying basically, if you don't do it, then you're in for a lot of trouble. It's a threat, more of a promise. But yeah, you could call it a threat. But that's not the first argument that allows power to either use as he first tries to talk to them through their sense of indebtedness, and calling them to gratitude. But once they've rejected that sense of indebtedness, and they refuse to be grateful, then he moves on to state the plain facts about the danger that they are heading towards. Then I lost my thought I had said even if they were given a

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book directly, we're talking papers with ink on it, they would claim that this thing was magic in how the lsfo been, they would not accept it. So similar to the other sorts of signs that are lost one of the other shows, even if they were given direct revelation in a book handed down, they would still have rejected it again. We're talking about arrogance, not ignorance. And then finally, where we left off, was there demand to see an angel we'll call it Lola on Zillow, Allah hematic. If only there had been an angel sent to him, they're talking about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam lost power to otter responds, wallow and Zelda American law called the El Amro from Leon Barun. He

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says, If I had sent an angel at that point, everything would be decided everything would be over. There would be no opportunity to have true faith be

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Because the choice to believe or not to believe it wouldn't really be a choice anymore. Basically, the day of judgment would have been already established, and they would have come face to face with the consequences of their beliefs. This is something that's extremely significant to us today. And we touched on it last week when it comes to the intersection or the relationship between Islam and science. Some people demand to know, where's the scientific proof for faith? Where's the scientific proof for God? And that's an absurd question. There's no such thing as scientific proof for God in the absolute sense that people mean it, right? Because the definition of faith is having to believe

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in something that's beyond the material world, it's having to trust in something and not just trust it in a sense, where we're, you know, maybe foolish enough to do it or naive enough to do it. But we have to be virtuous enough and sincere enough to trust it, even though we don't have 100% physical proof. That's the whole game. That's the whole test. The people who are sincere, who want to do well, they're going to decide to believe they're going to be guided to faith because they want to do the right thing, even if it's not sure. No, it's not 100% Sure, but their sense of virtue is going to compel them towards belief or as a person who is wickedness in their heart. They have arrogance

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in their heart. They really want to get away with what they can write. If there's any little possibility that it's not true, they're going to act as if it's not true.

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