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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a new hadith from the Prophet salallahu Alaihe realizing that belief is not just something that is in our hearts, but also something that we can live up to. He explains that belief is not simply something that we say, but rather something that starts in the heart, and that faith is not just something that we say, but something that we can live up to. He also emphasizes the importance of finding a relationship with the person we love and setting our hearts a flame with their power to be happy.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Join us at Utica murshid for a new series 99 Hadith to revive the heart, we'll be releasing it every week in sha Allah Tada. It's based off of the work of Eman, the Saudi. That's just a global abroad. Today's hadith is from Sofia ibn Abdullah Rafi. And he said that he came to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam. And he asked him a question. He said, Yes, Will Allah O Messenger of Allah, tell me something about Islam, that I won't have to ask anyone after you and the prophets of Allah what He was saying, he responded, he said, Cool. He's giving him instructions and directions, cool, and to be loved for Mr. Kim, pro Muslim. He said, say I believe in Allah, and

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then stand upright, or then be upright or be righteous, there's various ways we can translate as to comma, or studying for my study that basically has to do with word and action. This hadith is telling us that belief is not simply something that we say, it's not simply something that's in our hearts, it starts in the heart, and the seed of it is at the heart, maybe even the most internal core of it is in the heart. But if your faith does not have action to back it up, then your faith is not faith at all prophesy Saddam, he said, sign yourself up, right and to be loved, you're signing yourself up for this program. Now you have to live up to it, who Mr. Clean and living up to it, it

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looks like following all of the things if you really the implication here is that if you really believe in Allah, not just say it not as just an abstract proposition that there is a law he exists, okay, but you app actually believe in along you believe that you are indebted to him that you need to be grateful to him and all these sorts of things that are downstream of that with true belief, then you're going to feel the need to be grateful, you're going to feel the need to be righteous to be pious to find out what he wants from you. What are the things that He requires of you? What are the things that he would like you to do beside that? What are the things that He prohibited you from

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doing? What are the things that he would rather you not do but aren't technically haram, for somebody who truly believes in Allah, they're going to try to identify what these things are, and they're going to try to match them and adhere to them as best as possible. It's like falling in love. Okay, anybody who's ever fallen in love before? Okay, you know that you've got all of your skills and all of your talents are being directed towards trying to figure out what makes this person happy? What do they like? What do they not like? What annoys them? Right? When should I approach them with a certain difficult topic? How should I approach them? What things are better

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left unsaid? What are the things that they love to hear all of your energy, all of your faculties, all of your thoughts are dedicated to finding this out about the person you love? What about the person who gave you the ability to love in the first place? What about the Creator Subhana who created you and gave you every single thing that you have? He's more deserving of that than any human being that you might love in the dunya. And so if you had if you fell in love with Allah subhanaw taala you would have this relationship with Him, you would be constantly thinking about how you can make him happy with you. What can you do? What can you stay away from what's the next thing

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and so we ask Las Palmas either to give us success and to give us healthier and to set our hearts a flame with a love of Allah's power to Allah and Allah subhanaw taala knows best

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