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Before we throw the floor open for an open question answer session, I would like to give my comments on the sequel to masturbation. It is not haram or sinful, but it is makrooh or discouraged in Islam. There's a question asked to me on WhatsApp on the seventh of November. And I give the reply to this question. And the program as Dr. Zakir Naik says info, session three and a hunger lilla we normally cut the full session into separate answers so that it is viewed by more number of people and released over the weekend. Sometimes it takes longer depending upon the editing. And this answer to masturbation was released on my YouTube channel on the 23rd of November, and lilla, in less than 24

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hours Alhamdulillah more than 100,000 people viewed it.

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And on the 27th the day 100 Allah, it was viewed by more than a million people. This answer was translated into many languages and to ODU into Arabic, into Indonesian, and it reached millions of people know. And today morning, it was the 56th day and hamdulillah there were more than 1.2 3 million views for this answer. There was a lot of vital messages regarding this answer. But before I dwell into that, let me make it very clear to all of you which have said that earlier also, that I don't consider myself to be a scholar, I consider myself to be a Taliban,

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a student of knowledge. I'm a DI and a student of knowledge. And the role of a DI is to collect the fatwas given by scholars and can wait to the public to the masters. And if there is a difference of opinion, he being offered knowledge can choose between the first was given and give his opinion which he considers to be right. I don't consider myself to be a scholar. I've never given any fatwa Yes, I may agree with certain scholars, but I myself, don't consider myself to be a scholar. And I don't think that a person who's just passed from Islamic University with a bachelor's degree or a master's degree or a PhD, is called a scholar. For me a scholar is of a different level I have given

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the neoma I'm not one of them. Because in my organization a few years back when I was in Bombay, Alhamdulillah as you know, that there were more than 500 full time paid employees in my organization, out of which there were more than 60 full time paid employees who have bachelor's, master's, and PhD from Islamic universities all over the world. More than 40 were from India, from different mothers as universities of India, and more than 24 graduates post graduates and doctorates from foreign cities, more than 15 were from the Islamic University of Medina, a few were Mashallah PhDs, a few were masters, and the remaining they were bachelors in the subject of Hadith majority

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from someone Sharia and fick, some in our some in lava, and a variety. And there were few others full time staff who were graduates from the famous University jameelah mom, mom had been solid University, some are from another city, some more bachelors, some were PhD from another university. So in short, we had more than 60 of our staff, full time staff out of the 500 for bachelor's, master's, and PhD from different cities all over the world. But I do not consider any one of them to be scholars. For me, a scholar is something which is on higher level. And most of the doors that you find giving lectures, most of them, I consider them to be strings of knowledge, even on the pitch

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TV, more than 75 speakers that come on pitch TV, English, as well. On the other channels, I can get almost all of them to be strings of knowledge. So that is the reason I don't consider myself to be a scholar. But the role of a DI is to make the fatwas of the scholars common and palatable and digestible to the world. So I consider myself to be de so let me make it very clear. I don't give advice on my own. But yes, I do research and I analyzed the video that was given based on the verse of the Quran. And Allah says in the Quran in Surah Nisa, chapter number four was number 59. Abdullah, obey Allah and obey the messenger and those who have been given knowledge. That means the

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scholars, but the world doesn't stop that continues. But if the scholars differ, go back to Atlantis. So when the scholars differ students of knowledge

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The other scholars can choose between the fatwas if they have the basic knowledge of ethic, etc, they have a right to choose. And I believe I'm a student of knowledge. And in this answer of whether masturbation is permissible or not, the first question asked to me by a Muslim, she that he has left his home for greener pastures, and he's away for more than one and a half years.

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And he speaks to his wife. And many times he speaks on the video call and he ends up masturbating. Is this possible? And the second question by another Muslim who said that, you know, there are times that he masturbate, and he asked for forgiveness, again, you masturbate? Is it a sin to masturbate? And based on this, I gave the reply. And I said very clearly that as far as whether masturbation is permissible in Islam, there are differences of opinion in the group of scholars, the majority, the scholar That said, it is haram and are very clear with it. But there was a minority of scholars, some who say, macro, some said, it is Baba. And I made it very clear that though the minority of the

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scholars say it is Baba mcru, this minority is not one or two. It is a large number, but it then minority and I agree, I give the names of top scholars who say it is haram. And I even give the names of the minority who said was mcru or Saturday MOBA and I agreed with the group of scholars who said it is macro. Based on this, there was a lot of response, a lot of viral messages regarding Mansa.

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And that's the reason. In the beginning of the answer, I said that this question I was avoiding for a long time, but this is one of the most common questions asked by the Muslims. And according to one of my close friends, with all sorts of knowledge, he said that on Islam q&a, which is one of the most popular websites for asking fatwas, more than a million people asked this question, is masturbation permissible or not? And this question has been asked to me hundreds of times, and I kept on avoiding it, then I decided, Okay, I should give the reply. And I finally give the reply. And there were a lot of reactions. Many people appreciated the answer. They thanked me, some of them

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are in the views. But there were many women disagreed with the answer. And there is bound to happen. When the difference of opinion, there's bound to be disagreement. And I did not count.

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But I know there were many videos that were released in this last one month regarding the answer. I'm not going to talk about those who appreciated my answer. But I'm sure there may be more than 5200 videos

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that have been released in English in Urdu and other languages who disagree with me and they give their reply, trying to counter my answer. I did not watch all of them. But I did watch about seven or eight. And when we will talk about those people who disagree with me, and humbled other people who replied from Saudi Arabia, many from India, many from Pakistan, from UK from USA, from the world over. And hamdulillah many of them were very close to me, they know me very well. But all of those who replied there were students of knowledge. Some of them may be more knowledgeable than me, hello Allah. Some of them may be less knowledgeable than me, Allah Allah, I'm not disputing, but all of

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them, I consider to give the reply was full of knowledge. And the seven or eight who I thought were important, and I heard some have a few minutes, some more for 20 minutes, some were for half an hour, some more even for more than one hour to listen to the seven or eight videos took me few hours. It's not possible for me to listen to all the videos, but I selected and I'm the little I was happy that all the seven or eight videos that I saw, all of them were very respectful Alhamdulillah all of them did, it was for me. And I would like to say jacala for that, all of them, they praised me, which I don't think so I deserve those phrases. all pray that Allah subhanaw taala alone, and

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all of them they were respectful for which I'm thankful for them. And I would like to wish the same to them. I would like to take their names. But Allah, all of these people, I'm talking about the disagreed with Mansa, and they agreed with those group of scholars who said that masturbation is haram. There is no problem at all. We don't all have to agree. We have to sometimes agree to disagree. As far as these answers that I heard about eight, six of them, they give the view I gave him a I've got no problem with them at all. We disagree, and we agree to disagree. Plus, that is how the students have knowledge they discuss and that is the end of it. But

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To have those answers amongst these people who respected me, I would like to reply amongst all the eight answers that I heard more than one hour somewhere. I did not find anything new, which I did not answer in my main answer. I'm not gonna repeat that, because mantha was for about 24 minutes. And we have less time. And even now this video, I don't know, how long will this answer be? So I'm not going to repeat that out. It was those people that they hear my full answer on the topic. masturbation is not haram or sinful, but it is true or discouraged before they hear this answer of money. I'm going to speak something as besides that, the point to be noted is that most of the

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argument is the giver. I've already replied. So I don't have to repeat that. Except two of them. One person, he said I'll reply to him first. He said that there is Iijima

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among amongst all the scholars of Islam, that masturbation is haram. And because the person is talking to do here from Pakistan, aka doing a one year or there may be who may not have said it's Haram.

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In my answer, I gave names of eight scholars and they were not normal people. They were Sabbath. They were turbine hasm Shani great names, how can you say one or that means? Surely his research on masturbation is weak. So to say that only one person may have said, when I gave the names of eight anomaly mornings, to prove my point. That doesn't mean I'm right. It means that I have a right of my opinion, to agree with those group of scholars who you may not agree with. And other than to believe in the majority. Allah says, if the scholars differ, if the people of authority differ, Allah doesn't believe with the majority, Allah says, Go back to a line. Never in my life ever given any

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fatwa, which no scholar has given before. And if there's something new, I always go back to the scholars I check up man, so that cetera, but always when it comes to issue of fixed and it may not be that one lay man or unknown scholar said something, I give names of scholars which are established, which are authentic, and the world respects and I give those names. So for a person a student of knowledge will disagree with me, no problem, but to say that a card one year or they may have said is absolutely wrong. And the same person went on to say that doctors aka Nike saying that it is true and if it is done without involving things which are Haram, and he says it is impossible.

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It is impossible to masturbate without doing any harm again, he's not a medical doctor, a medical doctor, I can give various examples where you can masturbate without doing haram activity. And I said in my lecture, that majority of the time people masturbate, involving haram things like watching pornography, watching blue flame, and I disagree with that. But to say it is not possible at all. The questioner himself who posed the question that he left his family for more than one and a half year for greener pastures to earn a living. He speaks with his wife on a video called what is the context of the question? That means a man with a good Muslim. He's speaking to advice and

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because the wife is away, he has had metal for more than one and a half year. He doesn't want to get involved with anything Haram. He does a video call with the wife and during the video call. He masturbates. What is haram in that? Whether masturbation haram or the secondary is involving anything Haram.

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So how can you say it is not possible at all? I don't want to give more examples. I'm a medical doctor. There are many ways you can masturbate without involving anything. But I do agree most of the time, maybe more than 75% time more than 80% time more than 90% type. A person may be involving in haram things. But if a husband who doesn't have his wife if he thinks about his wife and masturbate, what is haram in thinking about the life. So I disagree with this person to the point of knowledge to say that what Dr. Zakir Naik is saying is hypothetical. It's not possible at all. So these two points for the shred are totally illogical as I come to the list of scholars, a bigger

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list of scholars who say it is mcru or MOBA, the other student of knowledge

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Anyway, these people I don't know personally. The second third knowledge I heard it for the first time

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and he gave reference so many books, and he quoted one more evidence to prove it is haram. In the talk, I had said that the scholars who say it is haram. They give only one evidence that is Surah momineen, chapter number 23 verse number five to seven with faith that

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The believers are those who got the private parts, except from the advice and for the right hand possesses these exceptions. Anyone who goes beyond the limits after this are transgressors. Now this was the Quran, according to the majority of the mufa sorry, it includes that masturbation law and a certain amount so that one of the first of the great scholars I'ma, you know, I'm Shafi may Allah have mercy on him. He said that this was includes masturbation and that was his view, and respect his view. So among the tafazzin, there are many we say this include masturbation, but there are some who are silent. And there are some who disagree. This person goes on to say that there is not a

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single tafsir whichever says that masturbation is not included and complete later on. And I said in my answer, that this was of the Quran we save that believers are those who got the private parts means I agree with those group of scholars who say masturbation is MOBA, amaku. And they say, guarding the private part means guarding from others. But the majority of groups is guarding from who can inform everyone. If it means guarding from others, it means all types of sex that you do with others, whether intercourse whether looking at them anything it becomes Haram, but others. And those scholars who say it means only others and not oneself, they give the argument saying that when

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the Prophet was asked that, can you touch a private part? And the Prophet said, Yes, you can. There are other ways in which the Prophet said that it is part of your body, you can touch, touch with your left hand. So if guarding means guarding from your own self also, that means nose Billa, the beloved prophet is going against the verse of the Quran Surah maamoun, chapter number 23 was number five to seven. That is the reason the lesser group, the minority, they said this was does not include one's own self, because the Prophet permitted to touch your private part. But yet the majority says it means guarding from everyone, including yourself. So my question is, when I asked

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that, can you touch your private part? And the answer is yes. Nobody does. You cannot touch either. Can you look at a private part? And the answer is yes. Then ask the question. Can you touch the private part of anyone else besides your wife? And what your right hand position and unfairness? No. Can you look at the private parts of anyone else besides your wife and rich or at one position? And the answer is no. So that is the reason I believe with those group of scholars, who said that this was mainly refers guarding a private part from others. It includes all illegal sexual acts sexual intercourse, except doing it with your wife, and whatever it possesses, and have given medicine. So

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I believe that those group of scholars, though they're in a minority, there are a few in numbers, but they're intense, not fun or two here or there. And it makes more sense, this brother given market, quoting ad from Mr. Al Hakim added number 3484 and decided, according to Mr. Al Hatem, he says, it is on the same level as the criteria laid down by Imam Bukhari and Muslim and ugly that means it is the fourth level if you have a classification of Hadith, the first topic like that is President Buhari Muslim both second Is Buhari. Third is Muslim and fourth categories. Those are these Bukhari and Muslim have not analyzed, other scholars have analyzed on the same criteria. So

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it's a very high level activity. And then the courts decided that when a person asks I Sharia law, that if mapa with woman permissible, so she replies between you and me, is the book of Allah, and she quotes sorry, mommy noon, chapter number 23, verse number five to seven and shave that moment are those believers are those who got their private parts, except from their wife, and from what the right hand possesses, and anyone who goes beyond the limits that are yourself. This idea in no way proves that masturbation is prohibited. I'm sorry to say this hadith in fact, is more in my favor. Mata.

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Mata means temporary marriage with a woman which is prohibited in Islam, to marry with others having sex with others temporary marriage. That is wrong. And I agree with that. Again, what she is very clear in saying that if you want to have sex with others, no one except what our life and your wife and whatever and possessive, it is supporting more my view, not the view of those scholars who say that masturbation is haram because when you masturbate with that woman, you can

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so I agree with those group of scholars.

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We'll say that this God, your private part means guarding from others, not guarding from your own self. When you got you got from others, and you're permitted to look at your own private parts, you're permitted to touch your own private parts. So this extra point which I got, I've refuted that this person further went on to say that doctors are Canaanite he respected me he did was for me Jazakallah I thank you for that I do do was for you to then he said that the reference that Dr. sockin gave of a bus and took out a book. And according to him, and he said, Abraham says that this is safe. And I checked up, and this brother is right. I would like to thank him for correcting me.

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But why did I not say Did they because the same apnea bass was quoted by Shaykh Abdullah Tamia and I come to the condition when he says that a be a bath believed that this permitted when necessity, he did not say it is safe. So in shake, Edna Tamia quotes Omnibus without saying it Dave, I take it for granted.

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That is the reason I quoted. But now when you're quoting me, and other hobbies in nasm, who came 200 years before the difference between his death and nasm, that the 260 years of nasm came towards the 996 fee. And he died in 1064. c, exactly. 200 days after that. Everytime he was born in 12 163 C, and he died in 13 120 plus C, the difference is 200 years between the death and the birth and overall difference is 260 years and they have some he's a badass. So when the student of knowledge, I don't even remember his name. When he said that I checked up, I hadn't read this quotation of feminism, that he said that the saying of your boss is weak. I checked up and he was right. I thank

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him. So inshallah in future, I will not say that Abner abass said that marriage is better than masturbation. masturbation is better than fornication. I'm not saying because it has them say that they've aggravated. But what for shocking to me. This brother ricotta dibny has them he put a full stop and there was no full stop. Why didn't he continue? And I'll continue. And normally the offering.

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once in a blue moon you might have seen maybe once or twice. I am reading from notes. And now I'm going to read what nasm said. So that this brother, I'm sure he's aware of it. Not that he read the first line. And this is the second line. And I'm giving the petition from nasm in his l mohalla. 12 stroke 408. I'm giving the reference. Well stroke 408 hypnotism in this L Maula. He says that the chain of narrations quoting Abner bass and Omar are considered to be of weak authenticity or of dubious authenticity.

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That's it, he put a full stop. They look full stop and continues but there's a comma but the view that it is mcru is authentically narrated about ATA. And the view that it is MOBA is authentically narrated about AlHassan Amber's been dinar z has been herbal Allah and Mujahid. Now, in that same reference where if nasm says that it near birth, and if no man got it no more because they knew it was safe. He goes on to say but other view that it is macro is authentic, and it gives a list of scholars and turbine who said it is mocha, not mocha mocha. And he goes on to say it is authentically narrated that it is mcru Maya and to the authentic linearity that is MOBA by AlHassan

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amor been dinar via been a boon Allah and Medina.

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Furthermore, this narration is reported about these mentioned who on the authority of those whom they lived with the senior turbine, who in turn almost quoted none but from the Saba, not Ebony Hudson, who is a modest and is known to be a very staunch and statement this. He says this view melda MOBA is quoted by turbine by senior turbine, and these people almost always quoted Saba that the reason hypnotism himself believed it is macro. And I quoted that.

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So I'd like to thank you for telling me that the narration of near boss is life, though. Cigna Tamia has quoted

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Because of that, I said it to say but Dave, he's a modest. And in this of course, he's a higher level than me Tamia, I'd like to thank you. But I would like to correct yourself that please don't quote half if you're quoting hypnotism and if you say that hypnosis is safe, also caught that a PA, who said macro so he and the other turbine who said mobile for he hasn't said that these people almost always quoted from the service, that the reason it really hasn't been said believe it was macro. So, I would like to thank you for correcting me. And one aspect out of the eight names I gave one, Dave, so I removed that, but I will give you many other names amongst the scholars, who said

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that it was Baba and who said it is macro, before I come to that. This is also said that Dr. Zakir he respects natural money. He respects me Tamia, he respects me. And these people said haram so why is he not agreeing with that? This is not an argument. Let me tell you, brother, yes, all the scholars I respect I consider them to be the Ishtar scholars. But I'm not a fan of any scholar whether it be potamia whether it be natural money, whether it be *bark whether it be Shakib not me majority of the fatwa, I agree, but out of 1000 fatwa they give me disagree with you. I expect him to Tamia. But there are a few fatwa that disagree with and one of them is this,

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especially give no thing.

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I believe it almost all of us but not 100% it may be 99.7% it may be 98% or 1000 fatwas, a gay man may disagree with five, I believe in shadman, mazzer hamdulillah or 1000 fatwas, he has given me 10 1520. Just because I respect them, that doesn't mean that I have to follow 100% what they say, if this is your argument, I would like to tell you, brother, that you also respect all the scholars. Do you know, all of the scholars they said, the scholars, I'm talking about missing so many children, but they said photographs? Why do you take photographs

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that will get filled up and all these so called students of knowledge? I don't consider any to be scholars who spoke about me in the video, most of them respect signal signal. Signal signal man has clearly said that videography and photography both are wrong. But that doesn't mean that if you respect signal strength and money, you have to believe in Him 100% you may believe in 99%, you may believe 98%. If this is the argument, then why do you take a photograph? Why do you take a video anyway, I don't want to go to the debating mode. I love you, brother. I like to thank you for correcting me even if it's one thing you corrected, that Allah May Allah reward you. But this is not

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an argument that because doctors are kidnapped, respect someone he has to follow 100% if that is the argument, why do you take that photograph? Why do you take what we do? I know she could I mean has to fatwas. But it may have advised that it is permitted. But some of them he did say it is not regarding photography. Let's not go to the detail. I've discussed that in detail. I think last week before that. But my point to be said is that all those students of knowledge who spoke about me most of them

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here today got video, entry ticket photographs, this is not point of argument at all.

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Now coming to your question, what did he make a mistake? I don't mind at all if someone gives the view. That's it. But if there is a difference of opinion, I feel it is important that a person should get both the views and in my answer if you listen, I gave both of us I didn't hide. I did not name all the scholars who said it is haram but the major scholars I did say that should now Susan Bonnie says it is haram jakeman boss says it is haram. I said she hit me with a missile Haram. I didn't go into detail to go into detail. What you quoted about a minute imea and ignore me. You did not give the full quotation I do agree they say hum but they also say that there is difference of

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opinion and they say majority say it is haram but some say it is hella and they will agree that they have a right to say it is permitted and not given the condition. But the scholars say it is haram. I'm giving some more petitions with references of rabbi who by Nance scholars who said it is mokoro permitted. Ahmed bin dinar is narrated to have said I do not see any problem in masturbation in abdulrazaq Indian Musa enough Hadith 13594 it's mentioned in abdulrazaq enough in Hadid 13586 that Abner drage quoted a TA that he considered masturbation

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McCrone it for the mission of the rocket in the sun enough had it 13593 that Mujahid is narrated to have said the early generations used to command the youth to practice masturbation, I repeat Mujahid is narrated to have said the early generations used to command the youth to practice masturbation, talking about the salah and giving reference after that, and then masana had it 13593 Now we'll come to what are they referring to scholars quoting narration of ebony abass without saying it is an authentic and here you have the fatwa of chicken Tamia in his

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while ibadah on page number 15 He says, If restraining oneself from marrying slaves is better than marrying them to masturbate then is more so, let me simply say that masturbation, especially when many scholars most of whom, in fact, actually forbid it, besides it is one of the opinions of amad

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Miller Muslim, which was adopted by Abner keel in a move for that, although what is known widely about ama is that it is haram unless one fears unavoidable sin, that the fornication sodomy etc. That means every time he agrees that there are two views of ama, but he agrees more in the view of me the number who says it is haram. Then he says masturbation is not permissible in the sight of most scholars in early and later generation who think that the britania whether finished field or not, the reported statements of ebony abass and what is narrated by amod is only four who extremely feared sin which edited for me now. Even a Tamia thief, he quotes Abner boss, nobody nominee quote

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sippin Airbus, saying that what he meant was only those who feared sin that means if they Tamia is agreeing with the reference of Airbus. That is the reason I quoted and even the Tamia saying about Airbus, I assume that we were thinking but since you gave me the reference of naza Muslim on this, I agree with you, inshallah. In future I will never say that in a bath. I said it is a dive nourishing I agree with you, but I'm giving you the reference I took it from so it is allowed for them in order to present the last however, doing so for mere gratification by remembering some images and fencing. having sex with them is all around. neither me nor other adopted Abner Tamia and it's azote Alibaba,

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I'll come to it web minutes imea quotes other scholars also, I give the photography not me. And I do agree with you. You said he is a *y. And according to me, amongst the recent scholars, in the last about 2030 years, I do agree that didn't know me from Allah have mercy on him. He was a great *y I respect him, I consider him a star.

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But there are some paths I disagree. And one of them is this. What does ignore time he says in his ashara album t 321. Stroke 14. Now he says it's Haram. But listen to his full fatwa. He says as for consensus, there is no consensus is talking about masturbation. You never said this

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evening with me Save As for consensus, there is no consensus because there are scholars who permitted it. But the reference when there is conflict is to the book of God and the Sunnah of the messenger. May God bless him and grant him beef before the fish. If someone were to say, was it not reported from the predecessors? Was it not reported from the celebs that they would ask the children to practice it when they traveled during the raids? so as to be in no need for anything else? So we say yes, who think this is me? And you can deduce, but this is based on necessity, not in the absolute sense, because as long as we have evidence from the Quran and the Sunnah, or from correct

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consideration, the early generation could not do anything forbidden, but it is carried on in a permissible state. So a B'nai they mean agrees then a difference of opinion, all the people who gave their views all the people that I heard, all of them thought so there is no difference of opinion. None of them said that he has their difference of opinion. But I agree with the majority no problem. In my answer was very clear cut that there were different opinion majority said from I believe in the minority group of scholars, I gave the lead, I gave the logic and many people appreciated it. I'm not asking you to agree with what I say. But don't go to say that not a single person, maybe

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your other 1% said it is permitted No. And when you're putting the scholars give the full quotation, don't give half if you quote half and it means otherwise. So when this

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Whether was talking to me why doesn't Dr. k Knight he believes in him a lot. I mean, he believed in him the Tamia. This brother may not be aware that if no Tamino saw the difference of opinion, they may believe the difference of opinion. Let's read or hear what everytime you are saved in this alpha or Cobra three stroke 439. He says, me Tamia asked for masturbation by the hand, it is forbidden by the majority of the scholars, but it is the most correct of the two views of the School of m and that means MSW humble had one view that it is permitted.

00:35:36--> 00:36:20

The other view there holds that it is mcru not Haram, but most of them do not allow it whether there is a fear of falling into sin or not. However, a group of Saba and carbine allowed for necessity, such as fearing committing adultery, where there is no other means to avoid it, except through masturbation, or such as when he fears if he does not do it, he will get some illness. This is a view of ama than others. However, without necessity, I do not know of anyone who says it is permitted Allah knows best. Furthermore, maritima says in his book The sir alpha l miseria. The Egyptian fatwa, page number 34. masturbation is haram in the sight of majority of the scholars, and

00:36:20--> 00:37:06

it is most prevalent view narrated about a month, and other is that it is true. But if he fears falling into adultery, or getting ill, if he does not do it, there are two well known views a good number of earlier or later generations allowed it in this case, I'm quoting now, I'll move me by Abracadabra, three stroke 156. He says that and whoever is permitted to break as fast due to the severity of his lust, if he's able to alleviate such desires without intercourse, such as masturbating with his hand or the hand of his wife or a slave girl, it is not permissible for him to have intercourse, because he broke his files due to necessity. So it is not permissible for him to

00:37:06--> 00:37:53

exceed what can remove such pressing necessity. That means your Abner Kodama faith that masturbation is not a form of sexual intercourse. Because when you're fasting, and if you have a sexual intercourse with your wife or with your slave girl, it is the biggest win. while fasting, it breaks the fast it's the biggest in this era. You have to fast for 60 consecutive days without missing a single if you miss one against our 60 If not, now to free a slave, if not have to feed 60 people. masturbation also break the fast but it did not seem as sexual intercourse. In that case, you have to compensate for the fact to have broken and you have to fast after a man one fast which broke but

00:37:53--> 00:38:46

you don't have to give the confira of fasting 60 days offering a slave or feeding 60 people. The answer is don't just get a shot. I had a rule to speak for long. The person who said that the Iijima of the scholars that masturbation is haram and a card one here or there may have said it the one year or then v zero may be someone who has no knowledge may have said it. I would like to point out to him. Now there are scholars who said masturbation is not Hara elettra z. He said not haram when relieving oneself from the stress of lust abubaker. scuff, not haram when avoiding doing Shin ibni abdeen not haram when relieving oneself from the stress of lust but it is haram to stimulate one

00:38:46--> 00:38:54

third sexually in order to masturbate. Fourth abney Allah homam not haram when delivering oneself from the stress of lust,

00:38:55--> 00:38:56

not the Khalid or Muslim

00:38:57--> 00:39:21

is the creator of the Mufti, not Haram. When necessary, relieve oneself from the stress of lust, Amma Amma Be humble according to one of his narrative views, it is not Haram. Now, there is another group of scholars who say it is very clearly even the above groups permitted but not placing whether it's mcru or MOBA, these group of scholars emphatically mentioned it is

00:39:22--> 00:39:51

one of them is ATA, other is nasm, which I quoted. No evidence that is haram, although morally not appropriate. tepanyaki better than marrying a slave woman. Jabir bin Zayed student of near pass the third mcru Madhavi mcru but can be MOBA almost up. If fear of fornication muda we say that is true, but if you fear fornication, it can be mobile, it can also be Mustang.

00:39:52--> 00:40:00

There is another group of scholars who say it is mobile MOBA means you can do it whenever you want. There is no sin at all. You don't require a reason

00:40:00--> 00:40:17

for it, and that lift is also quite big. It's not one or two MOBA, one of them is Mujahid. He said it is mobile amigabit dinar. It is MOBA. Allah Allah been via he said it is MOBA or Hassan al Masri MOBA aside sabich

00:40:18--> 00:40:24

does not see any harm. And one of my major reasons

00:40:25--> 00:40:29

why I offended mcru is the statements of Ashok Rani

00:40:31--> 00:40:44

Sheikh Mohammed bin Ali Abdullah Ashok honey is a great scholar. And he lived in the 19th century. And I think he died in 18 139. close to that,

00:40:46--> 00:41:35

about 180 years ago. So he's a scholar about two centuries old. And he famous, the question posed by this bed of the second brother, who said not a single city said that masturbation is permitted. And we know that sexual cranny may Allah have mercy on him. He wrote the funnel. And I'm quoting in his book, The first alpha deer, he writes, regarding this verse of the Quran, oh, sorry, mommy noon, chapter number 23 was number five and seven, and he says, I shall Connie while commenting on the worst sorry moment, Chapter 23 verse five to seven. He says, What is prohibited is having sex with other than the two mentioned your wife. And furthermore, he refers the reader to a book he himself

00:41:35--> 00:41:45

authored specially for masturbation, he wrote a separate book, only on masturbation, and titled below Elmo nafi hokum esteem now.

00:41:46--> 00:42:01

I repeat, he wrote a special book exclusively, saying that masturbation is mobile. It is not Haram, it is not mcru and the title of that book is Buelow. l Muna. Fie hokum is timnah

00:42:04--> 00:42:49

very refute that the worst is having anything to do with the banning masturbation, as the verses speak only about illegal sex and masturbation is not a sexual intercourse with anyone. So to say that not a single seed and fertile Kadir Mashallah, it's a very famous Feat. It's irrespective of seat. I do agree that most of the three are silent on this issue. There are many who say it is Hara and masturbation is haram based on this verse. I didn't try and hide that. But to say that not a single seat says that masturbation is not included in this verse. This I'm quoting from Shaykh Muhammad Ali. Abdullah, sure, honey.

00:42:51--> 00:42:55

Now, coming to the last argument of men,

00:42:57--> 00:43:04

what do you have to realize that normally, even I have this habit when someone asked something which is macro?

00:43:05--> 00:43:24

And I don't want to make it light. I give answers. without mentioning it is haram. But I want the person not to do it. And the best example is, if someone asked me that, can I stand and drink water? I will say don't send a drink water. The Prophet said you should not drink water finish.

00:43:25--> 00:44:05

You may conclude doctors aquidneck telegram I know very well. Standing and drinking water is not Haram. It is macro. There are many hospices in Bukhari and Muslim where the Prophet said, Don't standard drink water but the thing Bukhari by alira de la and he said, that many people think that standing and drinking water is haram. But I've seen the Prophet drink the way I'm drinking and he shouldn't drink water. So based on this channeling and bringing him but I will not go and tell him that no, no, no, it is not Hara It is my crew. So better you don't have I will tell him don't send anything quarter. The Prophet said that. I would say it is better not to stand and drink water. So

00:44:05--> 00:44:20

many of the scholars of the present time when they ask this question, many times they give this answer that bedroom masturbation, that doesn't mean that they think it is haram. And I spoken to a few of them, I will not name them.

00:44:21--> 00:44:59

Because this is what they want. They don't want the world to come to notice a few. And even I do the same, but to say amongst today no scholar and I told you that today I feel the scholars are very few. In the full world. They may be a few 100 maximum maybe a little less than 1000 little more than 1000 students of knowledge every year there are 10s of 1000s of students from knowledge passing. There are hundreds of 1000s of prints on knowledge throughout the world, but they are not scholars. So this is a V PC animate I I avoided answering this question. Why did I answer it now? I'll come to it later on regarding the question

00:45:00--> 00:45:03

Did any scholar today fe it is MOBA. Yes.

00:45:04--> 00:45:48

I did not say all these things because I wanted to keep it in a subtle way giving the answer so that I don't want people now, when I quote this scholar, he is not thinking democratizing, it is MOBA. And who is he Shaykh Abdullah Al mukluk. He is amongst the khobar Allah of Saudi Arabia, you know, the technical barama very famous, and I consider him to be a scholar. He's one of the school scholars are living today he was asked by a newspaper and the fourth code newspaper and if you go on the internet, you will find even if you do stay, he fake so there is no doubt about it. And I will give you the translation of what he said when she was asked about masturbation. If it is a

00:45:48--> 00:46:36

disputable issue, and the majority of the scholars view it is haram. However, I am one of those who believe it is permissible, that means it is mobile. I am one of those who believe it is permissible due to today's worst temptation, and one doing it is not transgressing that means according to shake Abdulmutallab. He says masturbation doesn't come in transgressing. That means it doesn't come in the verse of the Quran or for me noon, chapter number 23 was number five, that God your private parts and Muslim five and six, except with your wife and water, right and possessive. And all those who cross this limit that transgressing shake up the llama club like Shaka Shakuni says it doesn't fall

00:46:36--> 00:46:53

in this category. He is merely putting his hand to his private part who's saying this shake up the non Muslim. He's not transgressing. He's merely putting his hand to his private parts based on that he may do it when he needs to do it. But to keep away from it is better. So Sheikh Abdullah Al Muslim,

00:46:54--> 00:46:55

and I know him personally.

00:46:57--> 00:47:22

He's a great scholar, and he is amongst the Kabbalah. So if you want to call amongst the 10, top scholars of Saudi Arabia, I would say is one of them. So what would you say this person? Would you say? That Jacob Rama had no right to speak about Islam? When you say that Jake sacani he should not speak. He goes on to say that doctors aka Nikes expert in Islam, and compared to religion, he should not talk on fake.

00:47:23--> 00:47:27

If I turned to the speakers that don't talk on compilers, and that's not my

00:47:29--> 00:47:34

religion, I don't consider myself even to be a scholar on comparative religion. I consider myself to be a student,

00:47:36--> 00:48:13

or hamdulillah. I know those who have had tough, so many, Mashallah, full time for years together. I've had with scholars study with them. I'm not claiming to be a scholar at all. But I do consider myself to be a student of knowledge. I consider myself to be they have a right to my opinion, because I know do Slavic. Now what we'll talk about the scholars, would you lay the same allegation on them, Chico, Shakuni. And none of these people are better than Shaka Chopin. Again, I would like to thank all the students of knowledge who did was for me, I would like to thank them, and I have no problem you have the opportunity that

00:48:14--> 00:48:37

I need to speak to you. So I deserve the same thing. If I differ, it is not about getting something out of the box. It is not something I'm saying something which no scholar has said before. So I would request you to do your research. I am talking about these two people, the others Alhamdulillah. Do your research. Well, you may disagree with me. I have no problem majority may disagree. But don't say that I'm just getting out of the blue. Regarding the question.

00:48:38--> 00:49:21

That if I did not speak for so many years, why did I give this answer? I'm a medical doctor. And what I've realized that while I was in the medical college, and a lot of Muslim friends, who also doctors and reached all this comment that how come our shoe say that masturbation that loss of memory masturbation, that is blindness. And you go today on many of these websites of these shoes, they are scholars, they say masturbation, blindness, masturbation, loss of memory, and to get this from, so I be a medical doctor and necessities many a time there are many Muslims who are good pious and they come and tell me that because our kid you know, a masturbate and feeling guilty and then

00:49:21--> 00:49:43

they cannot prevail. They cannot concentrate on the Salah. So it is the present, okay? It is my crew, try and avoid it. But if you have to do it, don't have so much guilt that you cannot pray, don't have so much guilt that you cannot be bothered. That was the only reason. Now let me tell you very clearly there's something like fatwa and there's something like that.

00:49:45--> 00:49:59

And I always say that when there is difference of opinion between the scholars f take this example masturbation, the majority of the corner say that it is Allah. Some say it is Baba some set of mcru. They are a minority

00:50:00--> 00:50:40

What should you do? I said when the difference of opinion follow the higher level, because if you don't do it no one will say it is haram not to do it but natural. So I would say Generally, if the default opinion go to the higher level, even if you agree with the scholars who say mcru that will be a fatawa toccoa would be, don't wait. And the best example is of sickness with little bunny, chick last man he gives the fatwa that niqab is not fourth. I know there's a great deal of scholars and most of the scholars that we have today, whether it be been biased whether it Bishop potami of the refugee brain, they Shinigami Firth, Czech national money says it is not for

00:50:43--> 00:50:54

me, it's not fun. That doesn't mean that they have to fight among themselves. But as far as his woman folk are concerned, whether they were his wife and his daughters, they didn't have the disease.

00:50:55--> 00:51:42

So my request to the people is that it is best to avoid, don't masturbate at all, when it goes to limit where it is unavoidable, etc. Avoid Doing it best is to fast a while fasting also you cannot avoid it as I gave him a full answer. As a last resort. try and do it as rarely as possible. And when you do it don't involve at all in things which are Haram. There is an appetite in the mcru category and not MOBA categories because I know that majority of the people who masturbate, they are involved in watching Blu Flims watching pornography, whether it be flimsy, whether it be images, I know not 100%, but majority, whether you want to say more than 75%, whether we say more than 80%,

00:51:42--> 00:52:25

better more than 90%, but not all for sure. So that is the reason I would request that please. Though, my view is it is not Haram, my view that is mcru. But if those who are not doing it, please continue with that that is a high level, those who cannot restrain and there are various reasons. I don't want to go into the details man has already gone wrong. I can speak one of the few hours on you on this topic, because that's the medical topic. There are many people who after marriage, if there was pulse, some men would like to have sex two times a week, some of the wives can do more than once. So if they do, I would say it is not that they have to go to pornographic site. They have

00:52:25--> 00:53:05

a wife, they can think about the wife and masturbate. But if someone masturbate, and robs the right of the spouse, whether it be man or woman, if a man masturbates and does not have sex, the device does. Yes, a fork has been in hypersexual once many times a week. And the wife can only do once a week. And then if he does come in the macro category. On the other hand, there may be a wife who may be hyper sexual. The husband only wants to do once a week, and she wants to do 20 times a week. And if she missed a bit, no problem, not that they have to go to pornographic site. The person can think about the spouse whether it be a man or a woman. And according to statistics, 70% of the people who

00:53:05--> 00:53:42

are married, they masturbate. I don't want to go more into details. This was supposed to be in brief, I spoken for more than an hour, approximately an hour, and I can keep on speaking for us. Please, I don't want all of you to agree what I believe in. I don't want at all, but please don't say that it is a view which no one has ever said before or no scholar has said then I would say that your research is weak. I would like to thank all the people who have given the views and that it was for me. I don't intend if someone replies or no reply again, because this topic should be closed. I've already spoken for an hour that I misspoke for 25 minutes now it is close to an hour and this

00:53:42--> 00:54:23

topic can go on and on I have gotten many more evidences etc. to prove my point of view, you may agree you may disagree. You have to think that this is a difference of opinion and have to speak the difference of opinion not that you have to stick to one because it has been said by scholars who are great scholars like Hassan Ashok, Rani Jakob de la Matlock, and many others. And I'd like to thank all the brothers once again for doing the work for me and Mel accept our effort man likes Abu effort. I love all the brothers who have spoken about me and love them. Even if they have criticized me I've got no problem at all most of them that was for me or whatever that I heard Alhamdulillah

00:54:23--> 00:54:35

May Allah raise all of us on the Day of Judgment. Our main aim is to spread the message because Allah clearly says don't make what is haram or halal and don't be part of halal haram if you're that.

00:54:36--> 00:54:49

If you're that that is the only reason Otherwise, I wouldn't have dealt with this topic. And I hope that the chapter closes here doesn't get more and more wider. We have many other topics to discuss. Now we can throw the floor open and discuss the other issue of the channel.