Sisters Eating in Public – Ramadan Q and A

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A sister asks a question about eating in public during the menstrual cycle and the representative advises against it. The sister mentions that they are not discussing Muslims and Non-M conversion, but rather the presence of Muslims and non-M glad people around them. The representative suggests that they should respect the public's views and not use it as a means of publicity.

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A sister is asking is it permissible to eat in public during fasting hours when you're on your menstrual cycle? Yeah, this is a good question. Some sisters do ask this question I prefer okay strongly that she doesn't do that. Yeah. In front of Muslims and non Muslims I strongly advise you of course we are not talking here about halal and haram but just imagine Okay, there are a group of in London here not one out of seven or one out of 10 is Muslims and there is a this is her she's eating and drinking and there are so many Muslims in the okay around her even non Muslims let them feel that all Muslims due respect this month. Yeah. Yeah. due respect this month and see some non

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Muslims they don't eat and drink in front of us during the month of Ramadan. So, yeah, so sisters something about the public sanctity. Yes. Yes, yes. Okay. Yeah. Okay, interesting. Yeah, exactly. Another one.