Let No One Convince You that You’re Worthless #shorts

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If I'm still alive here, then there's a reason for me to be here. Right? And anybody who's watching for you, for anybody, it's like, when did you think that you had no purpose? Right? And who convinced you of that and who led you in that direction? So you have a purpose. And if you can accept that there even a pen, as simple as a pen, if it has no purpose, once the ink dries, you throw it away, it's worthless. Now, are you worthless?

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And you'd say no, I'm not worthless. I'm a human being. So then the value comes from purpose. Right? So what is the purpose? What it Why are you here on Earth? And hamdulillah like questions like that where other people get confused. In Islam, we don't get confused. We actually know exactly what our purpose is.